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The Keter Garden Store certainly adds that touch of stylistic panache to any patio regarding this new stylish range of small outdoor storage units.

Complemented with a weathered textured facade gleams the elegance of silvery grey accents whilst up close the efficacy of gorgeous wood-grained texture presents to the touch.

Small Outdoor Storage UnitsWeather-resistant to the max, polypropylene resin provides durability and weatherproof credentials coupled with the low maintenance benefits we’re all looking for nowadays.

We too decided to move into the modern resin world due to time constraints demanded by our last wooden facility. Upkeep hassle’s now replaced with a light pressure hose down, an effortless duty that swiftly rejuvenates the pristine finish.

Preservation for storage is of primary concern and this Keter High Store delivers, protecting storage to the max whilst the subtle silvery tones furnish any patio with an abundance of eye appeal.

Try and find a negative review, apart from oodles of screws to assemble this beauty. Keter’s High Store has certainly acclaimed precedence through reviews, accomplishing its stature as one of the most respected small outdoor storage units.

Keter High Store

Keter’s High Store represents one of the smaller sized models within the DUOTECH™ Range of low maintenance outdoor storage units.

Keter’s Oakland 757 resin shed regards the next move-up in a walk-in size.

Keter’s Grande-Store represents a similar size in a horizontal style that sits under the height of a standard 6 ft fence-line.  

DUOTECH™ new-age resin designs are captivating popular attraction towards another Global Best Selling Keter range.

View the Ranges of Low-Maintenance Resin Sheds here:

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  High Store


Keter High Store Prices

Size:  54″ x 30″

Verdict:  Try and find a negative review

Colour:  Silvery-Grey

Keter High Store Features

The Keter High Store is purposely designed to sit where space is tight like on a patio, small garden or backyard. Standing against a house wall is a popular option too, the facility isn’t obtrusive due to it’s adequate size.

Access is superb as the doors open up the 1.3 metres width where presented in front of you within arms reach is your entire storage collection as the internal depth equates to 0.66 metres – No hassle here.

An ideal storage solution for patio accessories, gardening tools & equipment and barbecue paraphernalia whilst boasting a 1.76 metre internal height allows the storage of long implements like long handled gardening tools such as rakes, brushes, spades, etc and even extendable ladders.

The measurements are represented further down the page, check whether it’s suitable for your requirements.

This new style is Keter’s Blueprint – A resin surface specifically designed for painting, allowing a statement to be made with the colour of your choice to brighten up any patio surroundings. When you inspect the wondrous colours below, I’m sure you’ll agree – Bodacious beauty can be accomplished.

Quite honestly, I think it’s a stunner and my friends agree. Let’s find out what the reviews say:

Keter High Store Prices:

Keter High Store

What do Reviews say about Keter’s High Store?

This is perhaps the hardest review I’ve ever written to offer helpful suggestions regarding feedback. I’ve just read 58 reviews from one supplier in the UK and plenty of feedback from other stores yet the reviews all seem to come back with similar remarks.

Apart from the minority receiving squished parts due to poor handling and delivery in the USA, the only issue regards the amount of screws it takes to assemble.

Most assemblers, me included suggest using a power screwdriver set on a low torque setting will speed up the build considerably yet this High Store only takes 1 – 2 hours to construct reading between the averages, so for the longevity of use this unit delivers is well worth the time.

The ability to add more shelving is an issue for a few. If this is you – Measure the internal measurements below and consider installing free standing shelves as this will overcome the problem, a preferred option for many.

Keter High Store

Keter High Store

One family opted to use the High Store as a storage facility in their garage for tools and gardening equipment resulting in representing the most organised garage, delighted with their purchase – Great idea!

Wonderful reviews flood back regarding the low maintenance facade, the closure and stainless steel locking system whilst the paintable surface welcomes the dream for many to splash some colour and add that glimmer of charm to their garden whilst many opt to keep the sublime silvery sheen as is. It’s all down to personal preference.

I haven’t read one remark regarding water entering into this unit, feedback supplied from those who have had this High Store subject to heavy rainfall.

If you are the unfortunate one to receive anything damaged on delivery, take my advice – Phone ’em up and get it replaced. Trying to construct squished parts usually presents nightmares trying to align. This is a suppliers issue, not yours.

Keter Garden Store Prices:

Keter High Store – Features & Assembly

Keter’s High-Store Low Maintenance Facade

Stand back to admire the lustrous sheen the silvery grey facade emanates, move up close and you’re represented with a rough textured wooden grained effect to the touch.

Two panels reinforced with a centred ribbed structure provide stability and rigidity to the final build whilst the added benefit of a tongue & groove edging conformation simplifies assembly.

Ribbed Reinforced Structure - Gorgeous Wooden Textured Look

Ribbed Reinforced Structure – Gorgeous Wooden Textured Look

Manufactured from polypropylene resin regards Keter’s new-age blueprint design providing weather protection to the facade.

Durability and weather-resistance are the essential key factors for outdoor storage protection, the polypropylene resin make-up provides built-in weatherproof defence against damp conditions whilst UV stabilisation armours the surface against splitting and colour fade when sunburn rays attack.

The resin panels eliminate upkeep duties, virtually maintenance free this facility escapes re-varnishing duties associated with nourishing wood for protection, only requiring a simple wash down when dirty to restore the spotless finish.

Make a Statement to Your Surroundings

Add A Splash Of Colour

Add A Splash Of Colour

The DUOTECH™ resin design is unique to Keter, accomplishing the first resin style shed that can be painted, a preferred option for many looking to add a statement of the colour and what a vibrant colour transformation this store transfigures into – No wonder it’s becoming so popular.

Keter High Store

Flat Roof – Concerned?

Initially I was concerned with the topping of this High Store as flat roofs always ring alarm bells with me but my worries soon diminished when I realised the roof comes in one sheet which is of priority importance for my concerns.

The roof is manufactured from polypropylene resin which is weatherproof, durable and impermeable to rainwater.

The roof has ridges built within which slot into the walls before screwing in to fasten to the walled surround, accomplishing a sturdy overall construction with the advantages of a tight seal whilst the roof’s slight extension beyond the facade walls avoids the occurrence of rainfall entering in, it’s very well designed.

One Paneled Flat Roof

One Panelled Flat Roof – Thumbs Up!

High-Store’s Heavy Duty Built-In Floor

Keter certainly haven’t scrimped on the floor’s quality which surprised me for a unit this size – Another thumbs up here!

It’s heavy duty design makes it ideal for storing weighty items whilst the floor is purposely designed to subsist demanding pressures however the longevity of the hard-wearing surface will only suffice if the High Store is stood on solid level foundations.

The floor, like the roof comes in one polypropylene resin sheet, waterproof plus with added defence built-in to survive the heat makes this facility a great storage solution suited for all climates.

The only fixing required to make-up the floor regards the sloped threshold which aids the duty of wheeling items in and out.

Embedded within the floor are anchor points for securing the shed down into the solid foundations which is advisable especially for a unit this tall and slim. You are required to purchase foundation screws separately dependant on your base material, either wood or concrete screws.

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor

Inside Keter’s High Store

Once you open the doors the entirety of storage held is within arms reach as it’s only 0.66 metres deep yet the 1.3 metre width provides a storage solution capable of holding a whole host of possibilities.

A 1.76 metre height aids the benefit of storing long handled garden tools and ladders, check the measurements below for your requirements.

Free standing shelves can be an alternative for extending storage options further, a popular option for many however you are provided with shelf supports if you wish to add two of your own shelves.

Thick plywood purchased from a local hardware store make ideal shelves for a unit this size. Cut them to the required width and length, measurement details are represented in the instructions.

Where the walls adjoin to the roof and floor, a sealed unit ensures no gaps are present for rainwater and pests to enter thus preventing the outside environment blowing debris inside.

Shelf Supports included for fitting your OWN Shelves

Shelf Supports included for fitting your OWN Shelves

Keter High-Store’s Quality Doors & Fittings

Wide double doors spanning the width of the High Store deliver wonderful access, once opened acquiring storage is a non issue, everything is within arms grasp.

The doors are manufactured from the same polypropylene resin make-up as the walls providing an enchanting silvery glisten all round the facade however they provide the same weather protection and durability qualities whilst their paintable surface makes the High Store all-round fully customizable with the colour of your choice.

Chrome Hinges

Chrome hinges are fitted to enable a sweet opening and closure enhancing quality whilst the door handle is fitted with a clasp designed around a stainless steel locking system to which a padlock secures. Padlock not included. Many admire the security advantages for a facility this size.

Stainless Steel Locking System

The Added Benefit – Low Maintenance!

My passion – Low maintenance. This High Store only requires a wash down when it becomes grimy to bring it back to the same pristine finish the day it was assembled.

No more deterioration issues to deal with, no more re-varnishing or re-staining and no more re-roofing either. A huge bonus, saving costs and time associated with maintaining duties when comparing to the wooden variety of High Stores.

When it becomes ingrained with grime, a couple of cups of white vinegar into a hot soapy bucket of warm water and wiped away with a cloth or soft brush usually does the trick. Generally a light hose down is all this High Store requires.

If the paintable route is taken, colour fade will eventually happen however a quick clean followed by a re-coat is all the maintenance entails without having to deal with decaying issues.

Keter High Store

Keter High Store

Measurements of the Keter High Store

Measurements of the Keter High Store

Measurements of the Keter High Store

How Green is this Storage Facility?

Polypropylene resin has now evolved to be 100% recyclable delivering environmentally friendly credentials.

Polypropylene is technically advanced to prevent splitting and bleaching in the sun, a huge concern for those living in the hot climates.

Wonderful feedback expressed through reviews remark on Keter’s non fading and non cracking credentials.

Assembling the Keter High Store

The no1 rule regarding assembling Keter’s High Store relates to preparing solid level foundations, either wood, concrete or paving is ideal. Obeying by this rule ensures the parts line up plumb to accomplish an efficient assembly, eliminates leaning pressures, the doors swing works correctly whilst the longevity of the hard wearing floor serves just as described.

Installing The Walls

Installing The Walls

It’s always advisable to anchor the shed down into the base through the anchor points embedded within the built-in floor. Although you will probably be carrying weight in this shed it is tall therefore anchoring down into the foundations ensures stability against adverse weather.

Anchoring screws have to be purchased separately, their type is dependant on your base material, wood or concrete.

The build takes roughly an hour or two and requires two people. The clear instructions receive wonderful remarks, it’s quite straightforward to assemble.

A power screwdriver set on a low torque is a well favoured option for most, there are quite a lot of screws. Inspect the delivery for any broken and missing parts. Don’t construct the unit if this materialises, ask for a replacement.

Assembly Made Easy

Built-in Grooves Make Assembly Easy

The build starts off by fixing the sloped threshold to the floor followed by the wall supports and resin sheets that make up the facade, they simply slot into the grooves within the floor and secure with screws to the supports.

Fixing The Roof

Fixing The Roof

The roof then follows and this slots into the walls, secured with screws to provide sturdiness.

The doors are then made up and inserted into the architraves followed by anchoring the floor down into the foundations.

Fitted shelves are an option and the measurements are detailed in the instructions. Thick plywood makes ideal shelving for a unit this size, they only require cutting to size.

Watch the video above, towards the end shows the assembly. It’s a very straightforward procedure.

Here’s a link to the assembly instructions:

And that’s your Keter High Store built – Happy days, Enjoy!

Pros and Cons of the Keter High Store


  • A stylish addition for any patio or backyard
  • Gorgeous silvery-grey facade
  • Wooden textured grained finish
  • Low maintenance – A wash down is all that’s required
  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Fully customizable or leave as is
  • Add a Splash of Colour to brighten up your garden
  • Wide double doors provide superb access
  • Chrome hinges provide a quality closure
  • Nice size for a patio
  • Polypropylene resin – One sheet roof
  • One sheet integrated resin floor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Prevents cracking and fading in the sun
  • Easy Assembly
  • 10 years limited High Store warranty
  • Superb reviews


  • Must stand on a solid level base
  • Shelving is not included, however, shelf supports are.
  • Advisable to anchor the unit down into the foundations

Keter High Store

Keter High Store Competition

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Here’s a few in competition with this Keter High-Store. Select the text below the image to read their review:

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Keter Grande-Store

Grande-Store Review:

Keter High Store - Make a Statement

Keter High Store – Make a Statement

Final Verdict

Keep the silvery-grey finish enhanced with wood-grained textured charm or spring into action and customise the colour of your choosing, make a statement and complement your patio.

The Keter Garden Store enables creating more space in the home by storing outdoor gear where you need it most, outside. Ideal for patio accessories, BBQ gear and garden tools.

Sturdy, weather-resistant, durable and waterproof with an easy to clean surface. Storage protection delivered.

Low maintenance is the majorities preferred option and this High Store delivers

Keter High Store Prices:

10 Year Warranty


Read About Me

Thanks for reading.

Always happy to answer any questions you have regarding Keter’s High Store. Please drop them in the comments section below.

Good luck with your decision. Thanks again,





  1. Joe Petruzzi

    Man, this is perfect! I have been looking for a shed that wasn’t too large but did the job, this seems to fit the bill. Is Keter the go-to brand, or are there also others that you recommend overall? Wondering if I could do my own price check on it. Thanks for the post!

    • Simon

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Keter’s small outdoor storage units.

      This size of vertical storage unit fits where space is rather tight, like on a patio which it is intended for. Like you mention, it’s not too large but will accommodate quite a lot of gardening equipment, BBQ paraphernalia and patio accessories, so it’s serving potential is rather large for it’s mini size.

      Keter, Lifetime, Suncast and Grosfillex are the main manufacturers receiving the thumbs up from purchasers lately however quality weather-resistant resin designs are fairly new to the market, manufacturers are starting to produce some extremely stylish attractions recently whilst combining sturdy enclosed weatherproof bodies. 

      There is bound to be an influx of new designs entering the market, we will be reviewing the new models as they are released.

      In the top menu, ‘Horizontal Sheds runs through a series of low height sheds with an unobtrusive stance, designed to sit under the height of a 6 ft fence-line whilst the link below to ‘Shed Sizes’ starts off with small sheds working up the sizes of sheds reviewed on this website.

      Hope this helps Joe, thanks again,


  2. Eric

    Nice site! I know you mentioned construction time to be one to two hours, but I am often lagging behind standard expectations: what is the longest you’ve heard for those not handy with tools to take to put this together? Does it come in different colors? How likely is it to be disrupted by heavy winds?

    • Simon

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      Construction time does vary as we all have different DIY skills however the only main issue this high store has are the amount of screws required to assemble. Something’s got to hold it all together. Time does vary, the longest I have heard is about 3 hours, household tools will build it.

      You have the option of keeping the silvery-grey appearance it’s supplied with or this is the first resin style of manufacture designed for painting if you would like to make it the colour of your choice. I think it looks fab either left silver or painted. You can certainly make a statement like the patio image above shows.

      Regarding stability, like the review says it’s advisable to anchor this high store down into the ground because it is quite tall. All plastic sheds are the same, anchor points are embedded within the floor and the required screws dependant on your foundation material, either wood or concrete add stability for the overall construction.

      Thanks again Eric, hope this helps,


  3. Siobhan Keating-Moodie

    I would like to purchase Small Outdoor Storage Units – Keter Garden Store 6ft

    Where is the cheapest place I can buy this?

  4. Gareth

    Love this product it is a brilliant idea for the garden, loved the site very informative and interesting to read.
    Cant believe you can paint this shed that is a bonus,
    I watched the video and it made it look so simple to install, the bonus is it does not rust or rot i am hooked.
    I would like your advise do you have to nail it to the ground, or would it be heavy enough to with stand wind?
    This is an ideal product for any garden.
    I will be bookmarking this site for the future

    • Simon

      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for your interest and dropping a comment.

      There’s some really attractive looking resin sheds hitting the market nowadays. People simply don’t have time for the maintenance problems wooden sheds provide, reason they’re becoming so popular.

      This is the first resin style of shed that can be painted to add some colour to your surroundings and doesn’t it look superb.

      Take my advice here and anchor the shed down into the foundations for protection against the high winds. Your choice of screws are dependant on your foundations, whether you have built a wooden base, concrete base or paving slabs. You therefore need either wood screws of concrete screws to secure the High Store down.

      Yeah, keep popping back in Gareth as I write new articles regularly promoting all kinds of plastic sheds, horizontal sheds and deck boxes. All low maintenance that only require a wash down when dirty.

      Thanks again,


  5. Guy Siverson

    I love your review. Great information! I am happy to hear that the storage unit is water proof, where I live we get a ton of rain and moisture. I don’t garden too much, but I’d like to get it for alternative storage for some of my outdoor things that I do not want to get wet. Do you think this could work for this?

    • Simon

      Hi Guy,

      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

      Yes, these resin sheds are weather-resistant, durable and totally waterproof, they are built to protect storage from the rainy weather.

      Unlike wooden sheds, these will not rot so you have no maintenance issues apart from a wash down when dirty.

      Measure up and see if this High-Store will provide room for your outdoor gear. The internal measurements are within the measurements part of this post.

      Good luck with your decision and thanks again Guy,


  6. Pitin

    Hi Simon,

    The Keter High Store looks neat and useful. I have a limited space and would need to assemble it in my balcony (I live in a building and grow my plants in small pots).

    I like that it is waterproof as my balcony doesn’t have enough walls. I might actually use it to store some of my non-garden related stuff.

    Looks very roomy and I like that I can paint it to suit the style I want.

    Great Review!


    • Simon

      Hi Pitin,

      Thanks for your interest and dropping your comment.

      This would make a super balcony storage facility if the size fits. Check the measurements I have provided.

      Yeah, it’s waterproof due to the weather-resistant resin facade it’s manufactured from. This unit can store a whole host of storage. One guy purchased this for his garage to store his tools whereas others have stored their gardening equipment and patio accessories outdoors. Others have placed stand-alone shelving enabling making use of the good height. It serves so many storage solutions.

      The paintable walls are the feature most fall for. It’s the first manufactured resin wall design that can be painted the colour of your choice and can’t it brighten up any surroundings – Great idea, no wonder it’s becoming so popular.

      Thanks again Pitin and good luck with your decision,


  7. Robert Lawrence


    I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve read about this storage unit so far. Everyone seems to be raving about it and I’m not surprised given the high quality of this unit.

    I have to say that I was pretty much sold on it when I saw that you can paint it whatever color you want.

    My wife and I couldn’t agree on which one to buy because she is really picky about the appearance where as I am not at all.

    This works well for both of us because once we get it I’ll just paint it a color of her choice so we’ll both be happy.

    Thanks for the info.


    • Simon

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      This high store’s a beauty isn’t it. It does get rave reviews and it’s a quick easy assembly too.

      As I say I was a bit worried regarding the flat roof at first but it’s one panel which extends beyond the wall edges, so no problems there.

      Yeah, the paintable walls get that buzzing attraction from so many people I’ve introduced this High Store to. You really do have the ability to brighten up any surroundings with all the low maintenance benefits that come with a resin manufacture.

      Thanks again and good luck with your Keter High Store,


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