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The prospect of clearing the home from all outdoor storage in an organised fashion and accommodating in an 8 x 10 plastic shed is a vision shared by many desires to overcome nightmares at the thought of repetitive future maintenance with regards to traditional structures. Suncast Tremont delivers the alternative.

8 x 10 Plastic Shed - Suncast TremontBreaking free from the frustrations of yearly upkeep duties and switching for a resin style to harbor away all our outdoor stuff has delivered Tracy & I more time to enjoy UK’s rare sunny days, we’re pleased to say. Resin’s beauty regards escaping the inconvenience of decay and all associated tasks involved to conserve.

If thoughts are to walk down the same avenue we strolled and 8 feet x 10 feet dimensions wrapped in stylish decay-free resin headline your bucket list, take a tour around Suncast’s version. He’s called Tremont and delivers an impressive set of advantages.

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10

A modish attraction designed to enhance any garden with delectable style is expressed through the shade of Tremont’s vanilla facade, complementing the stoney tint of the doors whilst topped off with an attractive slate effect roof. The entire facility has a modern appearance, backed up with the durability resin provides.

The Tremont family consist of identical frontage dimensions, the same doors, features and width throughout the entire range with lengths moving up in 3 ft sizes across the group.

This Tremont size lies in the centre of the range, the size below regards 8 x 7 feet dimensions whilst the baby of the family spans 8 ft x 4 ft measurements presenting a narrow depth that serves and looks sublime on any patio.

Moving up the range lies the three feet larger dimensions of the spacious 13 ft model leading up to the vastness of the Big Daddy, extending sixteen feet in length.

Visit the images page of plastic sheds grouped within their manufacturers ranges. Various styles & sizes with low-maintenance spearheading their designs.

Manufacturer:  Suncast

Model:  Tremont BMS 8100

Size:  8 ft x 10 ft

Tremont Shed Prices:

Verdict:  Well Favoured

Colour:  Vanilla / Stony

#Feature:  Resists Rot and Decay

Features of the Medium Sized Tremont

There’s plenty of positives that inspired me to write a review on this medium to large sized marvel:

The Tremont range boast the positive advantages regarding a totally weatherproof resin facade, roof, floor and doors whilst the structure is shored up with steel reinforcements providing enhanced stability.

Tremont's Mid-Range Shed

Tremont’s Mid-Range Shed

Apex in design provides the huge advantage when subject to rainfall. Double doors fulfil superior access in contrast to sliders whilst Tremont’s floors are fortified to sustain the burden when rolling in the weight of a drive-on mower.

Inside, the generous height serves easy movement advantages, windows & skylights infiltrate daylight whilst air vents ensure the interior’s atmosphere is kept pleasant & fresh, demanded for storage preservation.

The generous 8 x 10 footprint equates to 574 cubic feet thanks to the added value the height delivers, there’s over 8ft headroom in this facility.

Whether storage purposes are for gardening equipment, long handled tools,, ladders, patio furniture and accessories, parking bikes, barbecue paraphernalia, kids toys, etc, this facility is tailored to serve storage needs.

Tremont’s Medium Sized Facility Prices:

8 feet x 10 feet Suncast Tremont

Feedback Regarding This Mid-size Shed

Tremont’s accomplish gaining quite remarkable feedback, purchasers express their delight how the modish neutral tones harmonise their garden surroundings.

Happy comments all round relative to the weatherproof and durable composition whilst elated how dry inside maintains.

Inside Tremont's Facility

Some people prefer Lifetime whilst others prefer Suncast’s design & credentials. I must admit I was quite taken aback reading through reviews how many purchasers have opted to invest in a 2nd Tremont for their garden, there’s assurance.

Although there’s an abundance of screws required to erect this facility and instructions have confused a few leading to the odd negative, Suncast’s Easy Bolt Assembly has delighted the ones that prepared their foundations as stipulated, this is the critical component.

Initially we were unaware of the foundation guidelines yet something we decided to abide by after reading the instruction warnings. Okay we were held up with assembly but resulted in a pleasant construction without issues, this remains the most important factor with regards to erecting a plastic shed. The majority who conform generally take time to write fab reviews.

More about preparing the precise substrate in Assembly towards the foot of the page.

Video – Suncast Tremont


Sturdy Build Quality

When deciding to move into this resin style we looked for a sturdy structure, not interested in the single skinned cheaper alternatives our attention turned towards the double skinned constructions. This model resembles our choice of sturdy structure.

The dual walled facade increases structural strength to form a stalwart construction, tied together internally by a steel infrastructure.

The resin roof panels join together through steel reinforcements further shored up by a metal truss system, a sequence of steel beams running across the apex rafters.

The doors combine a multi-layered skin furnished with quality metal hardware ensuring a robust operated entrance whilst the floor’s mix is purposely strengthened, designed for tractor support. Wheeling in, driving in and storing heavy items is Suncast’s incentive, Tremont’s deliver.

Tremonts Reinforced Steel Structured Supports

Multi-Layered Skin Composition

We decided to choose a more fashionable approach for garden storage. Wishing to relegate upkeep duties in yesterday’s cupboard our theories concentrated on finding a substantial build to stand up to the pressures of adverse weather, one that looks fairly impressive, immune to weather aggression and minimalist to clean, this article’s prerogative.

Appearance-wise, the facade gleams with pride, the polypropylene make-up exhibits the distinct look of wood, molded into a panelled display harboring textured grain characteristics. The two-tone colours express a vanilla tint for the walls and stoney shade for the doors.

Albeit new appearances looks pristine, it can easily be kept that way, simply by washing it down. A stand-back pressure-wash is the majority’s preferred option, a hose-pipe shower is ours whilst shifting deep-seated muck that gets within the grain requires a bit of elbow grease & a mild brush. A splash of detergent into bucket of warm water usually does the trick. White vinegar regards our favourite cleaning solution.

Tremont Shed Wall Construction

The multi-skinned structure is as sturdy as it is stylish, manufactured through a blow molding process enhances strength whilst evolving through recent technological advances now blesses this range with UV protection, so no cracking or fading in the sun will cause the glamorous appearance to diminish.

During assembly, the walled panels interlink with each other, at the same time interlock with the base, align & fasten into place around the steel infrastructure with Suncast’s resin screws. The construction’s plumb alignment is simplified by erecting from level footings.

This type of facade presents no hurdles with decay peeling hiccups nor rust problems, it’s virtually free from maintenance. Chuck away those old tins of wood stain, only a wash down is required, the reason they’re capturing plenty of attention, boasting the extra green bonus of being recyclable.

Tremont 8 x 10 Plastic Shed

Impervious Roof Composition

I’m a huge fan of an Apex designed roof, a steep angled peak assures a rapid drainage system when the clouds open. Suncast design their sheds with excellent high angled peaks, amongst the best on the market.

A polypropylene manufacture molded & shaded into shingle style roof panels creates smart slate effect tiling. Tremont’s multiple layered roof panels deliver robustness whilst their durable composition endures continuing weather stresses, crowning Tremont’s off with a predominant protective structure.

The roof sheets fasten to the metal framework that’s further shored up by a set of strengthened beams stretching across the apex internal width, fortifying the top.

Another positive regarding a steep angled roof is the reciprocation of a generous internal height. There’s no bending over when inside and no restricted feeling either due to the 8 ft internal ridge height these roofs create.

Additionally, Suncast’s roof advantage relates to the way it protrudes beyond the facade’s edge. Couple the steep angle with the overlap, there’s no puddling of rainwater, combating water stagnating and finding a way inside where the roof unites with the walls.

The Waterproof, Durable and Well Supported Tremont Roofs

Advantage of a Built-In Floor

Initially a built-in floor is what snatched our attention towards the resin kind, especially in contrast to the metal variety where it’s uncommon to find this feature. Notably, by eliminating gaps around the perimeter base the interior doesn’t present damp patches, no flurries of leaves pile the shed floor plus it blocks pests from invading the premises.

The impressive characteristics when purchasing a shed of this calibre regards the manufacture of a heavyset resin bed, purposely designed to ride-out the stresses of wheeling-in and storing substantial equipment whilst stocky enough to endure tractor pressures.

There’s no chance of the floor rotting away due to the chunky polypropylene make-up however the longevity of continuous strain will only suffice if a solid flat substrate is laid below.

The floor comes in sheet form, interlinking with accompanying panels whilst interlocking with the walls, encasing the base. Ensuring a wheeling-in breeze of hefty storage upon entry is by virtue of a sloped threshold positioned at the doors entrance.

Anchor placements sunk into the floor regard the fixing positions for securing the shed onto the ground below to safeguard against storms thus increasing wind-defence.

Heavy Duty Built-In Floor - Keeps Storage Clean

Inside this Medium Size Facility

Step inside and you’re presented with a decent height stretching in excess of 8 feet due to the steep apex structure up above. Overcoming a hemmed-in feeling, it’s lofty & airy due to the 6 skylights & door windows delivering oceans of daylight. Tremont’s are absent from wall-windows however I think this intensifies construction stability.

Oceans of Storage Space

Oceans of Storage Space

8 ft width accompanied by 10 feet in length plus the generous height equates to 574 cubic feet, occupying an abundance of storage room. Two corner shelves are included with a choice of 8 places to install.

Unfortunately, additional shelving kits are optional extras however the popular vote is to make use of the plenteous volume of storage height by organising gear on free-standing shelves and large plastic stacking boxes. This solution’s become a firm favourite for many resin shed owners, us included.

Another huge benefit with this modern-day resin construction regards how the built-in air vents situated on the frontage and rear create & distribute fresh air to circulate around inside abolishing yesteryear’s sweaty atmosphere, associated with plastic’s early entrants.

Air Vents Provide A Fresh Environment - Skylights Let Daylight To Flood In

Sturdy & Quality Door Features

Double doors were high on our bucket list, last thing we wanted to be presented with was difficult access. Twin doors that open wide is the triumphant measure Tremont sheds accomplish with their easy entry and exit solution where transporting storage is concerned.

Robust doors combining a double skinned composition of polypropylene resin molded to display a wooden effect presented in a stoney shade provide the same weatherproof and rot-resistant benefits the walls behold.

The doors operation regards traditional handles, accompanied by a metal through-bolt establishes their closure. A clasp incorporating a hole fits a padlock to secure.

Tremont's Robust Lockable Doors Deliver Easy Access

Two metal latches incorporate the internal side of the front facing left door delivering a permanent closure, imperative to safeguard against swinging in windy days. The latches slide into channels within the top architrave and floor inside the shed.

Latches Ensure The Left Door Can Be Kept Shut

The doors contain fashionable squared effect windows allowing natural daylight to enter the premises in addition to the 6 skylights in the roof. Close the door behind and a light atmosphere presents.

Providing a smooth opening and closure, Suncast doors contain 3 metal hinges on each door delivering quality access in and out of these sheds.

Windows in the Doors allow for Natural Light

Trumpeting Out Low Maintenance Benefits

If wishes are for a virtually maintenance-free future where storage sheds are concerned, Tremont’s welcome you to modern day living.

We adore the quick wash-down duty plastic sheds represent rather than the constant yearly maintenance issues our last wooden facility entailed. There’s no rotting wood to deal with, no re-painting rusting metal, no re-staining weathered wood and no re-roofing jobs either.

All what’s required is a quick light pressure-hose down for the main part and a bit of scrubbing when dirt becomes ingrained. That’s the maintenance job done – It really is this simple.

BMS8100 – 8 feet x 10 feet Measurements

Suncast Tremont BMS8100 - 8 X 10 ft Shed Measurements

Download the detailed dimensions:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Resin Shed

Straightforward Assembly Procedure

Preparing the correct foundations are the imperative measure to undertake when constructing a plastic/resin shed. Foundations can be wood, concrete or paving however the importance is to ensure the base is solid, level and not stood in a future flood.

We adhered to the rules and accomplished a pleasurable build just like the adverts suggest because the panels line up at ease with regards to the walls and roof, simply because you’ve started off on level footings which also aids correct alignment of the doors, hence their true swing yet just as important, aids to accomplish a vertical stance.

The other essential ingredient is having levelled solidity laid below with regards to anchorage and enhancing the survival rate of the resin floor. It’s specifically designed hard-wearing and will serve accordingly if these rules are complied with.

Suncast constructions are built using a supplied Easy Bolt Driver through a process termed Easy Bolt Technology where resin screws are driven into the infrastructure to secure the panels.

They take two people to construct, a step ladder & space around the perimeter is necessary to enable fitting the roof. There’s one heck of a load of screws but there ain’t a shed on the market that doesn’t require them unless you opt for progressively favoured mini shed versions. Take your time, what’s the rush!

Assembly instructions for this mid-range shed 

Tremont Easy Bolt Assembly

A Quick Assembly Demo


Pros and Cons of this Medium-Sized Shed


  • Stylish, modern appearance, complements any garden
  • Sturdy structure
  • Apex roof delivers quick drainage of rainwater
  • 2 Windows, 6 skylights allow for natural daylight
  • Poly-carbonate windows & skylights
  • Air vents keep the interior fresh
  • Easy bolt driver assembly
  • Double doors provide excellent access
  • Generous height internally
  • Room for an abundance of storage solutions
  • UV stabilised prevents bleaching and cracking in the sun
  • A spotless interior derives from a built-in floor
  • Floor is strengthened for heavy duty purposes
  • Resists weather-rot and decay
  • Weatherproof & durable make-up
  • Super easy-to-clean


  • Imperative, solid level foundations are prepared
  • Consider stand alone shelving, accessories are optional extras
  • Anchor Tremonts down onto the ground

Suncast's Spacious Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

8 x 10 feet Resin Shed Competition

Competition is getting pretty fierce these days regarding the plastic shed variety. There’s some wonderful low maintenance resin sheds rolling onto the market.

Take the visual tour of shed sizes here:

Here’s a few round about this size:

Lifetime 60005, 8 x 10 ft Shed

Lifetime’s Favourable solution:

Keter Fusion 759

Fusion’s Composite Make-up:

Keter Oakland 7511

Oakland’s Customisation:

Keter Factor 8 x 11

Factor’s Competitive Edge:

8 x 10 Plastic Shed

Lifetime’s Most Popular:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Low Maintenance Shed

Final Verdict

Tremont’s mid-range facility is a popular choice in the USA, mainly due to Suncast’s establishment however traction for demand is slowly growing in the UK.

It’s a favoured choice with regards to the popular dimensions spanning 8 ft width by 10 ft depth and generous height, designed to serve outdoor storage solutions with such glamour. It’s attractive modern stance certainly tempts many purchasers plus it’s stamped the ground with impressive feedback.

Weather-resistant and durable without the upkeep duties wooden sheds represent is the main draw whilst the quick job of a wash down when dirty favours most in this time consuming world. Reason they’re becoming so popular.

Tremont 8 x 10 ft Prices:

Suncast Tremont Storage Solutions

Thanks for inspecting Suncast’s popular medium range shed.

Any queries? Please ask away in the box below. I’ll try and find the answers.

Thanks again,


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  1. Melinda Curle

    I enjoyed your website. It gave me a good look at comparing the different quality plastic sheds. I have not made a decision to purchase a shed, but it is nice to know that someone took the time to compare a bunch of different ones. I thought that it was good that you pointed out the benefits of having a plastic shed. Some of them I hadn’t thought of before. Best wishes!

    • Simon

      Hi Melinda,

      Thanks for visiting and having a stroll around.

      We’ve gathered a huge range of low maintenance sheds for visitors to inspect to aid their decision prior to purchase. From the most competitive to the fairly extravagant, the smallest of styles to the huge walk-in varieties. This Tremont 8 x 10 ft shed lies mid-way.

      The benefits really are their ease of maintenance compared with the cheaper wooden varieties. They side-step conservation issues regarding re-coats of varnish & paint, re-roofing projects and problems associated with rot & decay. 

      All what’s required on the whole is a wash down to maintain their gleam, many use a light pressure-wash, we use a hose-pipe fitted with a shower nozzle & simply spray the facade down.

      This type of make-up epitomises the ease of modern-day outdoor living rather than being constrained to maintenance year on year.

      Thanks again Melinda,


  2. Holden Diffner

    A few months ago I had a plastic shed similar to this one, and it was trash! The roof cracked under just a foot of snow and leaked when the snow began to melt. Later, we tried storing a firewood pile in it but the walls bowed and bent under the weight of the wood. This shed would be a much better choice than that flimsy thing!

    But, I have to ask, how much snow can the tremont hold up against? We have gotten quite a bit (a little more than two feet) in the past. Thanks!

    • Simon

      Hi Holden,

      Yeah, this is the problem with the varying qualities on offer within the plastic, wood and metal range of sheds on the market.

      The snow-load weight this Tremont shed can hold is 20 pounds per square foot, a tad short of the Keter Oakland’s roof strength which is 100kg per sq. metre, described as ultra strong whereas the wind resistance regarding this Tremont is 73 miles per hour. Hope this provides the answers to your query.

      Here at Quality Plastic Sheds, we only concentrate on low maintenance sheds with sturdy structures which entails a double skinned wall and roof reinforced around a steel infrastructure and truss system adding stability to their overall strength.

      Similar to wooden sheds where the choice is the cheaper option of high maintenance flimsy wooden panels as opposed to a low maintenance pressure treated cedar shed, the price difference is huge, flimsy wooden sheds are cheap whereas cedar sheds are mightily expensive hence the move onto the market with the metal and plastic variety of ranges to counteract price problems.

      I must admit it staggers me how some of the cheap flimsy plastic sheds hold up to the weather elements, so many are ultra lightweight without sufficient roof supports which will only lead to future problems like you’ve encountered coping with adverse weather.

      Hope this helps Holden and thanks for leaving your message,


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