Best Rated Resin Storage Shed – Top-Notch

Inquisitive to discover the best rated resin storage shed? Oakland’s Duotech™ design constitutes innovative top notch resin manufacturing, courtesy of a 7½ x 9 ft easy-cleaned rustic weatherproof composition supported by substantial framework.

Best Rated Resin Storage Shed

Oakland 7½ x 9 ft

Voguish to the extreme, Oakland’s deep splendour facade adds grandeur and sumptuous living to any home-garden yet this forward thinking design consigns upkeep duties to a thing of the past. Occasionally washing away the grime merely regards the maintenance task, firmly placing conservation issues behind closed doors.

The chic appearance of the silvered facade appears silky from a distance meanwhile up-close a wooden textured feel transpires. Moreover, the man-cave presence can soon be converted into a She-Shed guise, virtue of an artistic lick of paint. DUOTECH™ have produced the first customizable resin shed, destined to become more desired as attention attracts.

Time constraints lead us down resin’s low-maintenance route, captivated by the swiftness of a cleanse as opposed to continuous upkeep hassles obligatory to preserve our last wooden hut. If these advantages combined with stylish charm top your agenda, Oakland’s are strolling down the resin storehouse arena with triumphant appraisal.

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft

Manufacturer:  Keter

Model:  Oakland 759

More Info:

Size:  7.5 ft x 9 ft

Colour:  Silvery Grey

#Feature: DUOTECH™ Design

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Features Combine with Style

Polypropylene’s durability constitutes the make-up meanwhile combining with the sumptuous silvery shimmer exhibits elegant Victorian style windows, strapping twin doors and a classic slate-style apex crown presenting a protective storage facility of splendour.

Described as strong sheds owing to their burliness design, Oakland’s incorporate steel girders capable of holding heavy snowfall and reinforced dual lined weatherproof fascia panels for enhanced sturdiness.

Inside presents an adequate sized storage room encompassing adult height, advantageous for storing long handled garden tools & ladders meanwhile spacious for accommodating a whole host of outdoor gear with the added benefit of an integrated substantial floor, designed to subsist lawnmower & tractor stresses.

Wide burly doors and sloped threshold cater for easy access, natural daylight basks the interior through the window and full length skylight thereby increasing versatility. DUOTECH™ Design, paves the way to fully customise an Oakland, the adaptation from a wonderful potting shed to a prestigious mobility scooter garage can be created here.

The 759 is the medium size within the Oakland range, The storehouse extending 7 feet represents the smaller model whereas topping the group regards an 11 feet stretch. Oakland’s comprise identical breadths across their fronts, merely their lengths vary.

Shed Ranges visually displays Oakland’s low-maintenance garden shed competition.

Keter Oakland 759

Examine the Duotech™ Composition

Constituting a Weather-Enduring Make-up

Embracing technical advances, Oakland’s comprise a stronger build quality compared to Keter’s preceding Factor Range of sheds. In addition to their glamorous charm they eminently assure durability & weather-resistance besides presenting an effortless to clean surface albeit this does reflect a tad in price.

Rustic Weathered Appearance

Rustic Weathered Appearance

Composed of two resin skins adjoined by a ribbed reinforced infrastructure enhances rigidity to withstand dents along with preventing chips & peeling that subsequently cause a demise in appearance to flimsy single skinned metal constructions whereby eye appeal soon diminishes after a few knocks.

The walls arrive flat packed and link together through their tongue & groove formation simplifying assembly whereupon they secure to the steel framework bolstering overall stability.

Oakland’s composite make-up resembles weathered wood, exhibiting silky silvery tones from a distance, up close a divine rustic textured feel transpires resulting from the coarse grain-effect derived through crafty molding techniques.

Preventing sunburn deterioration, UV protection stabilises the polypropylene to accomplish defence against colour distortion and panel fractures when subject to the force of sun-rays.

Eco-friendly polypropylene endures the changeable weather elements detriment in deteriorating a wooden structure. Immune from rust, rot and decay results in the absence of future conservation work with regards to fixing rotting issues nor the continuous overcoats of stain, paint & varnish in order to preserve. Instead, a quick wash down rejuvenates the pristine appearance in minutes.

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Best Rated Resin Storage Shed - Oakland 759

Paintable Resin Surface

The facade’s manufacture combines Duotech™’s unique Resin Talc Compound to enable customisation, the first resin shed designed for decorating. Paintable walls pave the way for adding a splash of colour to brighten up surroundings and make a statement within your landscape. Oakland’s provide the opportunity.

Water-based acrylic paint is recommended, an abundance of colours are widely available in DIY stores for decorating wipe-able walls in rooms suchlike bathrooms & kitchens. Gloss or semi accomplishes a more polished effect whereas satin delivers a matt finish.

DUOTECH™ Paintable Walls

It’s worth noting with regards to painting the surface. Overtime the colours may fade and require another coat however minimal preparation is required due to the manufacture being unsusceptible to weather deterioration. Washing the surface to remove any ingrained dirt and left to dry before re-painting determines their straightforward process.

The DUOTECH™ page describes Oakland’s design and fully customizable features.

Video – Oakland Shed Features


Robust Apex Roof Structure

An apex crown regards the majority’s preferred roof covering for garden shed services. Oakland’s incorporate high pitches to ascertain immediate rainwater drainage moreover this reciprocates a lofty internal advantage of two metres ceiling to floor height, delivering a comfortable airy atmosphere.

Oaklands Strong 3D Tiled Effect Roof

Oakland’s Strong 3D Tiled Effect Roof

The roof panels constitute dual sided polypropylene sheets designed to subsist rigorous weather conditions meanwhile manufactured through a classic molding method produces a 3D slate-effect, capping the shed off with style.

Polypropylene provides the composition with impervious durability ensuring the weather-resistant make-up plays no part in deterioration long-term thereby providing a roof unsusceptible to rotting and decay assures no future roof-replacements, quite the antithesis of roofing felt.

Oakland’s roof panels protrude beyond the wall-edges creating eaves eliminating the occurrence of rainwater gaining entry where the walls connect. Each large roof panel secures to the metal roof-frame, reinforced by the under-girding of steel trusses, a series of steel beams spanning the internal rafters fortifying strength.

Keter describe Oaklands as strong sheds, purposely designed to support 100 kg/sq. metre snow-loads.

Roof Supports Snow Loads

Integrated Heavy-Duty Flooring

The beauty relating to Oakland’s calibre regards unifying the floor as part of the structure to which a clean environment transpires due to preventing Autumn leaves sweeping through crevices at the base of the walls, rainwater puddling the floor and critters gaining access, the desired wish for most metal sheds since they seldom have floors built-in, requiring to run a thick bead of sealant to close the gap.

The floor is manufactured into a thickset resin bed comprising a series of interlinking sheets making up the base expanse. Adjoining the walls through their interlocking mechanism encases the facility, resulting in a true built-in scenario.

The resin mix comprises an amalgamation of toughening elements designed to subsist challenging tractor stresses and wheeling gardening machinery suchlike lawnmowers thereby serving the purpose of accommodating weighty storage.

Embedded within the floor are anchor indentations enabling the advisory measure of firmly securing the shed down for stability, consequently increasing wind resistance levels.

It’s important to note, a hard wearing floor will only suffice if the shed situates on solid materials suchlike concrete, paving or wood decking, paramount to attain long-term demanding use.

Heavy duty floor

Copious 7½ x 9 feet Interior

There’ll be no headaches banging your noggin in here nor rummaging around in the dark confined to a hemmed-in type of feeling, the apex ceiling provides ample height whilst the translucent skylight strip and window deliver plenty of natural light.

Lavish measurements exceeding 60 sq feet provides a shed capable of storing a whole host of outdoor storage. There’s the possibility of taking storage options to another level by installing stand-alone shelving and stacker boxes, a decision we took on-board. It’s surprising what these dimensions are able to shelter making use of the spacious internal height.

Oakland’s plentiful proportions are able to store long handled gardening tools, parasols & ladders due to their loftiness meanwhile gardening equipment, BBQ gear, patio furniture & accessories, kids toys, bikes and sports stuff represent popular storage solutions.

On account of the toughened hard-wearing floor and broad access, driving in the weight of seated mowers becomes a non issue whilst many use this facility as a super deluxe potting shed due to the light airy atmosphere. There’s simply endless possibilities.

Inside the Oakland 759 Shed

Twin Doors Enhance Access & Security

We find a wide double door access highly beneficial, open the doors and tidy the garden in 2 minutes describes their convenience.

The broadness of Oakland’s strapping doors aids carrying in & organising hefty gear meanwhile wheeling-in gardening machinery is assisted by the sloped entry threshold, simplifying gardening duties.

The doors make-up regards a twin-skinned weatherproof polypropylene composition, molded to represent wood panelling. Presented in sublime charcoal shade merges ultra-stylishly against the silvery tint of the facade, enhancing their brawny stature

A technical upgrade regards Oakland’s stainless steel locking system, increasing security measures beyond Keter’s preceding Factor sheds meanwhile a sturdy handle functions the locking mechanism producing a quality closure whereby the padlock design enables locking the unit.

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Garden Shed

Manufactured to Eliminate Conservation Headaches

An expeditious wash-down once the dirt manifests sure beats our previous wooden hut’s dilemmas concerning decay issues.

Trying to fasten new felt onto rotting old surrounding wood are thankfully yesteryear’s problems including the absence of re-varnishing duties, trying to prolong an ever deteriorating structure.

Resin certainly provides the advantage in alleviating time consuming maintenance. I quite enjoy the jiffy hose-down nowadays that soon rejuvenates assembly day’s pristine condition.

Most people wash resin sheds down with a pressure-wash, we prefer to connect the shower adaptor to the garden hose – each to their own however hot soapy water and a soft brush delivers the same results.

Oakland 759 Garden Shed

Keter Oakland 759 Measurements

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed Measurements

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed Measurements

Stepped-Out Tongue & Groove Shed Assembly

The most important procedure for any plastic shed assembly regards following the manufacturer’s guidelines. It’s imperative the shed’s foundations are level and solid. Wood decking, asphalt, paving, concrete or even tarmac deliver ideal solidity, just make sure they are level.

We complied with this stipulation and found assembly very straightforward due to the quickness of the panels plumb alignment, the architraves vertical stance functioned the doors precise swing whilst the perpendicular stance due to the level base ensures the roof applies equal force across the board to counteract leaning pressures.

A solid material suchlike concrete determines longevity to the floor’s survival rate whilst ensuring a firm fix during anchoring.

Adhering to the foundation rule collaborates with the assembly procedure to accomplish the perfect resin shed construction.

Oakland 759 Assembly

Upon delivery we checked all the parts for defaults before constructing and started to install the door hardware to ease assembly day. A great tip before assembly is to get all the parts out and place them in the same order as the instruction steps, organisation speeds things up.

The build requires two people, one supports whilst the other constructs however unfortunately there’s oodles of screws. Many assemblers alleviate the screw count by using a low torque power screwdriver to prevent rounding. On the plus side, Oakland’s are built with common household tools.

Easy Assembly

The premise of the build is very straightforward, simplified by the tongue & groove assembly. Just work you way through the steps, implementing what’s shown.

Advice stipulates anchoring the shed down through the anchor placements embedded within the floor although the screws are not provided, their type is conditional to the foundation material.

Overall consensus suggests around 5 hours-ish to construct however superb remarks flow back from the finished build.

PDF – Oakland 759 Instructions:

Keter Oakland 759 Roof Assembly

Highlights and Issues to Ponder Over


  • Stylish handsome display complements home-yards
  • Weather-resistant and durable composition
  • Strong & sturdy, capable of supporting heavy snowfall
  • Free from conserving decay issues
  • Stainless steel locking mechanism enhances security
  • Two person construction process
  • Tongue & groove polypropylene panels ease assembly
  • High pitched roof ensures efficient rainwater drainage
  • Lofty internals reciprocate from the steep roof pitch
  • Resin facade can be painted with acrylic emulsion paint
  • Withstands the forces of sunburn pressures
  • 7½ x 9 ft x 2 metres high spacious storage accommodation
  • Wide access eases gardening duties
  • Interlocking wall-floor maintains clean inside conditions
  • No corrosion nor rot to upkeep & preserve
  • Cleaned with a light pressure-wash or hosepipe shower
  • 10 years Oakland warranty cover
  • Remarkable feedback

Issues to Ponder Over

  • Imperative – Solid & Level Foundations
  • Higher priced than the Keter’s competitive Factor sheds
  • Anchoring improves stability & resistance to gales
  • Doesn’t include ventilation panels nor shelving

View Oakland 7.5 x 9 Shed Prices

Keter Oakland 759

9 ft Weatherproof Shed Competition

A 9 ft shed expanse is in rather a competitive market. A huge interest is developing whereupon many are favouring the resin style as opposed to the maintenance hassles traditional structures entail, therefore competition is becoming stronger year-on-year with new entrants like Oakland’s design.

Shed Sizes: displays weatherproof sheds in size-order competing with Oakland’s. Here’s a few examples around the 9 ft stretch:

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Tremont’s 10 ft picturesque exhibit

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Shed

Lifetimes 10 ft unblemished guise

Keter Fusion 759

Fusion’s traditional 9 ft expanse

Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Garden Shed

Final Verdict

Oaklands captivate admiration through their sumptuous appearance besides accomplishing first-rate feedback. Keter have pulled out all the stops producing a style of resin that’s robust, weather-resistant, durable and caters for customisation.

DUOTECH™ provide the alternative to artistically decorate in your desired shade & make a statement to brighten-up the home-yard or leave the silvery sheen the way it displays however the beauty is, a whirlwind wash swiftly maintains.

Oaklands are set to become hugely popular these next future years, there’s no doubt. There are alternative resin sheds providing different styles and features within the 9 ft range however Oaklands are worth comparing against.

 A Stunning Shed that’s such Low Maintenance

View Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed Prices

Oakland Sheds


What’s your best rated resin shed?

Share your Oakland views and any related questions below

Good luck with your Shed decision.


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  1. Grant

    Hi, Simon. Thanks for your review. It looks like a great shed, and the pricing appears to be competitive. You did a good job explaining everything about what looks like a great storage shed.
    Unfortunately, I’ve got a wood shed that was just repainted a couple of months ago, so I don’t have a place for another one. When my shed wears out I’ll look into a plastic replacement.
    Quick question: Can you add wiring to the shed, for lights and power?

    • Simon

      Hi Grant, thanks for dropping by to read about Oakland’s 9 footer.

      Yeah, pricing has come down a bit over this last year. When they first entered onto the market they were quite expensive but that was simply a supply & demand issue. Factor sheds still remain one of the most popular resin sheds due to being highly competitive however they are deficient of many of the classy features and stunning looks Oakland’s exhibit.

      There’s nothing wrong with a wood shed apart from being confined to maintenance issues, if you have time – great. I like the pressure-treated cedar wood sheds but they are very expensive in comparison to Oakland’s but they are the most low-maintenance of the wooden variety.

      Regarding wiring, most people do nowadays but make sure it’s professionally installed unless you understand and are proficient with electrics. I’ve just reviewed Asgard’s 7 x 7 ft Gladiator weatherproof steel shed and they incorporate screwed back-plates inside for fitting the most common double electric sockets, eyelets for keeping wires neat & tidy and grommet holes in the shed walls for feeding the wires through. These are ultra secure steel units.

      Thanks again for calling in Grant, good luck decision making when the time comes,


  2. Arlene

    I like the rustic look of the plastic because I’m a fan of wooden things although I can see the benefits of plastic over wood. Lower maintenance is always a plus and washing it down with a hose sounds easy enough! Do you offer any custom designs such as smaller doors for a playhouse?

    • Simon

      Hi Arlene,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about Keter’s Duotech 7.5 x 9 ft Oakland shed.

      I’m with you all the way regarding structures of wood represented by their traditional feel and look, there’s really nothing better but after years of constant maintenance we looked around for an escape route as the decaying issues became too much hassle, turning our attention towards resin.

      These Oakland sheds really have departed from a plastic look, creating pure style. Looking at them, you don’t regard this as a resin composition plus like you mention, they are effortless to clean without ongoing maintenance issues.

      There’s nothing on the market regarding custom designed small playhouse doors yet but with technical advancement moving so quick, maybe this is just around the corner. I will write a review if and when they arrive on the market.

      Thanks again Arlene,


  3. Arooj

    Hey thanks Simon, you have made my research quite easy. My new house is under construction. It covers about 4 canals land. 1 and half canal will be constructed. Can you please suggest me? This single Oakland shed would be enough for 4 canals?
    If we need to put extra garden gadgets in the shed.

    • Simon

      Hi Arooj,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading.

      Sounds like you’re very busy at present constructing your new home, hope all goes well for you. I bet there’s so much involved constructing from scratch.

      Regarding shed size, the best thing you could do is work out your footprint for how much storage room you require, then take a look at the sheds within those dimensions.

      Shed sizes is a page I have setup with quality plastic sheds arranged in size order starting off with the smallest leading up:

      I have just written another post regarding Lifetime 11 ft width sized sheds which maybe of interest. There are 7 sizes containing the same width yet extend with different lengths, they’re heavy duty and receive excellent feedback like this Oakland do. These sheds start from 11 x 11 ft and extend up to the largest 11 x 26 ft.

      This post relates to the 11 x 13.5 ft model, however the prices link takes you to all the shed sizes within this range:

      I hope this gives you an idea. Good luck with your shed decision and house construction,


  4. Hi

    Good Day Simon,
    You are the man about sheds judging by your extensive researching and information on your website.
    The site is easy to navigate, clean and easy to find all you need on the Keter line.
    I hope this niche works out for you. All the best in the future.

    • Simon


      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

      We used to have a wooden shed and got fed up with maintaining it and decided to purchase a resin style simply to cut the hassle regarding upkeep duties. It’s turned into a right passion of mine because of the easy clean method the quality plastic sheds pertain.

      My objective is to relay all the new resin sheds entering onto the market place because many are choosing the option of creating a hassle-free future to where sheds are concerned.

      I’ happy you find this website easy to navigate. There’s not just Keter, Lifetime and Suncast are the market leaders in the USA, so I am relaying all their wonderful sheds too plus there’ll be more ranges entering onto this website as time goes by.

      Thanks for your support,


  5. Barb

    What a great niche. You see these sheds everywhere, so having someone to help you decide which one to buy is wonderful. I checked out more of the site and found an article that really interested me – the outdoor storage boxes. Great article.
    The site is crisp, clean, and inviting. The information is thorough. I liked the video opportunity. I say you are doing a great job.

    • Simon

      Hi Barb,

      Yeah, my passion turned into low maintenance outdoor storage solutions after all the problems I encountered with my last wooden shed, we opted to go for a resin based one simply to cut all the hassle associated with wooden facilities and are delighted with the quick hose down it takes to bring back assembly days pristine condition.

      At present I have only done 1 page of storage boxes, my main emphasis is quality plastic sheds first then my intentions are to roll into horizontal storage sheds and deck boxes.

      I always place a video on my blog to what I’m promoting if the manufacturers have one as this really does give visitors an insight to how it looks, works and assembles, you can’t beat watching something, says so much more than my words can ever say.

      Thanks again Barb for calling in,


  6. Matt's Mom

    Your website is loaded with great information on sheds, the pros and cons, and videos on putting them together. Every time I think I have found the right one, you have another for me to choose from. I really like the size of this one, as it will fit nicely on the side of my house. I like the color too since my house is white brick with black shutters.

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mon,

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

      Thanks for your kind words. My ambition is to spread the word on all the various styles and sizes of quality plastic sheds on the market. Resin sheds are becoming increasingly popular due their low maintenance benefits when compared to the wooden variety. Some mighty fine styles are entering onto the market nowadays.

      Size-wise, this Keter Oakland 759 Shed is 7.5 x 9 ft, the medium size in the Oakland range and due to the new manufacture of resin this shed can be painted allowing you to design the colour of your choice and add a statement to your surroundings.

      Yeah, I can imagine the silvery-grey appearance will look sublime against white brick with black shutters.

      Good luck with your decision and thanks again for calling in,


  7. Michael

    I was delighted to see this review as I am considering buying this type of garden shed. Being so durable and the fact that they require very little maintenance – as you highlighted – are key factors which, I suspect, people might not always consider fully. Likewise the flat concrete or similar base, to support the shed, is critical and must be emphasised to any potential customer. I’m sure this shed would give many, many years of service, so it is definitely on my list.

    • Simon

      Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Yeah, a wash down for maintenance is all this shed requires. No more time spent on yearly upkeep duties like sanding, re-staining or re-varnishing whilst no re-roofing tasks to do in the future either is the reason they’re becoming so popular.

      Yes, a solid flat base is critical for the longevity of the overall structure, the floor will serve as heavy duty and the assembly will result in a doddle of a build as all the panels will line up correctly. Wood, concrete or flagstones are ideal for the base as long is the foundations are level.

      Thanks again Michael,


  8. Alexx Armstrong


    We have a ranch and we’ve got a crusty old metal building that needs to be cleansed by fire, then dragged off and buried lol

    We’ve been looking for a replacement shed, and this is a really good look for fitting in with a lot of different style houses. And the prices are REALLY fair. Good info, thx.

    • Simon

      Hi Alexx,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      Yeah, I think the Oakland range are some of the nicest looking sheds on the market today. It has that real Man Cave appearance yet can be splashed with the colour of your choice which is a first for a resin style shed. So this can be customised further to enhance any surroundings.

      Your poor metal shed, the old style were certainly prone to rusting that’s for sure. Some of the newer models are now coated with vinyl to prevent rusting which is a benefit but most don’t come with a built-in floor.

      The prices do vary a lot and I’m always looking around to point visitors to the most competitive prices.

      Thanks again Alexx and good luck with your decision,


  9. Matt's Mom

    Now this is a great shed! I loved this post because I can also see the ease of the installation. You have provided very in-depth information on the Oakland 759. Looks like a very permanent and long lasting structure. Heck, can even paint it to match the house colors. This is the best shed yet, and the size is perfect. It would be able to hold all outdoor gardening tools.

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for reading and sharing your views.

      Yeah, this is a beauty isn’t it. The first plastic shed that can be painted the colour of your choice allowing anyone to add a statement to their own surroundings and doesn’t it look good.

      Left the colour as it is with it’s man cave looks seems to suit the men, whereas the women seem to choose the coloured version, that’s what I’ve found through feedback from my friends.

      Installation is pretty straightforward but there are a lot of screws which is to be expected. #1 priority is a solid level base for the shed to sit on as this makes assembly a dream as all the panels line up correctly as well as the floor will serve as heavy duty increasing it’s longevity.

      I’m glad you like it, me too,

      Thanks again,


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