Weather-Resistant Garden Storage Bench

The Keter Hudson furnishes patios with a fashionable weather-resistant garden storage bench. Manufactured from uniquely formulated resin, it comfortably seats two people whilst storing accessories underneath.

Weather-Resistant Garden Storage Bench

Keter Hudson

Keter Hudson

The Hudson constructs into a sturdy two-person bench seat made from imperishable Duotech material. It’s weatherproof, resists decay, never requires conserving meanwhile upholding appearances casually involves the cinch of a cleaning job.

The box body comprises the equivalent make-up to Keter’s Brushwood deck box albeit with smaller dimensions & remodelled into a seat comprising a back panel & two armrests either side. For this reason, most sales sites term the Hudson as the Brushwood Storage Bench however to clarify, Keter have named it the Hudson.

The Hudson ideally locates on balconies, patios and porches displaying it’s stylish weathered brushwood guise with the aim of admirably complimenting outside seating areas. Opening up the box, there’s 227 litres / 60 gallons of storage capacity, able to accommodate a 71 lbs / 35 kg weight-load.

Storing items such as patio accessories, furniture seating cushions and blankets epitomises Hudson’s handiness meanwhile the space alternatively provides roomy accommodation for kids toys or small gardening tools & plant feed. Once the lid’s ajar, access effectuates speedy tidy-ups. Once closed, the box is pad-lockable.

Hudson Bench SeatIt’s worth noting if the box is to be used for toy storage: Unlike the Brushwood deck box, I am informed the Hudson refrains from incorporating gas shock pistons to prevent the lid’s weight from slamming down. The Brushwood doubles-up capacity by accommodating 120 gallons of storage therefore comprises a much heftier lid. Many sellers advertise the Hudson as piston assisted therefore I would ask before purchase to verify & avoid disappointment.

The dry internals provide an ideal environment for storing charcoal & firelighters during the summer months followed by converting the box into a dry log store for firewood over the winter period. The box body comprises faint gaps in the way it snaps together, these gaps generate fresh air to the interior in order to prevent the progression of clammy atmospheres developing meanwhile Duotech’s weatherproof design helps maintain dry internal conditions when soaked by rainfall showers.

Providing comfortable bench seating for two adults, Hudson’s weight limit boasts 600 lbs / 272 kg which to my reckoning equates to round-about 42 stone therefore it’s adequately reinforced for garden bench purposes. The most favourable storage service regards placing seating cushions inside the box throughout the warm season, delivering convenience for cosy comforts.

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Hudson Garden Storage Bench

Hudson Garden Storage Bench – 360° View


Rot-Resistant Duotech Make-up

You know when a company is on to a good thing; a series of designs constituting the same manufacture keep rolling out onto the marketplace. Keter’s Duotech engineering is one such innovative example whereby various sized storage solutions suchlike large walk-in sheds & summerhouses, low profile units, patio stores, deck boxes & this Hudson storage seat have recently been introduced.

Hudson Bench Seat - Front View

Duotech’s predominant ingredient regards polypropylene armoured with toughening compounds. Pigments showcase either classy silvery tones or radiate the tinge of espresso brown meanwhile a unique resin talc formula mixes in & molds the manufacture to create the mirror image of weathered wood comprising coarse grain details to the touch. Simulating the rustic charm of wood to the look & feel, Duotech’s presentation captivates compliments of impressive feedback.

What sets Duotech apart from competing resin storehouse manufacturers relates to the way their unequalled resin talc formula combines with the polypropylene to produce a fully customizable resin composition. You can drill into the walls, fix hooks & shelves, jigsaw sections out to incorporate new windows & install electrics as well as paint the fascia panels with water-based acrylic emulsion.

Attaining robustness, Duotech’s larger constructions constitute a double skin adjoined together by a reinforced centre in unison to forming tongue & groove sections to ease assembly however on account of Hudson’s mini-size, the seat constitutes a single skin comprising a series of internal ribbed sections including additional reinforcements to accomplish robustness for supporting significant weights. Feedback expresses the sturdiness of Hudson’s construction.

Explore Duotech’s homepage:Hudson Bench Seat - Side View

Imperishable Duotech material never decomposes through decay, it’s completely rot resistant. Reviving appearances once the grime takes hold merely involves the operation of either a hosepipe shower, a scrub with a soft brush or wipe-over with a damp cloth. Furthermore, it never necessitates nurturing nor conserving with preservative varnishes – Except for a wash, it’s maintenance-free.

Importantly however, Duotech uses recyclable polypropylene into their manufacture therefore although it’s designed ever-enduring, it can be reused into tomorrow’s groundbreaking designs when the time comes to replace.

UV protection has become a standard ingredient into most resin manufactured products designed for stationing outside. The toughening compound stabilises the composition, producing resistance to fractures and colour distortion when afflicted upon by the scorch of sunburn.

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Hudson Bench Seat with Storage

Snap & Screw Assembly Method

Installing Hudson’s storage seat is best described as basic. Okay there’s 24 steps & 27 screws however construction merely entails connecting a series of supports that require slotting into place simultaneous to positioning the main seat parts & clicking them together with slight force, followed by securing everything with screws.

Examine Hudson’s Assembly Instructions:

A Phillips-head screwdriver and a pair of gloves assist the construction meanwhile reading through recent feedback, the sturdiness of construction shines through exceptionally well along with compliments relating to style & weather-resistance.

Hudson Storage Bench Measurements

Hudson Storage Bench Measurements

Hudson Bench Seat Weight Capacity

Weather-Resistant Garden Storage Bench

Highlights of the Hudson Storage Seat

  • Simulating the mirror image of weathered wood
  • Exhibits silvery or espresso brown rustic tones
  • Embedded coarse grain texture to the touch
  • Compliments a home-yard’s outside seating area
  • Delivers convenience storing patio accessories
  • Faint gaps generate a fresh preserved internal atmosphere
  • Designed to accommodate seating cushion fabrics
  • Shelters a variety of alternative storage
  • Manufactured through innovative Duotech engineering
  • Imperishable, rot-resistant & designed weatherproof
  • Made from recyclable & durable polypropylene
  • UV protection prevents sun-scorch fades & fractures
  • Hudson bench seat is designed to accommodate two adults
  • Sturdy seating supports 600 lbs / 272 kg
  • Storage box supports a weight-load of 71 lbs / 35 kg
  • 60 gallons / 227 litres storage capacity
  • Lockable storage box – requires a padlock
  • Inclusive of two years Hudson Bench Seat warranty
  • Straightforward installation method constructs
  • Presentation-upkeep is a jiffy to maintain

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Weather-Resistant Garden Storage Bench

Style, Convenience & Comfortable Seating

Hudson’s garden storage bench equips the patio with a smart addition, delivers convenience in storing a diverse range of outdoorsy accessories meanwhile the interior is purposely designed to throughput freshness & eliminate the progression of clammy environments developing mustiness, therefore ideal for storing bulky seating fabrics.

2 Years Hudson WarrantyAssuring weather-resistance to counteract rot is Duotech’s incentive along with exhibiting the style of brushwood, courtesy of a uniquely formulated polypropylene mix meanwhile sturdy enough to comfortably support two adults.

Combining Hudson’s two years of warranty assurance with Duotech’s quality of construction, sublime looks, immunity from decay, ultra low-maintenance and favourable feedback, it’s certainly captivating interest.

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Hudson Brushwood Storage Bench

SimonHope Hudson’s outdoor seat delivers inspiration for your outside storage-bench ideas.

Share your favourite outside storage seat below along with any Hudson queries. Pleasure to help.

Until the next weatherproof storage seat review,


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  1. Just put together the bench and it looks like a piece goes in the back of the top part of the seat where the screws go but no part was present.

    • Hi, John – it sounds like you are missing a part.
      I would contact Keter, I’m sure they will be able to help you out. This is Keter’s contact page:

      Hope this helps and you soon get sorted,

  2. Monica Conway

    I’m missing two items, the 27 screws and part WBP that was broken on the end . If someone could tell me was size screws I could go and pick them up from Lowe’s.

  3. I love this garden bench. It looked sturdy. Am sure it is! It will be great to have one in my garden. The storage box is perfect to store the gardening tools. Now, it is all in one corner of the garden and some smaller tools are left near the plants or on the flower pots itself. I’ll have to check out the price though.
    Good recommendation, Simon.

    • Hi Sharon, feedback from the original garden storage benches comes across rather mixed to be fair however the Hudson seem’s to have upped the game with a more substantial build comprising a weight limit of 600 lbs therefore it ‘s able to seat two adults at ease without bulging & causing damage.

      Simulating a brushwood guise exhibits style to complement a garden’s patio & seating ares meanwhile due to occupying a 60 gallons storage capacity provides convenience for a whole range of outdoorsy accessories, seating cushions and like you mention, gardening tools.

      It’s fairly new to market however I’m noticing more sellers stocking the Hudson recently.
      Thanks for messaging Sharon,

    • Keter’s Duotech material presents either an espresso brown or silver-grey shade, enhanced by artistically innovative molding techniques that emboss a coarse simulation of wood grain across the entire manufacture. Hudson’s modish appearance is destined to locate on patios, balconies, poolside or within any home-yard seating area meanwhile the polypropylene manufacture defends against weather-deterioration.
      Thanks for calling in and messaging, all the best,

  4. The Keter Hudson bench would be awesome for any garden. Do I need to hold the lid when it is opened or will it slam down? I like that it it is lockable and is rot-resistant. How long is the product warranty?

    • Hi Yvonne, appreciate your time reading through the benefits Hudson’s storage bench furnishes outside seating areas with.

      The lid stays open when fully ajar simply because it opens back just beyond 90 degrees however although it will slam down due to lacking the gas shock pistons seen installed on to Brushwood’s Deck Box which step in to soft close the lid, unlike the Brushwood, Hudson’s lid expanse is not too weighty therefore won’t slam down with as much force.
      The reasons I mention this relate to child-safety – whether the box compartment is to be used for storing kids toys.

      There’s two claps located on the box body & lid that align together when closing to enable slotting through a padlock which does provide deterrent to the opportunist thief however like any deck box, these could be carried away.

      The polypropylene that makes up Hudson’s storage bench is not affected by rot nor corrosion meanwhile the entire manufacture is UV stabilised to counteract sunburn bleaching & heat fractures occurring therefore it’s protected from all types of weather-depreciation. The product warranty is assured for 2 years.

      Hope this helps Yvonne, thanks again for messaging,

  5. Ivan

    Great review! The bench looks cool. The great thing about those outdoor benches such as Hudson Garden Storage Bench is they are easy to maintain. Once in a while, you just clean it and that’s it! No painting, no putting away for the winter. I like it a lot! Thanks for sharing. All the best

    • Hey Ivan, thanks for calling in to inspect Hudson’s weather-resistant benefits.

      If you’ve been subject to the continual ongoing maintenance issues of wooden benches like we have, Hudson’s make-up provides the escape route.
      Conservation-wise, it usually takes me a full day to thoroughly sand & stain a wooden seat, followed by providing a secondary coat the following day if oil based varnish is used. The problem they have concerns any slight knock that embeds through the preservative coat is subject to rainwater which overtime, commences rot.

      Hudson’s Duotech material continues on, unaffected by rainwater therefore doesn’t necessitate any kind of conserving. The only maintenance relates to an occasional wash down or wipe over to freshen the appearance which takes minutes to carry out meanwhile like you mention, storing the Hudson in a dry place over Winter to prevent the onslaught of decay never becomes an issue; Duotech resin is not susceptible to rot.

      Thanks again for dropping by & messaging Ivan, all the best,

  6. Hudson’s storage bench looks really neat; it’s perfect for our porch. I especially like that it has a storage area for some stuff like throw pillows, blankets and other accessories.

    You said it is weather resistant, I’m just wondering how we’re supposed to dry it when it gets wet; should we just wipe it dry with a cloth or towel or we can just leave it out under the sun to dry?

    And also, does it come in other colors other than silver and espresso brown?

    • Hi Alice, thanks for visiting to check out Keter’s Hudson storage bench seat.

      Duotech material & molding method exhibits complimentary rustic style for outside seating areas and porches meanwhile as you mention, their handiness in occupying outdoorsy blankets, pillows & accessories delivers ultra convenience as opposed to finding room indoors on a daily basis where to store. I’m sure espresso brown & silver presently conclude Hudson’s colour choice.

      The seat is designed for rainwater to run immediately off due to the slight angle of the seat but after most showers there will always be the odd puddle. You can leave Hudson to dry in the sun however before sitting down, it’s better to wipe the seat dry to prevent water gaining entry when using the storage compartment as well as provide comfortably dry seating.

      Thank again Alice for stopping by,

  7. Andy

    What a stylish piece of garden furniture this is!

    I have just dismantled an old wooden bench in the garden as we have failed to maintain it properly, it looked like it needed putting out of its misery.

    Maybe something like this storage bench would be better for us, the low maintenance of it is certainly appealing!
    Food for thought, thank you.

    • Hey Andy, Hudson’s Duotech manufacture exhibits a stylish brushwood guise, even to the touch. Innovatively, the composition incorporates weathered silvery tones and comprises deep textured grain in order to display the charm of a rustic appearance.

      Wooden benches only last so long suffering the 4 seasons until the onslaught of rot demises their structure. We’ve dismantled a few over the years, inexpensive benches only seem to last a few winters, the more expensive survive a few more meanwhile it’s imperative they are annually treated with preservative wood stain to accomplish nurturing their make-up to increase their lifespan.

      Duotech also manufacture the conventional style of bench seat without containing a deck storage box, called the Montero whereby the UV protected manufacture never becomes affected by weather-decay nor fractured & bleached by the scorch of sun-strain.

      Hope this helps and inspires alternative ideas Andy, thanks again,

    • Hey Steve, thanks for visiting to investigate the advantages of Hudson’s Duotech manufacture.

      The Hudson is essentially a smaller size deck box to Keter’s Brushwood version albeit inclusive of incorporating a backrest and two armrests.

      Inside the box you’re able to accommodate a volume of 60 gallons storage capacity with a weight limit of 71 lbs (35 kg), therefore it will conveniently occupy a few patio essentials, toys, small gardening tools, barbecue gear and furniture seating cushions further to providing a dry wood log store for the cold season.

      The box is padlock-able Steve which up to a point keeps outdoorsy things secure however like any deck box, two people could carry the seat away, so best not to place valuable items inside.
      Thanks again for exploring the Hudson storage bench,

  8. Wow, that bench is super cute! And I love its potential to be recycled.
    It is great how their products can be painted and customized – not that I would do that to the bench seat because I like it the way that it is. I also like how all their products go together.
    Great post!

    • Hi Irma, thanks for exploring Hudson’s storage bench.

      Keter’s primary resin ingredient is polypropylene which is environmentally green & recyclable. I always opt for resins that have potential to be re-manufactured into alternative products when the time comes to replace. As time goes by, most of us are becoming aware of the advantages reusing products has for the world.

      Duotech material caters for customisation, you can read Duotech’s home-page where they describe how their resin fascia panels can be drilled into, jigsawed and painted with acrylic emulsion to brighten up the home-yard. Being customizable caters more for the large storehouses in order to personalise the looks and install features uniquely to your desired taste however like you mention, most will leave the Hudson bench seat the way it displays.

      Duotech have certainly advanced resin manufactures onto another level by simulating highly realistic wooden looks meantime creating the effect of wood & grain to the touch – Impressive manufacturing meanwhile very straightforward to construct.
      Glad you like the Hudson Irma, thank you,

  9. vivek

    This was a great review Simon thank you! I have a question about the material though: I understand its durable and that the quality is excellent and all but how does it feel? Is it like plastic to sit on?I’m asking because generally during summers, with sweat and everything, plastic chairs or those with the same feel as plastic tend to get quite uncomfortable. thanks!

    • Hi Vivek, thanks for visiting to read about Hudson’s garden storage bench.

      I agree with you regarding the feel of conventional plastic and the stickiness they develop into during humidity, warm plastic sticking to legs is an uncomfortable feeling.

      Technical advances in resin manufactures are rapidly evolving, producing the vision of more realistic wooden effects however Duotech takes the manufacture a step closer, courtesy of their resin talc formula whereby it molds to mimic wood to the touch too, the first development producing the feel of wood.

      I wrote an article describing Keter’s Brushwood deck box which is manufactured out of the same resin material.
      In the post I have embedded some feedback from a purchaser explaining how Duotech’s resin escapes the cheesy plastic look and feel by delivering a highly realistic simulation of wood. You may have to zoom in a tad to read the writing more clearly however I thought sharing someone else’s view with regards to the feel of Duotech provides visitors with a more clearer unbiased understanding.

      Hope this helps Vivek and thanks again,

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