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Purposely designed weatherproof supplementary to bypassing conservation troubles, Tremont’s 13 ft garden plastic sheds exhibit exquisite appearances to coincide with spacious accommodation room for organising outdoor stuff into the most fashionable of storehouses.

Garden Plastic ShedsTremont’s main advantage relates to the blow-molded manufacture. Impenetrable to rainwater & nonreactive not rust and rot results in the absence of future conserving not forgetting roof-replacement dilemmas. A quick shower down substitutes associated hassles.

We switched wood for resin in order to flee the predicaments of weather-decay. Previously confined to the annual preservation of varnish is now superseded by the convenience of clipping the shower connector onto the hosepipe. Returning plastic’s sparkle is nowadays accomplished concurrent to watering the plants.

Assuming extensive storehouse dimensions are on the agenda accompanied by a composition backed with armoury to defend against constant long-term weather-pressures meanwhile a quick wash down for maintenance floats your boat, inspect the benefits of Tremonts.

Tremont 8 x 13 ft

Expanding 8 feet across the breadth this 13 footer incorporates an internal height surpassing 8 feet thereby equipped with roominess to hoard one heck of an amount of outdoor gear, an additional garage beckons here.

Displaying a stylish vanilla shade, the facade’s neutral tones blend fashionably against the stoney doors and slate roof tints delivering a modern twist to brighten up any garden scenery with stylistic grandeur.

All Tremonts comprise equivalent frontage measurements. Commencing from 4 feet in length the sheds expand the range in 3 ft bolt on extensions.

This 13 footer regards the 2nd largest, topping the group represents a 16 ft expansion whereas the smaller facility spreads 10 feet deep.

Inspect Tremont’s Competition:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  Tremont BMS 8130

More Info:  Suncast Channel

Size:  8 ft x 13 ft

Verdict:  Positive Reviews

Colour:  Vanilla / Stony

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Features that Benefit

Representing a quick summary of the features designed to protect outdoor storage.

Tremont roofs incorporate a steep descent for rapid rainwater drainage surplus to a resin manufacture that requires little to no maintenance.

The weatherproof, easily cleaned composition architecturally represents wood alike features expressed in a tinge of modish vanilla. No future rotting will transpire meanwhile a wash down when dirty regards their only upkeep.

The construction ties together to form sturdiness, twin doors broaden access whereupon lofty internals deliver comfortable movement, windows and roof-lights illumine daylight and built-in ventilation generates a fresh environment.

Tremont’s integral floor is heavy duty catering to subsist weighty moving gear suchlike wheeling in lawnmowers, seated tractor mowers and mobility scooters.

Internally represents a copious facility for storing gardening equipment, lawn & plant supplies, kids toys, sporting stuff, bikes, patio seating & accessories, barbecue equipment, long handled tools & extending ladders, etc. Large enough to accommodate the majority of outdoor requirements.

Garden Plastic Sheds - Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

Receiving Significant Reviews

Shining with floods of positive feedback, Tremonts presence stands in high regard amongst the the top selection of outdoor storage facilities.

Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

The odd negative comment comes back regarding the amount of screws required to build however name a shed this size that doesn’t. A few novices find the instructions a bit complex whereas the more experienced DIY enthusiast strolls through assembly like a dream.

Positive feedback adores the combination of low-maintenance, modish appearance & impervious make-up meanwhile internally the fresh environment accompanied by daylight illumination and the ease of access this substantial facility offers, speaks volumes.

I have to question whether those who struggle aligning the panels have prepared solid levelled ground for the shed’s seating position. The majority find a straightforward assembly procedure obeying by Suncast’s recommendations.

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Check out Tremont’s Features


High Standards of Sturdiness

A unit this size demands a staunch construction in order to withstand the weather elements therefore Suncast have delivered Tremonts with a stalwart build.

I would be quite concerned constructing this magnitude with a single skin to which the market is quite saturated with. Tremonts are composed of twinned wall panels reinforced with a steel infrastructure. Likewise the roof is dual lined, fastens to a metal framework undergirded by steel girders expanding across the apex rafters.

The doors constitute the same make-up as the facade sheets enhanced with metal hardware including steel hinges that improve their functional swing whilst the floor is intended for tractor duties, virtue of toughening the resin manufacture to subsist challenging stresses.

Tremont 8 x 13 ft Reinforced Steel Structured Supports

Multi-Layered Wall Structure

Top priority for our bucket list concerned finding a robust weatherproof facility that’s near free from maintenance. A wash down when dirty rather than being confined to continuous upkeep were our intentions. The Tremont design certainly fits this bill.

The walls are developed into a robust panel arrangement through a process described as blow molded technology where the manufacture creates a multi-walled polypropylene structure delivering an impervious durable composition.

From a distance the facade resembles a modern wood-grain textured surface providing classy polished looks exhibited in vanilla. Amalgamating within the weatherproof polypropylene regards UV protection to stabilise & toughen the composition to withstand discolouration & fractures occurring during sunburn assault.

The wall panels interlink with adjacent sheets in unison to interlocking with the floor and abutting beneath the roof structure thereby enclosing the shed.

Maintaining assembly day’s immaculate appearance is extremely elementary, accomplished through a rudimentary hosepipe shower once the dirt becomes evident.

Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed Wall Construction

Reinforced Weatherproof Apex Roof

Shingle style roof panels cap Tremonts off resembling an embodiment of slate tiles presenting well favoured attraction. Each panel secures to the metal roof structure further braced by a steel beamed truss configuration fulfilling additional support for heavy snow.

Multi-layered resin roof panels are manufactured through a blow molding process producing a crown that’s weather-resistant, durable and contrary to conventional roofing-felt is not susceptible to future roof replacements.

Tremonts apex structure comprises a high gradient incline to enable effective & prompt rainwater drainage, absent from the chances of puddling. Rainfall is unable to gain entry at the wall-roof’s abutment owing to the formation of eaves produced by the top’s generous overlap.

Reciprocated from the steepness of the apex design, the internal height extends comfortably 8 feet therefore no banging your head moving around inside.

The Waterproof, Durable and Well Supported Tremont 8 x 13 ft Roofs

The Benefits regarding a True Built-in Floor

When we decided to scrap our last rotting hut once the floor decayed through we inspected the metal opposition but they infrequently integrate floors requiring you to fit a wooden floor along with a superior seal. Worried rainwater would find a way through and puddle the floor turned our attention towards the integrated resin variety.

We’ve found storage keeps in prime condition due to this built-in feature maintaining a debris-free environment.

The floor panels constitute sheet formation. Manufactured into a thickset resin construction produces a bed specifically designed for tractor support enabling heavy items to be stored. Each floor panel interlinks with accompanying sheets producing the floor area meantime their boundary interlocks with the facade panels .

It should be noted the longevity of demanding use will only subsist storage stresses if the shed stations on a solid levelled substrate. Anchor placements embed within the floor for grounding the shed down thereby assuring stability.

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor that Keeps Storage Clean

Inside This Substantial 13 Footer

The impressive feature regarding Tremonts relates to the generous height that unfolds upon entry delivering 8 feet of loftiness as a consequence of the apex’s gradient. An unconfined atmosphere enables walking around without stooping over nor banging your noggin.

Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

Examine the internal dimensions below to check whether it serves storage requirements however due to the approximate dimensions of an 8 ft width, 13 ft length and in excess of an 8 feet in height, a storage facility of 715 cubic feet offers an overabundance of storage potential. Solutions are vast.

Included with this shed are 4 corner shelves with installation options at 8 separate corner locations. Furthermore there’s the choice to increase shelving options further by purchasing additional shelving kits, hook & basket accessories as well as loft kits however we and many others simply install free standing shelves and take storage solutions to a whole new level.

Located with the ceiling present 8 skylights that accompany the door windows to illumine daylight whilst air vents distribute fresh air from outside to circulate the interior creating a preserved atmosphere, overcoming clamminess and condensation.

Air Vents Provide A Fresh Environment - Skylights Allow Daylight To Flood In

Wide-Ranging Doors Deliver Extensive Access

Double doors combined with a sloped threshold enhances entry access making an easy job of carting stuff in and out. Tremont sheds have wide access (See the door opening measurements below).

The doors are manufactured through Suncast’s blueprint of blow molded technology where twin-wall robustness is created constituting polypropylene’s weather-resistance meanwhile the crafty molding process produces a semblance of stylish grain-textured wood panelling to the outer-face.

Traditional handles add a touch of class during entry whilst a through bolt determines simultaneous closure. A padlock clasp folds over to accomplish locking.

Tremont's 8 x 13 ft Wide Robust Lockable Doors Allow For Easy Access

Attractive squared-effect windows enter daylight into the premises meanwhile three metal hinges per door operate a quality functional swing.

Windows in the Doors allow for Natural Light whilst 3 Metal Hinges ensure a Smooth Operation

Stopping the left door viciously swinging ajar in windy weather regards two metal latches situated at both ends of the door ‘s internal side. They slot into molded channels above and below the door ensuring closure.

Quality Latches on this 8 x 13 ft Shed Ensue One Door Can Be Kept Shut


Sick and tired of annual varnishing duties in addition to re-roofing dilemmas swung our attention towards an escape route. Low-maintenance delivers convenience, a principle Tremont sheds embrace.

Basically a hose down when dirty regards their only maintenance, an operation that soon brings back assembly day’s gleam. Whenever the shed becomes ingrained in dirt, mild detergent or white vinegar serves as a useful cleansing aid.

Tremonts don’t rust, rot nor peel, never require painting, varnishing nor re-staining and sidestep roof replacements too.

Tremont 8 x 13 ft Measurements

Suncast 8 x 13 ft Measurements

Assembling Tremont’s 13 footer

The most important requirement when contemplating constructing a resin shed is to prepare solid and level foundations. This can’t be emphasised enough. Although most sheds have the option for stationing on either wood or concrete, the recommendations for a storage facility this size regards concrete or asphalt.

After complying with these rules, we found all the panels lined up at ease, the door’s operation is true plus the perpendicular stance ensures uniform roof weight is equal across all sides thereby eliminating a skewiff stance, virtue of being level. 

Adhering with a solid substrate ensures the hard wearing floor serves just as Suncast describe whilst catering to effectuate rigid anchoring.

2 people are required to construct Tremonts by following and implementing the step by step procedure. There’s a few jobs that can be accomplished before assembly like constructing the doors as this does knock quite a chunk off assembly day.

Suncast do trumpet out their easy bolt technology to which they supply the hex-tool. On the whole, assembly receives rave reviews:

Tremont's Easy Bolt Assembly

A Quick Assembly Video


Benefits and Drawbacks


  • Tremont’s attractive style complements any garden
  • Low maintenance escapes conservation
  • Sturdy reinforced build quality
  • Steep angled apex gradient assures rainwater drainage
  • No rust and rot to deal with
  • Built-in floor keeps the internals clean
  • Hard wearing floor subsists hefty storage tensions
  • Fresh atmosphere distributes through air-vents
  • Lofty internal headroom height
  • Windows and skylights illuminate natural daylight
  • An overabundance of storage potential
  • Straightforward two person assembly
  • Weatherproof, durable & impervious composition
  • 10 years Tremont warranty cover
  • Elementary to maintain a spotless appearance


  • Imperative to lay the recommended base substrate
  • Determine rigidity through firm anchorage
  • Contemplate self-assembly shelving as these are optional extras

Garden Plastic Sheds - Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed

13 feet Resin Shed competition

Competition concerning a resin composition has emerged quite fierce of late, slowly becoming the alternative solution for the time-conscious determined to sidestep upkeep duties.

Shed Sizes uncovers the competition in size order suchlike these alternatives:

Oakland 7.5 ft x 11 ft

Oakland’s 11 ft silvered charm

Keter Factor 8 ft x 11 ft

Factor’s 11 ft Competitive Edge

Lifetime 8 ft x 12.5 ft

Lifetime’s 12½ ft Spotless Expansion

Closing Opinion

Splendid feedback salutes Tremont’s range displaying stylish attraction supplementary to their low-maintenance advantage meanwhile these copious dimensions are designed to accommodate by means of clearing the garage and home from all outdoor gear.

Internals are light & airy whilst the height is rather extensive. The floor caters for demanding use, the roof effectuates prompt rainfall drainage meanwhile Tremont’s manufacture is weatherproof, decay-resistant, durable and sturdy.

This substantial facility is fairly popular, not as much as the smaller Tremonts however this depends on how much room one has to accommodate such a sizeable shed. Reviews speak volumes.

View Tremont 8 x 13 ft Shed Prices


Appreciate your time inspecting Tremont’s garden plastic sheds.

Share your favoured weatherproof design below.

Until the following post,


Please share Tremont’s 13 footer. Thank you!



  1. Do you think that this building can be setup on just the ground without a concrete pad?

    • Hi Paula,
      Thanks for reading about the Suncast Tremont.

      It’s vitally important every resin shed is located on solid level foundations.

      A levelled base ensures a perpendicular stance aligns the shed vertical to ascertain the doors operate efficiently and the roof weight applies equal force across all sides to prevent a skewiff stance.

      A solid base is essential for the floor to cope with demanding storage stresses long-term whilst assuring rigid fixings anchor the shed down firmly for stability.

      I would recommend either concrete, asphalt or tarmac for these dimensions. Usually wood decking is sufficient but the weight a 13 footer is able to accommodate in storage, the better option is a concrete type of material.

      Hope this helps Paula, thanks again,

  2. Gomer Magtibay

    We’re planning to build structures like this in our fathers farm, a province here in the Philippines south of Manila. What I like with these Garden Plastic Sheds are their being “plug and play” which means no additional hassles for installers. We can install them by ourselves, am I right?

    I checked the price via the link, and it seems very reasonable. If quality is very good, we don’t mind if we will spending a bit of money for this. I have a question though, because I noticed that the seller is with Amazon.. Are they shipping orders to the Philippines?

    • Simon

      Hi Gomer,

      These Suncast Tremont sheds are flat-packed and require self assembly by a process of working through and implementing the step by step procedure demonstrated in the instructions. 

      Assembly’s straightforward with 2 people however this 13 footer is one mighty size so you will probably be into the second day prior to finishing.

      They do however require anchoring and constructing from solid level foundations as I have mentioned within this review. Tremont sheds do receive excellent feedback, their quality is exceptional.

      You will have to ask the sellers for information regarding shipping to the Philippines, all distributors do vary, some offer free shipping in the UK but I’m not sure about Manilla. A simple message will receive your answer. 

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your comment & question, 

      Good luck!


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