Best Resin Sheds 7×7


This review showcases some of the best resin sheds 7×7 ft in size or approx. This variety comprises a weatherproof manufacture designed with style to compliment a garden’s outlook further to receiving an encouraging set of feedback.

Best Resin Sheds 7x7

Best Resin Sheds 7×7

Our previous wooden hut fell victim to wood-rot, having spent yearly cycles of laborious upkeep work concerning re-varnishing and exchanging rotting panels we opted to supersede with a resin manufacture in order to replace those old maintenance hassles with an effortless pressure-wash down.

Initial considerations were to replace with the metal variety however after warnings regarding a sweaty interior, the rarity of a built-in floor requires fitting your own and the flimsy lightweight panels being subject to dents rather swayed our decision towards a thickened resin construction.

There’s an abundance of cheap single skinned storehouses on the market however this article purely concentrates on the more substantial resin constructions reinforced around a steel infrastructure for the purpose of providing enhanced stability.

One thing to bear in mind whichever resin style floats your boat, it’s imperative solid level foundations such as paving stones, wood or concrete etc are in situ prior to stationing. Those who conform to the manufacturers stipulations generally provide reassuring feedback.

Solid Level Foundations are pivotal to ensure:
  • The panels align plumb accomplishing a straightforward assembly.
  • The perpendicular stance overcomes leaning pressures.
  • The doors vertical alignment generates a flawless swing.
  • The floor is able to survive ongoing demanding storage pressures.
  • You are advised to rigidly anchor each shed down onto solid ground to improve gale resistance levels.

If low-maintenance & weather-resistance impresses, I hope you find this selection useful for your 7×7 ft search.

Each synopsis contains a link to their in-depth review for the purpose of providing more imagery, detailed information including inside/outside measurements along with their video displaying the features.

Best Resin Sheds 7x7

Suncast Cascade 7 ft x 7 ft

The Suncast Cascade exhibits a picture perfect vanilla shaded fascia with stoney coloured doors, topped off with a slate effect roof. 7 ft across the width, 7 feet deep and in excess of 8 ft high.

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 7ft

Suncast Cascade 7ft x 7ft

Suncast’s manufacturing technique involves blow molding technology whereby the polypropylene is molded into multi-layered panels for improved stability. Each facade panel interlocks within the floor’s perimeter whilst connecting with adjacent wall sheets thus creating enclosure.

Easy Bolt Assembly constructs Suncast sheds whereby they provide an Easy Bolt Tool, a screwdriver comprising an Allen key head. This tool secures each wall-panel to Cascade’s steel infrastructure with custom designed resin screws. Contentment regarding the simplicity of Suncast’s assembly satisfies feedback.

A steel beam provides extra reinforcements to the roof structure whereby the dual-skinned panels are molded to resemble attractive slate tiling. A steep angled pitch leading up to the roof peak effectively drains rainwater whilst a generous overlap with the walls overcomes inside rainfall dribbles at their connection.

Integrating the floor aids to maintain a clean interior meanwhile intensifying the make-up with substantial toughening helps endure the challenging pressures of heavy duty lawn mowers. Inside it’s tall enough to walk around with ease as well as providing the advantage of storing lengthy gardening tools.

Explore Cascade’s 7 ft Shed Review:

Absent from skylights, Cascade’s design incorporates one wall-window along with windows in both doors meanwhile air-vents situate front and back distribute fresh air to the interior.

The double doors comprise 3 quality metal hinges, dead bolts on the internal left hand door, traditional handles containing a through bolt for closure and a clasp designed for fitting a padlock to secure the shed.

View Cascade Shed Prices

Suncast Cascade 7x7

Fusion 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

A groundbreaking amalgamation of wood and weather-resistant polypropylene comprises Keter’s composite range of storehouses. Fusion Sheds exhibit traditional appearances defended by the durability of resin. This particular Fusion extends 7½ ft wide and 7 feet deep accompanied by a generous 2½ metre height.

Fusion 7.5ft x 7ft

Fusion 7.5 ft x 7 ft

This innovative design represents a unique configuration that delivers the best of both worlds whereby the classic elegance of rich wood displays along with the low-maintenance advantages of resin. It’s effortless to clean whist ascertains immunity from future rot & decay.

The walls composite manufacture moulds to produce two skins, adjoined together by a ribbed-reinforced structure meanwhile formed at the edges with tongue & groove borders simplifies assembly by seamlessly slotting & sliding into position.

The roof and wall sheets secure onto Fusion’s metal framework with screws whilst the roof support is further bolstered by A-frame steel beams spanning internally across the apex width, intentionally designed to support heavy snowfall.

Manufacturing the roof panels into a stylishly eye-catching 3D slate effect is virtue of innovative molding methods meanwhile a high pitch effectuates an immediate rainwater discharge system that overlaps the walls to prevent seepage inside.

Read Fusion’s In-Depth Review:

Fusions include an integrated floor panel to help maintain clean internals meanwhile supplementary strengthening equips the make-up to tolerate burdensome tractor stresses. Air Vents incorporate front & rear to generate freshness to the interior thereby overcome saturation when conditions become clammy meanwhile an embedded roof skylight and windows in both the walls & doors bask the interior with natural light.

Twin charcoal beefy doors deliver broad access, a stainless steel locking system enhances performance & security advantages meanwhile a quality handle designed for securing a padlock accomplishes locking up.

Fusions composite walls also cater for screwing into, enabling fitting shelves and hanging items, a unique advantage for a resin style shed.

View Fusion Shed Prices

Fusion 7.5ft x 7ft

Lifetime 7 ft x 7 ft Shed

Lifetime symbolise a prominent position in the USA for delivering high quality low-maintenance outdoor storage solutions whereby wondrous feedback matches their vast sales. This facility represents their 7 ft square plastic shed.

Lifetime 7x7 ft Shed

Lifetime 7 x 7 ft Shed

Lifetime’s manufacturing technique involves molding the fascia sheets with High Density Polyethylene into a dual skinned composition for dent-free robustness further to producing an elegant semblance of horizontal wood panelling presented in the warmth of desert sand shade.

The roof make-up also constitutes durable polyethylene whereby the resin is formed into a chunky double skin further to being created into an appearance of shingle style roofing. Each wall & roof panel secures to Lifetime’s steel infrastructure with quality-grade screws supplementary to the roof sheets being further shored up with 2 A-Frame trusses spanning the apex breadth.

The roof structure comprises a steep apex gradient whereby the highness reciprocates lofty internals and puts an end to rainwater puddles evolving on the top meantime the roof sheets extend beyond the fascia walls whereby the creation of eaves vanquishes problems associated with internal leaks at their abutment.

Inside there’s in excess of 6 feet ‘floor-to-truss’ height plus additional headroom above. Daylight basks the interior though the full length skylight strip and both the polycarbonate windows that open half way. A constant stream of fresh air circulates the interior through the two air vents positioned facing each other on opposite sides above the doors arch.

Explore Lifetime’s 7 ft Sq Shed Review:

The anti-slip floor encases the facility by interlocking with the walls to prevent the outside environment blowing gusts of debris inside. It’s purposely designed robust to survive the pressures of heavy duty storage meanwhile resistant to solvent & oil stains makes wiping up spillages a cinch.

Twin high-arched polyethylene doors containing a steel infrastructure generate broad access meanwhile incorporated full length, galvanised steel hinge pins function their swing. Two internal deadbolts situate on the internal left hand door, a pad-lockable through-bolt latch enables closing & securing whilst two easy-grip handles containing a press button operate the metal latch system for entry.

View Lifetime Shed Prices

Lifetime's Popular 7 x 7 ft Garden Shed

Oakland 7½ x 7 ft Shed

Oakland sheds are a fairly new entrant onto the resin sheds marketplace, oozing charm with their rustic weathered appearance meanwhile impressive feedback flows through reviews. This facility relates to Oakland’s 7.5 x 7 ft Shed.

This breakthrough design combines pure style with complete weather-resistance, termed DUOTECH™.  Keter have recently introduced 4 walk-in sheds, a low height Grande-Store, High-store and a Patio-Store to name a few, manufactured from their stylish blueprint material.

Oakland 7.5 x 7ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft Shed

Duotech storage solutions are destined to become Global Best Sellers. Explore Duotech’s varied selection:

DUOTECH design overcomes dented appearances by manufacturing the fascia panels into 2 sheets, adjoined by an internal reinforced ribbed structure for stability purposes meanwhile the sublime silvery grey shade produces a gorgeous rustic guise of weathered wood in appearance and texture to the touch.

The walls simplify construction through their tongue & groove formation whereby they rigidly secure to Oakland’s metal framework with screws meanwhile up above, the roof’s infrastructure is underpinned by steel beams stretching out across the apex width inside.

Oakland roofs are described as extra strong and able to support heavy snow-loads. Their polypropylene manufacturing process molds the panels into a dual reinforced skin whilst artistically resembling a classic slate effect topping harboring decay resistant advantages no matter what the weather throws.

The built-in floor determines a clean environment by enclosing the shed from pests, rainfall & outside debris meanwhile enhanced strengthening provides Oakland’s thickset bed with the endurance factor, able to cope with the demanding pressures rolled on by heavy duty equipment.

Investigate Oakland’s 7½ x 7 ft Shed Review:

A skylight strip incorporated within the central roof ridge accompanies the attractive Victorian style windows for the purpose of illuminating daylight to the interior meanwhile thanks to the steepness of the apex, there’s over two metres of internal height allowing an adult to effortlessly move around without bending over.

Double strapping doors operate their opening by a stainless steel locking system meanwhile a handle comprising a padlock clasp effectuates locking up.

Innovative DUOTECH™ design caters for decorating with a splash of colour to transform the looks with easygoing acrylic emulsion paint. You can drill, jigsaw and fully customise the shed to suit personal preferences such as hanging items & installing shelving etc meanwhile comes with 10 years of Oakland’s weather-resistant warranty.

View Oakland Shed Prices

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 7 ft

Keter Factor 8 x 6 ft Shed

Factor range of sheds are purposely designed robust yet priced to suit most budgets. Their neutral styling compliments garden settings however they do lack in quality finishes when comparing in order to remain as one of the most competitive resin sheds on the market.

Each of the 6 sheds making up Factor’s collection have acclaimed to Global best sellers in their own right meanwhile the huge sales predominantly receive exceptional feedback from those who accept fair price for the quality of construction.

Keter Factor 8x6 ft

Factor 8 x 6 ft

This review regards Factor’s 8 ft wide by 6 ft deep shed.

Polypropylene constitutes the make-up whereby the molding procedure forms a chunky resin skin for the fascia. Destined to complement the home-yard, Factor sheds exhibit attractive matt beige tones resembling a horizontal panelled construction embossed with a wood-grain textured effect meanwhile the modern styling escapes the glossy looks of yesteryear.

The walls adjoin the roof through steel reinforcements, the panels interlock with each other and secure with screws producing a sturdy facility once assembled.

Factor roofs are apex in design, incorporating an adequate pitch ensures rainwater promptly flows off meanwhile their extension beyond the shed walls averts rainfall gaining entry where the walls connect.

Inside the shed there’s no cramped over feeling, a generous internal height enables walking around comfortably meanwhile a pleasant fresh atmosphere unfolds due to daylight basking through the window in the walls and roof skylight further to the incorporation of ventilation grids distributing fresh air circulation.

Explore Factor’s 8 x 6 ft Shed Review:

The floor’s integration with the walls encloses Factor sheds from the outside elements meanwhile substantial toughening subsists the stresses of weighty storage not forgetting the rolling in of heavy lawn-equipment. Two shelves are included with this model.

Access is broad & generous, aided by the high arched double doors spanning towards the near width of the shed. A clasp designed for a padlock provides security, locking both doors simultaneously.

View Factor Shed Prices

Keter Factor 8x6 Shed

Positives & Things to Consider


  • Low-Maintenance
  • Resistant to rot & corrosion issues
  • Environmentally friendly recyclable resin manufactures
  • Apex roofs effectuate an instant drainage system
  • Sturdy resin structures reinforced with steel supports
  • Steel trusses under-gird most roof structures
  • Generous internal adult-height
  • Built-in floors help keep the inside clean
  • Air-vents provide fresh air circulation to most facilities
  • UV protection resists sun fractures and colour fade
  • Strengthened flooring helps survive weighty services
  • Daylight enters through windows & skylights
  • Double doors deliver a wide entryway
  • All sheds receive a good standard of feedback
  • Each storehouse includes warranty Assurance
  • Effortless to hose-down and refresh

Things to Consider

  • Important resin sheds stand on solid level ground
  • Advised to anchor every resin shed onto the solid foundations

These recyclable low-maintenance and conservation-free sheds only require a wash when dirty. Innovative molding methods are able to produce robust structures nowadays, showcasing stylish displays that complement a garden’s environment meanwhile their weather-resistant advantage puts an end to decomposing through rot.

These classic examples are effortless to wash down with a pressure hose.

Shed Ranges displays reviewed quality plastic sheds varying in size represented within their ranges.

Shed Sizes displays low maintenance sheds arranged in size order. The shed photos on both pages link to their reviews.

Best Resin Sheds 7x7


Hope this 7 x 7 ft resin storehouse collection has inspired plenty of ideas.

Share you preferred 7 ft sq shed below along with any relevant queries. Pleasure to help.

Until the next comparing review,


 Please share these 7 footers. Thank you.



  1. Tracey

    My parents live in a development that only allows metal or resin sheds. My dad likes to work in his shed so we need one he can insulate and put in some benches. He wants a 10×12. What would you recommend? We live in Kansas.

    • Hey Tracey, thanks for messaging your query.

      I’m not sure about metal sheds over in the USA. In the UK we have a company called Asgard who engineer heavy duty galvanised steel into very secure storehouses meanwhile their top coat comprises a polyester powder coat finish which enhances their endurance to weather attack. So maybe a search near you comprising a polyester finish may suffice if metal is your preference.

      When I first read you query, I immediately thought of both Lifetime’s 8 x 12.5 ft shed and the Suncast Tremont 8 x 13 ft due to their sheer popularity besides receiving exceptional feedback, then I noticed you mentioned insulating.

      The trouble will fixing installation against plastic walls is finding an insulation or method that will adhere to resin, if you have a solution maybe either of the previous sheds mentioned may fit the bill however if you’re after a resin that caters for screwing into to accomplish securing, the following sheds maybe of interest.

      Oakland sheds cater for customising from painting, securing screws into and jigsawing but in order to fix to the walls you require Duotech D-Clip wall anchors. Oakland sheds are fairly new to the market and I am currently struggling where you can acquire the wall anchors. I would ask this question to the Oakland shed seller prior to purcahse.

      Fusion sheds on the other hand are a mixture of wood and polypropylene that exhibit traditional looks which cater for screwing into their walls but you would have to check with the development whether they allow composite sheds.

      Hope this provides you with inspiration Tracey, thank you,

  2. Liezel

    Thank you for a great article. It is wonderful to see a variety of quality resin garden sheds. We have wood termites in the area, so resin is a better option than wood for me. The resin garden sheds are stylishly designed and will look great in any garden. I love that they are spacious enough to store all the garden equipment and other tools.

    • Simon

      Hi Liezel,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about this selection regarding 7ft x 7ft resin storage sheds.

      Resin certainly counteracts the problems of decay to which termites, woodworm and other pests deteriorate outdoor wooden manufactured products, overtime when stood outside due to the weather elements and pests living within, wood requires constant maintenance.

      We’ve just spent the last month’s weekends trying to service our wooden fence, everything was living within, rotting the fence to bits. 3 fences and 2 wood posts replaced, every top replaced and many of the wood supports have had to be replaced due to wood rot, reminds me of the upkeep problems we had with our last wooden shed.

      Overtime it’s an ongoing problem to which resin resists.

      Yeah, there’s some very attractive looking plastic sheds entering onto the market at present, escaping that glossy plastic look with pure style. 7×7 ft is a popular size as they fit most garden plots without being over obtrusive yet adequately large enough to hold a whole host of outdoor gear.

      We’ve managed to make more room in the home and clear the garage by accommodating all our gardening equipment and patio seating etc outdoors in the shed now whilst having the peace of mind regarding a structure wrapped in weather-proof resin is safeguarding storage.

      Thanks again Liezel for leaving your message,


  3. Gareth

    Hi at the moment i am looking for a new shed and the choice is huge, i have narrowed it down to resin or plastic shed.
    I have had enough every spring of painting and having to do some DIY on my shed, so i am looking now for an easier life come spring,
    I am pulling towards the Cascade 7×7 shed, i like the colour and it looks very well, i like the idea just to wash down the shed every year.
    My only worry is the colour and the weather and specially in the summer with the sun, i was wondering will this product fade over a time ? And would this be a issue with the resin sheds?

    • Simon

      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about these various 7×7 ft quality plastic sheds.

      Your maintenance problems regarding the constant upkeep of your wooden shed sounds like the process I went through before demanding an escape route due to the yearly hassles. Resin too was my choice as it’s effortless to keep maintaining the pristine finish. A pressure-hose down once a month usually suffices, a role I quite enjoy too.

      The Cascade is a Bonny shed, the pastel shades of Vanilla wrapping around the stoney coloured doors and curvature square windows look sublime, this really is picture perfect to go along with the low maintenance values the resin make-up beholds.

      All these sheds I review here are UV stabilized to prevent cracking and fading in the sun, technical advances have now evolved to add these elements that resist fading into the polypropylene resin mix. I haven’t yet reviewed a resin shed that doesn’t resist colour fading.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your decision Gareth,


  4. jeffrey16201

    Thank You

    I liked your article on the resin sheds, they all appear to be attractive and function well for what i am looking for.

    How does one choose from the different material sheds, do you think the resin ones are better than the plastic ones?

    How about aluminum shed, where do they rate among resin and plastic sheds?

    • Simon

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading about these various resin sheds.

      There is no difference between resin and plastic, they’re the same thing. Resin is plastic however there’s some very stylish models entering onto the market at present replacing that glossy plastic look with superior designs like the Oakland and Fusion sheds.

      You’d never think some of the new models were plastic yet the resin mix manufacturing these sheds provides durability and weather-resistance advantages critical for storage preservation whilst retaining their easy-to-clean surface.

      Wood sheds look sublime but after a while decaying problems start to set in and they require constant maintenance unless you opt for treated cedar wood which is very low maintenance but demand an extremely high price. Metal and plastic sheds entered the market to counteract this problem.

      Metal and Aluminum sheds are great and they used to be more secure however the new style of resin sheds are now counteracting this problem with reinforced steel incorporated within their door structure.

      The reason we decided upon resin regards: They’re weatherproof, durable and easy to clean, resist rot and rust, whilst not prone to denting, no sweaty internal atmosphere due to built-in air vents, double door access and a built-in floor creating a clean internal environment.

      Everyone has different views, this is what swayed our decision. This website is designed to introduce some of the new resin styles of garden sheds entering the market for visitors to inspect.

      Hope this helps and good luck with your decision,


  5. NoriB

    I really love your post! Full of detailed information and well organized. I bought a plastic shed for the first time about a year ago, since my new house doesn’t have a garage. The information you provided could is very helpful. Can I find this type of sheds in department stores? or only within their manufacturer?

    • Simon

      Hi NoriB,

      Thanks for calling in and reading about these quality plastic sheds around the 7×7 ft size.

      A shed is an ideal investment to organize the home especially when there’s no garage for harboring outdoor gear enabling you to make more space in the home and store all the outdoor stuff outside.

      I’m glad you found the brief synopsis regarding these 5 quality resin sheds chosen helpful, the links provided take you to full reviews where more information, images, videos and internal measurements present full indepth knowledge for each particular style of shed.

      The problem regarding sheds displayed in department stores is their huge size, reason they’re seldom seen. This is the reason I insert all the images available and videos of each particular shed within my in-depth reviews for visitors to take a full inspection.

      Now and again you do see the odd deck box or small horizontal unit however the choice maybe only the odd one whereas a website can show the whole range and take inspiration from feedback presented in reviews.

      The odd manufacturer do sell their own however you find the majority of sales are created through the large online stores or garden shed and garden websites.

      Thanks again for dropping by,


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