Large Outdoor Storage Containers

Keter produce three sizes of competitively priced large outdoor storage containers for the garden. Their budget Store-It-Out range step up in sizes, consisting of the Mini, Max and Ultra. This post inspects Keter’s most popular model, the global best selling Store-It-Out Max.

Large Outdoor Storage Containers

Large Outdoor Storage Containers

Store-It-Out Max

The Store-It-Out Max represents a large weatherproof triple-door outdoor storage container occupying 1,200 Litres / 320 Gallons internal accommodation capacity suitable for delivering an endless list of storage services adaptable to one’s ideas:

Organising gardening equipment, outside fold-able or stack-able seating, patio accessories, BBQ gear & grilling utensils, accommodating sports tackle, a shielding service for wheelie trash bins, a kids bike store, a dry oasis occupying wood fire-logs to an ideal landing place to accomplish a super-swift tidy-up for toys scattering the garden describe a few of their most popular services.

Once you see the potential one low-height storage facility offers it spurs organisational skills into action, many add a second & third due to their convenience and ease of assembly. They fit in confined garden spaces or situate close-by for handiness positioned on a patio, balcony or backyard, reason for their popularity.

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Store-It-Out Max


Store-It-Out Max Prices:

Size:  1200 L / 320 G

#Feature: Affordable Price

Colours:  Beige/Green or Brown/Beige

Store-It-Out Max Reviews

Favourable attraction regarding Keter’s Store-It-Out range regards their hugely competitive price, about a third of their competitors however reviews are rather mixed regarding their construction quality.

Waver-able plastic and broken parts due to poor delivery have downgraded many reviews to 1 star whereas others provide 5 star status with super feedback taken across thousands of reviews. Rather baffling? Or should we be realistic!

I think you have to take a step back here and accept these don’t offer High End Robustness with Fort Knox Security, rather they are an affordable smart unit with a resin construction designed for sheltering outside items.

If you are unfortunate to receive damaged parts, just send it back and ask for a replacement.

Large Outdoor Storage Containers - Store-It-Out Max

Store-It-Out Max Composition

The constitution of the Max regards polypropylene resin combined with beige pigments to exhibit the facade’s appearance accompanied with either a brown or green shade for the lid, dependant on the chosen model.

Keter Store-it-Out Max

Keter Store-it-Out Max

Internally, a ribbed structure delivers sturdiness to the composition whilst externally the manufacturing technique impressively moulds a semblance of vertical wood panelling across the doors frontage and horizontal panelling around the sides whilst encompassing embossed textured grain throughout the surface.

UV protection mixes with the polypropylene to stabilise the composition with armed defence against a bleaching effect occurring when basking unsheltered from sunburn attack. Colour fade and a cracking structure regards unprotected plastic’s underlying weakness when left exposed to the sun, this procedure counteracts the problem.

Polypropylene delivers an impervious weatherproof make-up, resistant to rot, decay & colour-fade. Unlike the deterioration wooden structures succumb to through weather attack demanding constant nurturing for survival, polypropylene resin remains unaffected requiring no conservation treatment, putting an end to re-coats of varnish, paint & stain.

Delivering weather-defence is highly significant for an outdoor facility, especially prevalent upon the roof structure. Roofing felt’s rapid structural demise of composition when under duress from damp conditions leads to their rapid disintegration, hence resin’s popular alternative to escape frustrations.

A quickie wash-down describes Max’s only maintenance, most people just lightly spray-hose them down once in a while which immediately restores their shine. Warm water, mild detergent and a soft brush swiftly wipes away anything ingrained. Maintenance couldn’t get any more minimalist.

♦ Keter’s Store-It-Out Max Prices ♦

Large Outdoor Storage Containers by Keter

Three Door Entry System

Triple door entry delivers superior access into the Max, the lid opens the top ajar whilst both double doors open the shed’s entire width. A through-bolt and clasp situated at the top of the double doors ensure closure of all three doors whilst a step-on-lock situated at the base of the right hand door shuts and opens the unit by foot operation.

Gas Shock Pistons aid lid opening

Gas Shock Pistons aid lid opening

Locking the facility is dependant on the services used, there are two separate ways the Max can be locked:

If full security is desired a padlock fits through the clasp a certain way to lock all three doors simultaneously however if the Max is to be used for wheelie trash bin services, a padlock fits through a different clasp to secure just the double doors, leaving the lid operable for emptying rubbish.

The Max has a slightly angled lid with grooves to deliver fast rainwater drainage, impervious polypropylene resin provides the weatherproof advantages as described above whist ensuring a dry internal environment is maintained, the edges of the weatherproof designed lid extend slightly beyond the facade averting the possibility of rainfall seeping inside where the walls butt up against.

Bin-opening Kit

Bin-opening Kit

Plastic hinges operate the doors swing, granted they’re not the most robust design due to their competitive edge however providing an easy opening system for the weighty lid regards two hydraulic pistons situated either side.

Start to open the lid ajar and the gas pressured shocks take-over aiding to lift the weight whilst providing the additional advantage of preventing the heftiness slamming shut, feedback praises these finger friendly pistons.

Included with the Max regards a bin opening kit where two chains secure the Max lid to the wheelie trash bin lids delivering simultaneous opening of both lids when the Max lid is swung open. The Max accommodates two wheelie trash bins up to 240 Litres / 63 Gallon capacity sizes, delivering a more hygienic waste disposal operation.

♦ Keter’s Max Storage Prices ♦

Large Outdoor Storage Containers - Wheelie Trash Bin Storage

Additional Store-It-Out Max Features

The design feature introduced to accompany the dry internal atmosphere yet critical for waste bin services regards integrated ventilation to disperse refuse odours whilst wheeling in and out heavy duty bins and gardening equipment is simplified by the floor’s sloped threshold.

The built-in floor is a thick bedded polypropylene resin material, purposely strengthened to survive weighty storage stresses.

Sloped Floor Threshold

Sloped Floor Threshold

The floor arrives in one sheet where the facade sheets interlock through a click into place procedure followed by interlinking the back panel to where all the facade sheets adjoin and secure into place with screws. The back panel is a thinner material and disappoints a few with regards to security.

Presented within each of the four corners of the floor regard indentation anchor placements designed for anchoring the shed down into the solid foundations below if this option is desired. Anchor bolts are not included, the foundation material determines their type however full illustrations are provided how to secure the Max to the ground.

There’s also the option of installing shelves (not included) for organising storage. Precise cutting measurements are provided in the instructions. Shelf supports are by virtue of resin ridges presented internally within the side panels of the facade and secure from the outside with screws.

Three shelves can accommodate the Max delivering a weight limit of up to 20 kg / 45 lb per shelf.

Store-It-Out Max Features

Store-It-Out Max Features

Store-It-Out Max Features

Large Outdoor Storage Containers - Keter Max

Store-It-Out Max Measurements

Store-It-Out Max Measurements

Store-It-Out Max Measurements

Store-It-Out Max Measurements

Store-It-Out Max Measurements

Store-It-Out Max Measurements

Keter's Large Outdoor Storage Containers

Assembling Keter’s Store-It-Out Max

Keter’s Store-It-Out Max arrives flat-packed requiring self-assembly. Pleasing purchasers this storage container can be constructed in minimal time compared to the walk-in variety, there’s nothing complex regarding assembly. Half an hour set-up time.

Large Outdoor Storage Containers - Keter Max

Large Outdoor Storage Containers – Keter Max

Construction involves following the order and implementing the procedure illustrated in the instructions. Common household tools including a screwdriver builds Store-It-Out sheds. Basically the panels click together through their snap into place procedure and secure with screws.

Store-it-out principles to accomplish a fully operational storage container regards being situated on solid level foundations ensuring a perpendicular stance and the floor to survive enduring storage stresses.

Additional items like the door bolts and hydraulic pistons simply secure into place with screws. If shelves are required, thick plywood purchased at local hardware stores make ideal shelving. Rectangular cutting measurements inclusive of full installation procedure are presented in the instructions..

The same principles apply to whether securing the shed down onto the foundations is a requirement. The anchoring method is fully demonstrated in the instructions whilst bolts conditional to wood or concrete can be purchased at the local hardware store.

♦ Keter Store-It-Out Max Prices ♦

Large Outdoor Storage Containers - Keter's Store-It-Out Max

Pros and Cons of Keter’s Store-It-out Max


  • Stylish wood grained textured molding
  • Versatile storage facility
  • Unobtrusive stance, fits in confined spaces
  • Sits under the height of a 6 ft standard fence-line
  • Weatherproof design
  • Resists rust, decay and rot
  • A simple wash-down restores the shine
  • 3 door access
  • The lid works independently from the doors
  • 2 closure and 2 locking mechanisms
  • Gas pressured pistons assist the hefty lid weight
  • Pistons prevent the full lid weight slamming shut
  • Step on foot lock delivers convenience
  • Wheelie bin lid-to-lid chain kit included
  • Accommodates two 240 L / 63 G Wheelie bins
  • Hygienic hands-free refuse disposal
  • Heavy-duty thickset resin built-in floor
  • Sloped threshold aids wheeling in services
  • Integrated ventilation disperses refuse odours
  • Built-in floor maintains a clean & dry internal space
  • Option to fit shelves. Option to anchor.
  • Half an hour set-up time
  • 2 years Store-It-Out warranty
  • Global best seller
  • Excellent value when comparing competition


  • Situate on solid level foundations
  • Plastic door hinges
  • Flimsy back panel
  • Waver-able plastic manufacture

Large Outdoor Storage Containers

Store-It-Out Max Competition

Check out the different varieties within the low profile sheds range:

Here’s a few horizontal sheds taken from that page:

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Final Verdict

The store-It-Out Max regards a versatile unit able to accommodate a diverse range of outdoor storage. Max’s low-key stance sits below the height of the average house window and standard garden fence-line whilst accommodating confined spaces makes it suited to a whole range of services.

The make-up is more flimsy than the new models entering the market however just check the prices, it boasts 25-33% discount compared to the new entrants value, half the price of the Ultra which constitutes the same composition whilst only slightly more expensive than it’s smaller sister, Keter’s Store-It-Out Midi.

♦ Store-It-Out Max Prices ♦

The Max offers excellent value for money if you accept it’s not as robust nor secure as the newer and more sturdier designs however it delivers a weatherproof and weather-resistant facade that’s stylish, inclusive of quality features, easily assembled, a doddle to clean whilst inclusive of 2 years warranty cover.

The reason it’s a global best seller.

Video – Store-It-Out Max Features

Keter Storage

Thanks for reading about Keter’s Store-It-Out Max.

If you have any related outdoor storage container queries, please ask in the comment section below.

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  1. Patricia Archontides

    Where are the prices for these shed? Im looking a 4′ x 7′ to go under my window on the patio.

    1. Are there gurantees for these little sheds?
    2. Are they water proof?

    • Hi, there is a link to the prices at the top of the page – here’s the link:
      You will have to ask the Seller about the guarantee – we have one of these Keter sheds and we’re happy with how it remains dry inside – we’ve had it stood in the garden for about 4 years.
      Hope this helps.

  2. John Hewlett

    Dear Sir’s, is it possible for you to supply spare hinges as per diagram.

  3. Michelle

    I love these little sheds they’re absolutely amazing. And perfect for storing things that you don’t need in your house especially around the winter time. I have been in the market for a shed I looked up a lot of different kinds of mostly the ones that I found are the ones that are the size that some people live in. I always thought that was crazy and a little bit interesting how some people were taking those sheds and actually turning them into houses trying to cut down on the amount of money that it cost them to live in a house. But anyway that is neither here nor there thank you for this very informative article and I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

    • Simon

      Hi Michelle,

      Thanks for reading about Keter’s large outdoor storage containers, the Store-It-Out Max.

      The polypropylene resin design provides a weatherproof enclosure to the shed, this is what the majority are looking for to escape yearly battles with wood rot, duties dealing with re-coats of preserve and the demise of roofing felt’s structure.

      Presently the most popular style regards the walk-in variety however due to planning regulations in the USA and the issue surrounding small gardens in the UK, a shed with an unobtrusive stance is a preferred option, the reason why there has been a sudden increase in this low-height style this last few years plus these are a doddle to assemble compared.

      Ha! Personally I wouldn’t want to live in a shed that has no insulation, that would be cold during our UK winters, even summers most of the time over here in the UK but you are right, people do. No, this style we review here are for organising your outdoor stuff away from the home.

      Thanks again Michelle, keep calling back in,


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