Outdoor Tool Storage Sheds

Asgard’s fortress style compact outdoor tool storage sheds are purposely designed to provide sanctuary for expensive equipment stored outside the home, accomplished by engineering stronghold weatherproof defence mechanisms that impede intruders breaking-in and forcing locks.

Outdoor Tool Storage Sheds

Compact Tool Shed

Compact Tool Shed

Intentionally designed weatherproof and resistant to corrosion Asgard’s stylish polished appearance is not intended for painting, delivering a conservation escape route to relentless re-coats of oil-based primer & gloss.

Spanning 3 ft 7″ wide, 2 ft 9″ deep with a 6 ft 2″ front height caters to shelter an abundance of work & gardening tools including those with extended handles meanwhile step-ladders and parasols represent additional favoured storage solutions for awkwardly long implements.

Most popular usages regard work & DIY tools, gardening equipment along with hanging spades, forks & rakes etc, BBQ grilling tools with patio essentials conveniently stood on a barbecue deck and bulky sports paraphernalia meanwhile on account of the stronghold steel-security, this type of unit’s becoming a popular safe-house for accommodating valuable fishing tackle and rods outside the home.

Slimline dimensions deliver ideal tool vault services located within a small home-yard or patio location with it’s back securely anchored against a house wall meanwhile the small stature doesn’t appear obtrusive or dominate restricted garden zones, combining style & convenience along with serviceability.

In this review we’ll explore how the protected steel assures weather-resistance, inspect Asgard’s safe-style security and user-friendly features along with examining the efficient installation process that swiftly constructs.

Discover alternate sized weatherproof steel storage solutions including walk-in sheds engineered with identical grade steel.

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Receiving Flawless Feedback

Outdoor Tool Storage Sheds - Asgard Compact

Asgard’s Tool Store Features


Strength that Combats Corrosion

Triple preservative protection is applied to Asgard’s 17.5 stone compact unit, the weightiness is derived from 1.2mm thick-gauge steel, substantially more robust than inexpensive competitive metal sheds manufactured with lightweight flimsy fascias.

Galvanised with a covering of zinc along with a treatment of iron phosphate assures defence against the spread of rust development further to a sprayed polyester powder-coat that incorporates the chosen colour tinge. Polyester is a thermoplastic that delivers weatherproof armoury to the surface hence the reason they never require re-painting.

Polyester is impermeable therefore impedes rainfall finding entry and corroding the steel, assures UV protection by not splitting nor bleaching when under attack from the harmful scorch of sunburn meanwhile cleaning’s expeditiously accomplished by a wipe over with a warm cloth & detergent, the remedy that restores the polished gleam in a jiffy.

Three colour choices presently conclude Asgard’s selection. Either green, brown or ivory exhibit neutral yet complimentary tones for home-yard & garden settings meanwhile their 10 years tool shed warranty delivers corrosion-free assurance.

Triple Weatherproof Protection

Fortified Enclosure to Safeguard Storage

‘Approved by the Police’ status is no mean feat. This tool shed has undergone the most rigorous testing to achieve accreditation by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).

To attain recognition, the shed is put through a series of attack and intruder related real-life situations to attempt breaking in, each access task must be defeated to accomplish being certified. Sounds a fab job!

Strengthened to Prevent Crowbar Prying

Strengthened to Prevent Crowbar Prying

Using common break-in tools suchlike crowbars, screwdrivers and prying equipment to access gaps and fascia connections further to wire cutters, punches, tweezers, drills and picks to unlock security mechanisms, typical tools a thief would use for burglaries are attempted to gain entry.

Asgard are masters at engineering security conscious designs to which they collaborate with the steel industry to produce. Double folding steel at interconnections where panels adjoin and across typical weak construction places to deter entry meanwhile surrounding the inner boundary of doors and jambs, rectangular sections of 1.6mm thick steel are contrived to impede crowbar tools from access and prying.

The door hinges comprise the same heavy grade steel producing a robust operation further to being welded onto the steel edge overcomes wrenching them away to gain an opening.

Uncommon to the conventional metal shed, Asgard incorporates a strengthened steel base as an integral part of the construction, this is where constructing the shed commences, all the wall panels connect from here. Once constructions underway, every bolt is secured from inside the tool shed thereby concealing their position from being tampered with. Dismantling can only be performed from inside.

Anchoring the tool store down is highly recommended, whereby the unit becomes immovable. This tool shed can be secured down onto solid ground below as well as against a house wall, virtue of securing anchor bolts from the base & back panel into the floor & wall. Once rigid anchoring has been performed, the thickness of the steel gauge makes it virtually impossible to prize the anchor bolts away. Again, you have to gain access in order to detach.

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Welded Door Locks

Tamper-proof Locking System

Securing this Tool Store is operated from a 6 PIN Grade 4 Euro Cylinder lock. Don’t be fooled by the appearance of the handle, it’s intentionally designed to shear off when subject to forceful entry abuse meanwhile the lock is covered in a steel casing further to being resistant to picking and drilling, hampering intruder access.

Steel Dead-Bolts

Steel Dead-Bolts

The locking system that delivers security is approved by UK’s Locksmith Association and accredited with a ‘Secure by Design’ certificate, an initiative set-up by the Police Force to recognise crime prevention designs alike Asgard’s engineering.

Locking up is established through a 5-way lever system whereby the left door is closed and two internal 10mm thick steel dead- bolts are slid deep within the architrave’s steel frame. The right door is then closed whereby the handle’s turn operates an adjacent steel lever along with two additional steel shoot bolts that embed profoundly within the steel framework, hence the delivery of unyielding steel security.

On the inside of the door incorporates an additional handle as a child safety measure for a quick escape meanwhile the locking mechanism is welded to assure no snaps nor breakages occur during forceful entry attempts. It’s advertised to reduce insurance premiums on account of the crime prevention accreditation therefore check with your insurance broker to verify whether there is a discount.

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Pick Proof 5-Point Locking System

Important Features for Tool Storage

The roof is engineered from the shed’s uniform grade steel which bolts to the wall panels from inside the unit. The store is 6 feet tall at the front meanwhile the roof slopes towards the back knocking a few inches off the internal height.

The aslant roof design prevents rainfall puddles by effectuating instant drainage meanwhile blockading horizontal showers during adverse weather from gaining entry through the slight door gap situates a rain shield to keep the internals dry.

Rain-Guard keeps the Internals Dry

Rain-Guard maintains Dry Internals

Humid weather producing condensation can lead to saturated walls, a huge worry albeit a regular occurrence for metal shed owners. Unfortunately this can lead to rapid tool deterioration through equipment obtaining rust & corrosion. Asgard have suppressed this issue by engineering a series of holes on the underneath side of the roof’s overlap to where it juts outs beyond the walls.

Concealing holes this way stops rainfall seeping in virtue of gravity meanwhile on account of positioning holes to either side of the shed effectuates a fresh-aired distribution system from outside to sweep around the internals & escape. This throughput thwarts the process of sweaty atmospheres developing condensation. A unique, simple yet clever design that effectively works.

This Tool Store includes a tool rail for hanging lengthy equipment, gardening tools, work gear & so forth meanwhile Asgard do supply additional hooks for hanging items and eyelets etc if required. Their advantage is, they’re readily available & produced using the same grade of steel therefore cater for heavy-duty use meanwhile they’re a cinch to secure owing to pre-drilled holes located at various points within the shed. They merely require nipping up tight with the included screws.

Accessing the shed presents no issues as the doors span the entire width and height, obtaining all storage is within arms reach. Notice the free-standing shelves in the image? We find these so useful in our shed due to their sturdy structure being able to accommodate hefty storage in tiered fashion. You do however require level ground laid beneath to attain their vertical stance.

Compact Steel Tool Store

Compact Tool Shed Measurements

Compact Tool Shed Measurements

Compact Tool Shed Base Measurements

Assembly couldn’t get more Straightforward

Inspect Asgard’s Tool Shed assembly video below, these are so straightforward to construct due to their weighty grade of steel not requiring an additional reinforced framework, robust enough to independently support the construction.

2 assemblers are essential however, the weight of the steel panels are hefty therefore one supports whilst the other bolts together with screws. A drill driver quickens the process. Once finalised you’ve 111kg of steel stood before you, hefty bit of kit.

Like the images display, solid level ground is essential which can constitute paving stones, concrete, asphalt or tarmac meanwhile advice relates to a thickness of at least 50mm to ascertain unyielding anchorage for stability can be attained.

Anchor grounding bolts are included, a drill-driver & bit is required to produce the holes whereas a spanner secures the bolts.

Compact Assembly Procedure


Advantages and Obstacles


  • Available in green, ivory or brown
  • Stylish unobtrusive presence for restricted zones
  • Decent 6 ft height stores lengthy equipment
  • 111kg weighty grade steel construction
  • 1.2mm gauge steel – 1.6mm in vulnerable parts
  • Welded steel door hinges and lock
  • Engineered to thwart crowbar prying
  • Grade 4 Euro Cylinder pick proof lock
  • 5 Point double doors locking mechanism
  • Locking system comprises 10mm thick steel dead-bolts
  • ‘LPCB’ certified for protection & locksmith approved
  • ‘Secure by Design’ Police approved
  • Galvanised thwarts the process of corrosion
  • Polyester delivers a weatherproof enclosure
  • Sloped roof assures prompt drainage
  • Rain guard above the doors impedes rainfall entry
  • Heavy-gauge steel integrated floor
  • Includes a tool rail
  • Extra hooks and eyelets are easily accessible
  • Wide twin-doors access the entire contents
  • Straightforward 2-person construction process
  • 10 years Asgard Tool Shed warranty
  • A cinch to wipe & clean


  • Mount the Tool Store on level foundations
  • Ensure 2″ thick foundation substrate ascertains firm anchorage

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Asgard Compact Tool Shed

Top Notch Security

If crime rate is high in your home-town alike ours and necessitate stronghold security to protectively shelter the likes of expensive tools, equipment and gardening gear away from prying eyes and burglaries, Asgard’s heavyweight enclosure comprising buttressed reinforced panels and ultra secure locks delivers confidence.

Maintaining appearances simply regards a wash down or wipe over to rejuvenate the polished presentation meanwhile peace of mind that the development of corrosion is thwarted by triple protection is assured for ten years.

Asgard’s Flexistore delivers a tad larger dimensions if preferences are to walk into the storehouse, expanding 5 x 7 feet however this Tool Store’s a cracking compact sturdy unit that fits where space is tight, worthy of the outstanding feedback it receives.

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SimonHope Asgard’s Compact Tool Shed has inspired ideas to safeguard your expensive equipment.

Share your favoured secure unit below including any queries.

Thanks for reading,


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  1. Wow, these storage sheds are so great, doesn’t seems to occupy a lot of space yet can accommodate a lot of things hence helping us in proper management of our goods. Perfect product for gardens and even for garages.

    • Hi Sarah, Asgard’s tool shed comprises rather a slim yet attractive design therefore stations nicely on patios & small backyards and like you mention is able to serve in a garage too organising work tools on account of fairly roomy internal storage space.

      I read another publication from Asgard recently advertising this store is becoming increasingly popular serving to store fishing tackle outside homes instead of distributing smelly odours indoors.

      Storing the likes for work tools, expensive equipment and fishing gear outside has always encountered security issues with regard to safeguarding their value from intruder theft however Asgard’s heavy-gauge steel engineering is purposely designed to prevent break-ins by internal installation & anchorage methods further to pick-proof euro-cylinder locks that secure thick steel deadbolts profoundly within the doubly folded steel door jamb.

      Thanks for examining Asgard’s Tool Store Sarah,

  2. These tool storage sheds looks very strong and high quality ones, the sheds have a lot of space in it and can be use to store other things too. A very good product and looks superb and will definitely help us organizing out tools and other things. Thank you so much for sharing this useful read with us.

    • Hey Sarah, Comprising 1.2mm heavy-gauge steel into a 17.5 stone construction far exceeds any heavy duty store I have reviewed spreading these dimension, there doesn’t seem to be any manufacturer competing to these levels however Asgard’s priority is security, competitiveness follows hence their higher price tag.

      Once these tools stores are bolted onto the substructure beneath their strength increases, moving them without industrial machinery becomes almost impossible once the doors are locked due to their internal installation method that conceals very screw from tamper-able sight, including the anchor screws.

      They are quite spacious inside and will hold a fair amount of gear, even expensive equipment is safe once the euro-cylinder lock is secured as this is designed to prevent picking meanwhile the handle shoots steel dead bolts into the steel architrave when turned. Accessing without a key would entail angle grinding your way through.

      Certainly a secure unit for organising all the tools scattering the home and freeing up more space. Many people use this facility for storing expensive fishing tackle outside the home too.
      Glad you enjoyed the review Sarah,

  3. Thanks for the in-depth review. I first glance I wasn’t sure if this was something that would work in my yard but after reading through it this may be something I should consider more. I was thinking about going for a bigger model to be able to fit my lawnmower as well as my yard tools but I could just continue to use my garage for the bigger things that way this doesn’t take up to much space in the yard. I think I have some thinking to do to see which way to go. This compact storage shed my be a pretty good option for me. Thanks!

    • Hey Nathan, thanks for dropping by to read about Asgard’s secure compact tool shed.

      I know a few people who have constructed slim vertical units outside their home for keeping gardening equipment & bbq supplies etc inside, they provide convenience especially where space is tight however Asgard place protective security at the forefront of their engineering in order to safeguard expensive equipment sheltered outside, suchlike this tool store.

      I have heard this unit is extremely popular for storing fishing tackle, reels & rods to protect their high value from burglaries meanwhile owing to the store’s unique ventilation system, eliminates odours storing indoors, saves valuable inside storage space further to maintaining equipment in good working order.

      Asgard manufacture a whole range of secure storage facilities, from single & multiple bike stores up to large walk-in sheds, all made from the same uniform heavyweight steel incorporating rigid security systems and designs meanwhile some of the walk-in sheds start with a 5 ft width along with various lengths making them ideal for narrow spots if space is rather restricted, alike our back garden. This style stores lawnmowers & gardening equipment a treat if more spacious dimensions work better for your circumstances.

      Hope these ideas help your situation for secure storage Nathan,

  4. Wow thank you so much for a post in such a detail! We have been wanting to find something to store our tools but did not feel comfortable leaving it out in the yard like that in case of theft etc. Glad to know there is something like that that can be secured properly which is of great quality and value. Thank you!

    • Hey Rox, appreciate your time reading through the benefits Asgard’s Tool Shed assures with storing expensive equipment outside the home.

      Crime levels are high in our area of Yorkshire too therefore it’s beneficial to ascertain they’re locked up in something immovable and secure. I haven’t found any competing storage facility that surpasses the security conscious engineering Asgard forefront their designs with.

      Obtaining both the LPCB and ‘Secure by Design’ certificates delivers Police and Locksmith approval due to designing and implementing stronghold engineering that combines with 5 way steel locking systems secured by tamper-proof Euro Cylinder locking mechanisms.

      By effectuating rigid anchoring onto a levelled solid substrate from inside the unit fulfils security to the highest degree because to unscrew the bolts and detach the unit from the ground you have to gain access in order to accomplish, the only way of obtaining access unless you angle grind your way through the steel, is by the key.

      Hope this answers your queries Rox, thanks again,

  5. Nick Hoyt

    My dad is huge into gardening and all sorts of landscaping, so he has assembled quite the collection of tools over the last decade or so.

    But of course most of them are stored in the basement, taking up space, or in his garage (he lives in the country) which is unsecured.

    I’ve always been a little worried that it would be too easy for someone to steal his tools while he’s at work during the week.

    This Compact Tool Shed seems like the perfect solution! You are able to store your equipment outside of the house, but it’s still in a totally secure place. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of one that is police certified, so that’s gotta’ count for something!

    In the pictures, it looks like these sheds are always placed onto some sort of foundation. Would you say that it is necessary to have that solid base for this Shed?

    • Hi Nick, thanks for calling in to read about the benefits Asgard’s secure outdoor tool sheds provide.

      I remember when we cleared our home and garage from all the outside gear in order to store in a garden shed. The difference it made with regards to room and organisation was fab plus the convenience of having all the gardening gear stored in the garden saved so much time and mess walking in and out of the house with mucky gear. Problem we have is that we have to walk into the house to access the garage.

      I understand your worries with regards to storing expensive equipment and defeating burglaries, we have the same issues in our area where crime is high.

      Once this tool shed is anchored down onto the ground and locked up, the only way of gaining access is by the key due to the pick and drill proof Euro Cylinder lock that that secures 5 steel bars embedded deep within the steel door frame.

      This store is ‘Secure by Design’ certified which means it’s Police approved with the added bonus that the door lock and locking mechanism is Locksmith approved on account of the LPCB accreditation. The Police Force use Asgard’s Bike lockers for securing community officers bikes, designed with the same grade of steel and security.

      The priority is to situate this tool shed on a solid level platform suchlike existing paving slabs, concrete, tarmac or asphalt etc however Asgard recommend that the thickness of the substrate should be at least 50mm to attain a firm fix when driving in the anchor bolts, thereby making it immovable.

      Hope this helps you and your dad protectively secure tools and equipment outside your home Nick.
      Thank you,

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