Small Deck Box Seat

Suncast’s small deck box seat offers diverse storage potential coupled with sturdy seating ability whilst the miniature size provides the aptness for easy location services, either stood indoors or outside due to the weatherproof manufacture.

Small Deck Box Seat

Small Deck Box Seat – Mocha Brown

Suncast Storage Seat

Two models represent Suncast’s mini storage / seating box, both designed with accents to enhance any indoor decor whilst complementing outdoor’s landscape. The choice regards either a wicker design presented in mocha brown whilst the other exhibits a wainscot design displayed in light taupe shade.

Generating immense sales for the pair is particularly attributable to their modish style, competitive price, weatherproof manufacture and stay-dry design however both models are complemented with unrivalled first-rate feedback expressed through reviews for the reasons their versatility provides endless storage solutions.

We use our deck box for storing outdoor furniture seating cushions, the dry internal space preserves fabrics in fine fettle situated outside on the patio, sure beats the headaches finding room indoors where to store.

The justification capturing our interest initially regarded the weather-resistant composition with intentions to replace our previous wooden structures yearly maintenance issues.

This resin make-up on the other hand trumpets durability, unsusceptible to rot and decay whilst the effortless duty required to maintain appearances only entails a whirlwind wash by virtue of a soft brush or cloth. Resin replaces traditional upkeep hassles with virtual maintenance freedom.

Suncast Small Deck Box Seat Prices:

Small Deck Box Seat - Light Taupe

Small Deck Box Seat – Light Taupe

Mini Deck Box Serviceability Ideas

Location ideas are by the plentiful with regards to where this mini deck box seat resides. Situated poolside, serving patio essentials or stood on a barbecue deck occupying grilling utensils are obvious favourites however utilising the petite dimensions paves the way for the upsurge in demand located on balconies, entrance halls, small decked areas and confined spaces both indoors and outside.

Outdoor Seating Cushion Storage

Outdoor Seating Cushion Storage

Popular storage services include sheltering outdoor furniture seating cushions, plant feed, small gardening trowels & tools and swimming towels etc however new ideas are being created daily, like a place to hide dirty outdoor shoes & boots situated in a porch or storing cat litter, bird food, kids toys, games and sporty stuff.

Storing cleaning supplies on a boat dock, a small storage facility to occupy a propane tank for a gas fire pit, a convenient place to hide the hose-pipe or small trash can whilst another popular service regards situated at the front door to accommodate delivered items too large to fit through the letter box, there’s inspiration!

The versatility delivered through Suncast’s contemporary mini deck box inspires new storage ideas on a regular basis however this cleverly designed flat-topped sturdy structure offers triple services.

The robust make-up provides additional seating whilst the flat lid presents table-top services, hugely beneficial where space is rather limited, the reason for it’s super serviceability advantages situated in restricted zones like balconies and confined outdoor spaces.

Suncast 22 Gallon Deck Box Seat Prices:

Suncast's Wicker Storage Seat

Suncast’s Wicker Storage Box Providing Seating and Table-Top Services

Suncast’s Small Deck Box Composition

Suncast’s small deck box seat is composed of a polypropylene resin manufacture constructed into a stalwart structure by virtue of a resin ridge internal designed framework delivering substantial support enabling sturdy seating services for an adult.

Suncast's Wicker Storage Seat

Suncast’s Wicker Storage Seat

Combined into the resin mix blends the colour pigments resulting in the divine yet modish mocha brown/java or light taupe shades. The molding technique either produces a stylish wicker/rattan design represented on the java version or a creative wood panelling semblance embodied into both outer-surfaces.

Additional elements merging into the polypropylene resin relate to UV protection qualities, providing a surface able to survive the stresses sunburn heat entails. Yesteryear’s plastic used to be susceptible to deterioration when exposed to the sun leading to the demise in colour appearance resulting in a bleaching effect and the structure cracking, now overcome through Suncast’s UV stabilisation method.

Contrary to a wooden composition polypropylene resin provides the make-up with substantial weather-defence, resistant to decay, rust and rot; requiring no future maintenance roles concerning re-painting or re-varnishing, relinquishing up-keep duties firmly behind closed doors.

Once in a while the mere operation regarding maintenance involves occasionally rolling your sleeves up and delivering a swift wash-down when the grime appears. A soft brush aids the wicker indentations whilst a cloth is adequate for the panels. Light detergent mixed with warm water works wonders. Quick & easy, pristine in minutes.

Suncast Small Storage Box Seat Prices:

Suncast Light-Taupe Storage Seat

Suncast Light-Taupe Storage Seat

Suncast Wicker Storage Seat Features

Internally, Suncast’s small deck box seat has a storage capacity equating to 22 gallons providing generous accommodation services, alternatively Keter’s Storage Cube provides 55 gallons of storage space, inclusive of seating and table-top services if larger dimensions in a cube design are preferred.

Lifting this small box-seat becomes a non issue even when fully occupied with contents due to the lightweight size providing the undemanding role to situate in various locations at a moments notice spurring many people to opt for a second and third deck box seat to occupy their indoor/outdoor space.

Easy Access Delivered

Easy Access Delivered

Triple-way assistance is delivered by the sturdy structural design and flat topped lid presenting a box strong enough to comfortably seat an adult whilst able to accommodate drinks and food displayed on top, reason for their popularity especially where space is rather restricted.

Devoid from pistons enabling an automatic opening system and hinge straps preventing the lid weight slamming shut simply because this size box obviously doesn’t require them however the lid swings ajar slightly over 90 degrees ensuring a stay open position paving the way for rapid tidy-ups delivered by easy access.

No resin deck box is waterproof – Confused? I was too, initially. It’s down to their easy assembly procedure where the panels interlock and snap into place enabling super quick construction time however there are faint gaps within the interlocking mechanisms that would result in leakage if fully immersed.

Deck boxes are specifically designed to maintain a dry internal atmosphere whist surviving weather elements falling down upon them plus these faint gaps generate a fresh ambience critical for storage preservation, especially for seating cushion’s delicate fabrics.

I haven’t read one review regarding rainwater gaining entry inside which is mighty fine appraisal considering a few have kept their box including contents outside over the winter period. We prefer to empty our box over wintertime and store the contents in the loft, then refill around springtime to safeguard against snowy weather yet this does bring peace of mind how dry the interior maintains.

Suncast Small Deck Box Prices:

Level Lid Delivers Table-Top Services

Level Lid Delivers Table-Top Services

Suncast Small Deck Seat Measurements

Both models representing Suncast’s small deck box seats have internal storage capacities equating to 22 gallons / 83 litres.

External and internal dimensions are presented below enabling scrutinising storage ideas and location spots against the measurements.

External Dimensions - Front View

External Dimensions – Front View

External Dimensions - Side View

External Dimensions – Side View

Internal Dimensions - Top View

Internal Dimensions – Top View

Internal Dimensions - Side View

Internal Dimensions – Side View

Suncast Mini Deck Box Seat Assembly

If you despise DIY and looking for an easy assembly requiring no tools you’ve certainly come to the right place. The craftsmanship developed by Suncast regarding this deck box seat design has to be admired.

Super-Efficient Assembly

Super-Efficient Assembly

Six steps complete assembly requiring you to follow the illustrations in order, implementing the procedure. The panels simply interlock into position and snap into place, even the hinges.

The part numbers are embossed on the inside of the panels resulting in the most straightforward of assembly procedures, delighting purchasers. In minimal time the box can be unpacked, constructed and serving to requirements in the desired location.

Suncast Mini Deck Box Seat Advantages

  • Attractive modish style destined to enhance any surroundings
  • Choice of wicker or wainscot design
  • Choice of mocha brown or light taupe shade
  • 22 gallon storage capacity
  • Stay-dry design, perfect for seating cushion storage
  • Lightweight box enables easy movement
  • UV protection resists colour fade
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Immune from rust, rot and decay
  • Lid opens beyond 90 degrees enabling easy access
  • Super-efficient tool-free assembly
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • Sturdy seating supports an adult
  • Flat table-top design feature
  • Long lasting polypropylene resin manufacture
  • Impeccable feedback received
Suncast Mini Deck Box Seat Advantages

Suncast Mini Deck Box Seat Advantages

Deck Box Competition

Deck boxes are becoming a favourable solution for creating an uncluttered space in minutes. Resin designs deliver virtually maintenance-free benefits. There’s some stylish new entrants hitting the market lately.

The link below provides images with links to in-depth reviews for each deck box regarding quality constructions receiving mighty fine appraisals.

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Compare Deck Boxes Here:

Final Verdict

Suncast describe their mini deck box seat as probably the best seat for in and outside the house, according to their exemplary feedback expressed through reviews and vast sales, I think they’ve nailed it.

2 models, either a mocha brown wicker style or a light taupe wainscot design represent this 22 gallon internal storage capacity box. A robust resin construction with a flat lid combines seating with table-top design features accomplishing three-way services.

Quintessential services and small lightweight design delivers the perfect solution for confined spaces, a tool-free swift assembly enables construction in minimal time whist the weather-resistant surface combines the undemanding cleaning duty to replenish the shine with resistance to decay.

Suncast Small Deck Box Seat Prices:

Suncast's best seat in and outside the house


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  1. Mike Solar

    These are cool deck seats! They would look great on patios and gardens.

    You mentioned that these are easy to clean and can withstand any weather. Would you happen to know if the colors won’t fade after some time? The color choices look nice, and it would be sad to see the color fade in places.

    • Simon

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about Suncast’s small deck box seat.

      These are a great addition for any home, used either indoors or outside due to their weatherproof manufacture. It’s a popular scenario for many people to add a second and third deck box seat due to their versatility, hiding their bits and bobs, clearing space and becoming more organised.

      You may have missed the part where I describe the inherent problem normal plastic succumbs to regarding sunburn, causing colours to fade. Suncast have improved their manufacture where UV protection elements are added to the polypropylene resin mix. These elements create a barrier to prevent colours bleaching and the plastic cracking when exposed to the sun.

      Suncast include a 5 year limited warranty on their deck box storage seats – bringing peace of mind.

      Hope this helps Mike. Thanks again,


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