Square Deck Box – Storage Seat


Keter’s Storage Cube combines seating and table top services with a 55 gallon internal storage capacity. These versatile square deck box designs deliver smart solutions, enabling sprucing up surroundings creating an uncluttered space either indoors or outside.

Exhibiting ultra stylish appearances and triple services, the composition boasts a trouble-free cleaning operation with resistance to weather attack.

Square Deck Box - Storage Seat

Square Deck Box – Storage Seat

Keter Storage Cube

Two versions regarding Keter’s Storage Cube exist presently, both manufactured from resin to withstand the weather elements. One represents a wooden semblance where the facade is tastefully molded exhibiting a panelling effect with fine details of textured wood-grain running through.

The alternative deck box cube comprises of a similar wood panelling texture covering the top whilst wrapping around the facade in-between the corner posts displays exquisite rattan effect styling. Both models are destined to enhance any settings with chic attraction.

Wooden Effect Storage Cube

Wooden Effect Storage Cube

We became disillusioned with regards to wooden constructions stood outdoors, their inability to withstand the weather elements leads to rapid deterioration especially over a winter’s period, requiring constant yearly upkeep work to maintain their appearance only to be subject for the rot to set in further down the line.

Initially we were rather sceptical with the cheesy plastic appearance portrayed through the original models however recently technical advancements have evolved at lightening pace, new molding designs like Keter’s Storage Cube are producing favourable attractions whilst retaining their unsusceptible nature to decay.

The diversity expressed through three-way services inclusive of storage and seating with a table-top design whilst expressing favourable eye appeal with a small stature presents versatile usage possibilities both in the home and outside.

Rattan Effect Storage Cube

Rattan Effect Storage Cube

Popular services stood indoors represent organising home space associated with hiding outdoor shoes & boots stood in an entrance hall, a super haven for kids toys enabling quick tidy-up services, a place to store books, magazines and games sat in a conservatory, concealing work tools or any stuff for that matter away from vision. Out of sight – Out of mind.

Outside, popular services regard sat on a patio or home-yard sheltering seating covers, cushions, games, even firewood whilst the provision for additional seating plus the flat lid paves the way for alfresco dining and accommodating drinks however situated poolside harbouring swimming gear or located up on a balcony providing threefold serviceability delivers beneficial possibilities for confined spaces. Service potential is quite immense.

Keter Storage Cube Prices:

Keter Storage Cube Delivering Table-Top Services

Keter Storage Cube Delivering Table-Top Services

Keter Storage Cube Composition

Both multi-functional storage cubes are manufactured from polypropylene resin where brown pigments deliver the enchanting oak brown shade. The molding technique either incorporates a divine wood panelling effect expressing fine wood-grain texture to the surface represented on both lids or an enchanting wicker effect, finishing both cubes with classy finesse.

Resin Storage Cubes - Easily Maintained

Resin Storage Cubes – Easily Maintained

UV stabilisation properties added to Keter’s polypropylene resin resist colour change upon exposure to the sun preventing bleaching and splitting, a vast improvement to yesteryear’s plastic resulting in sunburn damage leading to rather a rapid appearance of disenchantment, now overcome.

Polypropylene resin trumpets out weatherproof properties, the jealous aspect of a wooden structure, requiring no future re-painting or re-varnishing, resistant from denting peeling and chipping whilst having a composition immune from rust, rot and decay results in minimal deterioration.

The pure advantage amalgamating with the weather defence make-up however concerns the maintenance role required to conserve the immaculate appearance.

A wipe down with a cloth dipped in warm water and perhaps some light detergent rejuvenates the shine in minutes, this undemanding cleaning service captivates interest for the simplistic maintenance role resin beholds.

Keter’s Square Deck Box Prices:

Keter's Square Deck Box - Storage Seat

Keter’s Square Deck Box – Storage Seat

Keter’s Storage Cube Features

Retaining a dry internal space to conserve storage regards Keter’s Storage Cube’s specific design technique, delivering a weatherproof structure devised to prevent the weather elements entering inside.

All resin deck box manufacturers sing from the same hymn sheet regarding design techniques in accomplishing a flat-pack formation incorporating a super-fast efficient assembly process by virtue of interlocking panels however faint gaps do appear in the interlocking mechanism therefore cannot be described as totally waterproof.

Ideal Cushion Storage Facility

Ideal Cushion Storage Facility

Filling or immersing the box in water will result in leakage through the faint interlocking gaps yet these do provide air circulation to the interior delivering the essential service of a fresh aired ambience critical for storage preservation.

Keter’s Storage Cube delivers a 55 gallon storage capacity, designed to facilitate 24 inch seating cushions to give an idea of storage dimensions. Box measurements are presented below.

Incorporated into the box lid adjoining the body are hinges providing effortless access to accomplish swift tidy-ups in a moments notice, great service for kids toys scattering the area. The lid stays firmly shut by a latching mechanism and pops open upon entry however this model is not lockable.

Internally an abundance of resin ridges spread across the panels in the lid, designed to enhance rigidity to the overall structure providing adequate support to accommodate sturdy seating for an adult.

The lid is purposely designed flat for table-top services providing additional versatility for usages. Having the potential to serve for accommodating alfresco dining and drinks with seating ability enables restricted locations to facilitate such services, the reason it’s a popular threefold solution situated on balconies and confined home-yard spaces.

Square Deck Box Prices:

Provides Table Services for Alfresco Dining

Provides Table Services for Alfresco Dining

Keter Storage Cube Assembly

Assembly equates to 4 very straightforward construction processes represented by detailed illustrations presented in the instructions. Described as minutes to finalise construction, the majority have accomplished the build in 10-15 minutes.

A screwdriver is required to secure 8 screws adjoining the hinges into the box body and lid, the rest of the procedure entails interlocking the panels into the base, a particular method explained in the instructions followed by clicking into place.

In minimal time, the box can be unpacked, constructed, filled with accessories and serving requirements situated in the desired location. Assembly couldn’t get anymore straightforward.

Keter’s Storage Cube Prices:

Assembly Accomplished in Minimal Time

Assembly Accomplished in Minimal Time

Keter Storage Cube Measurements

Keter’s Storage Cube delivers an internal storage capacity of 55 Gallons / 208 Litres. A small stature designed to accommodate a whole variety of storage.

Able to seat a weight of 308 lbs. / 140 kg and store a weight up to 66 lbs. / 30 kg.

Internal and external measurements are presented below to work out against possible storage ideas and locations.

Keter Storage Cube Measurements

Keter Storage Cube Measurements

Keter Storage Cube Measurements

Seating Weight & Internal Weight Capacity

Seating Weight & Internal Weight Capacity

Keter Storage Cube - Storage, Seating & Table Services

Keter Storage Cube – Storage, Seating & Table Services

Keter Storage Cube Advantages

  • Destined to complement any surroundings
  • Ideal storage solution to accompany outdoor summer living
  • Organises whilst saving space situated indoors or outside
  • Attractive wooden & rattan effect designs
  • Weather resistant and durable
  • Offers sturdy seating for an adult
  • Excellent access enables quick tidy-ups
  • Flat table-top design suited for drinks / alfresco dining
  • UV protected prevents colour fade and splitting in the sun
  • Resistant to decay, rust and rot
  • Effortless to clean with a cloth
  • 2 year warranty
  • Straightforward assembly procedure
  • Maintains a dry ventilated internal compartment
  • Ideal for seating cushion storage
  • Fits 24″ seating cushions
  • 55 Gallon / 208 Litres internal storage capacity
  • Offers triple services – Storage, seating & table-top

Video – Storage Cube Features


Deck Box Competition

Deck boxes are becoming an ever increasing storage facility either located indoors or outside.

Once you realise the potential one storage box delivers in maintaining a clean environment, organisational ideas spring into action for additional models.

It’s a common occurrence to see a few scattered around homes nowadays in various sizes. Compare deck box competition below.

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Compare Deck Boxes Here:

Final Verdict

This multi-functional storage cube manufactured by Keter offers triple services – Storage – Seating – Table-Top.

A dry internal ambience purposely designed to store delicate fabrics such as seating cushions whist the versatility offered paves the way for an abundance of storage potential from patio accessories, gardening tools, BBQ paraphernalia to keeping fire logs dry.

Excellent access is delivered by the hinge design enabling clearing the space in swift time, reason they are such a popular toy storage facility. Sturdy seating supports an adult whilst the flat lid delivers table space, ideal for meal times and drinks accompanying patio furniture.

Weather-resistant make-up entails no future up-keep work whilst the low maintenance surface presents a doddle of a cleaning job. Couple the plethora of benefits represented here with a two year limited warranty, no wonder they captivate huge interest.

Keter Storage Cube Prices:

Wooden Effect Storage Cube

Wooden Effect Storage Cube

Rattan Effect Storage Cube

Rattan Effect Storage Cube

Keter Storage


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  1. HappyB

    I found this article interesting because it is the time of year when I think about the garden, sitting out and using garden furniture.
    The square-deck-box-storage unit is a good size to move around and place where needed in the garden.
    I will not have to worry about the effect of rain or sun on it since the tough, weatherproof resin based manufacture is rot-proof.
    Storage of garden cushions is always a problem because they blow away in the wind, so having a quick, easy place to put them is ideal.
    Keter seems to have put a lot of thought into this storage box. I will certainly be considering these for the summer time.

    • Simon


      Thanks for visiting and reading about Keter’s Storage Cube.

      Yeah, this is the time of year when thoughts run through our minds how to organise outdoors more efficiently. A square deck box such as this model epitomise outdoor summer living with respect to storing accessories, additional seating whilst doubling up for a table-top surface.

      Storing outside furniture seating cushion were the reason we decided upon choosing a deck box, storage room indoors is at such a premium where to store their bulkiness.

      Nowadays however, it’s just a matter of walking outside, opening the deck box and in minutes the patio is all set-up without traipsing the many trips in and out of the house carrying stuff.

      Best bit is clearing away, in 2 minutes the deck is cleared thanks to their storage capacity, replacing all those previous hassles.

      UV protection prevents colour fade and cracking in the sun whilst the resin make-up is unsusceptible to rust, rot and decay, replacing upkeep work with an effortless wipe down.

      Thanks again for dropping by – Good luck choosing your style,


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