Storage Boxes For The Garden

Tidy-up the garden in 2 minutes

Below is a selection of the best regarded, low maintenance storage boxes for the garden to make summer outdoor living easy. These deck boxes eliminate the problem of clearing all your outdoor stuff into the home on an evening so it doesn’t get damp through the night and preventing your storage Lifetime Deck Boxbecoming wet when it rains. It’s just a 2 minutes job to lift the lid, place your gear in the box, shut the lid and the job’s done – time saved in finding room indoors where to store them.

Storage deck boxes can be placed where space is tight as they take up little room whilst providing great service. From storing cushions on a balcony, a chest for your patio accessories, storing outdoor seating items for your garden, a backyard storage solution for small gardening equipment to a fantastic low height storage box for kids toys – a deck box is a worthwhile useful storage solution.

Summer outdoor living can really be this easy!

Storage box criteria

Customer reviews

The deck boxes selected here receive excellent customer reviews, positive feedback from people living with their storage boxes provides a huge advantage for decision making for a quality product. There are a lot of different qualities out there, the cheap flimsy ones have been eliminated, top quality ones are reviewed.

Stylish and Weatherproof

RubbermaidAll these storage boxes have a stylish appearance, all visually different to suit individual preferences but designed with eye-appeal to complement any patio, backyard, balcony or garden, a small storage solution to tidy your space yet providing good looks. A resin construction is key here, providing durability to the weather elements, protecting storage – keeping it dry and safe whatever the weather.

Low maintenance

Virtually maintenance-free due to their resin make-up, these boxes are immune from rusting, rotting and peeling therefore will not decay. Time saved here on future maintenance duties compared with their wooden counterparts. Rather than future sanding and re-staining of a wooden box, the duties these low maintenance resin boxes require are a quick wipe or wash down when dirty to bring them back looking new again.

Environmentally friendly

Rubbermaid large deck boxManufactured from polypropylene and polyethylene resin, not only gives weatherproof benefits, it’s designed to help the environment as well as being UV stabilised to prevent cracking or fading in the sun.

Sturdy build quality

These deck boxes are designed with a quality construction and built with a sturdy reinforcement to provide seating as well as serving for their storage needs. A build quality that sets them apart from their cheaper, flimsier rivals.

Easy Assembly

All these storage boxes are delivered flat-packed, designed for easy assembly following step-by-step instructions using household tools – a simple process made easy requiring little time and effort.

How much are these deck boxes?

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Keter Borneo Storage Box

Keter Borneo brownKeter’s Borneo deck box is suitable for all storage purposes, created with resin to give a suave wooden rattan effect whilst providing weather-resistance due to it’s manufacture.

The Borneo is a very popular garden storage box, receiving terrific customer feedback, available in espresso brown or grey it has a storage capacity of 416 L, providing both an effective storage solution and a stylish addition to any backyard.

Borneo storage box-grey

This elegant box assembles into a sturdy construction capable of seating two adults offering comfortable seating. The box closes to produce a weatherproof sealed unit yet provides ventilation to keep storage dry and well protected.

Borneo automatic opening system


This practical unit includes an automatic opening system to make life easy opening the box, when the box is closed it is lockable through the hasp – a padlock will be required.

Boreo lock

External measurements: Width – 129.5 cm, Depth – 70 cm, Height – 62.5 cm

Internal measurements: Width – 114.7 cm, Depth – 59.5 cm, Height – 54 cm

Borneo storage box - Grey

Borneo storage box - brown

Keter Glenwood Deck Box

Glenwood storage boxThe Glenwood deck box is super durable, ultra-stylish and suitable for all storage purposes, like – gardening equipment, patio accessories, cushions, pool supplies and other large items, not to forget the supersized toy box option for the kids. This is an easy ‘tidy up the garden’ accessory.

Constructed from durable, weather-resistant resin to give an elegant wood- panelled appearance that’s available in brown or grey. This deck box structure is reinforced with metal to provide stability whilst comfortably seating two adults yet doubling up as a storage solution holding a 390 L storage capacity.

Built to provide weather-resistance and low maintenance thanks to it’s resin construction this deck box will keep your storage items both dry and ventilated. It features a convenient automatic opening mechanism, having your hands full will be a non-issue as the lid will stay open – a great feature!

Glenwood opening mechanism

The Glenwood storage box is lockable by means of a padlock (padlock not included) and easily assembled using household tools by following the included instructions.

Customer reviews speak for themselves, this is a smashing storage solution.

External measurements: Width – 128 cm, Depth – 65 cm, Height – 61 cm

Internal measurements: Width – 122 cm, Depth – 54 cm, Height – 58 cm

Glenwood storage box

Glenwood storage box grey

Keter Rockwood Storage Box

Receiving excellent customer reviews and suitable for a whole range of storage purposes from cushions to pool accessories the Rockwood Deck Box will add style to any patio as well as serving as a jumbo sized outdoor toy box for the kids, enabling a 2 minute tidy up for any patio.

Rockwood storage boxYour items will be kept in excellent shape, dry and ventilated thanks to its durable weather-resistant resin construction. This extra-large, low maintenance storage box serves two purposes, a large 570 L storage capacity and will seat two adults comfortably whilst keeping its shape due to it’s strengthened structure.

The Rockwood’s resin make-up is such low maintenance only requiring a wash when dirty rather than the upheaval maintenance duties a wooden deck box has.

Rockwood opening mechanism

The Rockwood Deck Box has an elegant design, a sleek chic wood-panelling textured appearance and includes an automatic opening system making opening and closing the deck box easy. The lid stops open due to this mechanism providing easy storage access with hands full as well as being child friendly.

Two holes within a metal plate provides security, locking the deck box by using a padlock (padlock not included).

Rockwood lock

Assembly is quick and easy following step by step instructions using everyday tools.

External measurements: Width – 155 cm, Depth – 72.4 cm, Height – 64.4 cm

Internal measurements: Width – 142.4 cm, Depth – 62.6 cm, Height – 57.9 cm

Rockwood storage box

Rockwood storage box

Keter Brightwood Deck Box

Brightwood Storage BoxThe Brightwood Storage Box provides plenty of storage capacity, suitable for storing items such as cushions, toys, pool accessories or garden equipment.

This durable storage box will keep in great shape as it is fully weatherproof due to its weather-resistant resin construction, keeping your items dry and aired. Manufactured in brown, taupe and grey, the resin/plastic creation gives an elegant wood panelled appearance that provides a stylish addition to any garden or patio.

Brightwood opening mechanismOpening and closing the Brightwood Storage Box is easy due to the automatic opening mechanism allowing the lid to keep open during filling, no difficulty for a quick tidy up here.

The box is strengthened to allow comfortable seating for two adults while serving a 454 L storage capacity.

Keter’s Brightwood storage box is easily built in a short amount of time using everyday tools.

External measurements: Width – 145 cm, Depth – 69.7 cm, Height – 60.3 cm

Internal measurements: Width – 138 cm, Depth – 59.6 cm, Height – 55.2 cm

Brightwood Storage Box

Brightwood Storage Box

Keter’s Outdoor Garden Cube

How about this easy to assemble, easy to maintain, multi-functional storage box from Keter.

This garden cube serves as a storage box, ideal for cushions and other patio accessories, serves as a comfortable sturdy seat and serves as a delightful small table – an attractive piece of patio furniture with the same low maintenance advantages as Keter’s deck boxes.

Keter Garden Cube

Keter Garden Cube

Are there any negatives?

Overall, Keter have a great reputation for their deck boxes, excel in customer feedback in the UK, slightly behind in the USA.

The problem that seems more prevalent in the USA are damages on delivery. Damaged parts or the box is replaced without a problem but this does cause frustration. More needs to be done to address this issue.

The other main problem concerning all makes of resin boxes are warping lids if the box is subject to blazing hot sun all day. It’s more common to have this warping problem in the hotter parts of the USA whereas it doesn’t come across as an issue in the UK. If you are worried this matter, keep the box in the shade.

How much are these deck boxes?

Take a look at the most competitive prices here:

Suncast Selection

Suncast Wicker Deck Boxes

Suncast manufacture various size wicker deck boxes, from small to extra large. Beautifully crafted, great for storing patio and outdoor seating accessories like cushions, wonderful for toy storage, pool accessories and small garden equipment, etc. Their modern look will add a twist of harmony to any garden, balcony, backyard, patio or around the pool. A smashing series of deck boxes that serve a two minute tidy-up for any garden.

Suncast 99 gallon capacity deck box

Suncast 99 gallon deck box

Resin characteristics

The resin make-up serves many purposes, the nature is designed to give the characteristic of a wicker/rattan effect that provides eye catching stylish looks with their mocha/java brown shade.

The resin double-wall construction is durable to the weather elements with a long lasting nature whilst incorporating Suncast’s clever stay-dry design.

Suncast 73 gallon capacity storage box

Suncast 73 gallon deck box

Low maintenance qualities

Due to the resin structure these rattan deck boxes will not rust or rot, there’s no paint stripping off duties to cope with and no decay, common to their wooden counterparts.

A quick wash down brings them back looking new again. Any stubborn marks can be removed by adding 2 cups of white vinegar and 2 tablespoons of washing-up solution into a bucket of warm water, scrub off with a mild scrubbing brush as anything too abrasive may mark the deck box.

Suncast extra large 134 gallon capacity deck box

Suncast 134 gallon deck box

Suncast Wicker deck box features

The lids are lockable by inserting a padlock into the latch for security (padlock not included)

Opening and closing the lids have and easy mechanism in place, designed with gas shock pistons that will keep the lid open during tidy-up.

Suncast wicker lid pistons

Assembly is very fast, requiring only minimal tools.

Suncast large 124 gallon capacity storage box

Suncast 124 gallon capacity deck box

Suncast 60 gallon capacity storage cube

Suncast 60 gallon storage cube

Suncast’s contemporary designed wicker cubed storage seat

Suncast wicker storage seat

Suncast 73 gallon capacity deck box

Wonderfully designed in a clean looking taupe shade, this deck box will store your pool accessories, logs for the fire, cushions, patio equipment, etc.

Made with an enduring resin construction providing durability to the weather elements featuring Suncast’s stay-dry design, storage will be protected keeping safe and dry.

Moving this deck box is easy thanks to the handles and wheels, so when it’s full it’s still portable, just lift the box with the handle at one end and wheel into position. The lid is well designed to let rain water drain off and stays open for that quick hassle-free tidy-up.

This is one of Suncast’s clever no tool assembly products, it just snaps into place, the reason why it’s so popular, just read their reviews!

Suncast 73 gallon deck box taupe

Suncast have so many variations of outdoor storage boxes, here’s some more in their popular modern looking taupe and mocha-brown colour, without wheels this time but stylish in looks to complement any outdoor home surroundings. It’s just personal preference in which suits you. Read their reviews first to get a better understanding.

Suncast 50 gallon capacity storage box

Suncast 50 gallon storage box

Suncast 50 gallon capacity deck box in delightful mocha brown

Suncast 50 gallon mocha brown

Suncast 99 gallon capacity deck box

Suncast 99 gallon storage box

Suncast taupe deck box seat

Suncast taupe deck box seat

Suncast 127 gallon capacity storage box/seat

Suncast 127 gallon capacity storage box seat

Suncast Storage Cubes

Suncast storage cubes are becoming a firm favourite for an idyllic piece of patio furniture.

Suncast design storage cubes and storage cube seats as part of their range.

Constructed in the same quality resin and strengthened structure as their larger deck boxes to provide equivalent durability, low maintenance and weather resistant advantages.

They provide an ideal small storage solution, have Suncast’s fast 5 minute assembly requiring no tools as they all just snap into place

Suncast Storage Box

Suncast storage box

Suncast Storage Box in a Mocha Brown Wicker Style

Suncast storage box brown

Suncast Storage Box/Seat

Suncast storage box seat

Suncast wood and resin storage box

The natural beauty of cedar combines with the durability of resin to make a fabulous storage box with an extra large 120 gallon capacity. Try and find a negative review – this is a stunning deck box.

Suncast cedar resin deck boxThe wood is finished, ready to stain the colour of your choice or just oil it to seal and preserve it, rain water will then just run down the vertical walls.

The base and lid are made with resin, so no worries if it’s stood in rain-water as the weather-resistant resin will prevent rotting damage. Rain-water soon starts to rot a lid on a wooden deck box and requires frequent maintenance – no problems here as the lid is designed for protection against the weather elements.

The floor and lid have a double walled resin construction that combine with solid wood walls resulting in a sturdy structure. The lid is reinforced to provide seating while the box holds a 120 gallon storage capacity – ideal for storing all your patio accessories.

Gas shocks make it easy to open and close the large lid and the pistons are designed to keep the box open enabling a quick tidy-up with hands full.

Assembly is efficiently designed as all pieces are pre-cut and pre-drilled.

A beautifully designed deck box for those looking for a more traditional look.

Suncast cedar resin deck box

How much are these deck boxes?

Inspect Deck Boxes Prices here:

Rubbermaid Deck Boxes

Rubbermaid are well renowned for making innovative high quality products, all designed to simplify our daily lives. These three deck boxes are available in 10, 12 and 16 cubic feet capacity, designed in a stylish sandstone colour for a modern twist to any patio with the distinctive look of Rubbermaid.

Rubbermaid 10 c ft capacity

Ideal for storing cushions, patio accessories, pool supplies, gardening and lawn equipment. They will make a super toy storage box too. Designed to fit where space is tight like on a balcony, small patio, porches and on decking etc.

Rubbermaid 12 cubic foot capacity storage boxUnlike a wooden deck box, these Rubbermaid boxes will not rust, rot or decay. Described as leak-resistant, dent-resistant and weather-resistant due to their resin construction, built with a sturdy twin-walled construction provides strength to combine a storage facility with comfortable seating. The small and medium box will seat two adults, the large will seat three.

Virtually maintenance-free these deck boxes only require a wash down when dirty to bring them back looking new again.

Rubbermaid lockAn easy access lid that stays up when lifted makes tidying up a doddle.

Easily assembled using everyday tools builds these boxes up into a sturdy structure that will protect storage and serve you well.

The lid is lockable by using a padlock (padlock not included).

Rubbermaid 10 cubic feet capacity storage box

Rubbermaid 10 c ft capacity storage box

Rubbermaid 16 cubic feet capacity storage box

Rubbermaid 16 cb ft capacity deck box

Rubbermaid 12 cubic feet capacity deck box

Rubbermaid 12 c ft capacity deck box

Negative feedback Rubbermaid 16 c ft capacity deck box

The only negative feedback concerns the assembly. If the box isn’t built correctly it falls apart. Some find assembly easy while others have found difficulty.

Top tip

After contacting customer services, Rubbermaid recommend turning the floor of the deck box over during assembly and you will find the parts fit together securely. Why isn’t this documented in the instructions?

Rubbermaid 16 c ft capacity deck boxThe instructions seem confusing but you have to pay very close attention to them when building.

We need clearly defined instructions

Why they don’t have clearly defined instructions is a mystery, it will only lead to poor reviews when people can’t understand the instructions ending up with an unsecured deck box.

Final verdict

Overall these can make an impressive deck box for storage and seating, they are very popular and receive great reviews if they are built correctly – good luck!

How much are these deck boxes?

Take a look at Deck Boxes Prices here:

Lifetime Deck Boxes

Lifetime are among the top best known company’s highly regarded for making innovative outdoor products that are durable, long lasting and low maintenance.

Lifetime Deck BoxLifetime manufacture three of the most popular deck storage boxes on the market today, 80, 116 and 130 gallon capacity, all of them receive exceptional feedback from customer reviews.

These storage boxes are strengthened to double up as seating, good looks to enhance any patio, great storage option for pool supplies, small enough to fit tight spaces like on a balcony, ideal for garden equipment storage in a backyard or can serve as a two minute tidy-up for the kids toys whist looking superb in any garden. They simply organise your life by creating more space in the home by storing your outdoor gear.

Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box – 130 gallon capacity

Lifetime extra large deck box

A stylish two-tone design – tan body with brown lid and bottom trim

Lifetime 130 gallon capacity open

Lifetime’s resin construction

Lifetime deck boxes are made from high density polyethylene resin that resists damage from rain and snow, waterproof to protect storage keeping it dry and safe and UV protected to prevent cracking and fading in the sun.

Lifetime medium deck boxThese storage units will not rust, rot or decay like wooden boxes, virtually maintenance-free there are no up-keep duties apart from a clean down when dirty to bring the box back into pristine condition again. Never use abrasive pads when cleaning as this may mark the surface. 2 cups of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of washing up solution mixed into a bucket of warm water usually removes the stubborn stains.

When the lids shut a weatherproof seal turns the boxes into a sealed unit, a defence to prevent water and pests from entering the unit giving peace of mind that storage is kept dry and safe.

Lifetime Small Deck Box – 80 gallon capacity

Lifetime 80 gallon capacity

Lifetime’s deck box build quality

Lifetime’s storage boxes have a dual walled composition making them into a robust two-fold seating and storage unit – they serve as an impressive patio bench.

Lifetime 80 gallon capacityThe boxes contain molded handles, a simple solution to position the box in your desired location with little effort.

The lids contain a spring hinge, designed to be child friendly without slamming shut. The hing opens the lid over 90 degrees, the lid keeps open enabling an easy hands-full quick tidy-up. The steel hinges are powder-coated to prevent rusting.

When the lids shut two holes are in place, one in the lid, the other in the box body to facilitate a padlock to lock the deck box.

Inside, the units are deigned to fit DIY shelving or dividers to better organise storage.

Uncomplicated assembly with everyday tools following step by step instructions builds these deck boxes into a sturdy unit with little effort.

Lifetime features

Lifetime’s medium deck box – 116 gallon capacity

Lifetime 116 g deck box

Strong enough to use as bench seating – supports 600 lb weight capacity

Lifetime 116 g deck box

Lifetime 130 gallon capacity storage box video

Lifetime 80 gallon capacity storage box video

Final verdict

Lifetimes deck boxes are some of the most popular deck boxes on the market today, customer feedback speak volumes, customer reviews speak for themselves – a first class selection.

How much are these deck boxes?

Check Deck Boxes Prices here:


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