Wicker Deck Box Storage

When comparing wicker deck box storage there’s no better place to start the search than inspecting what’s probably the best selling model out there. Suncast’s 99 Gallon storage capacity deck box is one huge seller with an ever increasing supply of feedback.

Wicker Deck Box Storage

Suncast 99 Gallon Wicker Deck Box

Suncast 99 Gallon Resin Wicker Deck Box

Deck boxes deliver convenience in storing accessories outside as opposed the inconvenience of rummaging around indoors looking for stuff meanwhile choosing an exquisite wicker design like Suncast’s creation, adds a touch of class to the patio; even inside, they look charming sat in a conservatory.

Construction’s best described as a doddle & requires minimal DIY skills. Most of the box snaps together and secures with 3 screws, assembled in a jiffy.

Their most popular service is accommodating bulky outdoor lounging cushions however due to their handiness, many locate 2 or 3 similar styles storing various items suchlike gardening equipment, swimming gear, patio accessories  & BBQ paraphernalia, etc.

Suncast’s design was inspired by wicker wood furniture, however, imagine how quick they would disintegrate suffering the downpours. On the contrary, simulating the mirror image using UV protected resin produces the antithesis of wicker wood in terms of durability, being weather-resistant and unsusceptible to decay.

Aside from withstanding decomposing, the recyclable material is effortless to clean. Using a soft brush dipped in warm water and light detergent, the exterior can be freshened-up lickety-split. This easy-clean advantage captivates interest.

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Suncast Resin Wicker Deck Box Storage

Adequately Sturdy & Immune from Rot

Blow molding sustainable polypropylene characterises Suncast’s method of manufacture whereby chunky fascia panels are produced comprising a java shade alongside UV inhibitors to defend against the pigments bleaching and blisters transpiring when exposed to the scorch of sun rays.

Innovative molding techniques create the elegant wicker pattern to the outer skin simultaneous to forming a sequence of resin ridges on the interior side. Although the internals don’t provide the most attractive of appearances, they are hidden yet essential for producing stability to the overall structure.

Stay Dry Interior

Stay Dry Interior

Unlike their wooden counterparts, the benefits of polypropylene ascertains resistance to rot, providing year-round weather protection to what’s stored inside. Owing to faint gaps present where the fascia panels interlock, the stay-dry design circulates fresh air providing an internal ambience ideally suited for accommodating cushion fabrics.

These deck boxes can never be described as waterproof; if you fully immersed them they will leak due to the previously mentioned faint gaps however they are designed weatherproof, for rainfall to run off.

Hand-grips are molded into both ends of the storage box to assist positioning in the desired location. We move ours around the patio all the time. On account of their mini size not holding significant weights, two people can easily move them.

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Suncast's Sublime Wicker Appearance Deck Box

Sturdy enough for Seating?

Suncast recommend their large deck boxes hold a seating capacity for 2 people, about 300 lbs which in my book equates to around 21 stone therefore they’re not that robust.

More sturdier garden boxes exhibiting the rattan style are available suchlike Keter’s Borneo comprising a weight limit of 485 lbs (34 stone) therefore seating capacity is rather limited here yet the craftsmanship produced will take some beating if a wicker style is on your agenda.

Our deck box decision swayed towards a more levelled lid design providing table-top services for the patio. The Brushwood Garden Storage Box for instance caters for drinks and food to be placed on top however comprising a curvy lid design prevents this kind of service.

Opening the lid regards a manual service. Hinge pins are fitted adjoining the lid to the box-body to function access whilst the lid goes past 90 degrees & stays open courtesy of two hinge straps either side.

Perfect for Seating Cushion Storage

Alternatively, check out Suncast’s 134 Gallon Wicker Deck Box, a larger yet more sturdier design incorporating a blow molded dual walled skin inclusive of gas shock pistons. This child friendly feature soft-closes the lid preventing fingers getting trapped meanwhile once you start to open the lid the pressured gas assists lifting the lid weight resulting in an easy opening mechanism with the added bonus of a stay-open design.

This 99 Gallon deck box isn’t intended for toy storage in fear of the lid slamming down however it’s more competitively priced when compared to the larger model. Choosing depends on what services you desire.

Suncast’s wicker presentation looks sublime sat on any patio, BBQ area, balcony or poolside storing a whole host of accessories, seating cushions and equipment etc whilst indoors it’s attractive style benefits any conservatory holding games, magazines, books and other paraphernalia or situated in an entrance hall storing outdoor wear, shoes, boots and the likes. Storage potential’s vast.

Security-wise, the box is lockable virtue of slipping a padlock through the clasp, although any deck box could be carried away.

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Sublime Appearance Serving Patio Essentials

Suncast 99 Gallon Deck Box Measurements

Inside, the box occupies 99 gallons of storage capacity / 13.6 cu.ft.

The measurements presented below provide the external and internal dimensions enabling surveying your storage and desired location.

99 Gallon Wicker Deck Box Dimensions

Front View External Dimensions

Front View External Dimensions

Side View External Dimensions

Side View External Dimensions

Top View Internal Dimensions

Top View Internal Dimensions

Side View Internal Dimensions

Side View Internal Dimensions

Suncast’s White Wicker Deck Box

Suncast White Wicker 99 Gal Deck Box

Occasionally White Wicker Deck Boxes are available too:

Suncast White Wicker 99 Gal Deck Box

Snap into Place Assembly

Suncast describe assembly as a 5 minute tool-free process. Reading through the instructions however you do require a Philips-head screwdriver to secure 3 screws.

12 steps is all it takes to construct the box following the step by step procedure, ensuring all parts are installed the right way round according to the detailed assembly illustrations.

The procedure entails interlocking the fascia panels and snapping into place, only the lid rod and security clasp require screws, I’m sure you can imagine how quick the process is, the reason for their popularity and rave reviews.

In approximately half an hour from unpacking, the deck-box can be constructed, located and serving your outdoorsy necessities.

You can download the instruction manual here:

Quick Assembly Procedure

Advantages & Options to Consider


  • Displaying an exquisite wicker presentation
  • Predominantly available in java brown, occasionally white
  • Probably the most popular deck box sold
  • Destined to enhance any indoor/outdoor space
  • Contemporary design enhances any decor
  • Weather-resistant and durable manufacture
  • Resistant to corrosion and decay
  • UV inhibitors thwart sunburn bleaching & fractures
  • Effortless to maintain the pristine appearance
  • Dry internal space suitable for cushion storage
  • Molded handles aid movement
  • 99 Gallon internal storage capacity
  • Will seat up to 300 lbs
  • Diverse storage potential
  • 5 years Suncast deck box warranty
  • Easy storage access
  • Lockable, virtue of a padlock
  • Excellent feedback represented through reviews

Options to Consider

  • Some newer designs robustly offer increased seating capacity
  • Curvy lid not suitable for table-top services
  • Doesn’t include pistons to assist access & soft-close

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Destined to Complement any Outdoor / Indoor Space

Compare Suncast Deck Box Competition

The link below displays images of deck boxes competing with this Suncast model. Receiving rave reviews, they comprise various dimensions, styles & features with accents destined to enhance any surroundings:

Compare Alternative Deck Box Designs

Compare Deck Boxes Here:

Final Verdict

Presenting modish style, Suncast’s elegant wicker creation enhances any patio or BBQ deck meanwhile indoors, the stylish contemporary accents are certain to enrich a conservatory.

5 year Limited WarrantyWhether intentions are to harbor away gardening equipment & lawn supplies, swimming gear, patio accessories & seating cushions or barbecue utensils, this style of deck box is specifically designed for this purpose.

Organising stuff out of sight clears the space, the beauty of a garden storage box. Once you realise the potential one deck box delivers it spurs you on to purchase a 2nd and 3rd, they solve an abundance of storage solutions for most of us, both indoors and outside.

The doddle of assembly, delectable style & weather-resistance attracts attention whilst the effortless-to-clean surface & 5 years warranty puts the cherry on top.

View Suncast 99 Gallon Wicker Deck Box Prices:

Suncast Wicker Deck Boxes


Hope Suncast’s wicker presentation inspires ideas for your deck box storage.

Share your favourite rattan design below along with any Suncast queries, pleasure to help.

Until the following wicker deck box review,


Please share Suncast’s wicker design. Thank you.



  1. Chris

    Hey Simon.

    This box looks awesome. We’re currently looking for one to put in our backyard for storing our seat cushions, and your review is really convincing.

    One question: You said that the box itself can be locked, but, obviously, it can be carried away as a whole. My question is: Does the box have some kind of loops so that it can be tied to a rainwater pipe with a bike lock or so? Or can it be bolted down? Do you have any suggestions here? 🙂


    • Simon

      Hi Chris, thanks for messaging with regards to the particulars of Suncast’s wicker deck box.

      The reason we purchased a deck box was like you mention, to store the bulkiness of outdoor furniture seating cushions. Their handiness circumvents previous headaches of finding enough storage room inside whilst the internals are designed to throughput freshness, creating a preserved ambience in order to prevent foisty conditions materialising.

      This wicker box merely provides deterrent by aligning two clasps together when the lid is closed. Slipping through a padlock enables locking-up. 

      Unfortunately unlike horizontal sheds, these types of deck box aren’t the most secure because the base isn’t configured for anchoring down to the ground, neither is the back of the box. You could attach a long chain lock to the padlock and secure the box to an iron railing for instance but a rainwater pipe could be snapped away through force. In a nutshell, they’re not designed to provide the utmost of security. 

      Hope this helps Chris, thanks again for stopping by,


  2. lspluth

    This is some great information on deck storage units.
    By adding that no product is truly waterproof it shows your reader what to watch for when researching similar products.
    I think everyone could use a deck storage container (including myself) It keeps everything you need for outdoor entertaining all in one handy unit.

    • Simon

      Hi Ispluth,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your message.

      Yeah, none of these garden storage boxes are totally waterproof, it’s because of their interlocking mechanism in the way they construct, they are all built the same way nowadays for ease of assembly which the majority adore.

      If fully immersed in water they will leak however they are all designed to repel rainwater falling down upon them and maintain a dry interior for storing more delicate items like seating cushions to what their popularity favours.

      The times I hear people say they discovered the potential one had to offer which spurred them on to purchase a second and third to organize their home more efficiently is very common.

      We find they are excellent for storing outdoor seating cushions because they are bulky items, storing indoors was always a problem where to place them as spare storage room is usually tight. A deck box alleviates all these problems for outdoor summer living, we’ve found it so beneficial.

      Thanks again Ispluth and good luck choosing,


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