Rot-Resistant 8 x 10 resin storage sheds

Lifetime’s rot-resistant 8 x 10 resin storage sheds comprise a steel reinforced Polyethylene construction simulating wood-panelled charm enhanced in the warmth of desert-sand shade meantime they provide the escape route to maintenance.

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Shed

Rot-Resistant 8 x 10 resin storage sheds

Manufacturer: Lifetime

Model: Lifetime 8 x 10

Size: 8 ft x 10 ft

Colour: Desert-sand

Made from: High-Density Polyethylene

#Feature: Decay-resistance

Verdict: Hugely popular

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Long-Lasting Weather Defense

Polyethylene’s Advantages

  • Recyclable
  • Durable & robust
  • Decay & rust resistant
  • 10 years warranty cover
  • No painting required
  • Easily cleaned

Lifetime’s fascia, roof & built-in floor constitutes recyclable High-Density Polyethylene, an environmentally-friendly thermoplastic polymer commonly used to manufacture the likes of water pipes & garbage bins owing to its high tensile strength.

Rot-resistance regards Polyethylene’s #1 advantage, delivering long-term endurance to withstand damp and persistent rainfall without being susceptible to decomposing – Peace of mind if you’ve been subject to roofing-felt disintegration in the past.

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Storage Shed

Lifetime’s steel infrastructure is coated in a corrosion-resistant powder-coat whilst their double-lined Polyethylene walls are designed for cleaning, not painting, resulting in a future absent from conserving. The stylish fascia merely requires the occasional wash.

Maintenance is made easy. Freshening-up this imperishable fascia typically involves either a periodic light pressure-wash or jet-shower down with the hosepipe.

Don’t be concerned about the build-up of ingrained moss & grime if you’re surrounded by trees & bushes either, a swift wash & scrub with a supple brush & mild detergent brings back the new-look in minutes.

Main advice when cleaning Polyethylene is to refrain from using anything too abrasive, a soft brush prevents scratches.

Explore Lifetime’s 8 x 10 ft Features


Stylish Looks embrace Low-Maintenance

Lifetime fascia highlights

  • Dent resistant
  • Twin wall formation
  • UV defence
  • Wood texture simulation
  • Steel reinforced
  • Low maintenance

Lifetime’s Polyethylene fascia is designed dent-resistant, as a result of creating a double-wall composition whereby the internal skin constitutes an arrangement of resin ridges providing oomph to the external side.

Lifetime Wall Construction

Warm desert-sand pigments blend in with UV protection to armour the manufacture against blisters, peeling, colour bleach and fractures occurring when exposed to the scorch & distress of harmful sun rays.

Cutting edge moulding techniques form the twin-walled panels and simulate a horizontal wood-panelled display embodying deeply textured grain to the external side. Enhanced in the warm subtle tones of desert-sand compliments garden landscapes.

During construction, the lightweight fascia panels secure around the steel framework with high-grade metal screws & interlock with the floor’s border, resulting in enclosure & a bracing of supremely durable heavy-duty sturdiness.

To summarize, the fascia’s admirably stylish, reusable, UV stabilized and decay-resistant, boasting easy-clean low-maintenance.

Lifetime's Charming Easy-Cleaned Appearance

Imperishable Roof Capping

Lifetime’s roof highlights

  • Polyethylene manufacture
  • Constitutes 8 roof sheets
  • Steep drainage gradient
  • Twin wall lining
  • Rot-resistant & durable
  • 3 steel trusses reinforce
  • Reciprocates lofty internals

A twin lining of High-Density Polyethylene covers Lifetime’s roof structure. Internally, the ribbed arrangement fortifies the external side whilst the impervious manufacture remains resistant to moisture regardless of being situated long-term in a damp location or suffering the downpours.

Innovative moulding techniques form the UV protected resin into a guise of slate roof tiling, admirably crowning Lifetime sheds.

Stylish Weather-Resistant Roof Capping

3 A-frame steel beams fortify the roof structure alongside the front & back supports. 4 roof sheets per side secure to the trusses with quality metal screws.

The apex runs up a steep pitch to effectuate instant drainage and returns the inside with a height of 2 meters / 6 ft 8 inches from the trusses down to the floor plus additional headroom up towards the roof ridge; you won’t be banging your noggin walking around inside.

Overcoming leaks-in in at the wall-roof connection, the walls abut underneath the roof overlap, creating mini eaves.

Polyethylene delivers long-term protection without being susceptible to weather-affected disintegration, therefore unlike roofing felt, the manufacture bypasses recurring roof replacements.

3 A-Frame Steel Trusses Reinforce the Roof Structure

Explore Inside’s User-Friendly Features

Features that impress:

  • Generous adult height
  • One shatterproof window
  • Roof skylight
  • Two screened vents
  • Shelving accessories
  • Thickset anti-slip floor
  • Broad access
  • Padlockable doors

As previously mentioned, Lifetime shed interiors are designed user-friendly, there’s adequate height for an adult to leisurely walk around without ducking down meanwhile there’s a wide range of accessories included.

Currently, two models are available for Lifetime’s 8 x 10 footer, the original plus a newer design. Best checking the supplier’s description to confirm what’s included.

One translucent shatterproof polycarbonate window opens half-way for extra ventilation. The wall panel containing the window can be incorporated into various positions along either side to suit garden locations.

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Window

Shatterproof Polycarbonate Window

Generating an abundance of daylight, the window teams up with either 4 small embedded skylights or one skylight strip running the entire length of the apex ridge, both make-ups comprise shatterproof polycarbonate.

Two screened ventilation grids integrate front & rear, their opposite-sides position generates the interior with fresh-air circulation to avoid walls becoming saturated during clammy conditions.

Two Screened Ventilation Grids

Two Screened Ventilation Grids

I’m informed 5 shelves are included: Two corner shelves, two 30″ x 10″ inch straight shelves and one 90″ x 9″ straight shelf along with two 16 inch peg strips that include metal hooks for hanging garden equipment against the walls.

3 Straight-Shelves

3 Straight-Shelves

Peg Strips with Hooks

Peg Strips with Hooks

2 Corner Shelves

2 Corner Shelves

Best checking with the seller to verify what’s included with regards to shelving & hooks.

The floor comprises a base area of 4 interlinking High-Density Polyethylene sheets containing a border that interlocks with the fascia panels. The black-shaded floor is formed anti-slip and resistant to oil & solvents, a quick wipe over removes spillages without staining.

Muscular Stain-Resistant, Anti-Slip Floor Panel

Muscular Stain-Resistant, Anti-Slip Floor Panel

Additional toughening makes the thickset floor capable of surviving burdensome tractor-mower manoeuvres. 4 anchor placements indented within each corner determine where to ground the shed onto the foundations.

4 ft 8″ wide / 6 ft 4″ high access is provided by twin doors; robustly manufactured from steel reinforced Polyethylene determines security whilst their swing is operated by full-length steel hinge pins, held in position by the roof weight.

Padlockable Double Doors

Padlockable Double Doors

Opening the doors is functioned by the handles press button operating the latch whereas locking-up involves securing the left-hand door’s internal dead-bolts, closing the right door and padlocking the clasp.

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Measurements

Prepare the Correct Foundations

A levelled solid base is essential for stationing Lifetime sheds. Lifetime’s link to the instructions below explains how to prepare wood decking and concrete foundations.

Alternatively, asphalt, tarmac or existing paving slabs are suitable as long as they’re laid perfectly level. Anchoring the shed down onto solid foundations is also a requirement.

In essence, the panels align at ease when starting off from a level base, the build constructs perpendicular which in return alleviates leaning stresses and makes sure the doors swing vertically, whereas solidity is necessary for the floor to sustain ongoing storage stresses.

Download Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Assembly Instructions:

How to Assemble a Lifetime Shed


Enduring Make-Up combines with Style

Lifetime sheds provide a stylish low-maintenance storage solution for the home-yard; one that doesn’t entail recurring re-coats of paint & varnish, substituting rotten panels nor the occasional disintegrated roofing felt exchange.

Contrary to these laborious preservation tasks, Lifetime sheds merely involve a light pressured shower to revive appearances once the grime takes hold.

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My opinion: Lifetime sheds provide a good looking storage solution, immune from rot & very low-maintenance for those looking to skedaddle to constraints of conserving.

My advice is to conform to Lifetime’s foundation recommendations to alleviate assembly issues, as is the case for every garden shed.

Rot-Resistant 8 x 10 resin storage sheds

This 8 x 10 ft shed is positioned between Lifetime’s 7½ ft smaller model and the larger 12½ ft storehouse.

Lifetime’s 8 ft wide range all comprise identical width & height – 2½ ft extension kits expand the range.

Shed Ranges explores alternative resin sheds:

Hope Lifetime’s 8 x 10 resin storage sheds provide plenty of ideas for your outside storage.

If you have any Lifetime related niggling queries, please drop them in the comment box below. I’ll do my best to answer,


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  1. I am on the lookout for a storage house for my country house so this article definitely gave me a few options to consider. Thanks for the article.

    • Hey Stratos, thanks for browsing.
      This website provides helpful & informative articles on low-maintenance storage sheds as opposed to the traditional wooden variety if you’re looking to escape wood-rot, recurring preservative re-coats of varnish and the occasional roofing felt replacement.

      This kind of make-up’s not susceptible to decay and a jiffy to maintain. Freshening-up the fascia is as simple as operating an occasional light pressure wash or a jet shower down with the hosepipe whereas if dirt becomes embedded within the textured-grain, a soft brush, warm water and a squirt of household detergent quickly removes moss & sap stains.

      Shed Ranges presents many different sizes and styles of resin manufactured storage sheds if low-maintenance lights your candle, hope this helps,

  2. You certainly gave detailed information on the shed. I would have a preferred if you also included your personal assessment of the shed.

    • Hi Yvette, thanks for inspecting the low-maintenance advantages Lifetime storage sheds have to offer along with your thoughts.

      I’m glad you found the review informative & helpful, that’s my incentive. I have written my opinion about Lifetime sheds towards the bottom of the page but I don’t want these articles to come across like a sales page, it’s not what this website’s about, I prefer to provide helpful information.

      I favour linking to prices where visitors can read feedback from purchasers who write reviews on how this shed serves their storage needs. I think you get a better overall view on how the shed will serve your requirements this way.
      Thanks again for stopping by,

  3. Thank you for writing this post! I had NO IDEA that there was this much technology, etc. regarding sheds!
    I’m actually looking into a shed next year for my back yard and this post goes a long way in education and information!

    • Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by to read about Lifetime’s 8 x 10 ft storage shed.

      We too were amazed by how much technology has improved the look of recent plastic shed fascias. Gone are the days of the cheesy glossy look they once had, the way new cutting-edge moulding techniques simulate the mirror image of wood including embodying the texture of wood-grain produces very stylish presentations to compliment the home-yard.

      Our initial incentive was to escape wood-rot and recurring re-coats of varnish in order to preserve. Unfortunately, we were fighting a losing battle with wood’s inability to survive the weather’s ever-changing conditions, our last hut ended up rotting away.
      Exchanging for resin reduces maintenance to no more than a sporadic wash, you can rejuvenate the new-look in minutes using a jet shower down with the hosepipe.

      Glad you found the article informative Mark. Good luck choosing when the time comes to replace,

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