Dual Entry Storage Sheds – 8 x 15 ft

Lifetime Dual Entry 15 x 8 ft Shed

If you’re sifting through the web looking for the ultimate dual entry storage sheds with 8 x 15 ft dimensions, one that provides fab access on one side to drive in a sit-on-mower whilst accompanying another set of double doors on the frontage for alternative storage access, here’s a Lifetime model that may spark your … [Read more…]

Plastic Shed 6×3 – Easy Clean

Plastic Shed 6x3

Mulling over the plastic shed 6 x 3 ft market with aspirations to ditch varnishing duties in return for an easy clean snappy shower-down, Everett’s weatherproof polypropylene design engineered by Suncast’s sure to inspire. We substituted our previous wooden hut’s maintenance headaches by replacing the rotting structure with a modern style encased in resin. An … [Read more…]

Garden Storage Sheds – Plastic

Garden Storage Sheds - Plastic

Innovative design on a grand scale with the most stylish of appearances produces Lifetime’s 15 x 8 feet garden storage sheds – plastic albeit technically advanced through High Density Polyethylene delivers the low maintenance benefits meanwhile the huge footprint caters for an abundance of storage solutions. We plucked up the courage to pull our last … [Read more…]

Small Outdoor Storage Sheds with Modern Styling

Small Outdoor Storage Sheds with Modern Styling

Lifetime presents a modernistic approach with their 8 ft wide small outdoor storage sheds. Purveying an unblemished appearance that trumpets out low maintenance benefits represents the reason for their global sales accompanied by impressive feedback across the entire range. The modern styling of this 5 ft deep storehouse departs from the traditional upkeep struggles into … [Read more…]

Large Plastic Storage Sheds

Suncast Tremont 8 ft x 16 ft Shed

Probing the large plastic storage sheds market to accomplish style combined with sturdiness, check out the enormity of Tremont’s Big Chief. Enabling to serve & shelter a wide cross-section of outdoor storage no matter the size. This magnitude stimulates organisational skills into action, delivering a garage takeover. Resolute in dodging the annual wood-preserving grind and … [Read more…]

Shed For A Patio – Low Maintenance

Slimline Garden Sheds - Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Suncast Tremont’s shed for a patio combines low-maintenance with weather-resistance, spanning a 4 ft depth delivers sizeable storage proportions yet perfect for limited space, like stood with the back against a wall, on a decked area, situated in a restricted backyard zone or confined garden locations. With determinations to ditch our last decaying wooden structure … [Read more…]

Garden Plastic Sheds – Suncast Tremont

Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

Purposely designed weatherproof supplementary to bypassing conservation troubles, Tremont’s 13 ft garden plastic sheds exhibit exquisite appearances to coincide with spacious accommodation room for organising outdoor stuff into the most fashionable of storehouses. Tremont’s main advantage relates to the blow-molded manufacture. Impenetrable to rainwater & nonreactive not rust and rot results in the absence of … [Read more…]

8 x 10 Plastic Shed – Suncast Tremont

8 x 10 Plastic Shed - Suncast Tremont

The prospect of clearing the home from all outdoor storage in an organised fashion and accommodating in an 8 x 10 plastic shed is a vision shared by many desires to overcome nightmares at the thought of repetitive future maintenance with regards to traditional structures. Suncast Tremont delivers the alternative. Breaking free from the frustrations … [Read more…]

Best Outside Storage Sheds – Low Maintenance

Best Outside Storage Sheds - Low Maintenance

Inspect Tremont’s well respected & favourable low maintenance storehouse design. Comprising an 8 ft width & 7 ft length results in 378 cubic feet of storage accommodation. Presenting smart classy looks, it’s one of the best outside storage sheds in a medium size. The fascia’s modish vanilla appearance two-tones stylishly against the stony tint of … [Read more…]