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Extending the previous post’s dimensions a tad, these slimline garden sheds occupy 3-4 ft depths whist still retaining a broad twofold entry system across their frontage. This selection expands from 7 feet up to 8 feet along their widths.

Slimline Garden ShedsCombining the efficacious ingredient of resin to combat decay, comprising of either polyethylene or polypropylene manufactured into multi-layered panels delivers substantial sturdiness to their construction whilst providing the enduring credentials to withstand deterioration enforced by the invasion of weather forces.

Exercising judgement regarding the ‘best of the crop’ is purely down to personal preferences in determining a style & budget to suit your home-ground surroundings however I’m sure you’ll agree with the exhibits shown below, there’s some smart creations parading elegant presentations.

UV shielded contemporary resin designs persist the storms, riding out heat & damp atmospheres without any alteration to their composition. A quick freshen up with a garden shower-hose constitutes their occasional cleansing grind epitomising maintenance simplicity with a substantial lack of traditional formality where conservation is concerned.

As a prerequisite to constructing these style of sheds, it’s imperative solid level groundings are laid represented by the images however like any shed, they will leak if immersed in flood water; best to raise the foundations if in doubt .

Slimline Garden Sheds - Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Alpine 7.5 x 3.5 ft

The Alpine complements another smart storage facility designed by Suncast. Extending 7.5 feet across the door-face and 3.5 feet deep provides tailor-made dimensions to situate up against a house wall further enhancing wind-stability for its mini-depth dimensions.

Alpine 7.5 x 3.5 ftExhibiting the calm tones of a sandy coloured surround centred with chocolate twin doors and a crest impersonating the reality of slate shingle roof tiles deliver captivating eye-appeal.

Multiple panels layered together through a process termed blow molding delivers ‘across the board’ rigidity whilst up in the roof rafters, a centred steel ridge beam under-girds the roof-sheets bolstering auxiliary support for winter’s snowfall.

An effective draining aslant roof pitch surmounts the Alpine whilst jutting out a degree beyond the walls escapes rainwater seepage inside however this steep angle delivers towering internal measurements exceeding 8 feet, adequate for a whole range of lengthy storage.

Dual air vents positioned on opposite sides ensure a fresh internal ambience is maintained, a reinforced heavyset polypropylene floor encases the shed from the elements meanwhile unparalleled access is delivered by two strapping double doors.

The only downside regarding Alpine’s assembly relates to the door window fitment, a frustrating task that has led to a star knocked off for a few, they do sound rather a pain. Nonetheless, 4 metal hinges per door describes the quality of operation Suncast strive for, accompanying their internal latching mechanisms and lockable handles that display a traditional twist.

View Alpine 7.5 x 3.5 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Alpine 7.5 x 3.5 ft

Cascade 7 x 4 ft

Cascade’s 7 x 4 feet shed flaunts the most charming picturesque two-tone shades by integrating stony doors with vanilla walls, expressed within these scenic images. Exhibiting this bonny architecture makes the Cascade an ideal candidate for settling in close proximity to the outlook from a home, stationed on the outskirts of a patio regards a favoured placement.

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 4 ftDesigned with an effective guise of roof tiling the manufacturing procedure armours the crown with polypropylene providing guarded defence to endure the stresses of nature whilst the steep inclination from the vertex ensures rainwater flows off the instant it drops.

A steep sloping crest however reciprocates benefits internally with ample headroom expanse providing tall space for lengthy tools, extendable towards the ceiling whilst fitting out with self-assembly shelving solves the solution in providing tiered accommodation for hefty storage.

Freshness generated through two-sided integral ventilation eliminates the development of a stale sweaty atmosphere. Built-in buttressed floor panels cater for weighty traffic in addition to delivering a guard from Autumn’s leafy period whilst door windows illumine the interior with daylight.

High grade door fittings consisting of metal hinges determine their precise operation, internal latches deliver a beneficial left-hand door stop to counteract windy weather whereupon traditional handles occupying a though-bolt closure comprising of a lockable clasp for padlock fitting to attain security.

View Cascade 7 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft

Have you noticed the new-style composite decking available nowadays? Replacing hassles associated with maintaining conventional wood, a supreme invention.

Fusion sheds have recently stepped on-board to design the first composite garden sheds range. Consisting of 3 sizes stretching up to 9 feet deep, they combine UV stabilised polypropylene with wood delivering the rich aspect of tradition with the potency of durable decay-resistant resin.

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft ShedThis Fusion shed dimensions span 7.5 feet wide by 4 feet deep, exhibiting traditional eye-appeal to enrich any home-yard setting whilst these mini depth dimensions fit petite locations.

Fusions receive first-rate feedback for ultra style, a maintenance-free robust construction, superior features and clear-cut assembly procedure due to their tongue & groove fitment.

They’re branded as ultra strong, able to accommodate a huge lump of snowfall; inclusive of similar quality door features expressed with the Cascade above whilst their cleaning operation with a hose-spray sure beats traditional frustrations.

Renovating our friends patio decking had initial thoughts of a weekends work, turned out to be 3 due to rain stopping play half way through. First job required getting rid of the slimy moss held within the grooves, only a high pressure-wash would deliver results which inadvertently led to a window cleaning program due to splattering dirt everywhere.

We had to leave the decking the following day to dry out. The middle weekend we were rained off whilst the 3rd weekend we got down to applying two coats of wood stain whilst chatting away about the benefits of composite decking. You may laugh, yet this reminded me of rotting wood-shed days.

Upon completion the decking looked terrific however 6 months down the line, the slimy moss started appearing again. Unfortunately, outside wood delivers these constant yearly battles. Composite mixes on the other hand look pretty much the same but only require a quick clean to rejuvenate their sparkle, same principles apply to Fusion sheds.

View Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft


Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Tremont’s 8 x 4 feet proportions top the selection off in terms of offering extensive slimline sheltered accommodation for gardening tools/supplies, sporting equipment, toys and out of home accessories. This model is deceptively spacious.

Tremont 8 x 4 ftMeasuring our locally purchased free-standing DIY shelves, their 3 ft length by 1.5 ft depth provides an ideal spread to situate length-ways either side of this Tremont whereas stood across the shed’s breadth delivers oceans of room in-front to occupy additional storage.

Half the shed can be used to accommodate this kind of shelving leaving the other half for long implements. Potential regarding Tremont’s accommodation space is quite vast, in addition to the 8 feet of ceiling height up to the apex ridge.

Included accessories comprise of 2 corner shelves with 8 possible locations where to install, shown in the image below.

Suncast’s crafty molding technique creates ornate wooden styling embedded with exquisite grain textured within. A wrapping of vanilla integrating beside the stony doors harmonise neutral tones providing the accents to champion the vicinity of most garden plots.

Manufactured from steel supported, durable & rot-resistant polypropylene also delivers a ‘snip of a clean’ operation. The molding procedure creates twin-lined sheets of resin enhancing the composition into a stalwart construction, putting an end to forthcoming dents emerging and subsequent re-roofing ventures.

Implanted within the roof 2 skylights companion the door windows to emit daylight. Two burly double doors each fitted with 3 metal hinges perform a smooth entry, simultaneously shut & secure by means of a sturdy handle, through-bolt and padlock catch.

If you watch the video below, the impressive features of Suncast sheds are demonstrated including their internal door latches to avert swinging door accidents in blustery weather.

View Tremont 8 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Tremont 8 x 4 ft


Prefer a slightly slimmer design?

Slim Garden Sheds

Check out depths ranging from 2.5 ft up to 3 ft

Hope we’ve provided plenty of creative thoughts for your design ideas.

Please share your slimline shed ideas below.



Feel free to socially share these slimline designs. Thank you!



  1. Matt's Mom

    I do like the slimline sheds, but they are mostly for up against the house right? I am preparing for a shed that will be free standing on a concrete slab. I am thinking I need to look into some of your other recommendations for larger sheds, right? I am almost there. Thinking I need to get the shed up before finishing the fence. However, these are very nice, and would be great for the side of the house for storage. I love your site 🙂

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for calling in to read about these various slimline garden sheds.

      Their most popular stance and position is to stand against a house wall, you are right. Although it’s recommended to anchor them down into the substrate below, wind resistance-wise and situated this way will increase stability many times.

      This style of shed suits where space is rather tight like down the side of a house or positioned on a patio plot however many people are restricted in size due to planning laws nowadays, especially over in America. The UK isn’t as bad as some of the states in the USA.

      A perfectly level concrete slab is the best way to go, making sure the shed won’t be stood in a floodplain, it’s a good idea to raise the foundations if there are doubts. No matter what type of composition is preferred they will all leak if immersed, wood, metal and resin.

      Shed Sizes shows all the low maintenance plastic sheds reviewed on this website arranged in order of size, scroll down to your preferred dimensions and link to read their reviews. Hope you find plenty of inspiration for garden storage ideas.

      Thanks again for dropping by,


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