Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions

Asgard’s outdoor bike storage solutions suchlike this 2-bike storehouse comprise a bodywork of industrial grade steel engineered substantially secure.

Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions

Asgard 2-Bike Store

Constituting intruder-proof locks and internal steel anchor placements inclusive of grounding bolts, once rooted to concrete foundations these bike lockers become deeply entrenched & virtually immovable.

Asgard’s 2-Bike Locker

This particular post concentrates on the locker that securely & discreetly shelters two bikes in a weatherproof enclosure of low-maintenance heavyweight steel.

After receiving feedback from customers that simply do not have room outside their home to construct & accommodate large walk-in lockers Asgard have responded by designing this mini-secure shelter to fit requirements, it’s a popular bike-locker.

One large single door stretching the width simplifies access to comfortably wheel two adult bikes inside meanwhile the unobtrusive size ideally locates to serve confined areas outside the home. Design accents presented in the colour shades of ivory, green or brown admirably enhance home-yard settings.

Engineering an assortment of secure cycle storehouses with designs stretching from accommodating single bikes that position in narrow home-yard spaces up to roomy steel walk-in units able to store in excess of 8 bikes, Asgard have become a prominent force within this sector.

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Receiving Impeccable Feedback

Receiving Impeccable Feedback

Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions - Asgard 2-Bike Locker

Substantial Protection against Corrosion

Encased in coloured polyester complements this website’s low-maintenance passion a treat, a preservative coating that assures resolute weatherproofing, endorsed by 10 years of Asgard’s two-bike-store warranty cover.

Beneath the encasement of polyester a treatment of zinc-plate galvanising overcomes corrosion issues therefore you won’t be confined to annually re-coating the steel panels with primer and gloss, an arduous time-consuming job to say the least.

The combined structural weight of this unit surpasses 15 stone, characterising the thickness of steel-grade to which coincidentally simplifies assembly far beyond resin constructions owing to their sturdiness therefore devoid from supplementary reinforcements.

Asgard’s 2-Bike Locker Features


Is Crime-Rate On-the-Up in Your Area?

What’s the breaking & entering statistics like where you live? We’re constantly being told the figures are falling – Yeah right!

Either locked-up in a garage or a secure safe-house such as a grounded steel locker has become a necessity for storing expensive bikes where we live unfortunately, burglaries are rife.

The front of our townhouse’s mid-position is rather open to intruders & trespasses roaming around whereas accessing our secluded back garden represents quite a different scenario which would entail jumping a few neighbours gardens before gaining access to ours therefore the security a resin construction provides is sufficient around the back.

Asgard take inspiration and recommendations from the police force and crime prevention authorities to deter the most determined of break-in attempts by uniting forces with the locksmith association and steel industry in designing & engineering substantial heavy-duty vault-alike constructions.

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Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions - Asgard Green 2-Bike Store

Structurally Defeats Break-In Attempts

The 99 kg of heavy-grade steel making up this locker is constructed from inside therefore no exposed screws are externally present for tampering.

Steel Shoot Bolt Security

Steel Shoot Bolt Security

Inside the steel encasement is where the defence against break-ins is engineered by double-folding the steel around vulnerable weak-spots suchlike the door jamb, the internal boundary of the door and where panels connect during construction. This process stops crowbars accessing door gaps and prising the steel apart in order to gain entry.

Asgard’s impressive locking mechanism protects entry virtue of locking in 3 positions whereby three steel shoot bolts simultaneously embed deep within the steel frame upon turning the handle. Adjacent to the handle a steel bar shoots into the door jamb meanwhile two 10mm thick steel rods implant above & below the surrounding steel framework.

The door lock is protectively shrouded, recessed and welded within the door’s internal side accomplishing heavy-duty intruder-free armoured defense meanwhile galvanizing assures weather-resistance, maintenance here merely involves an oil spray to keep the key-turn running smooth.

The locksmith designed Euro-cylinder key-lock device additionally enhances the 3-way locking mechanism’s ultra toughness by resisting the power of drills and lock-pick abuse, deterring the most persistent attempts of break-in entry.

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Welded, Recessed Steel Euro-Lock

Hooks to Hang Accessories

Although these mini dimensions unobtrusively station beneath the conventional house window, this deceptively spacious interior caters to accommodate biking accessories suchlike servicing equipment, gloves & helmets etc.

Two hook packs made from identical grade steel position at various placements across the framework, fixed in a jiffy by screwing into pre-drilled holes, delivering a sturdy place to hang.

There’s the option of having a left or right-hand opening door to suit your location however this desired specification has to be stated when ordering. I would send a message on the sales site if this option is not presented.

The door’s steel hinges may require the occasional lick of oil to prevent squeaks and to ascertain they keep swinging sweet, apart from that a soapy scrub with warm water simply maintains Asgard’s polished appearance.

Steel Hooks to hang Accessories & Helmets

Asgard 2-Bike Locker Measurements

Asgard 2-Bike Locker Measurements

Asgard 2-Bike Locker Base Measurements

Anchoring Determines an Unyielding Construction

The prerequisite for this two-bike store’s foundations regard situating on a solid 50-75mm thick substrate suchlike, tarmac, paving, asphalt or concrete to ascertain rigid anchoring is undertaken meanwhile it’s imperative the ground is level thereby assuring the perpendicular construction stations & serves accordingly.

Anchor Placements including the Steel Threshold

Both Asgard’s single & double bike lockers are absent from an integrated steel floor, the 3-bike stores upwards incorporate flooring however running around this perimeter’s steel construction, the bodywork internally folds at right-angles down at ground level into which pre-drilled 8mm fixing holes provide the anchor placements, the same principles apply at the door’s steel threshold.

A drill is required for drilling the anchor holes into the sold ground with a 6mm drill-bit followed by anchoring the locker down with the supplied grounding screws whereby a 13mm socket fits the bolt head.

Two people can construct these bike lockers in a couple of hours, their basic heavy-gauge design impressively simplifies construction virtue of internally bolting together prior to delivering anchorage, as demonstrated in the fast-forwarded video below.

Laura & Jason Kenny’s 2-Bike Store Installation


Highlights and Obstacles


  • Designed to accommodate two adult bikes
  • Polyester finishing coat assures a weatherproof enclosure
  • Zinc-plate galvanized prevents corrosion
  • 10 years Asgard 2-bike locker warranty
  • Soap, warm water and a scrub regards the maintenance
  • Ivory, green or brown colours represent this range
  • Slim dimensions accommodate narrow outside areas
  • Low height determines an unobtrusive presence
  • Full width door provides easy 2-bike access
  • Welded, recessed 3 point locking system
  • 10mm shoot bolts and steel bar deeply embed the steel surround
  • Drill & pick proof Euro lock secures
  • Folded internal steelworks protect vulnerable parts
  • Designed to withstand crow bar prying
  • Supplied anchor bolts accomplish a virtually immovable locker
  • Included steel kit-hooks enable hanging helmets & accessories
  • Police, Locksmith and Industry approved
  • Impeccable feedback admires the construction & security


  • A solid concrete type of substrate is necessary for the foundations
  • Ensure the bike locker stations on level ground
  • Obviously more expensive than resin constructions

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Outdoor Bike Storage Solutions - Asgard 2-Bike Locker - Ivory

Purposely Designed to Securely Protect

Certified with crime prevention awards, feedback supremacy and outstanding reviews received by world renowned cycling publications further to locksmith & police approval, there’s no surprise regarding the amount of Olympic cyclists who have opted for their bikes to be secured in an Asgard locker positioned outside their home. Reviews speak volumes for their quality of design & engineering.

Laura & Jason Kenny opted for this 2-bike locker, Helen Scott and Victoria Barnes chose the Annexe 3-bike storehouse meanwhile Elinor Barker decided upon the spacious walk-in Centurion that accommodates 6 bikes, to name a few.

The North Yorkshire Police have secured together & anchored down a row of these two-bike lockers for community work albeit theirs have been specially customised in blue meanwhile Councils along with many Corporations have accomplished similar security results by adjoining & anchoring banks of these 2-bike lockers together due to their design catering for such services.

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2-Bike Secure Locker

SimonHope these bike storage solutions have inspired security confidence for protecting expensive bicycles outside your home.

This link explores Asgard’s additional bike storehouses, available to store one or more bikes comprising the same heavyweight secure design as presented here.

Please ask queries and share your bike-store thoughts below,


Please share Asgard’s 2-bike locker. Thank you!



  1. Great looking secure bike storage solution. It looks like they thought of everything including not exposing any nuts or bolts so thieves can’t open the storage box. Is there an option to add a floor? I am concerned about condensation from moisture coming up from the concrete or tarmac. I can imagine if someone has a bike worth 1000s of dollars/pounds it will likely need to be insured.Do you know if insurance companies provide a rebate on their premiums if using the Asgard’s 2-Bike Locker?
    Thank you for creating this site it really offers many ideas and solutions for storage that I otherwise would not have thought about.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for calling in to inspect Asgard’s two-bike locker credentials.

      These bike lockers comprise cleverly designed engineering to combat break-ins. Like you mention, internally constructed conceals screws from sight therefore they’re not tamper-able, double folded 1.2mm steel along with rectangular 1.6mm sections around weak and vulnerable areas resist crowbar leverage meanwhile a 3-way locking system shoots 10mm thick steel dead-bolts deep withing the steel body, locked by a pick-proof welded locking mechanism. When they are internally anchored down to a concrete slab they become ultra secure.

      Asgard’s single and two-bike stores do not contain built-in floors however their 3-bike stores upwards do contain an integrated steel floor constituting the same heavy-gauge steel as the bodies are engineered with whilst a unique ventilation system is built-in virtue of a series of holes surrounding the underneath overlap of the roof, producing a constant air current to move around the interior in order to maintain dry internals. The 3-bike store includes ‘Secure by Design’ certificates including accreditation by the ‘Loss Prevention Certification Board’ which reduces insurance premiums meantime this store is Police & Locksmith approved

      Asgard engineer various dimensions of secure bike-stores including walk-in workshop styles able to accommodate 6-8 bikes whereas in a low-profile design suchlike this store, their construction sizes increase to accommodate 4 bikes. Everything above the 2 bike-storehouse contains integrated ventilation and a built-in floor.
      Hope this answers your queries Paul, thanks again,

  2. Israel Olatunji

    Thanks for the informative and creative post! I learned a lot from this post especially the protective measures against corrosion. The images and media really clarified and visually demonstrated how substantial the measures against corrosion are.

    Keep up the great work. I will be visiting your site from time to time to learn more from your future posts. Cheers! Israel.

    • Hi Israel, thanks for dropping by to examine Asgard’s two-bike storehouse.

      Accompanying attractive styling to complement outdoor spaces Asgard specialise in ascertaining strict security measures are undertaken meantime each store is enclosed in a weatherproof wrapping determining longevity against corrosion taking place, assuring each facility with 10 years warranty cover.

      Galvanising every piece of steel from the bodywork down to the screws that bolt these stores together with zinc provides a plating of armoury that withstands corrosion meanwhile a pre-treatment of iron phosphate followed by a powdered coat of polyester inclusive of the chosen colour pigments seals each store in a weatherproof finish.

      Polyester’s make-up regards a convenient thermo-plastic covering that doesn’t require future oil based re-coats of paint, hence the 10 years warranty that endorses the steel from rust.
      Keep calling back in to read the recent reviews Israel, thank you,

  3. Jacquie

    Wow, this is great information. I live in a garden apartment and we used to be able to store our bikes in a closet within our building and recently they took that privilege away. Our landlord should provide these for us outside now, particularly the Green — that is a very attractive color.

    • Hi Jacquie, thanks for reading Asgard’s 2 bike locker review.

      What a shame your Landlord removed your bike park privilege, bet you have to somehow park your bikes indoors, there’s a messy carry-on around winter’s time.

      I hear many Councils, Corporations and a few Landlords have incorporated Asgard bike-stores outside their work’s and home-yards. Cycling has been through a huge resurgence this last 10-20 years due to health benefits, convenience and cost effective transport to work & back therefore providing a secure lock-up fortunately has been top agenda for many but there’s always others who are not willing to compromise due to associated costs of purchase and helping tenants, unfortunately this sounds like your situation.

      Asgard’s colours are either garden green like you mention, ivory and brown although they have designed them in blue solely for the Police Force. I’ve seen a photo of their bank of blue bike lockers all joined together, they do look smart plus adjoining them together further enhances their security along with firmly grounding.

      Let your Landlord have a look Jacquie, you never know. Thanks again,

  4. Easy-moneys

    I absolutely love the idea of having such a secure bike storage shed in my yard!

    We are a family of 4 cyclists, all with fancy bikes >$3,000 each!

    I love that one of your reviewers states that the shed made of steel looked like it could survive a bomb, was located in her front yard, never broken into and looked like a beast!

    That’s my kind of bike storage system!

    • Simon

      Hi Easy-moneys, thanks for reading about Asgard’s 2-bike safe-alike storehouse.

      I thought I’d place a screen shot of a snippet of feedback next to the stars of appreciation regarding Asgard’s heavy duty steel construction, security defence, weather-resistance and ease of assembly. This particular snippet describes the quality in a nutshell, there’s plenty similar feedback sentences expressed the same way.

      Sounds like you have expensive bikes which require locking up in vault-like safe-houses suchlike Asgard’s steel engineering provides. These two-bike lockers are designed for bolting together too, which the Police Force have done to secure their community bikes. Once bolted down to solid ground from inside the unit they become almost unmovable.

      Alternatively Asgard engineer a selection of bike storage from single, two, three and four bike stores similar to this low profile design, further to walk-in garage style lockers for accommodating 6 and 8 bikes, providing a protective store for all home-yard circumstances.

      These are the most secure 15 stone steel constructions for bike storage I have so far been presented with, I simply can’t find any competitive rivalry on this quality & scale.

      Thanks again Easy-moneys, good luck with your choice of bike store,


  5. That’s awesome! I’d love to have one for my kids bikes!

    • Hi Rae, thanks for dropping by to read about Asgard’s 2-bike secure locker.

      Asgard’s selection of bike lockers are by far the most secure heavy duty constructed storehouses for protectively sheltering expensive bikes outside the home I have been introduced to.

      Once you have internally constructed and grounded the locker from the inside onto a solid substrate, there’s physically no way of moving them unless the likes of an industrial crane lifts them away from the ground. The impressive design incorporates double folded steel at weak spots to prevent crow bar entry whilst the locksmith designed Euro lock is pick & drill proof to withstand tampering.

      One secure piece of kit receiving superlative feedback that looks attractive too in my opinion, available in ivory, green or brown shades.

      Thanks again Rae for stopping by,

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