Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

Everett’s low maintenance garden sheds constitute a make-up of polypropylene, a type of resin that craftily moulds to replicate strikingly elegant wooden presentations meanwhile conveniently subsists against all-season weather deterioration.

Low Maintenance Garden ShedsEverett 6 x 5 ft

Everett’s embody a weatherproof enclosure of resin throughout their construction including the walls, floor, roof & doors. Exhibiting sandy tones, chocolate doors whilst mimicking the appearance of slate roofing produces progressive styling to enrich any home-yard’s scenic outlook.

Determined to overcoming the annual wood-stain conservation distresses headlined our garden shed replacement along with sidestepping the arduous tasks of re-felting roofs and rotten panel exchanges. Weekends worth of laborious woodwork gotten rid of, superseded by resin’s undemanding five minutes hosepipe shower.

We’d have certainly revelled in disposing those old rusty wood-stain tins but unfortunately the garden fence still requires a yearly preserve nevertheless resin’s delivered the easy-street for our summers by eliminating shed-maintenance constraints.

The Everett group comprises 3 shed sizes. Each facility encompasses uniform 6 ft width & 2 metres+ height, merely their length stretches differ. This 5 ft expanse middles the group, the smaller constitutes a slimline 3 feet depth whereas the 8 footer tops the range.

Everett 6 x 5 ftManufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  BMS 6510 D

Additional Info:  Suncast Channel

Size:  6 ft x 5 ft

Verdict:  Respectable Feedback

Colours:  Sandy – Chocolate

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6 feet by 5 accommodates medium-size garden plots with ease, hence the popularity of Everett’s mid-range storehouse. Exceptional feedback admires Suncast’s modern appearance exhibiting light-tone sandy shades & straightforward DIY assembly that swiftly constructs into an almost maintenance-free building boasting immunity from weather-decline.

Everett’s lockable 6 x 5 footer commonly shelters gardening equipment & the lawnmower, plant feed, lawn supplies, BBQ utensils, sporting paraphernalia, bikes & kids toys and patio furnishings, seating & accessories meanwhile the 7½ ft internal height stores long implements suchlike gardening tools, extending ladders & parasols with ease.

Examine Everett’s features:


Low Maintenance Garden Sheds - Everett 6 x 5 ft

Smart & Stylish Composition

Everett’s composition regards structuring a few layers of polypropylene sheets together thereby forming a stocky construction. The interior surface constitutes an arrangement of vertical furrows & ridges that render structural sturdiness whereas the external side is where newfangled molding techniques parade.

Suncast’s blow molding method craftily embosses a wood grain semblance throughout the outlying surface enhancing the elegant panel creation into a wood-alike building.

The colour pigments blend into the polypropylene accentuating the panel arrangement with neutral sandy tones meanwhile putting an end to sunburn fractures & bleaching, Everett’s polypropylene is stabilised with UV defence virtue of armouring the make-up with toughening elements that resist sun-ray pressures.

A series of vertical polypropylene facade sheets enclose the Everett by conjointly interlocking with the floor’s edge whilst interlinking with neighbouring wall panels during construction thereby blockading crevices for critters and leafy passageways down at the base of the shed.

An occasional refresh of Everett’s appearance is plainly accomplished by a soapy wash however we periodically spray the shed down with the shower attachment connected to the hosepipe, adjusted to increased water pressure; alternatively a pressure wash does the job longer term. Whatever your preference, the speedy cleanse never becomes a chore.

Polypropylene’s an eco-friendly reusable material, impervious to rainwater, unsusceptible to weather decay and nonreactive to sunburn stresses. Never requires re-coats of varnish nor paint in order to re-polish appearances and preserve. Conversely, a sporadic wash swiftly rejuvenates.

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Everett's Sturdy Facade Panel Make-up

An End to Roofing-Felt Dilemmas

The advantages of polypropylene relate to the impermeable make-up not allowing rainwater to pass through thereby determining dry internal conditions meanwhile the added benefit of not being affected by weather-decay ascertains the manufacture is not susceptible to recurrent roof replacements.

Engineered with strength on account of the multi-layer panel arrangement, the slim 6 ft wide roof-span is doubly reinforced, fastens to a metal framework further to being shored up by a steel truss beam to accommodate lumpy piles of snow.

The architecturally designed slate-style roof tiles are blow-molded to create aesthetically pleasing structural accents that scenically complement garden landscapes.

Importantly, the roof overhangs the wall-edges a tad thereby preventing internal rainfall leaks, couple this advantage with the steep angled incline assures the immediate discharge of rainwater is devoid of puddle development.

Two translucent square roof-skylights embed to illumine daylight inside meanwhile reciprocated from the steep apex pitch returns a lofty internal headroom expanse, overcoming claustrophobic type of feelings not to forget cracks to the head.

Conversely, on account of roofing felt’s brisk demise once weather deterioration sets in, Everett’s manufacture doesn’t entail future roof replacements. Free from conservation burdens, the potency of this polypropylene make-up merely involves a once in a while shower to maintain the slate-effect charm. Most of the time rainfall delivers the clean.

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Low Maintenance Garden Sheds - Everett 6 x 5

Everett’s Characteristics & Features

Entering the Everett is determined by unlocking the padlock clasp that secures both doors simultaneously. Three steel hinges positioned on both doors function the access swing although during gale force winds the left sided door can be kept closed virtue of sliding both the internal stop-bolts into grooves located top-side of the architrave and down into the floor.

The doors manufacture is equivalent to the walls & roof’s dual lining of chunky polypropylene albeit tinged in chocolate shade. Absent from wall windows enhances utility privacy whereupon daylight alternatively basks the interior through the squared door windows accompanied by the roof-lights. Traditional handles complement the doors finishing touches.

Everett’s floor encompasses a toughened manufacture of polypropylene to subsist weighty lawnmower tensions further to assuring damp-resistance thereby not susceptible to the onset of rot deterioration.

Interlinking base sheets couple together making up Everett’s footprint whereupon their boundary verge engages with the walls producing enclosure, eliminating crevice walkways for critters to crawl through and gaps for rain-puddles to emerge.

An elevated 7 ft 6″ ceiling enables comfortably walking around without acquiring stooped backache nor a crack to the nut, making Everett’s ideal for storing lengthy storage suchlike parasols & rotary clothes dryers etc meanwhile fresh aired conditions are constantly being circulated by the built-in ventilation panels situated opposite one another.

Shelving however is an optional extra leading the favoured solution to overcome their absence by incorporating the ever-popular DIY-assembly tiered shelving to accommodate hefty weights thereby increasing storage space by exploiting Everett’s lofty internals.

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Everett 6 x 5 ft Low Maintenance Shed

Everett 6 x 5 ft Measurements

Everett 6 x 5 ft Measurements

Illustrated Shed Assembly

Assembling this mid-size unit is pretty basic, virtue of following & implementing the sequence of steps illustrated in the instructions. Catering for the novice inexperienced DIY enthusiast, Suncast additionally supply the hex-style screwdriver to secure the resin screws during construction.

There are however two crucially important foundation preparations that determine prerequisite essentials before constructing.

A solid material suchlike wood decking, paving, concrete, asphalt or tarmac for instance provide the essential substrate for the floor to subsist burdensome storage stresses, furthermore ascertains firm grounding bolts attain steadfast anchorage.

Once the solid substrate is decided upon, preparing the foundations above a floodplain & flawlessly level for Everett to station on is highly recommended on account of generating an efficient panel alignment during assembly further to finishing with a perpendicular standing that operates shed services accordingly.

View Everett 6 x 5 ft Assembly Instructions

Suncast Everett 6 x 5 ft Weatherproof Shed

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Picturesquely stylish enhances garden settings
  • Presentation of desirable sandy chocolate tones
  • Stylishly mimics a wooden building
  • Low maintenance sidesteps conventional upkeep
  • Weatherproof manufacture remains decay resistant
  • Multi-layered facade sheets produce a sturdy standing
  • Ventilation panels generate freshness inside
  • Quality metal door hardware enhances operation & finish
  • Integrated floor stands up to demanding stresses
  • Floor-to-wall interlock removes base crevices
  • Steep apex roof construction effectuates instant drainage
  • The creation of roof-eaves prevents rainwater seeps
  • Elevated ceiling height overcomes cramped-in feelings
  • Steel truss bolsters additional roof support
  • Wide lockable twin door entry access
  • Everett’s left door can remain closed by sliding stop-bolts
  • 2 skylights plus 2 sets of door windows illumine natural light
  • Straightforward 2 person, illustrated assembly sequence
  • 10 years Everett 6 x 5 ft warranty cover
  • Receives very good feedback
  • A snap to wash


  • Shelving constitutes an additional extra
  • Deliberate over the installation of stand-alone shelving
  • Solid ground is a prerequisite for the floor’s substrate
  • Effectuate sound rigid anchorage
  • A perpendicular build only arises from level foundations

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Low Maintenance Garden Sheds - Everett 6 x 5 ft

Everett’s 6 x 5 feet Rivalry

Shed sizes presents competing weatherproof sheds stepped up in orderly size suchlike these examples expanding around 6 x 5 feet:

Grosfillex 2.76 m² Utility Shed

Grosfillex 5½ x 5 ft pastel charm

Keter Factor 6 x 6 ft

Factor’s competitive 6 ft² solution

Lifetime 7 x 4.5 ft Shed

Lifetimes unblemished 7 x 4½ footer

Heavy Duty Steel Sheds - Flexistore 5 x 7 ft

Heavy-duty secure weatherproof steel

Low Maintenance Garden Sheds

Closing Analysis

Everett’s enchanting presence delivers alluring attraction to any home-yard. Composed with low maintenance polypropylene throughout the entire structure provides the opportunity to escape conserving rotting wood and re-felting roofs owing to the composition’s immunity from weather-decay.

Access is broad & generous, easing gardening duties. Once inside the heightened ceiling caters to store lengthy gear, ventilation overcomes clammy environments whist natural light basks through roof lights & door windows illuminating the interior.

Minimal maintenance delivers the advantage of a polypropylene make-up, a swift wash revitalises the appearance lickety-split. 10 years warranty accompanied by top-notch feedback inspires confidence although advice regarding locating on the described foundations is a one-step preparation process not to be ignored.

View Everett 6 x 5 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Everett Advantages

SimonHope the Everett inspires your low maintenance garden sheds search.

Share your preferred conservation-free storehouse below.

Till next time,


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  1. Great post and just what I was needing to read at the moment. I’ve been reading so many different reviews on garden sheds and this is by far the best I’ve seen in the past few days. Its definitely got a lot of detail I’ve found useful and has made me consider buying this is in the future. Melissa.

    • Hey Melissa, thanks for dropping by to discover the low maintenance advantages of Everett’s 6 x 5 ft garden shed.

      Everett storehouses exhibit modern style displayed through their picturesque wooden guise of sandy fascia panels & chocolate coloured doors, destined to compliment most garden settings with pure finesse.

      Presuming an escape route to repeatable conserving tops the agenda concerning annual preservative re-coats of wood-stain & varnish, substituting rotting panels not forgetting the occasional replacement duty of disintegrated felted roofs found capping the majority of traditional wooden huts, Everett’s sidestep the hassles.

      Their composition based on polypropylene prevents weather decay meanwhile comprising UV additives armour the make-up to withstand sunburn aggression therefore they’re not susceptible to colours bleaching nor fractures occurring whilst under the influence of sun-heat pressures.

      Best bit regards their easygoing convenience to maintain the glamorous looks, we generally unreel the hose pipe & click in the shower adaptor, cleaning takes minutes, enjoyable too. Chalk & cheese compared to our previous dilemmas.

      Glad you found Everett’s review helpful Melissa, thank you,

  2. sequoiaman

    That is one beautiful shed. The idea of using polypropylene for sheds that has to withstand outdoor conditions is a very good idea. The prices aren’t bad at all considering they would be easier to put together and last a lot longer than a metal or wooden shed.
    I wonder if with a little bit of extra insulating, maybe where the joints come together you could achieve some type of “R” value to the sheds?
    The fact that it comes with a floor and two skylights with the kit, I think, makes this an exceptional value.

    • Simon

      Hi sequoiaman, I appreciate your time reading about the benefits Everett’s low maintenance garden sheds provide.

      Everett’s certainly exhibit a picturesque guise of enchantment, they are bonny sheds yet provide a useful & convenient solution for storing gardening equipment and out-of-the-home gear.

      Polypropylene assures weather defence owing to it’s decay resistant make-up meanwhile benefiting through the advantages of modern day manufacturing techniques, additives designed to combat sun-ray harm are mixed into the resin, assuring all-season armoury against the forces of nature deteriorating their composition.  

      I think Everett prices are pretty fair. Factor sheds are more competitive but lack the style and finishes Everett’s display meanwhile there are cheaper wooden and metal sheds but their endurance to long term weather attack reduces the more inexpensive their manufacture becomes. Asgard’s heavy-duty steel sheds on the other hand deliver superlative security but demand a higher price. Like the old adage, you get what you pay for.

      Assembling Suncast sheds is designed straightforward but make certain you are building from solid and level foundations, adhering aids assembly significantly further to ascertaining the construction stands perpendicular and functions precise door operations.

      The problem regarding the installation of insulation panels concerns how they would fix to resin walls, it’s not advisable to screw into plastic, you’d never accomplish a firm fix. If insulation is your objective I would suggest looking at Fusion’s composite sheds or Duotech’s Oakland range of storehouses, these two varieties cater for screwing into their walls for fixing shelves and mounting hanging hooks etc. 

      I do however agree with you with regards to internal climates, this obviously depends on what the shed’s intentions are for. During harsh winters outside storage facilities do generate cold interiors on account of their ventilation panels, yet these are critical to prevent clammy conditions developing condensation inside during Summer’s humid times.

      Yeah, the skylights accompanying the door windows illumine plenty of daylight into their lofty interiors meanwhile we’re a huge fan of integrated floors as they do maintain clean interiors, stopping drafts blowing debris and rainfall inside.

      Hope this helps you shed quest. Thanks again for dropping by,


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