Small Outdoor Storage Sheds – Low Maintenance


If you’re on the outlook for small outdoor storage sheds, a compact storage facility that only requires a wash down when dirty, this little beauty will save you loads of time where upkeep duties are concerned.

Small Outdoor Storage Sheds

We decided to make the switch from wood to resin to escape constant maintenance hassle and delighted with the result. A quick pressure hose down returns the pristine appearance in minutes.

Manor 4×3 ft Shed

Designed to stand proud in confined spaces like on a small backyard or between the side of a house and garden fence whilst beholding a pretty stance makes this small shed ideal to serve those patio and garden essentials. The charming unobtrusive stance makes this 4 x 3’s elegant bijou radiate.

This is one of the the smallest outdoor sheds manufactured by Keter boasting it’s low maintenance benefits and competitive price when compared to the wooden competition. The delightful modish appearance with it’s traditional sentry box twist is becoming a well favoured option where space is restricted.

This 4 x 3 is the smallest shed in Keter’s Manor range, the Manor 4 x 6 ft represents the same width extending 6 ft deep whilst the Manor 6 x 5 ft is wider across the width containing double door access and a 5 ft depth as represented in the Prices page.

Shed Ranges:  A growing selection of low maintenance resin sheds reviewed on this website. Tap the shed image to read the review.

Keter Manor 4x3 Shed

Prices: Tap Image

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Manor 4×3


Size:  4ft x 3ft

Prices:  Have a look:

Verdict:  Fits a budget

Colour:  Blue-Grey

Features of this 4×3 Shed

It’s blue-grey tones are easy on the eye expressing a touch of charm to any garden yet weather-resistance are its values where the resin makeup turns this dainty appearance into quite a sturdy, robust little marvel.

OK, we’re not talking about a capacious unit to store a substantial amount of storage here but this 4×3 will enable making more room in the home by clearing outdoor gear into this amenity. It’s tall enough for long handled garden tools and will serve to harbour those patio accessories, gardening equipment and barbecue paraphernalia. Organised with an elegant appearance serves it’s purpose.

The 4 ft width spans across the door whilst the depth is 3 ft. Many people do get this the wrong way round prior to purchase. Due to the small size, one door allows access, obviously no windows are present yet built-in ventilation is provided allowing fresh air to circulate internally.

Supremely durable is Keter’s description due to the polypropylene manufacture the walls, floor and roof are made from. Waterproof to the max are the key credentials for providing storage preservation and this small unit delivers.

A built-in floor provides the defence advantages regarding storage getting dirty whilst the robust makeup allows the storage of heavy items however this is wholly dependant on preparing the required foundations, solid and level is key.

Keter Manor 4x3

Manor 4×3 reviews:

I must say, this compact unit receives splendid reviews. Feedback certainly comes across strong in the UK yet slightly behind in the USA. The Manor range is a less sturdy kind of manufacture than Keter’s Factor range yet for a shed this size the make-up’s adequate, it ties together resulting in a sturdy structure.

If you’re contemplating a larger model whilst still retaining a competitive price, compare the Factor Range, their reviews come across a lot stronger for all sizes due to the steel supports they are built with however this doesn’t affect this small 4 x 3.

Keter Manor 4 x 3ft Shed

Keter Manor 4 x 3 ft Shed

Regarding resin sheds construction: All plastic sheds must stand on solid level foundations, either wood or concrete and this 4 x 3 is no exception. We found obeying with the #1 priority rule resulted in the walls lining up plumb during assembly plus the floor serves for heavy duty use.

Most purchasers accept this shed’s budget: The floor’s manufacture isn’t the same thickset base found in the Factor range however due to the small size, it’s adequate to serve the intended purpose it’s designed for if it stands on a level wood or concrete base.

The walls are a corrugated resin design that secure together to form a robust little unit, well favoured feedback confirms this. Included with the shed is an implement to help line the panels neatly into the corner pieces and serves as a masterstroke aiding assembly.

Overall, the low maintenance benefits receive the thumbs-up whilst the attractive appearance is well adored for a low cost unit. It’s well liked.

Check Manor 4 x 3 Prices Here:

Video of the Manor 6 x 5

Although larger, the same principles apply for this 4 x 3 Shed. 

Manor’s Durable Walls

The walls glow a subtle blue-grey effect encompassing the elegant facade whilst up close a wooden grained effect represented through the resin moulding charms the appearance with such a bonny design.

This model is also available in white, I’ll point you in that direction when available. This colour seems to be the more favoured option at present.

Manufactured with polypropylene resin moulded into dual walled structured sheets, internally bonded with a corrugated structure provide quality strength surpassing the calibre those single skinned alternative resin sheds resemble.

Polypropylene resin is unsusceptible to weather decay, providing waterproof credentials whilst upholding weather-resistant advantages storage preservation demands.

At first glance when unpacking the box, don’t doubt the walls resin sheets won’t be strong enough as once nipped together during assembly a sturdy structure results.

Keter describe the walls as supremely durable, low maintenance, waterproof and sturdy, built to preserve outdoor storage.

Keter Manor 4x3 walls

Blue-grey wood-grained effect walls

Will the roof keep storage protected?

Apex in design the roof allows water to drain off with immediate effect is another of the advantageous design features this amenity beholds.

The resin sheets making up this 4 x 3 roof are a polypropylene resin manufacture providing waterproof credentials imperative to protect outdoor storage whilst upholding weather defence against rotting, the envy of the wooden variety.

The adequate angled roof pitch extends beyond the shed walls creating eaves thus preventing any holding places for rainwater to puddle nor have admittance to run into the unit at the top where the walls adjoin the roof.

Keter trumpet the values of how sturdy and durable this facility is for protection against heavy snowfall. It’s all down to the small size, without the requirement of a steel beam reinforcing the roof, quite a sturdy structure results due to the small roof span.

Supports heavy snowfall

Supports heavy snowfall

Inside the Manor 4×3

The shed’s size is 4 feet across the width on the door side and 3 feet deep, internally it is smaller. Check the measurements below to see if the size meets your requirements.

Although small, storage options can be taken to a whole new level by installing free standing shelves. We too installed stand-alone shelving, a preferred method for many plastic shed owners as screwing into the walls to add shelving is not possible however you can create storage room all the way up to the ceiling this way.

A true built-in floor joins to the walls preventing the outside environment blowing debris inside, we find this feature does keep the interior clean. The beauty of a built-in floor prevents storage becoming dirty, a huge advantage when comparing to the majority of floor-less metal sheds.

The shed floor is described as heavy duty, many reviews stress the floor is a thinner construction however it will serve as described if the correct foundations are implemented. It’s also advisable to anchor the shed down into the foundations to increase stability against adverse weather.

Inside the Keter Manor 4x3

Inside the Keter Manor 4 x 3

The floor is also designed to cope against heat or cold due to the technical advantages polypropylene resin beholds, so whether the shed is stood in snow, rain or sun, it’s designed to resist leaking, sweating and decay.

Air vents allow fresh air to circulate around inside leaving the days of that sweaty plastic shed interior feeling a thing of the past. Reviews provide super feedback portraying how well storage is preserved, me too.

No light can enter this amenity as no windows are present yet a storage facility this size doesn’t require any. For safety purposes most larger sheds include windows, just leave the door ajar when entering inside.

Keter Manor 4x3 Ventilation

Keter Manor 4 x 3 Ventilation

Security and the door

A single door provides access into this compact facility where metal hinges provide strength and support in opening and closing.

The door like the facade is manufactured from the same polypropylene material to provide weather-resistance and durability.

A sliding door lock enables the door to be kept closed whilst the design allows a padlock to be fit to secure the unit. This amenity does not include a padlock, one has to be purchased separately.

Door and Security of the Manor 4x3

Door and Security of the Manor 4×3

Keter Manor 4×3 Measurements

Keter Manor 4x3 Measurements

Keter Manor 4×3 Measurements

Keter Manor 4x3 Measurements

Are there any Maintenance Issues?

How does a light spray down when mucky sound as this is generally the only maintenance duty this shed requires.

For any ingrained dirt we apply a couple of cups of white vinegar into a bucket of hot soapy water and remove the grime with a soft brush, anything too abrasive like a scrub bud may scratch the surface and you don’t want to mark the wondrous looks. This works wonders for us.

This facility won’t entail any sanding duties, re-varnishing or re-staining as the resin manufacture doesn’t require it. No more future re-roofing hassle and the costs plus time associated with these problems once storage has already become damaged. Gotten rid of these problems before we start.

Environment Issues – How Green is this 4×3?

Technical advances have now evolved to such a level where the polypropylene resin that moulds these resin sheets for the facade, floor and roof is 100% recyclable resulting in an amenity as green is it’s possible to accomplish.

Polypropylene resin is now fade resistant and designed to prevent cracking in the sun. Marvelous feedback from purchases regarding Keter products rave about their non fading and non cracking credentials. Thumbs up here!

How to Assemble this Little Marvel: 

The No.1. priority rule for any resin shed is to prepare solid level foundations. A level wood or concrete base is perfect. Obeying with this stipulation resulted in constructing a straightforward assembly for us, simply because the resin sheets aligned plumb.

Another benefit for complying with the solid base is the shed floor serves the heavy duty credentials it’s designed with. The floor on these units are a thinner construction to the more robust quality plastic sheds so it’s imperative this measure is undertaken.

We gained some tips from previous assemblers: We read through the instructions thoroughly beforehand to get a gist of the process and laid all the parts out in order to the step by step instructions which quickened assembly day remarkably however this is only a small unit to construct.

Keter Manor 4x3 Resin Shed

Keter Manor 4 x 3 ft Resin Shed

A small amenity such as this will take 2 people on average 3 hours-ish to accomplish, everyone goes at different speeds. A power screwdriver saves so much time and eases the build but set it on a low torque setting as you don’t want to round the screws. Failing that, household tools will build this unit and a step ladder will be required to secure the roof.

There are a lot of screws included to construct, a daunting prospect for many of us novice DIYers however within half a day it’ll be all worthwhile.

The premise of the build just requires following the order of the step by step instructions and implementing what’s shown.

You will need to purchase the correct screws dependant on your foundation material to secure the shed floor down into the foundations through the pre-marked locations. This is an advisable measure to undertake increasing stability.

You can download a PDF of the instructions here: 

Keter Manor 4x3

Pros and Cons of the Manor 4×3


  • A bonny shed with an attractive facade
  • Low maintenance
  • Weather-resistant and durable
  • Prevents cracking and fading in the sun
  • Fits where space is tight
  • Easy assembly with household tools
  • Built-in floor keeps storage clean
  • Air vents create a fresh internal atmosphere
  • Fits most budgets


  • Imperative the shed sits on solid level ground
  • Anchor the shed down into the foundations
  • Unable to screw into walls – Consider stand-alone shelving
  • Not as sturdy as the Factor range

Manor 4×3 ft Competition

Competition is becoming quite tough as time goes by, many people relish the prospect of ditching upkeep duties wooden sheds demand, replacing with the hassle free resin style to accomplish a quick clean down future instead.

Sheds Sizes:  A visual page of low maintenance storage sheds represented in size order. Simply scroll down to your size and select the shed image to read the review.

Here’s a few in competition around this size keeping budget in mind. Tap the shed image to read the review:

Keter High Store

Keter High Store – 54 cu. ft.

Keter Factor 6x3 Shed

Keter Factor 6 x 3 ft

Keter Factor 6x4 Shed

Keter Factor 6 x 4 ft

Keter Manor 4x3 Shed

Keter Manor 4ft x 3ft

Final Verdict

The Keter Manor 4 x 3 certainly receives excellent results in the UK. OK, it’s not as sturdy as the Factor Range but for a 4 x 3 ft size the build is adequate to provide weather protection for storage.

A charming style radiates it’s bonny facade, well favoured by so many whilst the competitive price has taken this facility into the big sales league.

If you’re on a budget or space is tight looking for low maintenance credentials and a 4 x 3 size will suit your requirements it’s a well favoured option.

Virtually no upkeep work required and a good looker

Manor 4x3 Reviews and price

Check Prices Here:

10 Year Warranty


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Thanks for looking and good luck with your decision.

If you have any questions regarding this 4×3 please drop them in the comment section below, I will be happy to help.

Thanks again,





  1. Cris Santos

    Hi Simon,
    This is the kind of Storage Shed that I want. I have so much things that I need to organize. I want to have something like this where I can put my mower and some of my garden tools. It would free some space in my garage by using this. I would like to have one but I guess it quiet expensive. Do they have some other option at lower price? Thanks for sharing.

    • Simon

      Hi Cris,

      Thanks for visiting and reading.

      This is only 3 ft x 4 ft in size, so you are limited to what fits in but it does fit into small spaces. Price-wise, I think this is the cheapest I have written a review on so far. Check here if you wish, there are some cheaper sheds within this budget range:

      If you visit this page, these are all my reviews of low maintenance storage sheds represented in size order. Scroll down to you preferred dimensions and select the shed image to read the review:

      Hope this helps Cris. Good luck with your decision,


  2. Terry Jackson

    What an awesome review I thought it was very informative and well written It seems to be very accurate as we bought a similar shed but much larger and what you have referenced here matches with my experience from building that one. I especially like the use of your many pictures as well as the drawings chart and video to help describe and review this product. Everything was blended nicely and smoothly together

    • Simon

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Yeah, this is an ideal solution for where space is tight as this fill fit on all backyards, patios and small gardens, against a wall or in between a house and fence due to its small structure.

      Ok, it won’t hold a mass amount of storage but that’s not what this is designed for however it will keep those outdoor accessories outside and protected due to the resin manufacture the facade in constructed from.

      You can’t beat inserting screenshots of a product and a video to show a plastic shed to it’s full potential.

      I’m happy to hear that your resin shed is working as described here.

      Thanks again for calling in Terry,


  3. Janelle

    Hello simon. These little sheds intrigue me. I’m happy to hear they are recyclable plastic.
    I guess you have to weigh up the value of the items stored and whether they are worth a plastic shed or a more secure metal shed.
    How strong are these plastic walls? Can they be cut with a sharp implement?

    • Simon

      Hi Janelle,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      Yes polypropylene resin is 100% recyclable and designed with non fading and non cracking credentials too. All Keter products are as green as they come.

      There’s no doubt this is a shed that will fit most budgets and is small so storage options are limited yet if you are restricted for room either on a backyard or very small garden a shed this size can serve you well enabling clearing the home from your outdoor gear and into this unit.

      The plastic walls are fairly strong and I don’t think it would be possible to cut through them with a knife as they are double skinned sheets joined together with a corrugated internal structure. There are single walled sheds on the market where this maybe an issue but not this one.

      Security-wise a metal shed will be more secure there’s no doubt but what type of shed is secure enough to prevent the use of bolt cutters? Neither plastic, wood nor metal sheds will prevent the use of bolt cutters gaining entry just like a house windows has no defence against the slightest chip with the corner of a chisel.

      Alarms are the way forward like a home if you want to protect valuables outside and there are plenty of shed alarms to serve this purpose.

      Hope this helps and thanks again,


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