Secure Metal Storage Sheds

Asgard’s 7 x 7 ft secure metal storage sheds safeguard expensive gardening equipment through a protective enclosure of superior heavy-gauge steel, way beyond comparison to the mass market of flimsy skinned metal imports. These are undoubtedly the most secure garden sheds I have reviewed.

Secure Metal Storage Sheds

Gladiator 7 x 7 ft

Gladiator 7 x 7

This 6½ ft tall Gladiator spreads 7 x 7 feet. Weighing in at a whopping 51 stone describes the thickness of the steel gauge moreover it’s wrapped in a presentable corrosion-free weatherproof overcoat, available in 3 elegant colours; ivory, brown or the most favourable green shade.

Maintaining the presentable appearance becomes a breeze, expeditiously fulfilled by a hosepipe shower or a bucket & scrub.

On account of Asgard’s eco-friendly carbon footprint reduction, these sheds are only available in the UK leading the company to exclusively concentrate on designing superlative heavy-duty secure units that are not competitively price-driven. Okay they’re a smidgen more expensive but try & find any sheds rivalling these credentials.

Asgard take inspiration from the steel industry and Police Force to develop high-security shed fortresses & bike storehouses preventing intruders from gaining access through forced entry meanwhile their synergy with Locksmiths have attained devising tamper-proof locking mechanisms.

The Gladiator has been accredited with a level 1 security certificate by the Loss Prevention Certification Board which entails rigorous attempts of entry through doors, locking mechanisms and side panels utilising a wide selection of tools suchlike crowbars, hexagon wrenches, pliers, punches, cutters, wire, levers, etc, etc. To pass the test, sheds must withstand break-ins to accomplish accreditation.

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Secure Metal Storage Sheds - Gladiator 7 x 7 ft

Inspect Gladiator’s Features

Rigorously Devised for Security

Working with the Police Force, the Gladiator has also achieved ‘Secure By Design’ (SBD) status, an initiative set up by the Police Association to combat break-in thefts by engineering preventative measures. Recognised by this certificate additionally approves the Gladiator’s secure design, accredited by withstanding rigorous forced entry attempts.

Secured by Steel Shoot Bolts

Secured by Steel Shoot Bolts

Vulnerable parts suchlike corners joints and the intersections where panels interlink & bolt together, the steel is reinforced virtue of a double-folding method in order to prevent crowbar access and prying.

Door surrounds are commonly understood as intruder-entry weak spots whereby Asgard reinforce the entire door’s perimeter on the internal side by folding the thick-gauged steel into rectangular tubing thereby prohibiting access to heavyweight tools and leverage.

Jimmying hinges away from door architraves is impeded by welding them onto the framework meanwhile Asgard’s cunning security design involves bolting the shed together from the inside during construction whereby every screw is hidden from sight therefore unavailable for tampering.

Asgard sheds incorporate rigid steel flooring as a predominant part of the structure, a feature seldom seen by competitors however once internally bolted down onto the groundwork the construction becomes preeminently robust and virtually immovable. The only thing likely to de-anchor the Gladiator regards an industrial crane.

Internal Operable Handle

Internal Operable Handle

Grade 4 Euro cylinder locks supersede security measures beholden to the standard padlock & clasp due to withstanding the pressures of drill abuse and theft pick entry moreover the lock is further enhanced by the casing of a steel shroud.

Upon turning the lock, five 10mm thick steel shoot bolts secure into steel catches, positioned and welded at various points around the door surround. Furthermore there’s an additional internally operable handle on the inside, resulting in a child-friendly storehouse for kids toys.

On account of Asgard’s meticulous security design the Gladiator is Police, Locksmith and Insurance approved which not only delivers peace of mind, they can reduce insurance premiums.

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Locksmith, Police & Insurance Approved Euro Cylinder Locks

Weatherproof & Low-Maintenance Assured

The development of an impervious weatherproof coating is engineered by galvanising the steel in zinc plating further to treating with iron phosphate thereby inhibiting the process of corrosion meanwhile the steel screws that bolt the construction together are likewise galvanised to prevent their demise.

Covering the rust-free surface then involves Gladiator’s choice of colour shade; brown, ivory or the favourable green presented here in the images.

Rather than covering with typical oil based paint preserve, the colour pigments are mixed into polyester whereby a powder-coat finishes the steel to accomplish a toughened durable surface assuring weather-resistance and close to zero maintenance.

Along with an occasional oiling of the hinges and a spray of oil into the Euro-lock to keep things running sweet, maintenance involves an occasional soapy wash to restore appearances once the grime becomes evident. A brush ‘n’ wash or hosepipe shower essentially sums up maintenance.

Gladiators Galvanised Steel Manufacture

Characteristics of Gladiator’s Design

An apex pitched roof structure caps the Gladiator off to effectuate spontaneous drainage upon rainfall showers meanwhile structurally robust to hold weighty lumps of snowfall resulting from the thick-gauge steel wall panels under-girding the roof expanse.

Windows and skylights are obviously lacking due to Asgard’s security conscious make-up however this does enhance utility privacy for gardening services.

Internal Dead Bolts

Internal Dead Bolts

Unlike the restrictive sliding door entryway commonly featured on metal sheds, access through Gladiator’s hinged double door system is rather extensive whilst the optional sturdy steel ramp-entry threshold aids walk-in, wheel-in and ride-in services for gardening gear, bikes & lawnmowers.

The right hand door can solely be accessed due to the left hand door containing two internal dead bolts positioned top and bottom. Sliding into steel grooves within the doors architrave they determine a rigid door stop in challenging winds.

The consequences of sweaty internal atmospheres brought on by clammy conditions usually entails in condensation dripping walls, a frequent predicament of the metal storehouse designs, motivating Asgard to overcome the liquid sunshine syndrome by incorporating vent holes up in the roof-eaves to create a draft without being subject to rainfall entry.

Asgard’s carefully devised ventilation system regards a series of holes incorporated both sides of the shed, positioned on opposite flanks generates a distribution system of outside freshness into the interior thereby creating a preserved environment for tool storage. Asgard’s only warnings are not to block the holes with shrubbery, it’s paramount a free-flow of air current is maintained.

Steel Ramp Threshold

Steel Ramp Threshold

Asgard supply supplementary extras including packs of steel hooks, sturdy shelves for accommodating storage and eyelets for securing rope & bungee cords to keep tall items suchlike ladders and gardening tools adjacent to the walls. All accessories rigidly secure to the walls with steel screws and support hefty gear.

Another optional extra regards a toughened wood sub-floor that’s cut to Gladiator’s size. Similar to OSB flooring, it simply lays upon the steel base after anchoring the shed down delivering a more user-friendly walkway, reduces noise levels and provides all-round protection.

Electric mounting brackets measuring 6″ x 4″are placed either side of Asgard sheds with pre-drilled holes to fit the most common double power sockets. Furthermore, a grommet hole is pre-drilled in the shed side for feeding through an electric wire whilst the previous mentioned eyelet packs aid to better organise wires running down walls, enabling an efficient electric assembly.

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Secure Metal Storage Sheds - Asgard Gladiator 7 x 7 ft

Gladiator 7 x 7 ft Measurements

Gladiator 7 x 7 ft Measurements

Gladiator’s Basic Construction Process

Primarily, the Gladiator necessitates being located on solid level ground. Asgard recommend substrates suchlike tarmac, concrete or paving with a thickness level at least 50mm thick to ascertain permanence once anchored.

Viewing Gladiator’s fast-motion assembly video demonstrates how straightforward Asgard steel buildings are to erect. Contrary to the typical metal or resin shed where a time consuming framework is first constructed prior to securing the panels, Asgard’s thick-gauged walls of steel constitute the framework therefore construction becomes super efficient and fast.

The steel base is first placed on the ground, followed by bolting together the fascia panels, then the roof further to installing the doors. Upon completion, anchor bolts are included for driving into the ground’s solid substrate thereby attaining rigid anchorage from the shed base onto the foundations.

Noticeably, high acclaim impressively floods through feedback complementing Asgard’s construction efficiency along with structural quality & security, accomplishing super-star status outright.

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Advantages and Shortcomings


  • 7 x 7 ft spacious storage accommodation
  • 51 stone heavyweight construction
  • Thick-gauge steel panels
  • Hinges and security catches are welded to the frame
  • Double folded steel prevents crowbar prying
  • Reinforced steel incorporates door surrounds
  • Internally bolted-together construction
  • Steel base enhances rigidity & security
  • Strong apex steel roof structure
  • ‘Secure by Design’ approved
  • Certified level 1 LPCB security accreditation
  • 5 dead-bolt locking system
  • Euro lock contains steel shrouding
  • Security lock is tamper proof
  • Galvanised zinc coating resists rust
  • Vibrant weatherproof polyester finish
  • Conservation-free, no painting required
  • Selection of 3 colour choices
  • Double broad swing door access
  • Pre-drilled for easy-mount shelving, hooks & eyelets
  • Includes mounting plates for electric double sockets
  • Wooden floor can lay on top of the metal base
  • Anchor bolts included
  • UK designed with Locksmith, Steel Industry & Police approval
  • 10 years Asgard Gladiator warranty cover
  • Cleansed with soapy water
  • Probably the most secure garden sheds


  • Anchor Gladiator’s base onto solid level ground
  • More expensive than the conventional metal sheds

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Secure Metal Storage Sheds - Gladiator 7 ft x 7 ft

Concluding Statement

In the event, a heavyweight construction is desired for outdoor storage, one that exhibits style whereby maintenance involves the cinch of a wash, Gladiators 7 x 7 ft heavy gauge steel facade combines 3 preservative overcoats to the steel, producing a galvanised, corrosion-free & weatherproof polyester finish.

Security vigorously surpasses the competition through an internal bolt-together construction, comprising steel reinforcements and welding around vulnerable parts to obstruct prying meanwhile a 5 shoot-bolt locking system secured by a Euro cylinder steel shrouded lock assures break-ins are highly unlikely.

Combining teamwork with the Steel Industry, Police and Locksmith associations produces security certificates, accreditation and approval meanwhile additionally backed with 10 years of Gladiator warranty cover not forgetting the distinction of 5 star reviews bestows confidence.

And it’s a snip to assemble

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Secure Metal Storage Sheds - Gladiator 7 x 7 ft

SimonHopefully Asgard’s meticulous engineering relating to Gladiator’s secure metal storage sheds have fulfilled confidence.

Share your favourite high security shed design down below in the comments area.

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    • Yes, Asgard’s Gladiator sheds are strong, sturdy & built to last plus they are securely designed to prevent the determined thief from gaining access.
      Thanks for visiting & reading,

  1. Stephen Matatics

    Sounds top notch. Do you have any idea if they will be available in the US soon?

    • Hi Stephen, unfortunately Asgard only supply their home UK market.
      To what I can gather, they promote their heavy duty steel sheds as eco friendly, hence cutting down their carbon footprint by not exporting therefore only deliver within the UK.

      This local advertised promotion however does set their engineering apart from the mass market of flimsy metal sheds that are imported into the UK, these are purely produced to satisfy budgets where competition is fierce.

      Asgard on the other hand increase the thickness of their metal grade to 1.2mm heavy gauge steel and further engineer weak spots making them crowbar proof along with the most secure locking mechanisms to combat break-ins.

      So unfortunately they don’t supply overseas but their designs are a class apart from the conventional metal shed.
      Thanks again Stephen, sorry they’re not available outside the UK,

  2. A quick question to start.
    Are these sheds available in Canada?

    • Hi Monika,
      To my knowledge, Asgard sheds are only available in the UK however it may be worth sending a message from the sales page within Asgard’s eBay shop to clarify.
      Hope this helps Monika, good luck!

  3. Bryan

    This looks to be an awesome product which I would surely like to have. Looking at the coatings on the steel, I imagine this shed would do well near the see an not rust as quickly as it’s cheaper competitors.

    I have two questions: How difficult is it to erect and do I need special tools?
    Thanks for an informative article.

    • Simon

      Hi Bryan,

      Thanks for reading all about Gladiator’s secure metal storage sheds.

      I agree with you, these are awesome steel products that are a class apart from the mass market of metal sheds flimsier facade sheets plus Asgard sheds include a built-in steel floor that’s a structural part of their construction, a feature seldom seen on metal sheds, Asgard say their structural flooring is unique.

      The steel is galvanised in zinc coating to prevent corrosion prior to having a powder-coat of polyester which delivers a weatherproof finish with 10 years anti-rust warranty cover, a different league to most of their competitors finishes.

      Asgard sheds are the most basic of sheds I have come across to assemble to be honest, virtue of their heavy-gauge steel walls providing total support for their roofs. Usually there’s a whole plethora of steel frameworks & girders bolstering additional roof support, etc, etc. Asgard sheds on the other hand don’t require any additional supports hence their construction time is minimal compared. 

      Their only stipulation like any other shed is providing a location of solid level foundations to sit on.

      Tool-wise, a drill driver or automatic screwdriver becomes a very helpful aid for driving in the steel bolts during construction. That’s pretty much it apart from having 2 people to assemble as these steel sheets are very hefty to lift therefore one supports whilst the other secures. Gladiator’s 7 x 7 ft total weight equates to 51 stone, one mighty heavy shed once constructed.

      Hope this answers and helps your concerns Bryan, thanks again,


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