Small Plastic Storage Shed

Lifetime’s 8 x 2.5 ft small plastic storage shed fits into tight garden locations, it’s slim design delivers the popular solution situated against a house wall. Wide double doors make access a breeze, a resin manufacture eliminates future upkeep headaches, cleaning becomes minimalist whilst the desert-sand shade desirably accentuates any garden’s setting with stylish attraction.

Small Plastic Storage Shed

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed

The most popular resin shed ranges regard either the global sales of Keter Factor’s more competitive design or Lifetime’s well-established 8 ft width collection to which this 2.5 ft depth shed starts the group rolling. 2.5 ft bolt on extensions step-up the increased sizes throughout the range, 15 ft length dimensions top the group off delivering super spacious storage accommodation.

If you’re looking to replace yearly maintenance issues with the undemanding role of a rapid wash, finding this solution was at the top of our wish-list too. Revitalising Lifetime’s wondrous appearance with a light spray-hose down turns old hassles into modern-day fun, a job we regularly undertake throughout the summer months whilst giving the plants a drink.

Lifetime passionately advertise their quality of make-up surpasses all competing resin sheds, quite a bold statement to make considering the new waves of resin manufactured designs entering the market however inspecting through their reviews, feedback comes across quite exceptional.

Lifetime’s new-age design of High Density Polyethylene Plastic eliminates the competition’s weaknesses by amalgamating all the best features into one superior manufacture, captivating interest that inspires weather-resistant confidence with a virtually maintenance-free future.

Manufacturer:  Lifetime

Model:  6413

Size:  8 ft x 2.5 ft

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Prices:

Colour:  Desert-Sand

Verdict:  Hugely Popular

#Feature: Weatherproof

More Info:  Lifetime Products

Obviously these 8 x 2.5 ft dimensions don’t deliver oceans of storage space however there’s adequate room to facilitate the accommodation of gardening tools, equipment and a lawnmower whilst the generous height paves the way for long handled tools and extendable ladder storage.

If intentions are to situate on a patio deck, this model boasts a stylish yet unobtrusive stance, providing convenience for harboring away patio accessories & BBQ grilling equipment.

The next size up to this 2.5 ft model regards Lifetime’s 8 x 5 ft shed, delivering identical 8 ft width dimensions, twin-doors & features yet inclusive of a 2.5 ft extension doubling the depth to 5 feet.

Shed Ranges explores competing resin sheds represented within their ranges including links to their in-depth reviews.

Small Plastic Storage Shed

Lifetime’s Plastic Composition

Lifetime manufacture all their sheds through a process termed High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), a robust plastic that delivers low-maintenance through it’s weather-resistant design. Impervious to rainwater, Lifetime’s weatherproof HDPE manufacture side-steps yearly conservation duties demanded by their wooden counterparts.

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Facade Composition

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Facade Composition

HDPE resists rot & decay deterioration to the structure eliminating the nurturing demands necessary for wooden protection regarding yearly re-coats of stain, varnish or paint. All what’s required to retain Lifetime’s immaculate presence is a wash-down when the grime appears.

High Density Polyethylene is molded into a reinforced dual lined skin, stylish on the outside yet ribbed on the inside, delivering rigidity to the composition, able to withstand the unsightly appearance of dents, peeling and chipping occurring to the surface, a problem thin skinned metal & single skinned plastic sheds are prone to.

Added to the polyethylene resin mix regards the colour pigments to exhibit Lifetime’s sublime desert-sand shade whilst the blend is UV stabilised to armour the composition with protection against extreme heat and cold, able to endure the attack sunburn rays deliver to unprotected plastic; hence, preventing colour-fade and the manufacture from cracking.

The facade walls are molded to create a semblance of horizontal wood panelling inclusive of a wood-grain textured effect embossed within producing attraction to the desert-sand’s outer-surface whilst internally the sheets interlink with the adjoining wall panels, interlock with the integrated floor and secure around steel reinforcements delivering stability to their overall construction.

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Prices:

Maintaining Lifetime’s appealing presence is a cinch compared with the upkeep duties a wooden shed demands. In the main, a light pressure-wash of spray-hose down describes their minimalist cleaning role whereas ingrained dirt requires a tad more attention regarding light detergent mixed with warm water and removed with a soft brush.

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Resin Shed

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Apex Roof Design

Delivering a 1.8 metre wall height in addition to a steep apex pitch delivers generous internal headroom height for an adult to walk comfortably around inside Lifetime sheds. Okay a 2.5 depth shed may not warrant this height however this does provide a smart solution for long handled tool accommodation and somewhere to store those extendable ladders.

Lifetime's Polyethylene Resin Roof

Lifetime’s Polyethylene Resin Roof

Lifetime roof panels are 2.5 ft wide, this shed accommodates two sheets situated on either side of the apex. Manufactured out of double lined reinforced High Density Polyethylene resin, the sheets are molded to exhibit an effective tiled topping that delivers resistance to weather deterioration with an impervious composition to rainwater.

If you’ve been subject to the frustrations of frequent roofing felt replacements prone to the vast array of wooden sheds – Same here, this can represent a nightmare when the surrounding wood becomes rotten.  Lifetime’s polyethylene resin’s structure resists such deterioration, delivering a future absent from re-roofing dilemmas.

Each roof panel secures to the steel infrastructure making up the roof framework. As additional 2.5 ft roof panels are added to make up the larger models, a steel truss system is introduced to provide additional roof support however the reinforcements bolstering Lifetime’s 2.5 ft shed’s roof support regards the facility’s front and back apex framework.

An excellent drainage system is delivered by the steep apex angle leaving no holding places for rainwater to puddle whilst the generous overlap the roof has beyond the facade ensures there’s no chance of rainfall gaining entry inside where the walls abut.

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Resin Shed Prices:

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Features

The interlocking mechanism delivered by the walls integrating with the floor results in maintaining a dry & clean internal environment by providing a blockade to outside debris drifting in at the base of the shed, rainwater puddles developing on the internal shed floor and a crevice for pests to crawl through looking to gain entry for shelter.

Air-Vents Generate Fresh-Air Circulation

Air-Vents Generate Fresh-Air Circulation

Lifetime floor’s make-up regards a grip-able, anti-slip and stain resistant designed thickset polyethylene resin base specifically toughened to subsist the stresses of demanding storage pressures. Parking weighty equipment and heavy duty storage regard their design’s intentions.

Two air vents situated front & back towards the apex peak create a current of fresh air to constantly distribute the interior. This preserved atmosphere maintains storage in fine fettle, eliminates a sweaty atmosphere developing whist crucially preventing condensation building up on the inside during warm climates, a problem prone to their metal counterparts.

Included with this shed are two peg strips with metal hooks for hanging items against the shed walls, three 30″ x 10″ straight shelves, one 90″ x 9″ long straight shelf and two corner shelves which are ideal for accommodating light storage. Many people including ourselves opt to purchase a bank of free-standing shelves to exploit the shed’s internal height in storing a whole range of weighty gear.

No windows or skylights are incorporated into this 2.5 ft depth model as this size doesn’t warrant them yet the double doors deliver fab access spanning towards the 8 ft width, once opened the entire storage collection is within arms reach due to 2.5 ft depth.

The door’s makeup regards a twin lined High Density Polyethylene resin make-up, reinforced with steel delivers enhanced security measures and robust operations of the opening mechanism. The doors lock by virtue a a padlock (not included) inserted through the security clasp that locks both doors simultaneously.

A press button top situated on the large easy-grip handles operates the door’s opening mechanism. Instead of individual hinges, Lifetime incorporate full length hinge-pins to function their door’s swing. To prevent the left hand door swinging in windy weather, 2 dead bolts positioned on the inside slot into grooves enabling that door to maintain a closed position.

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Sturdy Lockable doors

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Assembly

Assembling any type of plastic shed ‘large or small’ requires the same solid & level foundation stipulations to ensure their correct construction.

Due to incorporating a built-in resin floor, it’s imperative Lifetime sheds are grounded on a solid flat surface enabling them to survive the stresses that weighty storage pressures endure. Solidity below delivers enhanced anchorage when securing the shed down with screws, their type is conditional to the foundation material, concrete or wood style screws therefore not supplied.

Arrives Flat-Packed - Requires Assembly

Arrives Flat-Packed – Requires Assembly

A level base determines a true perpendicular stance: This delivers the door’s quick square alignment during assembly whilst ensuring their proper operation and to ascertain the roof weight distributes an equal level of force on all shed sides thus averting future leaning pressures resulting in a slanted shed .

Lifetime’s 8 x 2.5 ft shed is delivered flat-packed. Assembly requires two people to work their way through the installation steps implementing the illustrated procedure represented within the instructions. One supports the panels whilst the other secures with screws.

Construction time varies per individual, dependant on on’es DIY skills. General consensus relates to approximately half a day to assemble Lifetime’s small size sheds. Advise regards not to construct on a windy day, gusts usually make aligning the large panels more difficult. If you’re assembling on a hot day, keep the panels in the shade to prevent expansion prior to fitting.

In the UK and prefer installation?  Check out Lifetime’s Assembly Service:

Tips on How to Assemble a Lifetime Shed

Pros & Cons of Lifetime’s 8 x 2.5 ft Shed


  • Displaying swish modern accents of desert-sand
  • Destined to enhance any outdoor space
  • Locates in tight spaces, against a home’s walls
  • Resistant to decay, doesn’t require re-painting
  • UV stabilised to resist colour-fade
  • Super high pitched drainage roof system
  • Air-vents distribute a fresh internal ambience
  • Steel reinforced structure delivers stability
  • Twin-lined High Density Polyethylene panels
  • Resistant to dents, chips and surface peeling
  • Internally, exposed metalwork is powder-coated
  • Doors are pad-lockable and reinforced with steel
  • Double door access
  • Storage collection is within arms grasp
  • Integrated floor maintains a clean dry internal space
  • Polyethylene floor is toughened to survive storage stresses
  • Two person assembly with household tools
  • 10 years Lifetime warranty cover
  • Part of Lifetime’s global best selling 8 ft wide sheds


  • Ensure this shed is situated on solid level foundations
  • Anchor Lifetime sheds down onto the solid base
  • No windows, a feature this size of facility doesn’t require

Small Plastic Storage Shed

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Competition

The resin shed market has become quite competitive of late. New entrants exhibiting ultra stylish designs are frequently enrolling onto the market.

Shed Sizes displays a visual page of competing sheds stepped up in size order, their image links to a full examination of the shed’s features.

Here’s a few competing resin sheds taken from that page:

Keter High Store

Keter High-Store Review:

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft

Fusion 7.5 x 4 ft Shed Review:

Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Shed Review:

Factor 6 x 3 ft Shed

Factor 6 x 3 ft Shed Review:

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed

Final Verdict

Lifetime’s 8 x 2.5 ft shed is designed to accommodate tight garden locations whilst particularly suited to stand against a house wall. The spotless two toned appearance of the desert-sand facade integrating with the brown doors, trim, vents and roof panels exhibit stylish accents to harmonise any garden’s landscape.

High Density Polyethylene plastic is the bees knees in terms of a weather-resistance make-up, withstanding decay and a demise in appearance when subject to the changeable weather’s damp and heat, issues outdoor wooden facilities require frequent nurturing with varnish or paint for protection, inevitably leading to their shortened lifespan.

Although a 2.5 ft depth is fairly restricted in terms of storage space, Lifetime’s decent height increases the storehouse expanse. The doors are pad-lockable, air-vents generate a fresh internal ambience, the roof delivers excellent drainage whilst the weatherproof design maintains a dry interior.

Lifetime 8 x 2.5 ft Shed Prices:

This facility is part of Lifetimes immensely popular 8 ft width group of sheds that receive impeccable feedback. The addition of Lifetime’s 10 years limited warranty certainly puts the icing on the cake.

Thanks for reading about Lifetime’s small plastic storage shed.

If you have any related small shed queries, please ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Simon

    Where can you buy these (in the uk) please?

    • Hi, Simon – this Lifetime shed seems currently unavailable – many companies seem to have stock issues at the moment.
      I hope you soon get sorted.

  2. Margaret

    These little sheds are ideal for small spaces. I live in a unit and have limited space. To solve the problem I have decided to put one on my back patio. Having the double doors is even better and would make access to the shed easy. Plastic is a much better option than the metal sheds and easier to maintain. I will definitely be taking a closer look at these sheds.

    • Simon

      Hi Margaret,

      Many manufacturers have designed plastic sheds suitable to fit in confined spaces, Lifetime’s solution regards High Density Polyethylene to which this small size starts their 8 ft width group rolling. 

      Shed Sizes steps low-maintenance sheds up in size order, identifying Lifetime’s competition. I think you’ll find a solution to fit most tight spots here.

      Double doors was at the top of our bucket list too, this makes access so much easier especially when wheeling in weighty gardening gear.

      Plastic is our preferred choice due to the composition being extremely low maintenance, only requiring a wash down to maintain appearances. Weather-resistant regards their pure benefit, armoured with defence to withstand decay results in no future maintenance regarding re-coats of varnish and paint.

      Keep popping back in Margaret, we’re reviewing various sizes of plastic sheds on a regular basis for visitors to acquire some inspiration.

      Thanks again,


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