Storage Boxes For The Garden

Suncast 124 gallon deck box

Tidy-up the garden in 2 minutes Below is a selection of the best regarded, low maintenance storage boxes for the garden to make summer outdoor living easy. These deck boxes eliminate the problem of clearing all your outdoor stuff into the home on an evening so it doesn’t get damp through the night and preventing … [Read more…]

Outside Plastic Storage Sheds

Suncast 6x8

Suncast Sheds Suncast receive exceptional feedback for their highly acclaimed quality outside plastic storage sheds. Whether you are looking for a small 6×3 shed to store your patio accessories or a super spacious 8×16 shed to store all your outdoor storage, there’s a Suncast shed to serve you. Suncast sheds are designed to protect your … [Read more…]

Top Rated Storage Sheds

Lifetime 11 x 13.5 ft

Lifetime Sheds Lifetime sheds offer modern looks and style for your storage needs. Whether you require a large shed to accommodate a vast amount of storage or an attractive shed for your patio accessories, Lifetime’s range of top rated storage sheds will cater for you. These highly acclaimed sheds are designed to withstand the weather … [Read more…]

Outdoor Horizontal Storage Sheds

Suncast BMS3200

These outdoor horizontal storage sheds are becoming a well favoured storage solution, providing a home for outdoor storage, generating valuable space indoors. Their attraction is a lower height than a standard shed, usually located on a patio, against a house or hidden below a fence from a neighbours view with their main advantage of fitting … [Read more…]

Resin Garden Storage Sheds

Resin Garden Storage Sheds

Keter’s state-of-the-art resin garden storage sheds upgrade sturdiness courtesy of double lined fascia panels secured to a steel infrastructure meanwhile enhance appearances by virtue of picturesque facades. Their potent addition of polypropylene assures weather-resistance, resulting in a make-up – conservation-free.

Outdoor Resin Storage Sheds

Outdoor Resin Storage Sheds

Modish in style, durable to the weather elements, sturdy build quality and low maintenance at a reasonable price are the reasons why Factor’s global best selling outdoor resin storage sheds receive outstanding customer feedback – A popular choice for those searching for a rot-free storage solution.