Small Outdoor Storage Sheds with Modern Styling

Lifetime presents a modernistic approach with their 8 ft wide small outdoor storage sheds. Purveying an unblemished appearance that trumpets out low maintenance benefits represents the reason for their global sales accompanied by impressive feedback across the entire range.

Small Outdoor Storage Sheds

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft

The modern styling of this 5 ft deep storehouse departs from the traditional upkeep struggles into a convenient easily-cleaned weatherproof design on account of enduring polyethylene, Lifetime are experts in this field and worthy of a full inspection.

Fed up with continuing yearly maintenance work necessary to increase the life of our former wooden shed, we substituted for resin’s durable yet leisurely benefits. The convenience of a quick hose down when the filth appears sure beats the strain attached to sorting ongoing deteriorating problems associated with rotten wood.

If you relish the prospect of replacing future upkeep with a whirlwind wash to maintain smart appearances meanwhile 8 by 5 feet dimensions suit your location & services, inspect Lifetime’s hugely popular polyethylene manufacture.

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft

The facade’s impression resembles a wooden structure exhibiting a radiant sandy shade that harmonises elegantly with the tanned brown tint of the doors & trim further to crowning-off with a guise of slate tiling. Lifetime’s innovative design enhances style virtue of technical advancements developing ultra creative molding techniques.

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed

Manufacturer:  Lifetime

Model:  6406

Size:  8 ft x 5 ft

Verdict:  Hugely Popular

Colour:  Desert Sand

#Feature:  Weather-Resistant

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This 5 ft deep facility represents the next step up to Lifetimes smallest 2.5 ft depth storehouse with regards to their 8 ft wide range meanwhile further up the ranks approximately squaring the dimensions presents the larger expansion of 7½ feet.

Commencing from 2½ feet deep, sheds enlarge across the group in 2.5 ft extensions, topping off with a whopping 15 ft spread yet the frontage dimensions and features across each shed remains identical.

This Lifetime 6408 Shed includes a built-in window and an assortment of shelving and other storing accessories. Alternatively there’s the more competitively priced, identically designed 6418 model that excludes the window and additional shelving features.

Shed Ranges explores Lifetime’s competition of various sized low-maintenance weatherproof storage solutions.

8 x 5 ft Lifetime Shed

Polyethylene’s Everlasting Composition

Lifetime’s design purposely impedes unsightly dented appearances by manufacturing a double walled skin through a thermoplastic mix & molding procedure termed High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The internal ribbed structure increases the composition’s rigidity whereas the exterior side exhibits creative style.

Lifetime's 8 x 5 ft Wall Construction

Sturdy Ribbed Inner Structure

The fascia’s external side constitutes embossed grain displaying a likeness to horizontal wood panelling exhibited in desert-sand shade meanwhile UV protection elements mix within the polyethylene to produce a skin unsusceptible to colour-bleach & fractures when assaulted upon by sun-rays, overcoming the inherent problem unprotected plastic once succumbed to.

Polyethylene’s advantage regards resistance to decay, withstanding rust and rot delivers longevity to survive diverse weather conditions suchlike burning sun to driving rain and snowfall, a huge difference in terms of upkeep when comparing wooden structures stood outdoors.

Escaping the arduous tasks of annual re-varnishing duties demanded for preservation, all this facade necessitates is the effortless duty of a light hose down to rejuvenate the immaculate appearance. A few minutes later, the sparkling new-look emerges.

The facade arrives in sheet form. During assembly the wall sheets interlock with the floor and wrap around the parameter adjoining adjacent wall panels through steel reinforcements meantime secure into place with high grade metal screws enhancing stability and sturdiness to the shed’s overall structure.

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Lifetime's 8 x 5 ft Sturdy Resin Shed

Ensuring Efficient Downpour Drainage 

Sidestepping flat roofs and their associated rainwater discharge problems, Lifetime incorporate a high inclining apex structure assuring rainwater flows off with immediate effect thereby delivering an effective drainage system.

Lifetime's 8 x 5 ft Polyethylene Resin Roof

Lifetime’s 8 x 5 ft Polyethylene Resin Roof

The steep roof pitch overhangs the walls adequately creating eaves benefiting the shed with a three-fold advantage. Firstly, the high pitch averts the progression of of rainwater puddles, reciprocates the internals with increased headroom height whereas the overlap thwarts leakage at the wall-roof abutment.

The roof’s polyethylene panel manufacture constitutes a twin-walled configuration, similar to the walls construction inclusive of UV protection. An impressive molding procedure creates attractive roof-tiling tinted to resemble slate, capping the shed off with stylish effect.

Each roof sheet embraces metal reinforcements to where their panels secure with high grade metal screws. Further enhancements to stabilise Lifetime’s 8 ft wide group regards a heavy duty metal truss system providing additional support to the roof framework. Lifetime’s 8 x 5 ft shed includes one centred steel beam running across the internal rafters, providing peace of mind for heavy snow-fall.

Embedded within the apex peak lie two impact resistant polycarbonate skylights, distributing daylight to illuminate the interior.

This polyethylene structured top trumpets out Lifetime’s advantages in comparison to roofing felt, resistant to weather attack and rot escapes the millstone of laborious roof replacements and associated burdens.

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Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Sturdy Construction

Exploring Lifetime’s Features


The Bonus a Built-In Floor Provides

The initial snag discouraging our purchase of a metal shed concerned their absence of an integrated floor. Future problems relating to a puddled internal wooden floor when subject to heavy rain leading to rotting issues further down the line rather turned our attention towards the imperishability of a built-in resin base.

If you’re after the security of heavy-gauge steel inclusive of an integrated steel base that’s topped with heavyweight OSB flooring, check out Asgard’s UK steel constructions. More expensive but way beyond the metal sheds standard.

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Heavy-Duty Built-In Floor

Heavy-Duty Built-In Floor

We’re chuffed to bits with the dirt-free environment created through this built-in floor design, rainfall, pests and wafts of outside debris are blockaded from blowing inside and congregating on the internal floor, the environment is kept so clean.

Lifetime’s resin floor arrives in sheet form, interlinks with adjoining floor panels whilst interlocks with the walls to enclose the shed. The makeup constitutes resin inclusive of supplementary toughening, molded into a thick skinned composition comprising an anti-slip outer-surface meanwhile additional protection resistant to staining, oil and solvent spillages are introduced to enable easy-cleaning.

The floor is designed to survive strenuous pressures like storing weighty items, lawnmowers or a mobility scooter. Having read these advantages however, it’s imperative to conform to the foundation rules described in the Assembly section with regards to providing an adequate substrate to sustain the stresses.

Anchor points are embedded within each corner of the shed floor for the advisable measure to increase wind resistance by securing the facility down onto the ground.

Inside’s Deceptively Spacious

This 8 by 5 footer comprises two skylights embedded into the roof and one shatterproof window that allows natural light to flood in.

The window can be opened halfway to provide further ventilation meanwhile includes installation options to either side.

Window Opens Halfway

Window Opens Halfway

Air vents incorporated into the fascia peak above the doors & same at the rear create a throughput of fresh-air circulation to constantly distribute the interior eliminating clammy environments.

We find the delivery of a fresh ambience impedes condensation build-up inside, the absence of dripping walls aids to increase storage preservation qualities.

Air Vents Built-In

Air Vents Built-In

A comfortable internal height is generated with all Lifetime sheds due to the high arched entrance and generously high angled apex roof design. There won’t be any cracking your head walking around inside, no hemmed in feeling either, rather a light and airy feel.

3 shelves, 2 corner shelves and 2 peg strips with tool hooks are included on this model however we and many others opt for free-standing shelves and plastic stacker boxes to enable holding significant storage weight whilst exploiting the generous internal height.

These included accessories are however ideal for storing light items and excellent for hanging long handled garden tools.

Included Shelving and Pegstrips

Included Shelving and Peg-strips

Along with storing gardening equipment, tools & ladders, lawn supplies, barbecue paraphernalia, kids toys, bikes and patio accessories etc, it’s also an ideal facility for wheeling in heavy items such as lawnmowers and mobility scooters. Storage options are endless.

Inside the 8 x 5 ft Lifetime Shed

Broad Twin-Door Storage Access

Wide robust double doors designed with a high arched top span towards the near width of the shed offering extensive access when carrying in heavy items or wheeling in equipment.

The doors are tall too, a 76 inch (193 cm) arched height allows walking into these sheds without bending over, delivering adequate access for sorting heavy duty storage.

Impermeable polyethylene embodies the doors weatherproof and durable manufacture, molded into a sturdy dual walled structure resembling fine details of wood-grain whilst additionally enhanced through metal reinforcements increase their security when locking up.

The doors comprise decent sized handles with an internal spring latch for opening and closing, operated by the handles press-button tops. Internal left door deadbolts ascertain a closure advantage for windy days meanwhile both doors contain a padlock clasp that join together when shut to enable simultaneous locking.

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Sturdy Lockable doors

Eliminating Upkeep Duties

Assuming desires are to abscond from maintenance, resin provides the advantage. Environmentally friendly polyethylene is recyclable and not susceptible to rust nor decaying issues, never requires re-staining or re-painting with the added benefit of no future re-roofing services either. The tempting path we decided to walk down.

All the internal steel supports providing reinforcements are powder-coated to prevent rust. This only leaves a hose down when the grime starts appearing to bring back the pristine condition it displayed when first assembled.

Although a hose down usually suffices, occasionally dirt does become ingrained. We generally add washing up liquid, detergent or even the white vinegar remedy to warm water in order to dislodge muck using a soft brush, this prevents abrasive marks developing.

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed Measurements

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed Measurements

Implementing the Construction Procedure

When constructing any resin shed, it’s imperative they situate on solid levelled foundations.

Whether wood-decking, asphalt, tarmac, concrete or paving are your preferred substrate, just ensure it’s laid slightly above a floodplain.

Those who prepare the correct foundations provide wondrous feedback for the following reasons:

  • Level foundations result in an easy assembly because the panels line up with ease, especially when you’re 8 ft up securing the roof in place.
  • Level footings ensure equilibrium regarding the roof weight applying equal force on all shed sides preventing leaning pressures.
  • Being perfectly level on the base delivers a vertical plumb alignment of the doors determining their correct opening & closing swing.
  • Solid foundations establish the perfect base for the floor to subsist heavy duty demanding pressures weighty storage delivers.

Once the shed is erected, the recommended measure is to attain firm anchorage using screws conditional to the ground material.

2 people using conventional tools construct Lifetime sheds meanwhile movement is required all around the shed’s parameter and a step ladder is needed for securing the roof panels.

It’s worth noting when using a drill-driver, the screws only require nipping up tight rather than over tightening and ruining the thread therefore set the torque to low.

Assembly takes roughly 4 hours but who’s in a rush, take your time and complete a fab job.

Check out UK’s Lifetime Shed Assembly Service: 

This video puts the whole assembly procedure into perspective. Worth a watch!

Assembling a typical Lifetime Shed


Advantages and Obstacles


  • An attractive unblemished appearance to complement any garden
  • Eliminates conservation issues to yesteryear
  • Easy to keep clean – Wash down when dirty
  • Excellent drainage down the peaked apex roof
  • Weather-resistant, durable and impermeable
  • Quality sturdy construction
  • lofty internal ceiling height
  • Fade resistant – Resists cracking in the sun
  • Air vents provide a fresh environment
  • Window and skylights deliver daylight
  • Built-in floor is hard wearing
  • Integrated floor maintains a clean environment
  • Wide double doors provide broad access
  • Easily assembled with two people
  • Part of the best selling Lifetime range
  • Ten years Lifetime 8 x 5 ft warranty
  • Receives very good feedback


  • Imperative to lay the required level substrate
  • Unyielding anchorage assures weather-stability
  • Refrain from over tightening the screws
  • Consider free standing shelves to increase storage options

The Popular Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed

8 x 5 feet Weatherproof Storehouse Competition

Competition is getting pretty tough nowadays. Resin sheds are becoming the popular alternative to wooden structures for those wishing to escape maintenance issues.

Take a visual tour of Shed Sizes: meanwhile here’s a selection taken from this page:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 4ft Shed

Tremont’s picturesque 4 ft depth

Keter Factor 8x6 Shed

Factor’s great value without the frills

Keter Fusion 754

Fusion mixes tradition with durability

Lifetime 8x5 ft Resin Shed

The Wonders of Polyethylene

This 8 x 5 footer represents part of Lifetime’s hugely popular range of sheds. Reviews speak volumes regarding the quality of construction Lifetime sheds portray.

Radiating a sandy appearance, the facade exhibits a sublime spotless display for any garden meanwhile the low maintenance benefits are the huge draw.

The apex designed roof, splendid access, fresh light & airy internal atmosphere and straightforward assembly receives wonderful feedback, expressed through reviews. Couple these advantages with ten years of warranty – Thumbs up to Lifetime!

View Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Shed Prices

Lifetime 8 x 5 ft Reviews


Read About Me

Hope Lifetime’s small outdoor storage sheds provide inspiration.

Please share your related polyethylene storehouse views & queries below.

Until the next post,


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  1. Leissa

    Great information. I’m always looking for alternatives to stuffing everything into the garage.

    • Hey Leissa, thanks for visiting to read about the weather-resistant benefits and features Lifetime’s small outdoor storage sheds provide for home-gardens.

      I understand where you’re coming from with regards to stuffing storage items into the garage. At first garages act as a dumping ground until eventually you can’t move around never mind park the car to what they are intended for.

      We had similar issues where all the gardening gear and outdoor seating etc was stored in the garage, which became full over the winter’s period due to storing everything inside.

      Once we’d built our shed and stocked up with storage, their usage became apparent along with their convenience having everything close to hand outside where you need them most whereas the garage became clear, spacious enough to park the car and ultra organised. Best thing we constructed for the garden, highly impressed.
      Thanks for your interest Leissa,

  2. The storage looks great, Thank you so much for giving us such a great info of the best storage. I have had challenges in a place where I can store my tools now am happy to know why I should go for a plastic one! and what to look for.

    • Hey Mercy, thanks for examining Lifetime’s 8 x 5 ft small resin shed.
      Lifetime certainly exhibit a spotless display radiated through their desert sand tinge amongst a wood-panelling guise and tanned doors. Neutral colours destined to compliment any outdoor space with modish styling.

      We find an outdoor shed produces oceans of room indoors and the garage by storing all the DIY tools, gardening equipment and patio furnishings etc out of the home to where you need them most, in the home-yard, they’re so convenient.

      Constituting a composition of resin as opposed to wood escapes being confined to yearly conserving with the added benefit of an imperishable polyethylene roof that’s immune from rot. Traditionally wooden sheds are capped with a felted roof but these only have a limited lifespan before weather-deterioration disintegrates the make-up.

      Lazy, yeah but ultra convenient, thanks Mercy,

  3. Cynthia

    I have been thinking about getting one of these. I see them in neighbors yards and they really look nice.
    Even though a metal shed is much cheaper, the polyethylene shed is much more durable.
    One of these sheds would help me organize the garden supplies I now have in my garage. However, I think I need to have a slab to put it on as I do not have room on my patio.

    • Simon

      Hi Cynthia,

      Thanks for visiting to read about Lifetime’s small outdoor storage sheds.

      Now that modern molding techniques can deliver more sturdier constructions, once they are secured around a steel framework rigidity comes into fruition, reason for their recent growth.

      Lifetime’s manufacture regards High Density Polyethylene molded into a dual walled skin, ribbed on the inner side to accomplish rigidity whilst creative molding techniques deliver the horizontal wood panelling effect inclusive of textured grain exhibited in desert-sand to the outer-surface.

      You can purchase cheaper plastic sheds, like metal however Lifetime’s sturdier construction does demand a higher price and like you say, they are more durable.

      We too created a huge space in our garage thanks to the serviceability of our garden shed however the preparation of solid level foundations is critical. We found by adhering to the stipulations accomplished a very straightforward assembly due to the plumb alignment.

      There is an Assembly service in the UK. You are required to have suitable foundations prior to installation however this company are experts in Lifetime shed construction.

      Hope this helps Cynthia, good luck with your decision,


  4. Alicia

    Hi Simon,

    The article spoke about the shed being able to withstand weather changes, e.g. rain, snow, etc. but what about extreme weather conditions like a hurricane?

    Hurricanes are frequent in tropical climates. Does it make sense to get one of these sheds if you live in countries where hurricanes are quite possible?

    • Simon

      Hi Alicia,

      Thanks for reading about Lifetime’s small outdoor storage shed.

      Hurricanes can create a dilemma for wood, plastic and metal sheds. I’m from the UK where hurricanes are extremely rare, although our shed has survived storms over here when homes have lost roof tiles, trees fallen down, sheds blown away due to not being anchored down there obviously is a limit to what a shed will survive.

      The only advise I can give related to an area destined for frequent hurricanes is to anchor the shed properly down into the foundations and choose a sheltered spot. I have heard a few people who live in these parts of the world place a few paving slabs in the corners of their shed floors to increase wind resistance levels to the limit.

      If you still have doubts, sounds like a stone/brick building is the alternative solution to bring peace of mind then again, what building can survive a tornado. It’s very difficult to provide a truthful answer on their ability to survive hurricanes and tornado’s. Anchorage is the key but there’s always a limit.

      Hope this helps Alicia and thanks again,


  5. Arta

    Hi Simon

    Very thorough and detailed information on plastic sheds. My friend recently bought plastic shed from some other brand and what was very interesting – it was not allowed to put the shed on grass. So it was additional trouble for them as they had to make some wooden base to install the shed on it. Could I put these plastic sheds on grass?

    • Simon

      Hi Arta,

      Thanks for calling in and dropping your comment.

      It’s imperative the foundations for any plastic / resin shed are solid and level. Wood or concrete are ideal bases. It all becomes apparent upon constructing why this stipulation must be in place.

      A level base makes assembly very straightforward as all the panels align plum for a quick efficient build whereas sold foundations make sure the sheds structural stance is correct plus the floor’s surface serves just as described, hard wearing.

      We too were delayed for a week when we purchased as the sales sites fail to mention this stipulation, very annoying, I agree. Every review I write here I explain the foundation ruling so that visitors become aware that preparation of solid level ground has to be in place for constructing upon.

      Thanks again Arta for commenting,


  6. Erik

    Cool topic Simon. Didn’t realize there were so many different plastic sheds Keter had to offer. I like them. I purchased a wood shed and wish I had gone the plastic route. After reading some of you posts, I may replace mine sooner than later (I’ll use your site). Very informative and detailed. I like how you laid them out by sizes too. Very good niche topic. Good luck

    • Simon

      Hi Erik,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about this Lifetime Shed.

      Yeah, there really is some fierce competition regarding quality resin sheds entering onto the market lately. Keter have just increased their range too with some beauties. I will be writing reviews when they are available in the online stores then I can link visitors to them.

      We too had a wooden shed but it ended up rotting away and we did give that thing some attention over the years. We nearly opted for metal at first but due to them seldom having built-in floors this rather put us off and turned our attention towards the plastic variety. Best thing we’ve done for the garden where low maintenance values are concerned.

      I thought what do people do first when deciding on a shed, it’s the size. So I have created a page where they start off with the smallest and lead up the ranks. Select the image for a full review. It makes the process so much easier.

      Thanks again Erik, it’s just my passion,


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