Small Outdoor Storage Units – Keter Garden Store

Duotech’s contemporary range of small outdoor storage units add a touch of panache to a patio’s outdoor seating area. The Keter Garden Store presents a spacious weatherproof cupboard design, one that refrains from overshadowing small areas yet is ideal for facilitating a variety of outside storage services.

Small Outdoor Storage Units

Duotech High-Store

Keter High-Store

Exhibiting rustic textured fascia panels displays elegant silvery accents from a distance meanwhile up close the efficacy of a wood-grain effect presents to the touch.

Manufactured decay-resistant ascertains durability. The composition replaces annual conserving with a wipe over, a decision we happily engaged with after time constraints encountered upon with our last wooden facility that ended up deteriorating away through weather-rot.

Feedback comes through quite exceptional, apart from the oodles of screws they take to assemble. Favoured by pleasant eye-appeal, decay-resistance and the effortless duty it takes to brighten-up their appearance meanwhile the paintable surface design certainly sparks interest for those desiring to create their own artistic creation.

This Garden-Store represents one of the smaller sized facilities within  DUOTECH™’s Range  of weatherproof outdoor storage units. 

Oakland’s 7 footer commences the walk-in range whereas their low profile facility termed the ‘Grande-Store’ provides similar dimensions albeit in a horizontal shape that sits under the typical house window & conventional garden fence-line.  

Keter High Store

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  High-Store

More Info:

Size:  54″ x 30″

Verdict:  Feedback’s Very Good

Colour:  Silvery-Grey

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Keter’s Unique Resin Creation

Keter’s High-Store is purposely designed to sit where space is rather limited, alike a patio or small back garden. Standing against a house wall regards a popular location, the facility isn’t obtrusive due to it’s adequate size.

Access is superb, the doors open up the entire 1.3 metres width. Presented within arms reach situates the entire storage collection due to the internal depth equating to a mere 66cm – No hassle here.

An ideal storage solution for patio accessories, gardening tools/equipment and barbecue paraphernalia meanwhile boasting a 1.76 metre internal height serves the storage of lengthy implements suchlike long handled rakes, brushes, forks & spades etc. Extendable ladders & parasols represent additional favourites.

Dimensions are presented further down the page, check whether it’s suitable for your requirements.

Duotech design is Keter’s Blueprint – A resin surface specifically designed for painting caters for artistically decorating a statement in your unique colours to enrich the backdrop of home-yard and patio surroundings. When you inspect the wondrous shades down below, I’m sure you’ll agree – resplendent colour schemes can be created.

Keter High Store

Features of the High Store

Low-Maintenance design escapes the rot

From a distance the lustrous silvery sheen of High-Store’s fascia presentation is admirably stylish whereupon close inspection, a rustic semblance of wood-grain transpires to the touch.

Two panels reinforced with a centre-ribbed structure rigidly provide stability to the composition meanwhile the benefits of a formed tongue & groove edging simplifies assembly into a basic construction.

Developing this style of dual reinforced fascia design circumvents unsightly dented appearances occurring when suffering the average typical knock.

Unfortunately in the USA poor stock control & transportation has led to the odd damages with regard to cracked panels. Under these circumstances, I would immediately ask for a replacement. Strangely, it doesn’t seem to be an issue in the UK.

Ribbed Reinforced Structure - Weathered-Wood Looks

Ribbed Reinforced Structure – Weathered-Wood Looks

Manufactured from reusable polypropylene constitutes Keter’s innovative design providing all-embracing weather protection to the make-up.

Durability & rot-resistance kicks in when under attack from sweltering heat, severe snowfalls & driving rain whereupon the composition remains unaffected, irrespective of what the weather throws. Enduring polypropylene assures immunity from deterioration setting into the manufacture, even throughout long-term damp environments.

The High-Store is not prone to beaching & structure splits caused by the heat stresses of sunburn, rather Duotech’s polypropylene is UV stabilised in order to armour the composition with a shield of protection thereby preventing alteration to the make-up when under the duress of sun-rays.

Resin eliminates the continuous cycle of upkeep. Virtually maintenance free this facility escapes re-varnishing duties associated with nourishing wood for protection, only requiring a simple wash down when dirty to restore the spotless finish.

Make a Statement to Your Surroundings

Add A Splash Of Colour

Add A Splash Of Colour

DUOTECH™ design is unique to Keter, accomplishing the first resin-based shed that can be painted, a preferred option for many looking to add a colourful statement to their home surroundings and what a vibrant colour transformation this store transfigures into – No wonder it’s becoming so popular.

Painting on water-based acrylic paint is advised, this toughened emulsion paints on user-friendly, quick to administer, clean-up and dries rapidly with an outdoor breeze meanwhile there’s every shade imaginable including matt-to-high gloss finishes. Typically advertised as bathroom or kitchen paint owing to it’s durable mixture that withstands scuff marks when wiped over.

Keter High Store

Flat Roof – Concerned?

Initially concerned, flat roofs always tend to ring alarm bells with me however worries soon diminished upon realising the roof comes in one sheet which assures a huge advantage in preventing internal rainwater dribbles meanwhile it’s polypropylene manufacture is weatherproof, durable and impermeable.

The roof constitutes built-in ridges into which the walls slot within during installation prior to fastening with screws, accomplishing sturdiness along with a tight seal meanwhile the roof’s slight extension beyond the walls avoids the occurrence of rainfall entering in at their abutment.

One Paneled Flat Roof

Integrated Heavyweight Flooring

High-Store’s toughened polypropylene floor design caters to subsist demanding stresses endured by the storing of weighty items and a lawnmower however the built-in long-term resistance to hefty tensions will only suffice if the facility’s stood on solid level foundations.

The floor, alike the roof comes in one polypropylene sheet, impermeable whilst resistant to damp affecting the structure further to comprising additional defence to survive humidity makes this outside cupboard a great storage solution suited for all climates.

The only fixing required to make-up the floor regards the sloped threshold which aids the duty of wheeling items in and out meanwhile the fascia panels slot into the floor’s boundary ridge, enclosing High-Store’s internals from the outside environment..

Anchor indentations provide the placements for rigidly grounding the High-Store down onto a solid base, advisable for a unit tall and slim unless positioned within a sheltered spot or adjacent to a house wall.

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor

Fairly Spacious Internals

Upon opening the double doors, the entire storage collection is easily obtainable owing to the slimline 66cm depth meanwhile the favourable 1.3 metre width provides a storage solution capable of accommodating plentiful solutions.

A 1.76 metre height aids storing lengthy garden tools & parasols meanwhile for those requiring shelving options, the instructions provide the dimensions for cutting two of your own wood shelves, supported by the included shelf supports. Thick plywood purchased from local hardware stores make ideal shelves for a unit this size.

Alternatively if you’re not interested in storing on the floor and a bank of tiered shelving lights your candle, there’s plenty of free standing shelves found at DIY stores that’ll accomplish. A mere matter of measuring the internals to assure the chosen size fits.

Where the walls adjoin to the roof and floor, a sealed unit ensures no gaps are present for rainwater and pests to enter thus preventing the outside environment blowing debris inside.

Shelf Supports included for fitting your OWN Shelves

Quality door fittings sweeten their swing

Wide double doors spanning the width of the High Store deliver unrestricted access. Once ajar, acquiring storage becomes a non issue, everything is within arms grasp.

The doors polypropylene manufacture is identical to the facade panels thereby exhibits the same enchanting silvery glisten all round meanwhile assures the doors constitute durable weather-protection whilst their paintable surface makes the High Store all-round fully customizable in your colour choice.

Chrome hinges are fitted to produce an efficient opening/closing swing meanwhile the door handle comprises a clasp designed around a stainless steel locking system into which a padlock secures when locking up.

The Added Benefit – Low Maintenance!

Duotech’s High-Store only requires an occasional wash down to bring back the new-look.

No more weather-rot issues to deal with, re-varnishing duties nor re-roofing services either. A huge bonus, saving costs & time associated with ongoing maintenance, when comparing the traditional dilemmas wooden structures entail.

Generally a light hose down sufficiently cleans whereas ingrained muck may require a squirt of detergent, this depends on the location. Rejuvenating appearances couldn’t get more swift.

If the paintable route is taken, colour fade will eventually occur however a quick clean & dry prior to the re-coat entails the only maintenance, absent from decaying issues.

Keter High Store

High-Store Measurements

Measurements of the Keter High Store

Measurements of the Keter High Store

Tongue & Groove Installation Process

The no1 rule of thumb prior to assembly relates to locating on level solid ground. Obeying ensures all the fascia panels align plumb to accomplish a perpendicular construction that functions correct doors swings whilst enabling the flooring to serve heavy-duty stresses.

Anchoring plays an important role in rigidly stabilising the High-Store for protection against the weather elements if located in an unsheltered position owing to it’s slimline build.

The build takes roughly an hour or two and requires two people. On the whole, the clear instructions receive good feedback, it’s quite straightforward & basic to assemble albeit there are plenty of screws.

Here’s a post containing High-Store’s installation video, built by the Ultimate Handyman in a real-life setting. Well worth a watch prior to constructing to satisfy any assembly fears.

Download High-Store’s assembly instructions:

And that’s your Keter High Store built – Happy days, Enjoy!

Duotech High-Store

Highlights and Considerations


  • A stylish addition to enhance any patio or home-yard
  • Rustic silvery tones exhibit a weathered guise
  • Molded to resemble wood-grain texture
  • Maintenance merely concerns a hosepipe shower
  • Impermeable make-up assures weather-resistance & durability
  • Customizable with acrylic emulsion
  • Decorating enables showcasing your own unique creation
  • Wide double doors efficiently access the entire unit
  • Chrome hinges effectuate a quality door swing
  • Spacious internals yet unobtrusive on the eye
  • Installation of shelving is optional. Includes shelf supports
  • Polypropylene – One sheet roof
  • One sheet – polypropylene integrated floor
  • Environmentally friendly & recyclable
  • UV protection endures sunburn assault
  • Straightforward panel alignment & secured with screws
  • 10 years limited High Store warranty
  • Exceptional feedback presented in reviews


  • Situate on a solid level base
  • Shelving is not included, however, shelf supports are.
  • Advisable to anchor the High-Store down onto the foundations
  • Loads of assembly screws

View Keter High-Store Prices

Keter High Store

High Store Competition

Shed Sizes: presents a visual walk-through of low maintenance resin sheds competing with this High-Store. Here’s a few expamples:

Keter Manor 4 x 3 ft

Manor’s 4 x 3 ft Storehouse:

Suncast Everett 6 x 3 ft

Everett’s slimline 6 x 3 feet:

Keter Factor 6x3

Factor’s inexpensive 6 x 3 ft patio store:

Keter Grande-Store

Grande-Store’s low-profile design:

Outdoor Tool Storage Sheds - Asgard Compact

Asgard’s ultra secure tool shed

Duotech delivers the option to paint

Final Verdict

Keep the silvery-grey finish enhanced with wood-grained textured charm or spring into action and customise the colour of your choosing, make a statement and complement your patio.

The Keter Garden Store enables creating more space in the home by storing outdoor gear conveniently outside. Ideal for patio accessories, BBQ gear and garden tools.

Sturdy, weather-resistant, durable and impermeable to rainwater whilst boasting an easy to clean surface. Storage protection delivered.

Low-maintenance regards the majorities preference – High Store delivers

View Duotech High-Store Prices

10 Year Warranty


Hope Duotech’s Small Outdoor Storage Units motivate your creative juices.

Would you opt to paint or leave the silvery display as is?  Share your thoughts & inspirations below.

Good luck deciding,


Please share Keter’s High-Store. Thank you!



  1. Melissa

    Wow, these are really nice storage units. Not what I typically see and the assembly is great. I like how petite the High-Store model is and the fact that it can be painted, that is really neat. You were right, I did look at the flat roof and thought this is odd, but then you explained how weatherproof it is and I thought wow, that is better than the one I have in my yard. Great review!

    • Hey Melissa, Duotech produces plenty of eye-appeal through their innovative design, I like the weathered-look appearance they exhibit besides decorating the fascia in your own artistic colour schemes to enhance a patio’s seating area. Either way owing to High-Store’s petite dimensions it’ll never dominate restricted placements but has the potential to charm them.

      What did surprise me upon first inspection is that decorating is specifically designed for acrylic emulsion, a type of paint we use indoors for every room we decorate nowadays due to having a toughened exterior finish that doesn’t leave scuff-marks when wiped over. Acrylic water-based paint is so much easier than oil-based primers & gloss to administer meanwhile every colour’s available including the choice of a matt to semi or high-gloss finishes therefore suiting all situations and personal preferences.

      You can’t beat a triangular shaped apex whereby two peaks ascertain prompt rainwater drainage in my view. A flat roof always requires further examination to ascertain water puddling doesn’t become an issue. On account of High-Store’s one-sheet roof configuration that extends beyond the walls further to containing ridges into which the fascia sheets are secured into satisfies all concerns including the fact that the make-up comprises polypropylene which is immune from weather-damage.

      Standing in small patio spaces the spacious interior of the High-Store fits in a whole load of outdoor clobber, the exterior refrains from dominating seating areas meanwhile the stylish presence exhibited can further be enhanced by a splash of paint. It’s a well liked store that offers diverse storage potential.
      Thanks Melissa,

  2. Anna

    Hi Simon,
    Very informative post! We were looking into buying a bigger one, but we really do not have much space available in our backyard. This unit is awesome, as it is very affordable, it is easy to assemble and it looks like it is quite durable. We also do not have much staff to accommodate in there, so ladders and basic gardening tools should be able to suit in there!
    Thank you again and we will definitely look into that this coming summer.

    • Hey Anna, thanks for reading about the advantages Duotech’s High-Store provides for restricted garden locations.

      Don’t we all accumulate some outdoor clobber nowadays. Where to store in the home & garage always presents storage-space issues for most of us meanwhile constructing a large spacious walk-in shed where space is tight represents additional issues whereby they can over dominate a small garden setting.

      We also have this issue due to our garden being long and narrow due to our mid-townhouse position whereby the garden’s width equates to the breadth of the house. Assembling a unit too large is simply not an option plus we wouldn’t want to upset the neighbours either.

      Yeah, the High-Store is an inexpensive solution, it looks smart left exhibiting its weathered rustic appearance or you can paint the fascia panels to brighten up your outside seating area as the images show.

      Durability-wise they are fully UV weather-resistant due to the make-up comprising polypropylene ensuring no rot sets in whilst the roof is fortunately a one piece manufacture that protrudes the walls therefore no middle gaps or edges for water to seep through and ruin storage.

      Assembly’s pretty basic Anna, similar to building self assembly furniture & shelving etc. Here’s a real-life assembly video of the High-Store (towards the bottom of the page) explaining every step in detail plus if you wish to install 2 shelves the measurements are presented in the instructions. Pine shelving works just fine.

      Best thing is, cleaning the facade panels is a cinch, you’ll have it brightened up in no time.
      Roll on Summer Anna, all the best,

  3. This is perfect for my application Simon. I live an apartment with a large balcony. This would be the perfect fit for all our outdoor gear that we don’t want in the closets. I would normally say that I will take a closer look after a review but you covered all my questions. I am definitely going to purchase this shed. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Hammer, thanks for calling in to read about the benefits Duotech’s High-Store delivers for outside storage.

      Situated on a balcony is a perfect setting for a spacious store suchlike this as a consequence of it’s unobtrusive stature that doesn’t dominate the outlook from an apartment window.

      It’s not everyone who wants shelves therefore they’re not included however shelf supports are and with regards to cutting a couple of straight shelves, precise measurements are illustrated in the instructions. Wood such as pine would suit shelving for this store. Our local DIY store even cuts wood for customers, the length’s a doddle to cut once the correct width has been chosen as High-Store’s shelving merely requires a straightforward rectangular shape.

      There are loads of screws unfortunately however arranging all the parts in order before commencing organises assembly a treat. I have created a High-Store Assembly post comprising a video where the Ultimate Handyman shows exactly how straightforward these stores are to construct. Installing every piece from start to finish is shown, worthy of a watch if you’re a tad sceptical about DIY.

      Their construction is the same as flat-packed furniture, just implement the orderly process stepped out in the instructions, you’ll have it built within a few hours. All the best,

  4. Very insightful Simon. However as you have mentioned, in the USA poor stock control & transportation has led to the odd damages with regard to cracked panels. What would you advice to combat this?

    • Hey Dennis, thanks for reading how Keter’s High-Store resists weather deterioration along with the uniquely impressive customizable features and installation procedure.

      Poor stock hold and delivery has certainly knocked a few stars off the feedback score in the USA, shame really as condition of delivery has nothing to do with High-Store’s construction qualities but a few have had issues therefore worthy of a mention. I haven’t read one review with regards to poor delivery and condition over in the UK, reason they accomplish 4-5 star status which is a very good score for an outside unit such as this.

      Best thing to do is check the delivery standards when the box arrives. If it looks teared and bashed about, don’t accept it however if after delivery you’re dissatisfied, the following suggests how I would approach the situation.

      Personally I wouldn’t bother with the Sales Site if you’re unlucky enough to receive broken or missing parts. In the instructions Keter present phone help lines for each country and area. People who have phoned them up direct usually receive quick replacements for broken/missing parts, many times the following day.

      Unfortunately due to Keter’s global presence their phone lines keep you waiting. To overcome this issue I would visit Keter’s Contact Page and fill in your details including your phone number. In the message box I would describe my issues and ask them to phone me back to discuss rather than sorting the problem via email – So much quicker & more organised to discuss verbally in my view.

      I have heard Keter have excellent customer service skills, best to talk direct in my view.
      Hope this helps Dennis if you’re unfortunate to come across poor delivery standards.

  5. Joe Petruzzi

    Man, this is perfect! I have been looking for a shed that wasn’t too large but did the job, this seems to fit the bill. Is Keter the go-to brand, or are there also others that you recommend overall? Wondering if I could do my own price check on it. Thanks for the post!

    • Simon

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Keter’s small outdoor storage units.

      This size of vertical storage unit fits where space is rather tight, like on a patio which it is intended for. Like you mention, it’s not too large but will accommodate quite a lot of gardening equipment, BBQ paraphernalia and patio accessories, so it’s serving potential is rather large for it’s mini size.

      Keter, Lifetime, Suncast and Grosfillex are the main manufacturers receiving the thumbs up from purchasers lately however quality weather-resistant resin designs are fairly new to the market, manufacturers are starting to produce some extremely stylish attractions recently whilst combining sturdy enclosed weatherproof bodies. 

      There is bound to be an influx of new designs entering the market, we will be reviewing the new models as they are released.

      In the top menu, ‘Horizontal Sheds runs through a series of low height sheds with an unobtrusive stance, designed to sit under the height of a 6 ft fence-line whilst the link below to ‘Shed Sizes’ starts off with small sheds working up the sizes of sheds reviewed on this website.

      Hope this helps Joe, thanks again,


  6. Eric

    Nice site! I know you mentioned construction time to be one to two hours, but I am often lagging behind standard expectations: what is the longest you’ve heard for those not handy with tools to take to put this together? Does it come in different colors? How likely is it to be disrupted by heavy winds?

    • Simon

      Hi Eric,

      Thanks for calling in and reading.

      Construction time does vary as we all have different DIY skills however the only main issue this high store has are the amount of screws required to assemble. Something’s got to hold it all together. Time does vary, the longest I have heard is about 3 hours, household tools will build it.

      You have the option of keeping the silvery-grey appearance it’s supplied with or this is the first resin style of manufacture designed for painting if you would like to make it the colour of your choice. I think it looks fab either left silver or painted. You can certainly make a statement like the patio image above shows.

      Regarding stability, like the review says it’s advisable to anchor this high store down into the ground because it is quite tall. All plastic sheds are the same, anchor points are embedded within the floor and the required screws dependant on your foundation material, either wood or concrete add stability for the overall construction.

      Thanks again Eric, hope this helps,


  7. Siobhan Keating-Moodie

    I would like to purchase Small Outdoor Storage Units – Keter Garden Store 6ft

    Where is the cheapest place I can buy this?

  8. Gareth

    Love this product it is a brilliant idea for the garden, loved the site very informative and interesting to read.
    Cant believe you can paint this shed that is a bonus,
    I watched the video and it made it look so simple to install, the bonus is it does not rust or rot i am hooked.
    I would like your advise do you have to nail it to the ground, or would it be heavy enough to with stand wind?
    This is an ideal product for any garden.
    I will be bookmarking this site for the future

    • Simon

      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for your interest and dropping a comment.

      There’s some really attractive looking resin sheds hitting the market nowadays. People simply don’t have time for the maintenance problems wooden sheds provide, reason they’re becoming so popular.

      This is the first resin style of shed that can be painted to add some colour to your surroundings and doesn’t it look superb.

      Take my advice here and anchor the shed down into the foundations for protection against the high winds. Your choice of screws are dependant on your foundations, whether you have built a wooden base, concrete base or paving slabs. You therefore need either wood screws of concrete screws to secure the High Store down.

      Yeah, keep popping back in Gareth as I write new articles regularly promoting all kinds of plastic sheds, horizontal sheds and deck boxes. All low maintenance that only require a wash down when dirty.

      Thanks again,


  9. Guy Siverson

    I love your review. Great information! I am happy to hear that the storage unit is water proof, where I live we get a ton of rain and moisture. I don’t garden too much, but I’d like to get it for alternative storage for some of my outdoor things that I do not want to get wet. Do you think this could work for this?

    • Simon

      Hi Guy,

      Thanks for reading and dropping a comment.

      Yes, these resin sheds are weather-resistant, durable and totally waterproof, they are built to protect storage from the rainy weather.

      Unlike wooden sheds, these will not rot so you have no maintenance issues apart from a wash down when dirty.

      Measure up and see if this High-Store will provide room for your outdoor gear. The internal measurements are within the measurements part of this post.

      Good luck with your decision and thanks again Guy,


  10. Pitin

    Hi Simon,

    The Keter High Store looks neat and useful. I have a limited space and would need to assemble it in my balcony (I live in a building and grow my plants in small pots).

    I like that it is waterproof as my balcony doesn’t have enough walls. I might actually use it to store some of my non-garden related stuff.

    Looks very roomy and I like that I can paint it to suit the style I want.

    Great Review!


    • Simon

      Hi Pitin,

      Thanks for your interest and dropping your comment.

      This would make a super balcony storage facility if the size fits. Check the measurements I have provided.

      Yeah, it’s waterproof due to the weather-resistant resin facade it’s manufactured from. This unit can store a whole host of storage. One guy purchased this for his garage to store his tools whereas others have stored their gardening equipment and patio accessories outdoors. Others have placed stand-alone shelving enabling making use of the good height. It serves so many storage solutions.

      The paintable walls are the feature most fall for. It’s the first manufactured resin wall design that can be painted the colour of your choice and can’t it brighten up any surroundings – Great idea, no wonder it’s becoming so popular.

      Thanks again Pitin and good luck with your decision,


  11. Robert Lawrence


    I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve read about this storage unit so far. Everyone seems to be raving about it and I’m not surprised given the high quality of this unit.

    I have to say that I was pretty much sold on it when I saw that you can paint it whatever color you want.

    My wife and I couldn’t agree on which one to buy because she is really picky about the appearance where as I am not at all.

    This works well for both of us because once we get it I’ll just paint it a color of her choice so we’ll both be happy.

    Thanks for the info.


    • Simon

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      This high store’s a beauty isn’t it. It does get rave reviews and it’s a quick easy assembly too.

      As I say I was a bit worried regarding the flat roof at first but it’s one panel which extends beyond the wall edges, so no problems there.

      Yeah, the paintable walls get that buzzing attraction from so many people I’ve introduced this High Store to. You really do have the ability to brighten up any surroundings with all the low maintenance benefits that come with a resin manufacture.

      Thanks again and good luck with your Keter High Store,


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