Secure Bike Storage Shed

With determinations to discover the ultimate secure bike storage shed to safeguard expensive cycles from thieves and prying eyes, I’m certain I’ve found the elite range specific to this service, developed by Asgard.

Secure Bike Storage Shed

Asgard’s 3-Bike Store

Asgard satisfy security measures through a robust manufacture of heavy gauge steel embodying the entire unit. This advantage enables the steelworks to be bolted down onto the foundations from the internal side furthermore every high-grade steel screw is secured internally meanwhile assurances regarding superior locking systems deliver vault security.

The Asgard range contains an assortment of sizes subject to how many bikes one desires to store, from single units manufactured in horizontal or vertical style, to larger facilities able to accommodate 2, 3 and 4 bikes further to walk-in storehouse/workshops suitable for 6-cycles+ and motorbikes.

Although this selection is indicative to robust bike security, these lockers are however quite diverse in accommodating the usual outside stuff suchlike gardening gear, many prefer this style due to their enhanced protection. Furthermore Asgard do promote an additional range of walk-in facilities and low-profile horizontal units for gardening services with likewise security at the forefront of their design.

The only downside relates to their hefty price tag, unfortunately thick gauge steel demands it yet fortunately Asgard do not cut corners by cheapening quality as this would inevitably impact security with negative consequences. It appears Asgard stands alone regarding ultimate robustness, why compromise?

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Secure Bike Storage Shed - Single Bike Store

Asgard’s Single Bike Store

Rust-Resistance Combines with Strength

Topping a 40 years establishment Yorkshire company Asgard are proud to trumpet out their eco-friendly message by concentrating solely on the UK market thereby cutting down their carbon footprint by not exporting.

Asgard Body Strength

Asgard’s 4-Bike Store

Most metal sheds are imported on a huge scale incorporating flimsy skins unable to survive knocks without succumbing to dents nor stand up to damp conditions without deterioration setting in through rust. This is purely as a result of attracting the mass market through economic prices thereby compromising on quality.

Upholding quality standards, Asgard’s box body is manufactured from 1.2mm heavy gauge steel furthermore the enhancement of a 1.6mm thickness accomplishes reinforced rigidity in places suchlike weak-spots, corners & doors including strengthening the surrounding parts thereby preventing crowbar break-ins.

I’ve watched videos demonstrating Asgard’s build strength where substantial brute-force kicks the heck out of the steel facade resulting in no movement nor dents appearing. Impressively strong in relation to a resin body, four people can sit on the 4-bike storehouse furthermore once clamped down to the foundations these units are described as virtually impossible to move.

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The steel is manufactured ‘rust & weather-resistant’ virtue of galvanising the sheets. Zinc prevents the steel from rusting whereas the powder coat of polyester creates a weatherproof exterior skin backed with 10 years warranty cover.

Upkeep is similar to a resin composition, apart from a once-in-a-while slither of oil to keep the door hinges functioning sweet they’re practically maintenance-free and not subject to laborious re-coats of oil-based paint however Asgard’s build is a whole lot stronger & incredibly more secure.

Rejuvenating appearances in two shakes is accomplished by either a hosepipe-shower, light pressure-wash, a soft brush scrub with warm water & detergent or a jiffy wipe down, quite elementary and swift.

Asgard's Galvanised Steel Manufacture

Asgard’s Galvanised Steel Manufacture

Dealing with Crime Rate

Unfortunately in the UK, security is high on the agenda. Moving bikes out of the home frees up space indoors however in certain areas expensive bikes demand locking up inside a stalwart steel construction.

Obviously style comes secondary to security however for many it’s equally as important to enhance home-yard surroundings. Asgard deliver on both counts producing architecturally stylish metal units exhibiting green, brown or ivory shades.

Asgard Vertical Bike Locker

Asgard Vertical Bike Locker

With regards to our home-area, the authorities proclaim crime rate is coming down yet insurances are shooting through the roof, what does this suggest? Moreover we know and live in the area, thefts have spiralled out of control.

The back garden of our mid-townhouse position is extremely private, backing onto another row of back gardens over a fence, wall and down a steep hill therefore a pad-lockable resin construction presently delivers adequate deterrent & satisfies our needs.

The front of the house however represents an entirely different ball game. Contrary to privacy, our defenceless position opens up a free-roam for thieves therefore bike requirements demand vault storage suchlike Asgard offers plus our fussiness prefers a bit of style.

Presently these low profile units and the majority of walk-in storehouses generally don’t require planning permission at the back of a house however it’s worth contacting local authorities for clarification if doubts arise.

The only issue I’ve come across reading feedback concerns some of the London boroughs who oppose the installation of bike lockers situated at the front of properties. Asgard have huge sales in London and suggest checking with your local Council to clarify any uncertainties.

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Asgard 2-Bike Locker

Asgard 2-Bike Locker

Assuring Security Supremacy

All Asgard bike lockers vary a tad in terms of the way security is delivered. They either contain 3-way or 5-way steel locking mechanisms or pad-lockable security whereupon each method incorporates dead-bolts inside the unit. Many of Asgard’s locking systems are Police, Locksmith and Industry approved thereby reducing insurance premiums.

Shrouded Locks

Shrouded Locks

Forever evolving, Asgard continue to work with the Police and Locksmiths to ascertain their security designs conform to the highest standards suchlike the locks being ‘drill & pick-proof’ whilst ensuring the box body is tamper-proof.

Providing an example of Asgard’s various locking methods, the 3-bike storehouse contains a 5-point security system whereas the 2-bike lockers utilised by the Police Force comprise a 3-way lock. Furthermore the 4-bike vault delivers security through a padlock design that comprises a shrouding of thickened steel containing key-slits covering both padlocks either side of the unit, thereby preventing bolt-cutter access.

Intensifying theft-protection each bike locker constitutes heavier gauged steel in vulnerable break-in areas to prohibit crow-bar entry. Assembled from the inside with steel screws securely conceals meanwhile absent from windows delivers all-embracing steel encasement. Moreover, every unit is supplied with heavy duty grounding bolts for anchoring down onto underneath’s solid substrate, subsequently rigid and practically immovable.

North Yorkshire Police possess a row of Asgard’s 2-bike lockers bolted together. Inclusive of anchoring assures the highest standards of unbudgeable security.

Asgard Security

Bolted together from the inside enhances security

Supplementary Features

The mini 1 & 2 bike lockers are absent from an integrated floor however every locker is designed for clamping down onto the foundations thereby delivering steadfast anchorage.

The single store incorporates a guide rail to keep the bike off the ground in addition to a secondary locking post providing supplementary chain-lock security. The 3 & 4-bike lockers and larger walk-in units integrate steel floors completely encasing the facilities.

Hooks & shelving for hanging helmets and organising biking gear are usually additional accessories however the single bike-store does includes a set of hooks for hanging items. Check with the sales site for clarification to what accessories are included with your preferred size.

Asgard 4 Bike Locker

Asgard 4-Bike Locker

The inherent issue regarding metal manufactures concerns the process of condensation building up on the inside. This can happen anytime of year including freezing conditions however this occurrence is more common during humidity, even bikes containing moist mud after travels can commence the condensation process once it starts to dry.

Overcoming this issue, Asgard’s design structure incorporates vent holes at the top of the lockers at the point where the roof slightly overlaps the walls for the purpose of generating a fresh-aired system to constantly circulate the internals. The walk-in facilities & motorbike stores embody additional ventilation panels to further enhance a preserved atmosphere.

Asgard recommend locating steel bike lockers in a more open space if possible rather than being covered by shrubs and trees thereby minimising the occurrence of condensation developing.

The 4-bike locker incorporates an impressive lift up lid. As a result of the heavy-gauge steel this is one hefty lump to lift. Gas shock pistons installed on both sides assist the lift by virtue of their pressure. User-friendly they avert trapped finger accidents by preventing the full steel weight slamming shut furthermore they maintain an open position at which ever angle you wish the lid to stay ajar.

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The spacious walk-in bike stores, motorcycle sheds and workshops include a toughened 50mm thick wood flooring that simply lays on top of the steel base after anchoring down onto the foundations providing a more user-friendly protective surface for walk-in duties meanwhile vastly reducing noise levels.

Video:  6-Bike Storehouse Approved by the Police


Asgard 6-Bike Storehouse

Asgard 6-Bike Storehouse

Assembling an Asgard

Constructing Asgard buildings is best described as a pleasurable experience, the video below demonstrates their ease. All the parts are clearly labelled coinciding with very straightforward instruction steps, a matter of working through each procedure and bolting together what’s shown.

The 4-bike store for example has a construction time equating to around 1½ – 2 hours, the more spacious accessible units take a tad longer.

A solid substrate laid below is critical for heavy duty services enabling the platform to subsist the stresses of rolling bikes in and out, furthermore solidity determines the accomplishment of staunch unrelenting anchorage. Surprisingly Asgard include the anchor bolts which is unusual for any shed.

Levelled ground is also essential. Not only does this ensure Asgard sheds stand perpendicular thereby functioning the correct workings of the doors, the initial assembly stages are eased resulting from the holes in the steel panels aligning without issues.

Equally important regards establishing a location where the foundation platform will not be subject to standing in floodwater.

Video – Straightforward Asgard Construction

Asgard 2-Bike Locker Store

Asgard 2-Bike Locker Store

Reasons For & Against


  • Weatherproof polyester powder-coated
  • Minimalist maintenance relates to a wash
  • Sidesteps future re-coats of prime followed by gloss
  • Galvanised with zinc plating prevents corrosion
  • Manufactured with heavy-gauge steel
  • Enhanced steel thickening around vulnerable parts
  • Extremely robust and sturdy body
  • Described as leak & rot proof
  • Once anchored down Asgard lockers are almost immovable
  • Discreet ventilation system diminishes condensation
  • Industry approved 3-way & 5-way locking mechanisms
  • Steel Shrouds cover the padlocks on the 4-bike store
  • Larger lockers incorporate a built-in steel floor
  • Walk-in sheds include an additional toughened wood floor
  • LPCB level 1 approved units reduce insurance premiums
  • Locksmith & police approved lockers
  • North Yorkshire Police Force use the 2-bike lockers
  • Helpful friendly UK company
  • Basic stepped out assembly procedure
  • 10 years Asgard warranty cover
  • Awards galore, favoured by an abundance of publications
  • The most impressive set of feedback


  • More expensive

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Asgard 3-Bike Store

Asgard Publications and Industry Reviews

Asgard Publications and Industry Reviews

Secure Bike Storage Shed

Conclusion Regarding Asgard’s Bike Security

Possessing a heavy gauge steel bike locker to withstand the prying tensions of crowbars meanwhile accompanied by drill-proof, pick-proof locks notwithstanding Police and Locksmith approval delivers utmost assurances with regards to the pinnacle of security.

Bolt these hefty lockers down onto solid ground from the inside and they become virtually immovable meantime architecturally presentable displaying a choice of three colour schemes. Green, ivory or brown delivers eye-appeal to any home surroundings.

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Ultimate protection & weatherproof 

An occasional wash concludes their maintenance

Asgard Single Bike Locker

SimonImpressive hey? These are the most secure bike storage shed lockers I have come across.

If you know any company who competes to this level, please share.

Until next time,


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  1. Hey Simon,
    These are some really interesting bike storage locker. I’ve never seen such things before but I can see that you always recommend the best product on your website.

    I’m just curious whether the Asgard 3-bike store and Asgard Single bike store big enough to fit any kind/size of bike? In the picture they don’t look so big as compared to the rest…

    • Hey Jerry, the demand for this type of storage is ever increasing as more of us are riding to work on bikes nowadays, either for a more healthier lifestyle, convenience or to accomplish an inexpensive method of travel however the problems regard how to securely store them out of the home, especially if you have expensive bikes or live in an area where crime levels are high, like the area we live in.

      Asgard engineer bodywork’s to resist leverage tools working their way through gaps to pry the steel apart meanwhile fit substantial locking mechanisms along with welding the highest grade of locks. You are recommended to anchor each locker down from inside the unit, whereby adhering produces secure lockers that live up to their crime prevention accreditation and industry approval.

      I have written a post on both the Single Bike Locker as well as the 3-Bike Storehouse where I insert graphics displaying their internal and external measurements to ascertain bikes fit in along with ensuring each locker fits the location spot.
      I agree, images are many times deceiving.

      Thanks again for reading Jerry, please ask if you require further help,

  2. Wow! A safe for bikes. That’s quite genius. If I would have a bike I would buy Asgard bike store.
    A really informative piece.

    • Hi, thanks for examining Asgard’s cycle-lockers & how to safeguard expensive bicycles outside the home, they certainly provide vault like storage protection in various sizes.

      Their designs are internally constructed thereby hiding every bolt from being tampered with meanwhile by delivering anchorage onto cement based foundations their structure becomes practically unbudgeable once the units are locked.

      When the bike locker handles turn, they shoot 10mm diameter steel shoot bolts deep within the steel casing to attain a rigid lock further to being secured by mechanisms that deter pick abuse.

      The only way in according to the feedback I’ve been introduced to relates to angle grinding your way through, a procedure that makes one heck of a racket and takes a few hours to create a decent sized entry hole due to the thickness of the steel whereas like one publication states, you’ll need an industrial crane to unearth them off the ground, the reason many of these units succeed in achieving reduced insurance quotes.

      All the best,

  3. Hello Simon,
    Really informative article. To me, constructing an Asgard was a rather daunting experience as I lacked the requisite knowledge on how to go about it. I love the ease with which you’ve made it appear.
    It’s also pretty amazing way to protect my bike from kleptomaniacs. Looking forward to such informative pieces

    Thumbs up Simon

    • Hi Dennis, thanks for browsing Asgard’s selection of secure bike storehouses.
      When you compare resin, wood and thin metal-fascia structures to these substantial units owing to their 1.2mm gauge steel, this style of construction doesn’t require any additional framework in order to secure the panels, rather each heavyweight steel facade-panel independently supports the structure therefore assembly merely regards bolting the panels together from the inside hence they are far quicker to install and significantly more robust.

      The video up above demonstrates their very straightforward installation procedure. You’re particular requirement however regards mounting on a solid concrete style platform, prepared at least 2″ thick and level to attain an easygoing panel alignment, correct functioning door swing and unyielding anchorage onto the ground below.

      Assuring every avenue defies the thief from breaking and entering is at the forefront of every Asgard’s design, the reason non of their sheds and stores contain windows meanwhile all the vulnerable parts suchlike panel intersections, door jambs and where facade-sheets connect, double folded steel & rectangular sections are welded to deter crowbar prying.

      Many of these storehouses are police and locksmith approved, accredited by crime prevention authorities and certified to reduce insurances therefore it’s worth checking with insurance companies when storing expensive gear outside.

      Hope this helps Dennis, thanks again,

  4. Chris

    i use my bike not only to get around wherever i go but also for enjoyment and have had my bike stolen before just outside my house even though i had a pretty good lock. this type of storage shed is exactly what i was looking for and i know now how to avoid getting my bike stolen in the future and no longer need to store my bike inside my house.

    thanks for posting and ill check out the rest of the website

    • Simon

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for dropping by to inspect the Asgard designed secure bike storage shed.

      Having your bike stolen is a heart sinking feeling and delivers such inconvenience regarding transport to work and enjoyment. Unfortunately having bikes stolen is a never ending problem that only the proper steel construction and secure lock can defend against, this is what Asgard specialise in designing.

      Most padlocks can be theft-picked or drilled to open the padlock however Asgard work with Locksmiths to develop locks that are resistant to picking and drilling to assure defence.

      They also work with the Steel Industry to produce tamper-proof sections within the lockers suchlike door openings, where steel sheets connect and corner joints etc. The steel is thickened, folded or double-lined to resist crowbars from gaining access prior to prying.

      Every locker is made from thick-gauge steel sheets, heavyweight in design and bolt down to the ground below from inside the unit. Once the door’s closed they are described as almost immovable unless you have a heavy duty crane to pull the locker out of the ground.

      These lockers provide the opportunity for securely parking bikes outside of the home, the reason North Yorkshire police Force have a row of lockers securely joined together and anchored to the ground to park their bikes in.

      Good luck choosing Chris, Asgard manufacture single, two, three and 4 bike lockers further to walk-in styles able to accommodate six and more bikes.

      Thanks again,


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