What is the Best Plastic Shed?

What is the best plastic shed on the market? is a great question where quality resin sheds are concerned, a regular phrase searched into the search-bar determined to find the answers for a resin manufacture complying with a solid construction, quality finishing touches, weather-resistant facade and straightforward assembly.

There are a few Quality Plastic Shed Ranges fulfilling the answers to this popular question however Suncast’s Cascade range emerge as a good choice when comparing due to complying with above’s principles, a picture perfect appearance enhanced with impressive feedback expressed through reviews.

What is the Best Plastic Shed?

What is the Best Plastic Shed? Suncast Cascade?

Although immensely difficult to elevate a particular manufacturer to the top echelon within the resin shed league, especially comparing with the likes of:

Fusion’s Composite Wood/Resin 7.5 x 4 ft Shed

Duotech’s New-Age Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Lifetime’s Globally Popular 7 x 7 ft Shed

Suncast Cascade’s do stand among them

Cascade ‘s small range of quality plastic sheds consist of two models, both sizes have identical 7 ft widths across the frontage, only their depths vary. Cascade’s smaller model incorporates a 4 ft depth providing ideal dimensions for a patio location whilst their more substantial shed comprises a 7 ft length, accomplishing generous proportions to store an abundance of gardening equipment.

We became disillusioned with wood’s inability to survive the winters and swayed towards a resin composition to escape yearly maintenance issues regarding replacing rotting wood, the arduous task associated with re-varnishing and the burdensome assignments relating to re-roofing projects.

Low- maintenance initially captivated our interest due to resin’s facile cleaning ability, a swift hose down refreshes assembly day’s condition in minutes. We did consider metal for their security advantages however due to their thin skin being subject to unsightly dents plus seldom occupying integrated floors, an enclosed plastic construction was our preferred choice and delighted with the outcome.

Cascade’s 7 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 4 ft

Suncast Cascade 7 x 4 ft Shed Review:

Cascade’s Composition

Cascade’s make-up regards polypropylene resin, entailing a manufacturing procedure termed blow molded technology where the resin sheets are composed into a multi-layered skin. This multi-wall composition enhances the facade’s overall strength and stability to survive the storms whilst refraining from being susceptible to unsightly dents and chips.

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 7ft

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 7 ft

The molding procedure displays the resemblance of a wooden structure, a series of exquisite paneling exhibited overlapping horizontally on the lower half and vertically towards the roof, surrounded by corner posts. A fine textured wood grain effect embodies the surface presented in elegant vanilla shade, integrating admirably with the doors stoney tint.

Assembling the facade regards interlocking the panels with the floor thus enclosing the unit whilst interlinking with the next wall sheet, aligning the holes and securing with screws through their steel infrastructure embracing reinforced rigidity to Cascade’s overall construction.

The predicament relating to plastic’s inherent failure to survive sunburn attacks resulting in structures cracking and a demise in appearance regarding color’s bleaching has now been conquered by adding supplementary UV protection elements into the polypropylene mix, strengthening and stabilizing the resin’s composition to withstand pressures associated with sun-rays.

Polypropylene resin produces a weatherproof facade, resistant to rust, rot and decay, requiring no future conservation duties regarding re-painting and re-varnishing. The undemanding role of and effortless light spray-hose down describes Cascade’s virtually maintenance-free benefits.

A build-up of ingrained dirt can soon disappear using warm water plus light detergent and scrubbed with a soft brush followed by a swift hose down. This minimalist role restores the shine in a jiffy, the beauty of a resin surface.

Cascade's - Sturdy Resin Walls

Cascade’s Roof Features

In addition to Cascade’s sheds satisfying the weatherproof principles, it was Lifetime’s description regarding their 7 x 7 ft Polyethylene Plastic Shed that captured my attention towards Cascade’s range, roof span plays an important role in determining a quality construction.

Cascade's High Peaked Roof

Cascade’s High Peaked Roof

Lifetime clam: Reducing the shed’s width by a foot, from the favorable 8 ft widths down to a 7 ft width dramatically increases stability to the overall construction, declaring their 7 ft width sheds are stronger in comparison.

Cascade’s steep angled roof pitch ensures immediate rainwater discharge, averting the possibility of puddles arising on top whilst their roof deign adequately spreads the panels beyond the facade, this creation of eaves prevents water trickling in where the walls adjoin.

Cascade's Strengthened Roof Trusses

Cascade’s Strengthened Roof Trusses

Weather-resistant polypropylene resin constitutes Cascade’s roof manufacture, blow molded into multi-layered panels providing long-term weatherproof durability and molded to represent enchanting slate- effect tiling displayed in brown shade.

The roof panels incorporate a steel infrastructure to where they secure into place with screws whilst additional strengthening accompanies the 7 x 7 ft by virtue of a steel beam truss system stretching out across the internal roof span, delivering increased support to sustain heavy snow-loads.

Contrary to roofing felt’s inadequacy to endure the weather elements leading to their short term structural demise and re-roofing issues, a resin composition prevails such weather-attack resisting decay whilst withstanding structural alteration resulting in long term weather defense, critical for storage protection.

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 7 ft Shed

Suncast Cascade 7 x 7 ft Shed Review:

Cascade’s Integrated Heavy Duty Floor

A true built-in floor provides the advantage for Cascade’s sheds, the enclosure of the facility is determined by the walls interlocking within the outer-skirts of the resin floor maintaining a clean internal environment prohibiting the entrance of leaves, outside debris and rainfall to waft through at the base of the shed.

Cascade's Hard-Wearing Floor

Cascade’s Hard-Wearing Floor

Cascade floors make-up regards resin combined with supplementary toughening. The floor comes in flat-pack formation interlinking with the additional panels making up the floor expanse. The resin sheets are molded into a sturdy heavyset base capable of surviving weighty storage pressures associated with hefty equipment, lawnmowers and driving in on a mobility scooter etc.

A resin composition is the antitheses of a wooden structure, manufactured for longevity regarding the ability to survive constant damp conditions without succumbing to depreciation through decay and rot.

Presented within the floor are anchor points for securing the shed down into the foundations enhancing the shed’s stability whilst suffering the storms.

The floor’s robust credentials will only subsist to challenging storage pressures if the shed sits on solid level foundations, the preparation of the correct foundation stipulations are imperative to coincide with the construction and services of a resin shed, as discussed in the Assembly section.

Suncast Cascade 7 x 7 ft Resin Shed

Cascade’s Interior

Air vents situated front and rear on both Cascade sheds deliver an air current to constantly circulate the interior, not only does this fresh ambiance keep storage well preserved it eliminates any notion of a sweaty plastic atmosphere, an impressive integrated feature beholden to quality plastic sheds.

Cascade's Functional Air Vents

Cascade’s Functional Air Vents

A window in the wall is absent on the small Cascade due to the mini shed size whilst the 7 x 7 ft model incorporates one attractively styled arched squared window that can be installed on either side to suit surroundings. Squared arched windows in the doors are present on both models, delivering natural daylight into the interior.

Additional shelving, loft kit, hooks and baskets have to be purchased separately leading the majority including ourselves to install free-standing shelves due to their strength in supporting weighty storage and plastic stacker boxes are a popular alternative too, exploiting the generous height Cascade sheds deliver.

Walking around inside presents no problems for an adult to move around at ease, the steep pitched roof generates an abundance of headroom internally, removing that bent over or hemmed in type of feeling.

Inside the Cascade

Cascade’s Double Door Entry System

Cascades deliver a high arched dual door entry system spanning the near width of the shed, simplifying the movement of weighty storage in and out whilst eliminating a crouched over scenario upon entry. Blessed with a stoney shade, they blend gracefully with the facade’s vanilla tint resulting in the most stylish of appearances.

The doors make-up regards a blow molded multi-layered skin like the roof and walls possess providing durability and weatherproof credentials. Molded to resemble a wood paneled door embedded with a textured grain effect flowing through the surface whilst incorporated into their tops regard Georgian styled squared arched windows delivering daylight to the interior.

Cascade's Metal Hinges Provide a Quality Opening and Closure

Cascade’s Metal Hinges Provide a Quality Opening and Closure

Three metal hinges per door deliver a quality opening and closure whilst the left hand door consists of internal dead bolts placed at the top and bottom that slide into grooves above and below to ensure the door remains closed, a great additional feature for windy days.

Cascade's Internal Door Latches

Cascade’s Internal Door Latches

Traditional style handles accompany Cascade’s modish doors containing a through-bolt clasp to ensure the closure of both doors whilst an additional clasp designed for a padlock adjoins the through-bolt to secure the shed. Padlock is not included.

Cascade's Pad-Lockable Doors with Traditional Style Handles

Cascade’s Pad-Lockable Doors with Traditional Style Handles


Cascade’s External and Internal Measurements

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Dimensions

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Dimensions

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Dimensions

Cascade 7 x 4 ft Dimensions

Cascade Shed Assembly

Cascade sheds are delivered in flat-pack formation requiring two assemblers to work through the instruction steps represented by illustrations, implementing what’s shown.

Suncast have developed a unique Easy Bolt Technology system where they supply an Easy Bolt Tool to secure their specially designed resin screws upon constructing.

Assembly relates to aligning the panels and securing with screws. A step ladder and movement is required all around the shed for constructing the roof, most of the assembly procedure takes place inside the shed.

Cascade's Easy Bolt Assembly

Cascade’s Easy Bolt Assembly

It’s a shame the majority of sales-sites fail to mention plastic sheds foundation stipulations, most people find this essential requirement upon reading the instructions leading many to side-step this ruling however a decision not to adhere will probably lead to frustrations, poor feedback coinciding with a substandard construction.

It’s imperative foundations are solid and level, wood or concrete laid perfectly level elevated slightly above ground level to escape flooding provide ideal foundations. This one-step preparation process delivers a flawless construction eliminating assembly problems for the following reasons:

  • A level base provides the optimal platform to accomplish aligning the panels up with ease, 8 ft up on the roof can magnify problems aligning the roof sheets if you’re not perfectly level on the ground.
  • A vertical stance assures the roof weight applies equal force on all sides of the shed eliminating leaning pressures.
  • Level foundations ensure a vertical plumb alignment for the doors delivering the perfect swing and closure.
  • Solid foundations are imperative for the floor to cope with strenuous tensions applied by weighty storage.

Once the shed is erected, to increase stability and wind resistance levels it’s recommended to secure the shed floor down into the foundations through the anchor placements embedded within the resin floor. Anchor screws are not included as their type depends on the foundation material, wood or concrete.

Cascade Shed Assembly is now offered in the USA.

Cascade's 7 x 4 ft Shed

Cascade’s 7 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Pros and Cons of Cascade Sheds

  • Ultra stylish design to complement any garden location
  • Weatherproof and durable to survive outdoor elements
  • Multi-layered skin provides sturdy build quality
  • Reinforced with a steel infrastructure
  • Effortless to maintain an immaculate appearance
  • UV stabilized prevents color fade and splitting
  • Wide access double doors
  • Doors furnished with quality hardware
  • Attractive style windows deliver daylight
  • Super high pitched roof delivers excellent rainwater drainage
  • Built-in floor maintains a clean internal environment
  • Integrated floor survives heavy-duty demanding pressures
  • Air vents generate fresh air circulation
  • Excellent set of feedback across a whole host of websites
  • Generous headroom height for adults to move around at ease
  • Straightforward 2 person assembly
  • Resistant to rust, rot and decay


  • Imperative foundations are solid and level
  • Anchor Cascades down into the foundations
  • Additional shelving is an optional extra. Consider stand-alone shelving

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 7 ft Shed

Cascade 7 x 7 ft Shed Prices

Final Verdict

Suncast Cascade sheds receive plenty of admirers, their picture-perfect display exhibits accents to complement their stylish attraction within any location, either stood on a patio or presented within a garden.

Offering a weatherproof facade that’s effortless to clean, sturdy build quality enhanced by clamping down into the foundations, resistant to decaying issues susceptible to wooden structures stood outdoors whilst their multi-layered walls withstand the unsightly appearance dents display.

The only real criteria regarding a resin shed is to prepare solid level foundations to accomplish a straightforward assembly and flawless construction. Thumbs up to Suncast!

What is the Best Plastic Shed?

Suncast Storage Solutions


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  1. Celia

    Hi Simon,
    Thanks for your reference. I reaaaaally learned a lot from your blog.Because I am changing a job and I’m gonna move to US soon. After I read your blogs I decided to get a nice plastic shed for my new backyard. I have some different choices from amazon but I don’t know which one should I get.

    Would you pls recommend me a nice shed if we can get in touch 🙂

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    • Thanks for reading, Celia – it’s difficult to recommend a resin shed, as they all offer different advantages along with providing weather-resistance.
      Hope you find the size of resin shed that serves your garden needs, and good luck with your move.

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    Hello, Simon
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    When I look for any product that used outside, I look for a maintenance free. This shed seems to fill the bill for not only being maintenance free but a spacious building.
    I have looked at plastic buildings in the past and was wary of their durability. The Cascade shed has all the attributes that I would want in an outside shed. These buildings have come a long way from the buildings of the past.
    Thanks for enlightening me about how far these buildings have come. Seeing the plastic buildings of the past sagging or the doors and windows not working right has always steered me to a wooden or metal shed.
    Thanks again for updating me on Cascade Sheds.

    • Simon

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for taking a read about the picture perfect Cascade range of plastic sheds and whether they are the answer to what is the best plastic shed.

      We too were initially put off by the thought of plastic in comparison to wood but when we considered how the composition changed regarding wheelie trash bins, from the rusting metal style into a resin construction with similar strengths and increased durability, we started to seriously consider the quality plastic variety.

      After construction and adhering to the foundation rules, I think the reason a few people struggle aligning everything at ease, the floor to survive demanding pressures and the doors to work with the correct swing etc is probably down to side stepping the preparation of the correct foundations for the shed to sit on.

      Unfortunately most sales sites fail to mention the foundation stipulations yet they do headline all the instructions, so it is worth taking note.

      Thanks again Kevin,


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