Large Outdoor Storage Sheds

Headlining reviews as the Superman of large outdoor storage sheds, Lifetime’s 11 ft wide facilities receive exceptional feedback for heavy duty construction, continuous weather-defence, low maintenance and stylistic attraction accompanied with a shed-load of features.

Large Outdoor Storage Sheds11 feet wide results in a huge roof-span therefore Lifetime have additionally shored-up this range with a metal truss system under-girding the top providing auxiliary reinforced support meanwhile a steel infrastructure fortifies the walls, embracing all-round construction strength.

Combining strength with attraction regards the simplicity of cleaning attained through a polyethylene composition. Retaining resistance to weather depreciation pulls the plug on future conserving leaving the minimalist role of an effortless wash down for maintenance.

Disillusioned with re-servicing rotting structures on a yearly cycle motivated our departure from the wooden shed world. Opting for a structure wrapped in resin nowadays entails the simple operation of a pressure-hose down, reviving appearances without delay.

Lifetime 11 x 11

Assuming 11 x 11 feet dimensions serve your outdoor storage needs along with a large enough plot size to construct, Lifetime’s 11 ft width group is worthy of a full inspection. If extra depth is preferred, expansions of 2.5 ft lengths are catered for; extending from 11 feet up to 26 ft long, a total of 7 sheds fulfil this group.

Completely wrapped in polyethylene provides all-season weather-defence. Exhibiting wooden looks shaded in delightful desert-sand, topped off with single style roof panels, swing-open windows and air-vents conclude the modern vision meanwhile internally is bright & fresh containing a built-in floor designed to subsist challenging pressures.

Accommodation room spanning 11 x 13.5 feet represents the next size up whereas Shed Ranges displays Lifetime’s rivals.

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Shed

Manufacturer:  Lifetime

Model:  6433

Size:  11 ft x 11 ft

Verdict:  Super-Strong

Colour:  Desert-Sand

#Feature:  Heavy-Duty

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All-Embracing Features

Mighty fine features promote this facility into the top echelon of the garden shed league, substantially manufactured to accommodate extra storage and for the purpose of delivering weather-resistance.

Topping the shed off with stylish slate effect roof panels, a super pitch effectuates instant rainwater drainage meanwhile assuring confidence regarding strength for weighty snowfall is determined by a reinforced steel beamed system stretching out across the internal width of the rafters.

Steel reinforced elegant designed walls sheets radiate their sandy tinge meanwhile polyethylene’s rot resistance ensures armoury against weather deterioration further to comprising a jiffy-to-clean surface.

Skylights up-above, classy swing windows and built-in air vents convey light & freshness to the interior whilst twin burly double doors generate ease of access.

Inside the shed, an integral floor champions a clean environment meanwhile the resin make-up constitutes additional toughening to survive rigorous storage stresses.

Included with this model regards shelving, quality door fixings & hardware, not forgetting enhanced window features; all of which this review will soon elaborate on.

Large Outdoor Storage Sheds - Lifetime 11 x 11 ft

Accomplishing Excellence through Feedback

Feedback promotes this construction to high degree, emphasising how the well bolstered steel infrastructure provides overall stability and the way in which the low-maintenance manufacture is craftily molded to fashionably create Lifetime’s modish presentation.

Assembly comes across fairly straightforward, requiring two people to construct albeit the build takes on average 8 hours to complete. Previous assemblers advise to slowly work through the exact order of instructions, implementing what’s shown.

Initially we were ignorant towards situating a resin shed on a perfectly levelled solid substrate, surprisingly most sales sites fail to mention this stipulation. Wood, concrete including asphalt determine the correct foundations however recommendations for 11 ft sq dimensions suggest solidity suchlike concrete improves endurance.

Although our construction suffered a week’s delay on account of preparing the advised foundations, we generated an efficient assembly due to the plumb stance delivering swift panel alignment. A straightforward process results from level footings plus the floors subsistence to heavy duty demands pays dividends if the base is solid.

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Well Braced Construction

The imperative measure to undertake when designing a garden shed incorporating an 11 feet width span is to provide a substantial infrastructure to support the roof expanse. Lifetime’s design incorporates 4 A-Frame steel beams within this 11 footer stretching out across the internal apex roof structure reinforcing the top with bolstered support.

We departed interest in single walled structures in fear of whether they’d hold up to unstable weather conditions. Lifetime’s blueprint regards a high density twin-walled polyethylene composition reinforced with a steel infrastructure to ascertain overall construction stability.

Included with this stalwart construction concerns an integral floor, purposely fortified to subsist the pressures of tractor weights meanwhile twin broad double doors comprising a double layer of resin incorporate an internal steel structure thereby enhancing security to which the padlock clasp secures to.

4 A-frame steel trusses support the roof of this sturdy shed

Dual-Walled Polyethylene Facade Panels

Shimmering desert-sandy tones through the molding creation resembles a wooden structure composed into horizontal panel formation embossed with textured grain, designed to parade a visually appealing presence to complement home-yard surroundings.

The walls manufacture constitutes High Density Polyethylene, manufactured into a chunky composition meanwhile conjointly embracing support fortifies a steel infrastructure that secures the sheets together during assembly with high grade metal screws.

Polyethylene doesn’t harm the environment and is 100% re-usable. A weatherproof material that remains unsusceptible to decay results in a low-maintenance future however the beauty also lies within the resin surface, a pressure hose down or a wash with detergent regards the only upkeep necessary to spotlessly maintain.

Embracing innovative technical advances, Lifetime blend UV protection elements into the polyethylene manufacture to resist bleaching and splitting when subject to hot sunshine. Whether stood in the sun, damp, rain or snow the facade is armoured to resist weather deterioration.

Lifetime 11 ft x 11 ft Wall Conformation

The Convenience of a Resin Roof

When deciding to replace our previous rotting wood hut, another felted roof structure rather put us off. Cravings for a capping of resin were our desires, putting an end to future roof replacements an all associated hassles.

A constitution of polyethylene structures Lifetime roofs. Resistant to decay and impervious to rainwater assures a conservation-free future where roofing is concerned.

This resin manufacture moulds the roof sheets into a twinned walled conformation. The outer-face represents shingle styling, an attractive slate effect appearance that stylishly crowns the shed.

An 11 ft roof-span is an expansive stretch therefore Lifetime further reinforce support courtesy of A-frame steel beams extending the breadth of the apex. This shed comprises 4 steel trusses, the larger the model, more steel trusses intersect to bolster reinforcements.

This roof overlaps the walls to prevent water running inside where they connect. A high pitch effectuates instantaneous rainfall drainage further to returning a sweep of spacious headroom expanse inside. There’s over 7 feet from the A-frame beams to the floor, not forgetting the room above.

Polyethylene Resin Roof Manufacture

Integral Floor Benefits

The main advantage a built-in floor provides for our concerns relates to upholding a clean internal environment on account of the interlocking method the walls have with the floor thereby eliminating gaps present at their connection. Blockading debris from blowing inside prevents waves of leaves piling the floor around Autumn’s fall.

Lifetime floors are built-in, their makeup embodies a polyethylene manufacture molded into a thickset anti-slip base. The hefty material constitutes toughening elements to subsist pressures associated with accommodating hefty gear and caters for tractor support.

It’s worth noting, the hard-wearing floor requires solid foundations underneath to survive weighty traffic stresses.

The floor’s make-up is impermeable and not susceptible to rot, resulting in no deterioration whether the shed’s subject to sitting in damp, hot or cold climates meanwhile stain resistance to oil and solvent spillages enables an easy wash & mop.

Alike every plastic shed, Lifetime advise to establish firm anchorage from the floor onto the solid substrate beneath.

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Heavy-Duty Built-In Floor

Inside this Voluminous 11 Footer

Facing air-vents built-in front and back deliver the advantageous remedy to combat clammy conditions by generating a throughput of freshness to circulate the interior. Replacing a sweaty ambience with fresh air highly improves a preserved atmosphere for storage.

This 11 ft shed incorporates two polycarbonate windows that swing open with a latch & lock mechanism meanwhile two large skylights positioned within the roof combine to illuminate daylight brightness to the interior.

Air Vents create a consistent fresh ambience

Air Vents create a consistent fresh ambience

Included regards a customizable shelving system for small storage items, consisting of five 30 x 10″ shelves, two 30 x 14″ shelves and two 16″ peg-strips with metal hooks for hanging gardening tools against the walls. There’s also the option of using the A-frame steel beams for storing long implements.

Many opt to accompany Lifetime’s shelves with stand-alone shelving purchased from local DIY stores for accommodating an abundance of weighty storage thus taking advantage of the lofty internals. Potential’s quite generous owing to the 11 ft width, capable of housing a bank of free-standing shelves to one-side, at the back or both.

Some of the popular storage services involve accommodating gardening equipment, extendable ladders & long handled tools including lengthy parasols, barbecue gear, patio furniture & accessories, parking bikes, lawn mowers, sit-on-mowers and mobility scooters plus a fab facility to harbour & organise kids toys.

Inside the Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Shed

Extensive User-Friendly Access

Notice how the doors swing right back in the image above creating broad access, making a doddle out of carting storage in and out whilst wheeling in heavy lawnmowers becomes quite effortless compared with the sliding alternatives.

Lifetime doors are reinforced with a metal infrastructure to which the padlock clasp secures thereby increasing security towards the metal sheds standard.

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Sturdy Lockable doors

Polyethylene manufactured into a double skinned robust structure representing a wood-grain panelled feature constitutes the doors make-up meanwhile the brown tint exhibits attractive two-tone charm against the desert-sand.

Unlike wooden doors, polyethylene resists weather-decay meanwhile stabilised through UV armoury assures shade protection preventing sunburn distortion and fractures.

Functioning the doors swing, steel hinge pins run the entirety of the doors length, galvanising defends against corrosion. Large grip-handles with a button press top operate the metal latch to enable opening.

To combat door damages in windy weather, the left hand door can be kept shut by sliding two deadbolts situated top and bottom into grooves on the internal side.

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Quality Resin Shed

Maintenance Convenience

Generally we connect the shower adaptor to the hosepipe and spray our shed down once the dirt materialises. A job that takes minutes & results are instant, fetching back the shine.

Ingrained marks are swiftly removed using a soft brush in hot soapy water containing white vinegar. I’m sure many other washing detergents accomplish the same results.

The roof does not succumb to disintegration, the facade is immune from rotting whilst the floor will not decay regards polyethylene’s resistance to weather attack meanwhile rust corrosion is prevented by powder-coating the internal steel infrastructure.

Lifetime cater for chucking away those old tins of varnish, replacing conservation headaches & roof replacements with the simplicity of a wash.

Low Maintenance 11 x 11 ft Lifetime Shed

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Measurements

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Measurements

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Measurements

Systematic Assembly Process

The important factor to take on board with regards to building large resin structures is to locate on levelled ground comprising a solid substrate suchlike concrete, tarmac or asphalt etc.

Levelling determines a perpendicular standing for the panels to efficiently align plumb, the doors function becomes precise whist a skewiff stance is avoided on account of the roof expanse applying equal weight to all storehouse sides.

Sitting on a solid substructure suchlike concrete is recommended for executing rigid anchorage and to ascertain the endurance of tractor stresses.

This video below provides clear instructions of how a Lifetime shed is constructed. Worth watching prior to assembly.

This 11 footer entails a two person assembly and takes approximately 8 hours to complete although we all go at different speeds. Household tools construct meanwhile a step ladder and room around the entire shed is required for fitting the roof.

Assembling a Typical Lifetime Shed


Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Attractive design enhances garden settings
  • Heavy duty 11 ft square shed
  • Resists weather deterioration
  • Elementary to maintain a pristine appearance
  • Apex roof drainage system
  • Elevated interior headroom
  • Wide double door access
  • Shelving system included
  • Built-in floor determines a debris-free interior
  • Strengthened floor endures demanding pressures
  • 11 x 11 feet accommodates an abundance of gear
  • Ventilation system distributes fresh air
  • Skylights and windows illuminate daylight
  • Swing windows open for extra ventilation
  • Reinforced powder-coated steel A-frame roof supports
  • Two person assembly
  • 10 years Lifetime 11 ft warranty cover
  • Certain to complement any home-yard’s garden


  • Levelled footings are a requirement
  • Station Lifetime sheds on an unyielding substrate
  • Accomplish sturdy anchorage
  • Shelf-system is only suitable for small-medium items
  • Contemplate the installation of stand-alone shelving

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Storage Shed

11 ft Weatherproof Shed Competition

Converting to a weather-resistant style of garden shed regards the favoured approach to circumvent the pitfalls of conservation headaches therefore competition has gained traction.

Shed Sizes represents Lifetime’s rivalry, suchlike these spacious alternatives:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft

Tremont’s picturesque 13 ft expanse

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

Oakland’s 11 ft Rustic Guise

Lifetime 8 x 15 ft Shed

Lifetime’s Unblemished 15 ft appearance

Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Shed

Final Opinion

Lifetime’s 11 ft sq resin shed exhibits modern styling meanwhile the durable composition is armoured with weather-resistance thereby providing outdoor storage preservation.

Favoured attraction concerning the 11 ft stretch regards the well-bolstered A-frame roof structure under-girding support, the way the high apex pitch fulfils immediate rainwater drainage besides generating a lofty internal ceiling expanse and the broad access through the lockable double door entry system.

The combination of the built-in floor, air vents, skylights and windows aid to create a user-friendly preserved environment, a 10 year limited warranty provides confidence whilst the low maintenance advantage places the cherry on the top.

It’s so easy to keep clean!

View Lifetime 11 x 11 ft Shed Prices


Hopefully Lifetime’s large outdoor storage sheds have inspired weatherproof confidence.

Share your favoured spacious storehouse construction below.

Appreciate your time,


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  1. Christina

    This article really gives an enormous amount of great information about the 11-foot Lifetime shed. My husband and I recently bought a new home and our storage is limited.
    These look like they are the right size and a lot of the features we have been looking for. You pointed to one of the cons being the leveled footing requirement. Most of the ground here is pretty flat but where we would like to place the shed has a slope. I would not say it is significant but you can visually see it. Would this require a foundation to be built or would leveling it out with a cement pad be enough?
    One other question. Having electricity to the shed is something else we would like to add. Is it fairly simple to run power to this type of shed?
    Thank you.

    • Simon

      Hi Christina,

      I remember when we first built a shed and accommodated all our outside gear inside, what a difference it made. We’d loads of storage space indoors to utilise plus roomy enough to open the car doors in the garage without knocking stuff against the walls, sheds really do serve as a space creator.

      It’s imperative for a shed 11 ft sq to situate on solid foundations such as concrete, paving, asphalt or tarmac as inside is going to be accommodating a ton of weight thereby a substrate that’s not going to cause subsidence is key to prevent a future tilted shed.

      I would recommend laying a material suchlike concrete at least 2″ thick for these dimensions. I have heard of assemblers who originally constructed large sheds on wooden platforms wished they had chosen concrete or paving because over time their flooring started to give, so I highly suggest a concrete type of substrate.

      A levelled base is also very important. During construction the panels align at ease from level foundations plus this creates a perpendicular stance which in return delivers vertical door architraves which work the doors swing precisely.

      Yeah, I can’t emphasise solid and level enough here, especially for an 11 ft sq shed, highly important.

      We never bothered installing electrics but many people do however make sure a qualified electrician installs unless you understand the process.

      Strangely enough, I’ve just reviewed Gladiator’s 7 x 7 ft heavy duty weatherproof steel shed which are available in longer lengths in the UK however they install grommet holes for feeding wires through the shed walls, provide eyelets for organising wires neatly inside and have mounting plates drilled for accommodating the most common types of double sockets to enable quick installations. Asgard are finding an increasing number of people are desiring electrics installed nowadays so they deliver the set-up.

      Hope this helps Christina,


  2. Marvin Nguyen

    We currently looking for a storage shed to put in my house backyard and then we found your post about Lifetime shed.
    The price and the quality seems so attractive that I really want to spend all my tax-refund money on this shed.
    One small question though: can I paint this shed the color I want? Do you think it will affect the quality of the shed ? Or will the color stay on the shed ?
    Again, thanks for such an informative post !

    • Simon

      Hi Marvin,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving a message.

      When comparing these Lifetime sheds with really good quality wooden sheds, they are reasonable however the beauty lies within their weather resistant makeup and their easy to clean surface.

      These 11 ft wide sheds are strong sheds, extra steel reinforcements have been included by virtue of a steel truss system to further support the roof as the roof span is a fair stretch. Great quality with a whole boat load of quality finishes.

      Unfortunately they are not paintable. If you want to add a splash of colour and brighten up your garden take a look at these Keter Oakland sheds. They have purposely designed this range to be paintable, the first of its kind for a resin shed and they do receive excellent feedback.

      They have all the same low maintenance benefits, weather defence facade, built strong to withhold heavy snowfall just like this Lifetime shed.

      The range consist of a 7.5 width. 3 sheds make up the range with varying depths. 7.5 ft, 9 ft and 11 ft depths complete the range.

      Take a look here, this is the largest Oakland shed, slightly smaller however maybe of interest:

      Hope this helps and good luck choosing,


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