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If you’re scouring the market looking through the many varieties of plastic sheds 8×8 ft in size wishing to substitute rotting issues with the admirable ease of an effortless light spray down to maintain the gleam, this page compares these dimensions with the benefits resin beholds.

Plastic Sheds 8x8

Plastic Sheds 8×8

8ft x 8ft is one popular size of storage shed, they fit many garden plots, accommodate a large amount of outdoor gear enabling clearing the home and garage from a whole host of outdoor stuff creating more room indoors.

Conserving a wooden shed demands the yearly services of re-staining, re-varnishing and re-painting whilst forthcoming re-roofing is inevitable in the near term future due to the decaying nature roofing felt succumbs to. Resin enables ditching upkeep duties and the hassle they represent.

Resin provides sustenance against weather attack, it doesn’t rot, rust or decay making it completely weather-resistant however the beauty lies within the surface, the undemanding process of a simple wash down rejuvenates assembly day’s appearance in minutes.

Resin Shed Selection Criteria

The selection presented below reviews quality plastic sheds proximate to 8×8 ft measurements, receiving outstanding feedback whilst conforming to the following requirements:

Harboring a chunky dual walled resin facade reinforced with a steel infrastructure, excellent yet well supported roof drainage system, integrated air-vents and floor with supplementary strength to cope with challenging pressures, a light and airy internal atmosphere with a generous height whilst an attractive yet easy-clean surface destined to complement any garden surroundings is paramount.

The resin manufacture regarding all these reviewed sheds have undergone UV stabilization processes resisting future discolouration and cracking when subject to the sun.

A link to a full review regarding each shed is provided for more detailed information including additional images, videos representing their features and internal measurements etc.

Before we get the wheels in motion I would like to mention the foundation ruling all resin sheds have to comply with, this is seldom mentioned on sales sites yet is imperative for assembly, stance and construction that’s best not overlooked. Wood or concrete laid perfectly level provide ideal foundations.

Solid level foundations are essential for these reasons:

  • A level base eliminates leaning pressures
  • Level foundations ensure the panels align plumb for a quick efficient build
  • Doors line up correctly, aided from levelled ground
  • A solid substructure determines the floor survives heavy duty pressures
  • Always increase stability by anchoring the shed down into the foundations

Those who prepare their foundations accordingly generally take time to provide first-rate feedback through reviews whereas skipping this step leads to struggles during assembly and afterwards. Preparation is key to accomplish a straightforward construction.

Hope you find inspiration from these 8×8 ft quality resin sheds. Let’s compare:

Keter Factor 8ft x 8ft

Keter’s Factor range of low maintenance storage facilities has acclaimed to the high league of worldwide sales generating superb feedback matching their vast sales, the reason for their popularity is their competitive price in comparison to quality providing storehouse solutions to fit most budgets.

Keter Factor 8x8 ft Shed

Keter Factor 8×8 ft Shed

Factor sheds design regards a thickset resin facade molded to represent a wood panelling effect displayed in a light beige shade escaping that glossy plastic look, up close fine details of grained texture provide the stylistic finished presentation integrating attractively against the taupe coloured doors.

The resin sheet panels makeup is polypropylene resin, resistant to weather attack including, decaying issues, fading and cracking whilst reinforced with a metal infrastructure increases stability standards.

Due to the competitive price Factor roofs are absent from stylish slate effect roofing however their makeup incorporates waterproof polypropylene resin providing weather defence, a nice angle peak to ensure immediate rainwater drainage whilst undergirding support a steel beamed system stretches out across the internal width.

One window plus an embedded translucent skylight strip illuminates the interior in daylight hours whilst air vents situated front and back above the doors create a fresh internal atmosphere preserving storage from sweating.

Keter Factor 8×8 ft shed review

Two broad double doors provide excellent access however they do lack in quality finishing touches due to their budget conscious price yet are lockable by means of a padlock through the clasp designed to secure both doors simultaneously.

Factor’s built-in floors adjoin the walls enclosing the unit from the outside elements prohibiting debris entering inside at the base whilst tractor support is provided for through additional strengthening within the manufactured resin mix attaining the floors heavy duty structure to cope with stresses weighty storage and gardening equipment demands.

Factor 8×8 Shed Prices:

Keter Factor 8x8

Lifetime 8ft x 7.5ft

Lifetime are well entrenched in the marketplace delivering low maintenance quality outdoor storage solutions. This 8 x 7.5 ft model and their 8 x 10ft shed are probably the biggest selling sheds across America whilst their presence is starting to gain traction world-wide including the UK.

Lifetime 8 x 7.5 ft

Lifetime 8 x 7.5 ft

All resin design structures go through different manufacturing processes, Lifetimes blueprint regards High Density Polyethylene Plastic where their resin sheets providing the sheds makeup regards a double walled lining of polyethylene resin molded to visually display a horizontal wood panelling effect with fine details of wood grain flowing through represented in a spotless light beige shade.

The facade and roof panels are reinforced with a steel infrastructure whilst the roof is further underpinned by virtue of a steel truss system expanding across the internal apex width providing snow support.

Lifetime’s roofs have superb high pitches delivering first-rate rainwater drainage whilst protruding beyond the shed walls leads to the non occurrence of water puddling and entering in where the walls adjoin.

Due to the high angled peak Lifetime’s roofs possess a generous internal height of 2 metres from the truss system down to the floor is delivered plus additional headroom towards the roof peak, no banging your noggin moving around inside.

3 impact resistant skylights plus a polycarbonate window that opens halfway deliver natural daylight whilst integrated air vents built-in towards the apex peak above the doors and rear create fresh air circulation internally removing any sweaty atmosphere.

Lifetime 8 x 7.5 ft Shed in-depth review:

Lifetime incorporate their floors to adjoin the walls delivering an enclosed unit maintaining a clean interior. Intensifying additional toughness into the resin mix makes Lifetime floors capable of standing up to the pressures driving in on a sit-on-mower demands whilst designed anti-slip and resistant to oil and solvent spillages are the additional features this rot-free floor provides.

Included with this model are 2 corner shelves, 3 straight shelves and 2 peg strips with metal hooks for hanging long handled gardening tools, many plastic shed owners incorporate stand-alone shelving and stacker boxes too exploiting the generous storage height.

Twin wide burly doors provide the entrance, the option of keeping the left hand door closed by virtue of internal dead bolts is catered for, full length galvanised steel hinge pins run the entire length of the doors, a metal latch system operates the opening by a push button design contained within the grippable handles whilst a clasp designed for a padlock provides security.

Many companies are now offering Lifetime 8 x 7.5 ft shed Assembly

Lifetime 8 x 7.5 ft Prices

Lifetime 8 x 7.5 ft Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Keter have created a masterpiece with their Fusion range of sheds. 3 models of excellence make-up the Fusion group, this 7.5 x 7 ft storage facility, the larger model being the Fusion 7.5 x 9ft Shed whilst also designing the most sublime 7.5 x 4 ft Patio Shed providing a traditional modern twist to complement any home garden. Rave reviews are captivating interest.

Fusion 7.5ft x 7ft

Fusion 7.5ft x 7ft

Fusion’s composite design incorporates a blend of wood and resin into the mix producing the rich natural beauty wooden sheds possess with the weatherproof advantages resin provides sustenance for against decay when exposed to the outside environment yet the beauty these sheds portray is accompanied by the additional advantage regarding a 2 minute whirlwind wash to replenish their alluring stance.

The manufacturing technique involves molding 2 composite sheets joined together with a reinforced internal ribbed structure enhancing stability whilst their tongue and groove edging simplifies construction by their slot into place design, securing with screws around their metal framework.

Fusions roofs are ultra stylish and strong, dual lined polyethylene resin composition molded to display a 3D slate effect topping cap these sheds off with style whilst bolstering support stretching across the internal roof width, a steel beamed system makes these sheds capable of supporting heavy snow-loads.

The roof incorporates an apex steep peak delivering effective rainwater drainage whilst extending beyond the walls creating eaves prevents puddling and leaks running inside the shed where the walls adjoins.

An abundance of daylight is delivered through the windows in the doors and walls whilst up in the roof a full length skylight strip embeds. Above the doors on the frontage air vents situated front and rear create a fresh internal ambience.

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed review

Fusion floors are a polypropylene resin manufacture molded into a thickset resin bed, further toughening compound is added to the mix making them able to subsist challenging pressures essential to survive the services weighty gardening equipment endure.

The floors adjoin the walls enclosing Fusions from debris wafting inside at the base of the shed whilst a sloped threshold makes wheeling-in entry a breeze. The walls are screwable due to the wooden manufactured mix enabling long handled gardening tools to hang against the walls whilst the generous internal height allows an adult to move around with ease.

Wide strapping beefy doors deliver superb access, their makeup is a double lining of polypropylene resin molded to resemble the attraction a wooden door displays, expressed in a sublime charcoal shade. Fitted with a stainless steel locking system and quality handle furnishes Fusions with high calibre finishing touches whilst a clasp designed for a padlock ensures security.

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Prices:

Fusion 7.5ft x 7ft

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

Suncast seem to stand in the shadows of Lifetime where sales are concerned however it’s interesting reading reviews from those who have assembled both models. Some prefer Lifetime’s sturdy construction however reading between the lines many prefer Suncast’s doors quality and ease of assembly resulting in rather a mixed preference if choosing again.

Suncast Tremont 8x7 ft Shed

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

The Tremont range all consist of an identical 8 ft width, this 8 x 7 ft shed is sandwiched between the 8 x 4 ft Tremont and the larger 8 x 10 ft Tremont Shed receiving mighty fine reviews across the entire range.

Suncast’s manufacturing procedure entails blow molded technology where their molding technique forms the resin sheets into a dual walled lining portraying an admirable wood panelling effect facade presented in a vanilla shade.

The wall and roof sheets interlock with each other and secure into place with specially designed plastic screws around their steel infrastructure. Easy Bolt Technology is Suncast’s design feature where you are supplied with an Easy Bolt Tool, a screwdriver with an allen key head accomplishing a fast efficient assembly process.

Tremont roofs have super high peaks resisting puddles appearing ensuring immediate rainwater drainage. The roof stretches beyond the facade walls creating eaves avoiding any occurrence of rainwater dribbling in where the walls butt against the roof.

Tremont’s resin roof advantages boast a stylish slate effect design harboring waterproof credentials resistant to rot and decay resulting in a weather-defence topping whilst shoring up sustained support regards a metal truss system spanning the apex internally.

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7ft in-depth review:

Windows in the doors and 4 skylights implanted within the roof deliver natural daylight whilst ventilation is supplied front and rear creating a current of fresh air to circulate the interior, safeguarding storage.

An enclosed unit is delivered on all Tremont sheds attributed by the built-in floor interlocking with the walls maintaining clean internal surroundings whilst the floor is purposely designed durable manufactured with added toughening into the resin mix, molded into a thickset base able to sustain heavy duty storage pressures applied by weighty gardening equipment.

Tremont’s doors are a dual lined resin fabrication immune to weather attack containing traditional handles complementing Tremonts modish stance with charm. 2 deadbolts allow the left hand door to be kept closed, 3 metal hinges per door provide a quality entrance whilst a through bolt ensures closure for both doors, secured by means of a padlock clasp.

Tremont 8 x 7ft Prices:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 7 ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 9ft Shed

The innovative design Keter have created through their DUOTECH™ range of low maintenance outdoor storage solutions has become an accomplished technical achievement pushing the boundaries where resin constructions are concerned.

DUOTECH™ zero maintenance composition provides the natural look and feel of weathered wood displayed in a gorgeous rustic style however this sublime appearance can be customized to your wishes, it’s paintable, allowing a statement in your chosen colour to be added to enhance any garden scenery.

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft

3 sheds make-up the Oakland range, the Oakland 7.5 x 7ft shed is the smaller size, this 7.5 x 9ft model is the medium whereas the Oakland 7.5 x 11ft Shed is the largest.

Due to the impressive feedback received DUOTECH™ have now designed additional low maintenance storage solutions for the garden including a High-Store, Grande-Store, Patio-Store, Brushwood Garden Storage Box and a My-Shed. The future’s looking very rosy.

Oakland’s design constitutes a secret resin mix banishing the plastic look with pure style. The rustic panels are double lined reinforced with an internal ribbed structure increasing stability whilst their tongue and groove conformation aids assembly into a quick efficient construction wrapping around the steel infrastructure and securing with screws.

The roof’s manufacture is polypropylene resin, designed into a dual lined formation, molded to represent a slate effect, topping the shed off in classic style whilst Oaklands ultra roof strength is buttressed though supplementary supports regarding a steel beamed truss structure spreading out internally across the apex width.

A nice high pitch roof delivers first-class rainwater drainage benefitting by extending beyond the facade preventing water puddling on the top and gaining entry where the walls adjoin whilst resistant to weather attack puts an end to re-roofing duties unlike the process their roofing-felt counterparts capitulate to.

Oakland 7.5 x 9ft full review:

Oaklands are weather-resistant, unsusceptible to rust rot and decay whilst their waterproof surface maintains an effortless cleaning process without succumbing to deterioration, a few minutes light spray down is all that’s required to rejuvenate their glimmering silvery appearance.

This 7.5 x 9ft shed delivers daylight through the attractive Victorian style window and full length translucent skylight strip positioned within the peak of the apex. The integrated floor prevents outside debris and rain entering inside at the base of the shed whilst added strengthening thrown into the mix makes the surface able to subsist heavy duty endurance pressures provided by weighty gardening equipment.

Gaining easy access is granted by the strapping double doors and sloped threshold presented in the floor’s entrance aiding wheeling-in duties, a stainless steel locking system and quality handle provide a sweet entrance whilst a clasp design for a padlock enables security.

Oakland 7.5 x 9ft Prices:

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

Pros and Cons regarding these 8 x 8ft sheds


  • Admirable designs destined to complement any outdoor space
  • Sturdy reinforced build quality
  • Resistant to weather-decay, rust and rot
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Generous internal height
  • First-rate roof drainage system
  • Air vents maintain a fresh internal ambience
  • Wide double door access
  • Windows/skylight deliver daylight internally
  • Integrated floor maintains clean internal conditions
  • UV preservation qualities resist bleaching and cracking
  • 2 person straightforward assembly
  • Lockable sheds by means of a padlock
  • Steel truss system bolstering roof support
  • Roomy enough to harbour most outdoor gear
  • Easy to clean with an undemanding light spray down


  • Essential resin sheds are built on solid level foundations
  • Secure all plastic sheds down into the groundwork

Shed Sizes displays a whole variety of low maintenance quality plastic sheds stepping up in size order, scroll down to your preferred size.

Shed Ranges provides a visual walkthrough of low maintenance sheds represented with their ranges.

The shed photos on both pages are links leading to their in-depth review.

Comparing Plastic Sheds 8x8

Comparing Plastic Sheds 8×8

Which 8 x 8ft Low-Maintenance Quality Plastic Shed would you choose?


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  1. Jeff

    I’m thinking seriously about getting a plastic shed as my old one is nearly falling down. Loved all the benefits you have listed about these sheds and love the fact they are very low maintenance!
    Do The plastic sheds heat up in the Summer and if so, is there a way to disperse the heat?
    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Simon

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about these various 8×8 ft plastic sheds.

      The reason we initially turned our attention away from the wooden design sounds similar to your circumstances. Ours too nearly collapsed, on its last legs through wood rot and I had simply got fed up with the yearly maintenance hassle required to make it lastable the following year.

      Low maintenance was our #1 priority and we much prefer the wash down when it get mucky as opposed to re-servicing duties. In a few minutes with a light hose down the shed rejuvenates back to assembly days condition.

      These plastic sheds are adaptable for all weathers, containing UV protection they resist splitting and fading when subject to the sun plus air vents are situated front and rear to maintain a fresh current of air to constantly flow through the unit, this prevents a sweaty atmosphere and increases storage protection qualities, heat is constantly dispersed.

      Thanks again Jeff and good luck with your choice,


  2. Jen

    Great overview of a bunch of really great outdoor sheds. My husband and I have been looking for a good one for our backyard to store extra pool equipment and other odds and ends. Our backyard is on a slope, so our problem has been deciding on one that would best accommodate the slope, plus any heavy weight that might get loaded into the shed. Which one of these do you think might work best in our situation?

    • Simon

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about these resin 8×8 ft sheds.

      There’s only one way to accomplish the correct construction where resin sheds are concerned and that is to assemble them on solid level ground. They won’t assemble correctly on a slope, only a perfectly level base will do.

      The reason foundations have to be level is that if you’re out of cinque on the base, you’re going to be well out of alignment 8ft up towards the roofing peak.

      A level base also aids in aligning the doors plumb plus a vertical stance due to the foundations being level ensures there’s equal pressure from the roof across all sides.

      Solid flat foundations ensure the built-in floor serves just as described, heavy duty.

      Seriously Jen I wouldn’t contemplate constructing a resin shed on a slope, only solid level foundations are appropriate.

      Hope this helps,


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