Outdoor Deck Storage Boxes

Whether wishes are to create more space by organising the garage, tidy-up indoors or maintain a clean environment outdoor, deck storage boxes manufactured by Rubbermaid are specifically designed to serve this purpose.

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Outdoor Deck Storage Boxes

Outdoor Deck Storage Boxes

Three sizes make up the Rubbermaid deck box range, a regular, large and this article’s extra large deck box. There’s no disputing the quality represented through Rubbermaid’s name, a well favoured storage solution especially across America, accomplishing vast sales with very good feedback.

Displaying a light greyish-brown shade facade with white lid and base trim expresses modish eye appeal.

Internally it’s fairly large, able to occupy 120 gallon storage capacity whilst the weather-resistant manufacture maintains a dry internal space however the beauty lies within the easy-clean designed surface, it’s effortless to maintain the spotless appearance.

The inherent problem wood represents in a deck box design, the reason they’re seldom seen nowadays regards the flat lid design. A flat wooden base and lid will inevitably sit and occupy puddles being susceptible to decay whereas resin on the other hand provides weather defence, resisting rust, rot and decay.

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

The reason deck boxes are a fairly new entrant onto the market is due to ever evolving technical advancements in the way resin is molded into super stylish designs offering UV protection to prevent colour fade and cracking when subject to the sun whilst weather resistance ensures a dry internal atmosphere is maintained. There’s some very attractive storage facilities being produced nowadays.

No one ‘s suggesting they are fully waterproof like the resin surface is however due to their straightforward interlocking assembly if you immersed them in water they will leak yet they are specifically designed to keep storage safe and dry internally when subject to the weather elements.

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Prices:

Extra Large Deck Box - Great For Pool Supplies

Extra Large Deck Box – Great For Pool Supplies

Popular uses regarding this Rubbermaid Deck Box

This style of storage facility is so versatile, there’s an ever growing range of ideas regarding usage. Like one guy says, it’s ideal for his purpose, situated in the garage he empties his work gear every weekend to clear the car for family use.

A growing problem regarding new house designs in the UK, storage space at a premium. Accommodating gardening tools, lawn supplies and equipment outside is hugely beneficial whilst the same scenario relating to tight spaces represents apartments with balconies, offering outside storage accommodation whilst doubling up for seating is attracting interest.

Situated poolside harboring pool supplies is a well favoured low maintenance storage solution whilst enabling the quickest of garden tidy-ups where kids toys are concerned captivates a huge draw.

The most popular use for this Rubbermaid deck box is positioned on a patio or barbecue area.The stay-dry interior presents an ideal storage facility for cushions, seating fabrics and accessories.

The concept behind the flat lid design provides additional table services, the sturdy construction increases versatility delivering bench seating whilst inside storing BBQ equipment, grill accessories and cooking utensils.

Lately, reading through reviews it’s becoming increasingly prevalent to see 2 – 3 deck boxes occupying homeyards due to their versatility.

Rubbermaid Deck Box Prices:

The Versatile Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

The Versatile Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Rubbermaid Deck Box Manufacture

Rubbermaids construction regards a double walled lining of resin providing durability and weather-resistance benefitting with a design structure maintaining a dry internal space for protection of storage making this an ideal unit for storing delicate fabrics such as cushions and seating covers.

The molded resin provides the modish light greyish-brown and white top shade, the sublime appearance is unsusceptible to sun damage through UV protection thrown into the resin mix whilst trumpeting out resistance to internal moisture and inclement weather .

The maintenance-free make-up will not rust, rot or decay whilst the surface is effortless to maintain the pristine finish. A cloth in warm soapy water containing mild detergent simply wipes away marks and scuffs when the grime appears.

The sturdy dual walled lining provides added strength making it robust enough to combine storage accommodation with bench seating, able to occupy three adults sitting comfortably on top whilst the flat lid surface is specifically designed to serve as extra table space.

Rubbermaid Deck Box Prices:

Rubbermaids Sturdy Construction Supports 3 Adults

Rubbermaids Sturdy Construction Supports 3 Adults

Additional Features

Security-wise this deck box is lockable, 2 holes presented in the resin lid and body join together when closed enabling a padlock to be fitted to lock the unit. Padlock is not included.



Rubbermaids opening mechanism incorporates plastic hinges and straps to prevent the lid swinging right back. It’s essential these straps are fitted because if the lid swings all the way over, the plastic hinges may snap.

I’m quite surprised Rubbermaid haven’t incorporated gas shock pistons on their deck boxes. When inspecting new models entering the market including Keter, Lifetime and Suncast, gas shock pistons seem to be inclusive across their entire ranges.

Gas shock pistons aid lifting the heavy lid, offer a stay open position when fully opened and are child friendly due to preventing the lid slamming shut on hands. The lid weight regarding the expanse will hurt fingers if it slams down. Lifetime’s Extra Large Deck Box offers a similar size and construction to this Rubbermaid model and is inclusive of child friendly pistons, worth comparing if this is of primary concern.

Inside the deck box it is dividable but I’m not sure whether the basket, lid netting and divider seen in the photo below are included which has disappointed quite a few purchasers. I’m struggling finding the definitive answer because most purchasers have received them, guessing these may be optional extras dependant on the seller, I’m confused.

Alternatively there’s the option to fit your own wooden dividers out of plywood like other similar deck box manufacturers suggest however if they’re not included, why represent these in the photos?

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Prices:

Inside The Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Inside The Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Measurements

120 gallon storage capacity doesn’t represent much in terms of dimensions for most of us. Here’s the external measurements followed by the internal measurements presented within the screenshot below to work out whether these dimensions fit your desired location whilst accommodating your storage requirements.

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Measurements

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Measurements

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Measurements

Rubbermaid Deck Box Assembly

It’s important to note, a thorough read through the instructions is imperative to construct this deck box the correct way. Most manufacturers include an interlocking mechanism for assembling their deck boxes, it simplifies the process many fold however they all have a different interlocking technique.

I must admit I’m many times guilty of presuming I don’t need to inspect the instructions but if you read through reviews the ones who struggle assembling usually haven’t read the instructions correctly however most find assembly a snip and quite taken aback with Rubbermaid’s design, an ingenious method in the way the box interlocks into place providing a sturdy construction.

Household tools will construct, some find assembly a breeze where others have found the process more time consuming however the main consensus derives from the finished construction, serving just as described.

Rubbermaid Deck Box - Great for storing Gardening Equipment and Lawn Supplies

Rubbermaid Deck Box – Great for storing Gardening Equipment and Lawn Supplies

Advantages of this Rubbermaid Deck Box

  • Modern super sleek appearance
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Will not rust, rot or decay
  • Easy to clean surface
  • Versatile storage solution
  • Table top designed lid
  • Offers additional bench seating
  • Dry internal environment
  • Ideal to store cushions and seating fabrics
  • UV protection. Prevents fading and splitting
  • Receives very good feedback
  • One year limited warranty
  • Large internal storage capacity
  • Lid opens fully ajar
  • Endless storage potential
  • Destined to enhance any outdoor surroundings


  • Plastic hinges
  • Doesn’t include child friendly gas shock pistons
Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box

Final Verdict

This Rubbermaid Deck Box serves just as described, resisting weather decay, offers an effortless to clean surface whilst maintaining a dry internal space providing the favourable solution for storing delicate items such as patio seating cushions.

Combining an abundance of storage potential with a flat top lid to serve as a table whilst providing bench seating for three adults, the stylish design is destined to complement any outdoor space whether serving balcony and patio essentials, in a garage, around a pool harbouring pool supplies or serving the various ways sat on a BBQ deck, storage potential is quite immense.

Unfortunately there’s no gash shock pistons enabling easier access with stay open lid and child friendly design making competition quite fierce nowadays with the new designs entering the market however everything else is in place and serves just as described.

Rubbermaid Extra Large Deck Box Prices:

Rubbermaid Features


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      This style of storage facility creates an ideal store to harbour away homeworking equipment like your art tools, brushes and paints etc.

      Although these are described as boxes for decks their versatility stretches so much further for inside the home too as well as serving balcony accessories and garage tools etc.

      I know friends who store their fishing equipment, rock climbing gear, bed linen, etc and others who work from home like you and store their work equipment to maintain a more organised clean working environment.

      Like I mention in the article, this style of box is a fairly new entrant onto the market thanks to the technical evolvement in the way resin is molded, providing stylish looks, UV protection, weather-resistant make-up plus benefitting with seating ability and table top services, the reason for their versatility.

      Thanks again Livia. Good luck choosing your storage facility for your homework,


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