Small Garden Storage Box

How to create a more organised lifestyle for outdoor summer living regarding stuff scattered outside, traipsing gear and accessories through the house and finding room indoors where to store is an incentive most of us try and find a solution for.

A small garden storage box however replaces associated headaches by storing outdoor stuff where you use it most – Outside.

Lifetime 80 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box

Small Garden Storage Box

Small Garden Storage Box

The answer to the problematic outside storage solution relates to Lifetime’s deck box, it’s adequate size fits in most tight locations like on a balcony, confined garden spaces, limited room on a patio or barbecue area or situated in a compact spot surrounding the pool.

An 80 gallon storage capacity accomplishes accommodating quite a large amount of storage into a restricted space. There’s no rules what to store, their diversity provides the remedy to shelter an abundance of stuff easing the situation, dependant on one’s storage ideas.

Last year for instance we were determined in discovering a resolution for outdoor seating cover storage, fed up trudging them through the house on a summers morning to sit outside in comfort, never mind clearing the patio on an evening. The dusty atmosphere generated in the garage entailed covering up for protection too, resulting in one heck of an inconvenience.

Our deck box purchase resolved this annoyance with immediate affect. Having the ability to store these bulky cushions outdoors only requires lifting the lid when the sun shines, in a few minutes time the chairs are covered without stepping a foot indoors. Super efficient on an evening or when the weather’s about to change too, the patio is cleared and packed away in minimal time, ultra favourable for our concerns.

Lifetime Small Deck Box Prices:

Super-Favourable Outdoor Toy Box Solution

Super-Favourable Outdoor Toy Box Solution

This 80 gallon capacity unit is able to accommodate a whole plethora of outdoor items, becoming a favourable toy box with it’s child friendly lid mechanism, sheltering garden tools & lawn supplies, a great storage facility to hide away sporting goods, occupying grilling and cooking utensils stood on a barbecue deck and highly favourable for outdoor cushion & patio accessories storage like we chose upon.

Situated indoors provides the advantage in generating free space, a ridiculously easy tidy-up procedure can be accomplished in minutes by opening the lid and clearing the space, the reason it’s such a popular toy storage solution however occupying work tools, outdoor wear, shoes & boots and other household necessities provides their indoor advantage and convenience.

Lifetime Deck Box Composition 

A manufacturing process termed High Density Polyethylene Plastic creates Lifetime products consisting of molding the resin panels into dual lined sheets enhancing rigidity to the overall structure whilst the embellishment of shapely molded curves furnishes the box to exhibit a stylish appearance.

High Density Polyethylene Plastic Manufacture

High Density Polyethylene Plastic Manufacture

Combined into the resin ingredients regard the desert sand shade providing modish eye appeal whilst also included within the mixture are UV protection qualities making the box able to sustain deterioration when exposed to hot sun-rays, a problem yesteryear’s plastic succumbed to when stood outdoors relating to colour fade and splitting.

Lifetime’s plastic surface is a doddle to clean, captivating interest. The requisite cleaning method when grime appears recommends using a soft brush immersed in warm water containing mild detergent to apply the swiftest of cleaning processes, enabling rejuvenating assembly day’s condition in minutes.

Polyethylene resin provides durability against weather aggression, resisting problems wood and metal are unable to subsist against such as rust, peel rot and decay. The resin make-up provides fortification to the surface, particularly the lid and base delivering an armoury of protection against the ever changing weather conditions.

The only parts subject to deterioration when stood outdoors regard the steel hinges however they are coated with a weather resistant finish to prevent corrosion and rust equipping the box with all-round weather protection.

Moving the box into the desired location regards using the molded hand-grips presented either end, tastefully shaped into the unit providing a useful yet convenient addition.

Lifetime Small Garden Storage Box Prices:

Desert Sand Shade Complements any Surroundings

Desert Sand Shade Complements any Surroundings

Lifetime Storage Box Features

Superior accessibility is delivered by virtue of the lid swinging past 90 degrees presenting the box with a fully opened position whilst the Stay-Open design feature incorporated by the spring hinges pressure enables unrestricted entry paving the way for the quickest of organised clean-ups.

Spring Hinges Deliver Easy Access

Spring Hinges Deliver Easy Access

The inclusion of spring hinges make entry a breeze, supporting the lid’s weight provides the easy opening mechanism. Benefiting through the hinges spring pressure prevents accidents resisting the full weight of the lid slamming shut on fingers making this child safety feature a perfect addition for use as a toy storage box.

Built into the lid during assembly regards a steel lid support delivering additional sturdiness to the final construction, able to facilitate seating accommodation up to 250 lbs in weight whilst the flattish lid combines storage, seating and table-top services, hugely beneficial situated around a barbecue area, patio and balcony.

Consequent to closing the lid, 2 padlock claps situated in the lid, the other in the box body adjoin to enable securing the unit. Padlock is not supplied.

A weatherproof strip runs around the parameter upon closing the lid ensuring a stay dry interior whilst suffering the downpours, maintaining the internal ambience with preserved conditions suitable for storing delicate fabrics associated with outdoor seating cushions and towels.

Lifetime 80 Gallon Storage Box Prices:

Easy Access - Stay-Open Lid Design

Easy Access – Stay-Open Lid Design

Lifetime Deck Storage Box Assembly

Creating an easy assembly is in most manufacturers interest nowadays, having the deck box assembled, filled, located in the desired location and serving requirements in minimal time attracts attention for most of us novice DIYers.

New Updated Assembly Instructions

New Updated Assembly Instructions

The construction process regarding Lifetime deck boxes relates to an interlocking procedure where the box and floor panels adjoin by slotting into place and sliding into position. There are a few screws to secure into place regarding the base, lid-support and hinges however you’re not presented with an overabundance of screws.

There is the option of securing the box down into the foundations, two clips are provided to build into the box if desired. The instructions require assemblers to work their way through the steps in order represented by clear illustrations, the process requires implementing what’s shown.

Most purchasers have constructed their box within Lifetimes prescribed 30-60 minute time-frame however a few have come across installation problems.

I have read the updated instructions to help everyone on their way to a quick and efficient assembly and I’m mightily impressed. The newly amended instructions are clear and very straightforward whilst inclusive of codes to scan for the intricate parts where a video walks you through the process if you’re having difficulty.

Lifetime 80 Gallon Deck Box Prices:

Lifetime 80 Gallon Capacity Deck Box

Lifetime 80 Gallon Capacity Deck Box

Lifetime 80 Gallon Deck Box Measurements

Below is a screenshot regarding the weight limit, external and internal dimensions of Lifetime’s 80 Gallon capacity deck box to enable measuring storage ideas and locations to check whether dimensions meet your requirements.

Lifetime 80 Gallon Deck Box Measurements

Lifetime 80 Gallon Deck Box Measurements

Video – Lifetime Small Garden Storage Box Features

Advantages of Lifetime’s 80 Gallon Outdoor Storage box

  • Exemplary storage solution with diverse potential
  • Adequate size fits in confined spaces
  • Stylish yet attractive desert sand shade
  • Neutral shade – Destined to enhance any outdoor setting
  • Flattish lid provides table-top services
  • Provides seating up to 250 lbs
  • Weatherproof seal maintains a dry internal environment
  • Ideal seating cushion storage facility
  • Spring hinges prevent the lid slamming shut
  • Excellent child friendly toy box
  • Easy access delivered by the stay-open lid design
  • UV protected, resists colour fade, peeling, chips and dents
  • Resistant to rot, decay and rust
  • Heavy-duty sturdy build quality
  • Molded handles enable easy movement
  • 10 year limited manufacturers warranty
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Effortless wash replenishes the shine
  • Secures with a padlock

Lifetime’s 80 Gallon Deck Box Prices:

Lifetime 80 Gallon Capacity Deck Box Enables Quick Tidy-Ups

Lifetime 80 Gallon Capacity Deck Box Enables Quick Tidy-Ups

Deck Box Competition

Lifetime’s deck box range expands from this small size:

Medium 116 Gallon Storage Capacity Deck Box

Award Winning Extra Large 130 Gallon Capacity Deck Box.

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Compare Alternative Garden Storage Box Designs

Final Verdict

Lifetime’s 80 gallon capacity storage box fits in restricted spaces due to it’s adequate size, whether situated poolside serving swimming equipment and towels, located for patio duties occupying seating cushion and accessories storage, combining seating, storage and table-top services located on a BBQ deck, sheltering gardening tools & lawn supplies or a smart addition accommodating balcony supplies, the diverse storage potential delivered appears unlimited.

The neutral colours exhibited by the desert-sand shade blend into any landscape whilst the easy clean surface maintains the sublime appearance in minimal time.

Spring hinges create a user friendly feature supporting the lid weight enabling the popular use of a toy box whilst the dry internal ambience delivered by the weatherproof strip provides protective conditions suitable for cushion storage.

A 10 year limited manufacturers warranty, a make-up resistant to weather deterioration and newly refurbished instructions to aid a fast efficient construction are the reason for the upsurge in recent demand.

Lifetime’s Small Garden Storage Box Prices:

Small Garden Storage Box

Lifetime’s Small Garden Storage Box

Lifetime Storage Solutions


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  1. Jeannie Brickley

    I enjoyed reading about the small garden storage box. The 80 gal seems like a good size. It seems like it would be very convenient to store your cushions and other supplies. I tend to try to remember to bring mine in when it rains and then they don’t really have a place to be in the house. Sometimes I forget and let them out in the rain, and then I can’t sit on my furniture it they dry. This would be a solution to that problem. I can also see it being used for extra seating; or for storing shoes, boots and sports equipment so it doesn’t end up being all over your house. It looks like it would be handy and durable and useful for extra seating too. Thanks for a good review.


    • Simon

      Hi Jeannie,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Lifetime’s small garden storage box.

      Yeah, we had your troubles regarding leaving cushions out in the rain due to time constraints, don’t they take some drying out.

      Since having the deck box in a convenient place however, it’s only a 2 minute job to open the lid and clear everything away, same thing when placing everything out on a warm summer’s morning.

      Takes all the frustrations away regarding finding time and a place to store indoors as storage space is at such a premium for most of us.

      We know quite a few friends who use a storage box like this for hiding mucky boots and outdoor wear, it certainly clears the entrance hall from clutter without any bother.

      Yes an adult can sit on this small deck box, if a larger bench seat for 2 adults is required check this page out below. There’s links to full reviews for various deck boxes, many offer seating ability and flat table top services too. It’s just a case of with style suits your requirements.

      Hope this helps and thanks again Jeannie,


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