Plastic Bike Storage Sheds

Introducing an assortment of plastic bike storage sheds delivering enclosed sheltered lodgings & to facilitate security meanwhile encased in a constitution of weatherproof resin to tolerate damp conditions & withstand decay. Retaining their unblemished presentation is merely accomplished through the breeze of a wash.

Plastic Bike Storage ShedsThis sustainable selection trumpets out environmentally-safe recyclable plastics furthermore having this makeup totally encasing the sheds from the base to the roof generates dry internals on account of the facade sheets interlocking within the floors perimeter verge, therefore bikes are stored off the ground.

Included with this review however along with the advantages of weatherproof plastic regards storehouses ranging from the portable tent solution up to high security rigid metal vaults, catering for every situation.

Locking bicycles away from prying eyes regards priority. Clasps designed for the conventional padlock to slide through assure security however no locking mechanisms are supplied with any of the units, these have to be acquired separately.

Weatherproof resin regards the material that rescued us from traditional annual conservation dilemmas concerning laborious re-coats of varnish conducive to nourish & preserve wood not forgetting the arduous task of finding a stretch of wood sound enough to enable firmly anchoring new roofing felt into position.

A chunky wrapping of durable polypropylene or polyethylene removes all associated predicaments concerning weather-decay meanwhile by virtue of securing the panels to the backbone of a steel infrastructure aids to deliver a steadfast construction.

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Grande Store

Their only specification regards the placement of a levelled solid area to determine a plumb construction, the doors operate adeptly, the flooring endures weighty bike-traffic and to ascertain rigid anchorage, highly prevalent in dramatically notching up the levels of wind resistance concerning the loftier walk-in variety.

Significant importance worthy of a mention however pertains to ensuring the internal dimensions are large enough to house the length of bikes and the amount you wish to store in addition to the desired spot being able to accommodate the external dimensions of the unit. Tick all the boxes & you’re rolling.

Factor 4 x 6 ft

Factor’s 4 x 6 feet shed has evolved notably favourable in serving as a bike storehouse on the grounds you can walk into the unit as a result of the 2 metres internal height providing adequate headroom supplementary to the competitive price tag, valued to champion most budgets.

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Factor 4 x 6 ftThese 4 ft width dimensions are aimed for slotting into narrow garden locations. Access is derived from a single door accompanied by an additional slim opening panel that optionally swings ajar increasing access room meanwhile a sloping threshold shaped into the resin floor-entry aids wheeling the bikes inside.

Implanted into the roof ridge lies a polycarbonate skylight to assist the window in illumining daylight. The window can be positioned on either wall side to satisfy the location besides installing the door to open which way suits accessibility for bike services.

An apex structural capping assures instant drainage, integrated ventilation generates fresh-air to spread around the interior meanwhile resulting from the interconnecting method the walls incorporate with the floor’s edge overcomes gaps being present ensuring a blockage to leaves, rainfall and pests.

Factors weatherproof composition constitutes UV stabilised polypropylene manufactured into chubby designed wall panels, the inner side contains stability ridges whilst the exterior exhibits the tones of beige & taupe embossed with wood-alike grain.

A straightforward construction approach swiftly assembles the 4 x 6 into operation in minimal time however don’t skip anchoring the shed down.

View Factor 4 x 6 ft Shed Prices

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Factor 4 x 6

Lifetime’s Horizontal Solution

Lifetime deliver the answers in resolving planning regulations by halving the height associated with walk-in facilities. Overcoming the conventional sheds large presence in return for a low profile design caters for situating beneath the customary garden’s 6 ft fence-line meanwhile they liberate complex construction procedures into a basic assembly configuration.

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Lifetime HorizontalThe range of services suited to Lifetime’s horizontal design along with the conventional include a dry store for fire wood logs, a hideout place for wheelie trash bins meanwhile becoming increasingly convenient in storing the family’s bike collection.

Ease of access is facilitated by the 3-way entry system whereupon opening everything inside becomes easily accessible including simplifying wheeling-in duties. Operation surplus to aiding the heavy lid weight regards spring hinges which hold the lid ajar at a 45° angle or fully open, a nifty safety feature that prevents fingers becoming trapped by fully supporting the weight from slamming down.

The lid curves over the front’s double doors requiring to lift the lid prior to accessing storage via the doors however benefiting this curvature design assures effective drainage further to delivering simultaneous 3-way closure and security, derived by slipping a padlock through the catch.

High density polyethylene embodies the sunburn protected makeup, tinged in either desert-sand of light tanned tones & molded to display wooden styling meanwhile the manufacture of this double skinned composition endures the knocks without succumbing to a dented demise.

With approximate 6 x 3½ feet dimensions there’s no surprise with regards to Lifetime’s popularity in accommodating & serving a diverse range of gear including effortless access to bike accommodation.

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Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Lifetime Horizontal Shed

Grande-Store’s Uniqueness

Duotech™ have developed an assortment of storage solutions constituting two sheets of weather resistant resin adjoined together by an internal ribbed configuration to determine rigidity. Derived through Oakland Sheds composition the Duotech™ group now contains storage facilities ranging from the smallest patio store & deck box through to a capacious 11 feet summerhouse.

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Grande StoreThe Grande-store represents a utility to harbour gardening & BBQ equipment including the usual out-of-the-home gear, a spacious patio store, double or triple wheelie bin refuse accommodation furthermore to attracting security attention for bike shelter services.

A unique resin talc compound intermingles within the polypropylene delivering a fully customizable facade & paintable composition. Acrylic water based paint suchlike the washable paints we use in kitchens & bathrooms are recommended owing to their toughened ability in sustaining future wash-down pressures.

Although I’m rather taken with the exhibit of Oaklands gorgeous rustic weathered impression, inspect the Duotech™ page to realise the potential of what can be achieved by making a colourful statement, the High-Store certainly delivers inspiration.

A sloping entry assists wheeling bikes inside, integral ventilation delivers freshness to overcome humidity’s clamminess, triple entry is accessed by the twin frontage doors meanwhile gas pressured hinges aid the operation of lifting the hefty 6 x 3½ ft lid weight & maintain the stay-ajar position.

Enhanced security is assured by a 3-way stainless steel locking mechanism, latched by means of a padlock. The Grande-Store is gearing up to become another of Keter’s global best sellers, feedback’s mighty fine, along with the simplistic assembly and Grande looks.

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Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Keter Grande-Store

Low Profile Deep Sheds

Presently two manufacturers produce the cavernous style of horizontal shed, occupying a twin door frontage providing full width access meanwhile rather than crawling through to the back of the shed on all fours, their lids are split into two sections whereupon the font half slides over the rear delivering deceptively spacious first-rate access.

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Suncast Glidetop

Suncast Glidetop

Both sheds spread approximately 4 feet across their front besides embracing a 6 ft depth. Choosing between the Rubbermaid Slide-Lid and Suncast Glidetop isn’t the easiest of tasks nevertheless by researching both models feedback, Suncast seem to slightly edge the vote with regards to their sturdier door hinges.

Rubbermaid sum assembly up in a nutshell, describing construction as a cinch to accomplish, a procedure praised highly with regards to Suncast’s reviews on account of their swift panel alignment & interlocking method, finishing off by securing hex style resin screws to fulfil the process whereupon they even supply the Easy Bolt screwdriver as part of the package.

Rubbermaid exhibit an olive-sandstone shade (best displayed in the video below) in contrast to Suncast’s sandy tones topped off with a mustang colour for the lid & trim. Manufactured with weather-resistant eco-friendly polypropylene inclusive of UV armoury to shield against sunburn aggression delivers all-season weather protection.

Although an occasional spray with the likes of silicone spray or WD 40 oil on the lids sliding mechanism to keep operations running smooth, maintenance merely involves a wash once the grime becomes noticeable owing to polypropylene’s immunity from weather depreciation. Operating a hosepipe shower-down conveniently suits us down to the ground, job’s finalised in a jiffy.

Parking bikes inside relates to a swift 1-2-3 method. Open the front twin doors, slide back the roof and wheel the bikes in. Security is effectuated by a 3-way padlock clasp, simultaneously locking all three doors together.

Suncast Glidetop

View Suncast Glidetop Prices

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Suncast Glidetop Shed

Suncast Glidetop Shed

Rubbermaid Slide-Lid

View Rubbermaid Slide-Lid Prices

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Rubbermaid Slide-Lid

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds

Suncast Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Check out the medley of weatherproof Slim Garden Sheds delivering 2½ – 3 ft depths. Alternatively if slightly deeper dimensions are preferred, Slimline Garden sheds reviews facilities ranging from 3½ – 4 ft deep with widths stretching up to 8 feet, such as Tremont’s slim yet spacious 8 x 4 feet dimensions.

This slender style of design is particularly suited for narrow alleys, stood against a house wall, situated at the edge of a patio, ideal for tight backyards and restricted garden placements. Furthermore exceeding 6 ft in width delivers adequate dimensions to accommodate the parking of bikes.

Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Recently I had a conversation with a family member who currently have a similar slimline design however it’s wooden structure has gotten into rather a poor state. Surprisingly it’s not that old either but the floor’s caving in, requires a replacement of roofing felt and could do with a couple of decent wood-stain coverings to give it a thorough preserve. Instead, they are currently reviewing the plastic variety in order to cut the hassles.

Interestingly they mentioned what’s on their bucket list. A loftier shed with an apex roof is priority, along with taller doors. Their current entrance requires ducking-down to access which many times leads to cracking your head on the way out. Also a deeper depth is their necessity. Alongside parking the bike they wish to install a generous bank of self-assembly shelving across the back.

3½ – 4 ft deep including a width-span of 8 feet ticks the box for their multitude of storage services. Okay, now and again the bike will have to be wheeled out in order to access storage however owing to their home-yard setting their only real option regards having this style of shed backed onto the house wall to fulfil requirements. This design is intended for suchlike narrow spaces.

Reasons for their Tremont decision relates to spacious access, 8 ft height with an effective drain-able roof, internal dimensions fulfil potential, wash-down maintenance sidesteps frustrations plus this model is inclusive of quality door hardware, integrated floor and ventilation.

They currently have levelled concrete foundations to locate, are willing to anchor the flooring down, assembly’s extremely straightforward surplus to the admirable exhibit Tremonts parade. It’s destined to visually improve & complement their garden surroundings besides accommodating their bikes. Feedback’s exceptional too.

View Tremont 8 x 4 ft Shed Prices

Inspect the Tremont range and features

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Tremont 8 x 4 ft

Cheap & Cheerful?

If an inexpensive bike-store is on the agenda, maybe Palram’s assortment of dimensions exhibiting various shades whet the appetite. Their 4 ft width incorporating a length of 6 feet relates to this synopsis however Palram manufacture a mixed bag of proportions, some expand a huge 20 feet.

Palram 4 x 6 ft Green

Palram 4 x 6 ft Green

The composition constitutes polycarbonate, an essentially unbreakable material to which the video presents hammering the heck out of the facade to prove the point however there’s no mention whether it’s possible to cut through the single skin with a Stanley blade or not therefore security-wise in my view it falls down the list somewhat but the doors are lockable by the standard padlock method.

There’s definitely a love-hate relationship going on with Palram, reminds me of Marmite. Some love the low budget value, satisfied with the construction procedure, like the visual appearance and happily present 5 star super-status whereas on the other hand, the flimsiness during assembly does put many off resulting in 1 meagre star.

Polycarbonate is ultra lightweight, the facade sheets do however fasten around a metal frame & construct into a solid build. Due to their featherweight however, it’s fundamental to anchor the base down onto a flawlessly level area prepared with a solid material suchlike concrete, tarmac or patio decking for example. Complying ensures rigid groundings are fulfilled, the floors credentials are met and a plumb stance is derived to accomplish an accurate door operation.

Translucent Polycarbonate Roof

Translucent Polycarbonate Roof

No windows delivers privacy which generates a huge positive for bike storage nevertheless don’t think you’ll be walking into a cavernous black hole, these sheds illumine more daylight than all the competition put together due to the roof sheets entire internal skylight configuration.

Opaque on the exterior side the roof panels exhibit an admirable slate-effect presentation, step inside however and daylight basks the entirety of the inside through the translucent ceiling, one very clever design which does receive the all-round thumbs up!

View Palram Shed Prices

Palram’s Polycarbonate Shed Features

Plastic Bike Storage Sheds - Palram 4 x 6 ft - Amber

Inspect the Step-by-Step Assembly

Expensive Bikes? Increased Security?

Asgard are well renowned in the UK for manufacturing top notch high security bike shelters, best described as bike vaults to be honest. If you have expensive bikes & searching for some kind of steel safe to accommodate, Asgard design the highest calibre of safe-houses I have come across. Specific dimensions to suit single, two, three & 4 bikes furthermore to motorbike storage.

Examine Asgard’s assortment of bike lockers:

Asgard Bike Vault

Asgard Bike Vault

“The best bike store we’ve seen”

“A clear best buy”

As used by the Police Force” 

represent the editors headlines surplus to the impeccable feedback. The only downside as can be expected with regards to rigid steel constructions relates to the value, a slightly heftier price tag to what’s been reviewed so far.

Constituting a substantial galvanised heavy-gauge steel body, the largest bike store is robust enough to seat four adults on the roof, hopefully this describes how sturdy their construction & strength is. Galvanising the steel Asgard’s method delivers a protective weatherproof coating to resist a rusting demise of appearance when stood outside, reason they’re backed with ten years warranty cover.

Concerning the largest store, double doors provide wide access for rolling bikes inside, aided the an access threshold constructed into the built-in floor. The lid is one hefty expanse yet is effortless to swing ajar using the large-grip handle as a result of gas shock pistons pressurising the opening.

A three-way locking system assures high grade security by virtue of 2 external locking latches containing steel covers to prevent tampering. These have to be unlocked to enable operating the integral steel locking bar. Tamper-proof euro cylinder padlocks are currently supplied with the largest model to deter the most experienced of thieves however the small bike-locker requires you to purchase your own, check the description on the sales site.

All four corners of the floor including the doors are steel reinforced for high-end security, rigidity and sturdy operation furthermore by performing firm internal anchorage from the floor down onto a solid substrate underneath, the equivalence to a bank vault surely results.

All Asgard bike-stores do vary a tad to what’s included dependant on model size therefore I’ve placed a few videos below describing the features.

View Asgard Bike Vault Prices

Asgard Large Bike Store Presentation


Single Bike Security Store

Asgard Pair of Single Bike Stores

Asgard Bike-Store Range


Convenient Space-Saving Bike Tents

Pitching a multi-functional free-standing tent made from industrial grade tarpaulin to store bikes within delivers an inexpensive space saver for any front or back garden, offers a super swift assembly, maintains fresh & dry internals for bike preservation surplus to offering surprisingly high security.

Tidy Tent

There’s a few companies manufacturing bike tents on both sides of the pond. Notably YardStash in the USA and the Tidy Tent in the UK seem to command most respect, complemented through feedback.

The YardStash constitutes a UV protected weatherproof vinyl material marketed as tear-proof whereas the Tidy Tent combines a toughened mix of polyester & polyurethane. Both tents zip-cover a minimum of two bikes plus additional storage in durable hard-wearing material.

High-grade zips situated at the top and base operate the opening of the YardStash meanwhile weather-protective flaps keep the zip runners dry & free from dust. Locking the zips requires those smaller style padlocks, suchlike the ones used for suitcases.

Velcro flaps open a mesh for the purpose of generating fresh air to the inside, overcoming internal clamminess & condensation furthermore there’s an additional flap at the back of the tent to enable slipping a chain-lock through to effectuate securing bikes around a sturdy post.

Security-wise, the idea is to pitch the tent backed up against a lockable pole.

Assembly’s tool-free, best described as a piece of cake & completed in 10 minutes. Furthermore however, both tents additionally cater for a two-way anchoring method.

Similar to a camping tent they can be grounded to the floor using metal spikes through the ring eyelets for temporary accommodation meanwhile assembling a more permanent structure regards fixing screws through the ring eyelets into solid ground and/or a wall with raw plugs or maybe a fence with wood screws.

Inside both tents, hooks allow for hanging cycling equipment and helmets. Each tent delivers a favourable, versatile & potable solution, catering for sheltered bike accommodation.

View Bike Tent Prices


YardStash Bike Tent

SimonI appreciate your time delving through this varied assortment of bike storage solutions.

Please share your favourite below.

Much obliged,


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  1. Thank you for such an informative post. My husband and I just agreed to buy the bike that our 7-year old son has been eyeing for sometime now. But then we were faced with the problem of where to store it.

    I think all these storage sheds are really neat but we’ll probably go with either Sancast Glidetop or Yardstash tent.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    • Hey Alice, thanks for stopping by to read about this varied selection of outside storage units for bicycle accommodation.

      We were stuck with the dilemma where to store bikes too, wheeling them indoors creates such a messy carry on around Autumn & Winter time with muddy tyres meanwhile we find the handle bars stick out too far in the garage causing issues with parking the car.

      Positioning a mini shed designed for bike storage within a home-yard’s grounds solves the problem. The only deciding point then relates to how expensive the bikes are and what the crime-rate’s like in one’s area, whether to opt for substantial steel for security purposes or resin which are designed for padlocks but not just as secure.

      The Glidetop is a popular spacious low profile unit with a slide-back lid which opens half the shed up for easy access once the lid’s slid back whereas YardStash tents receive excellent feedback due to being so versatile in where they can be located plus along with padlocking the zip you can anchor bikes to an adjacent railing or fence post etc thereby assuring surprisingly high security meanwhile inclusive of hanging hooks paves the way for storing bike accessories & helmets.

      Glad you found the review informative Alice, good luck choosing your son’s bike store,

  2. Leigh

    The Asgard is my favorite. These are really cool! What a great solution to keep your bicycles dry and out of the weather when you need extra room in the garage and the bikes somewhere else. Thank you for bringing this product line to my awareness. I will be back to look in more detail over and over and telling people about it as I am currently traveling for awhile, but I know a lot of people that would be interested in something this compact.

    • Simon

      Hey Leigh,

      Thanks for dropping by.

      The Asgard is the bees knees where security is concerned. Having a bike storage vault regards the forward thinking approach to shelter expensive bikes and for areas such as ours where burglaries are through the roof, not that the government acknowledge this yet insurance premiums have hit the hilt. What does that say – defend yourself!

      There’s a few sizes of Asgard’s dependant on how many bikes you wish to store, from units catering for single bikes up to the largest storehouse for 4 bikes. They also extend this range for motorbike lockers too, options are pretty much endless.

      Yeah, bikes take up a lot of room in garages, many times we overload the garage with storage, ending up parking the car on the road, hence the usefulness of garden sheds and bike shelters such as the selection on this post. Room indoors really is at a premium nowadays.

      Thanks for passing the word Leigh, share the post with pleasure, thanks again,


  3. Jerry Burns

    Thanks for the great post. There is a lot of information that I have work through. I appreciate the great article and can tell that a lot of work and research went into putting this together.

    As I look through all the shed options I feel a little overwhelmed. These all look great and would work well for me.

    Which shed would you recommend for salt and a snow blower?

    • Simon

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for reading about this selection of low maintenance plastic bike storage sheds.

      Deciding the style is purely down to personal preference however make sure the internal measurements are large enough to fit all the required storage inside.

      If you prefer to walk-in to the shed then Factor or Palram sheds fit the bill. Alternatively a shed design to stand against a house wall or ginnel, then there’s quite a vast selection of slimline sheds available, I’ve placed the links within the Tremont shed synopsis.

      Personally, I like the look of Duotech’s Grande-Store which is currently gaining popularity however if you’re area is like ours where burglaries are high then a metal sheds such as Asgard maybe the better option.

      We live in a mid townhouse which has a very private back garden, backing onto another row of rear gardens therefore security is okay even for the likes of the tent versions however the complete opposite situation results at the front of the house to which we personally would choose Asgard for security purposes if we had expensive bikes.

      Hope this helps Jerry, good luck searching & choosing,


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