8 x 10 Resin Storage Shed


Here at Quality Plastic Sheds, we’d like to introduce you to a variety of sturdy constructions trumpeting out low maintenance values around the 8 x 10 resin storage shed size, dimensions do vary a tad however they are very close to the 8ft x 10ft measurements.

8 x 10 Resin Storage Shed

8 x 10 Resin Storage Shed

If future wishes are to ditch upkeep duties by replacing a dilapidated old wooden shed with the hassle free benefits a resin facade provides, only requiring a pressure hose-down to reinstate assembly days gleaming appearance, this is the route we opted to partake in too.

The strict criteria represented within this selection below includes a stylish design exhibiting eye appeal whilst encompassing an easy-to-clean surface boasting weather-resistance values, making these new-age sheds unsusceptible to future rust, rot and decay.

Increasing stability to their overall construction incorporates a dual walled resin skinned manufacture wrapped around a metal infrastructure whilst further underpinning roof supports regards a steel truss system.

Internally the presence of a decent height, light and airy atmosphere, fresh ambience and a built-in floor determines the quality design preservation of outdoor storage demands.

All these sheds have been UV stabilised to prevent fading and cracking in the sun.

Before we get rolling it’s important to note the #1 priority ruling regarding a quality plastic shed construction, it’s imperative they are assembled on solid level foundations. Wood or concrete laid perfectly level provide ideal foundations.

Correct foundations ensure:

  • Fast efficient panel alignment during assembly due to constructing from a level base.
  • The shed stands vertically plumb preventing leaning pressures.
  • The doors line-up perfectly due to being level.
  • Their built-in floor serves heavy duty demanding pressures.
  • Anchor the shed down into the foundations for increased stability.

Those shed assemblers who conform to the resin sheds foundation stipulations provide wondrous feedback, their shed resulted in an easy assembly and serves just as described. It’s simply down to preparing the correct foundations in the first place.

There’s a link to an in-depth review for each shed if you require more information, internal measurements and additional images including a video of the features. Hope you find this selection helpful for your search.

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Shed

This Lifetime 8ft x 10ft weatherproof model receives superb feedback representing its presence as one of the most popular garden sheds sold across America.

Lifetime 8 x 10ft Shed

Lifetime 8 x 10ft Shed

The satiny light beige wood panel-effect facade topped off with shingle style roof panels provides lustrous accents to enhance any home garden whilst Lifetimes technique relates to high density polyethylene plastic molded into a double walled skin wrapping around steel reinforcements enhancing stability.

Lifetime’s 8ft width roofs are apex in design incorporating a nice angled peak providing excellent rainwater drainage, overlapping the facade prevents water holding spots and leaks whilst providing supplementary strength against snowfall, 3 A-Frame steel beams span across the internal roof width.

A generous internal height allows an adult to walk around at ease, there’s over two metres in height from the trusses down to the floor plus additional headroom up above in the apex. A built-in floor prevents outside debris wafting inside whilst additional strengthening provides tractor support making it capable of withstanding the stresses of weighty gardening equipment.

Air vents situated front and rear deliver a fresh current of air increasing storage preservation qualities whilst a light atmosphere is generated by 4 embedded skylights in the roof and a shatterproof polycarbonate window that opens half way for additional ventilation if required.

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Shed review:

Shelving is inclusive with regards to 2 corner shelves,  3 straight shelves plus a pegboard strip with hooks allowing the hanging of long gardening tools. We and many others opt to install free standing shelves and stacker boxes to further our storage solutions.

Wide twin doors incorporating a high arched design allow for superb access without bending over during entrance, the left hand door can be kept shut by virtue of two deadbolts situated top and bottom, easy grip handles operate the metal latch opening system whilst a clasp designed for a padlock enables security.

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Prices:

Lifetime 8 x 10 ft Quality Plastic Shed

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

The cleverly designed Fusion range incorporates a wood plastic composite mix delivering the rich natural beauty wooden sheds purvey with the durability resin provides sustenance for against weather deterioration whilst benefitting from an easy-to-clean surface.

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft

Fusions are a fairly new entrant into the plastic sheds arena, manufactured from Keter they’re receiving outstanding feedback.

This modernistic approach represented within the wood resin mix design makes it effortless to maintain their pristine traditional appearance whilst delivering a future resistant to rotting issues.

This 7.5 x 9ft is the largest shed within the Fusion range, the smaller being the 7.5 x 7.5 ft Fusion and their divine 7.5 x 4 ft Composite Patio Shed are the alternative sizes.

The composite tongue and groove panels enable an easy assembly securing with screws around their metal framework whilst manufactured into 2 layers of composite sheets joined together with an internal ribbed structure provides increased stability. Exhibiting traditional beauty from a distance whilst upon close inspection fine details of woodgrain to the look and feel transpires.

These classic style sheds are designed with a molded high pitched 3D tile effect resin roof combining weather defence with stylish attraction whilst their structure not only determines an effective drainage system, it’s well shored up by virtue of steel beams running across the apex inside, described as ultra strong capable of holding heavy snow-loads.

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed Review

A skylight translucent strip embedded with the apex peak, windows in the doors and walls deliver natural daylight into the facility, air vents integrated front and rear generate internal fresh air circulation whilst their built-in floor maintains a clean environment yet is purposely toughened to subsist heavy duty storage pressures.

Fusion sheds are screwable due to their wood resin mix allowing long handled gardening tools to be hung on the walls, 2 strapping doors allow for excellent access, a stainless steel locking system provides a quality entrance and closure whilst a built-in clasp designed for a padlock determines security.

Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed Prices

Keter Fusion 7.5 x 9 ft Shed

Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Tremont sheds are manufactured by Suncast, their range consist of identical 8ft widths however their sizes move in 3 ft lengths starting from the Tremont 8 x 4ft depth whilst this shed is sandwiched between the 8ft x 7ft model and the larger 8ft x 13ft Tremont. The largest size is their huge 8ft x 16ft Tremont.

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft

Suncast have developed any Easy Bolt Technology simplifying Tremonts shed assembly. You are provided with an Easy Bolt Tool, a screwdriver with an allen key head for securing their plastic screws around the steel infrastructure. Wondrous feedback relays their straightforward construction procedure.

Suncast’s manufacturing process is blow molded technology where the resin sheets are molded into a double walled lining reinforced with a steel infrastructure resulting in a sturdy construction whilst exhibiting a highly attractive wood panelling display presented in a modish vanilla shade.

A super high pitched roof generates inexcess of an 8ft internal height and efficient rainwater drainage system externally whilst manufactured into a weatherproof dual lined resin construction, molded to represent shingle style roofing provides style combined with durability.

A steel truss system undergirds the roof bolstering additional support against snow and adverse weather whilst inside a heavy duty built-in floor maintains a clean interior adjoining the walls preventing gusts of debris entering inside at the base of the shed.

Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed Review

Absent from windows in the walls daylight emits through the 6 skylights presented within the roof and the attractive squared effect door windows. Integrated air vents built into the apex peak of the door frontage and rear create fresh air circulation around the interior.

Excellent access with high caliber operation is delivered by their modish stoney coloured double doors. Quality hardware furnishes the entrance by virtue of metal hinges, deadbolts enable the left facing door to be kept shut, traditional style handles containing a through bolt keep both doors closed whilst a clasp designed for a padlock provides security.

Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed Prices

Suncast Tremont 8 x 10 ft Shed

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

Keters new entrant into the resin world regards their unique DUOTECH™ range. This innovative design enables customising the sheds to suit your circumstances. Jigsawing, drilling and painting enables hanging items, installation ideas become achievable whilst a statement in your colour choice can be added to brighten up any home garden surroundings.

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

Keter Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed

Keter’s DUOTECH™ page describes the advantages of their blueprint design, superb feedback has already been generated through these Oakland sheds, now branching out to include a High-Store, Patio-Store, Grande-Store, My-Shed and Brushwood Garden Storage Box manufactured with this unique design feature, all destined to become global best sellers in the near term future.

This 7.5 x 11 ft is the largest shed within the Oakland range, the smaller options are the Oakland 7.5 x 7.5 ft and the medium size Oakland 7.5 x 9 ft Shed.

Oaklands represent a gorgeous rustic weathered wooden look & feel determined by their stylish wooden grain effect textured surface. Manufactured into two sheets of tongue and groove resin joined together with a ribbed internal structure provides rigidity whilst wrapped around their steel framework and secured with screws provides increased stability for the sheds stance.

Oakland roofs are described as ultra strong, dual lined sheets of resin molded to represent slate effect roofing top these sheds off with style yet their additional beauty lies within the resin manufacture, it’s unsusceptible to weather decay and waterproof providing protection for storage against adverse weather.

Both the roof and facade provide a sturdy finish, their weather-resistant resin surface is easy to maintain only requiring a pressure-hose down to bring back assembly days glimmering appearance whilst resistant to rust, rot and decay relegates upkeep duties to a thing of the past.

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Shed Review

Oakland roofs are apex in design providing systematic rainwater drainage whilst delivering generous internal height. Shoring up the top bolstering additional support is a metal beamed truss system stretching out across the internal width making these sheds capable of holding heavy snow-loads.

An integrated floor maintains a clean internal environment by adjoining to the walls whilst purposely toughened through the manufacturing process into a thickset resin base makes Oaklands able to subsist heavy duty pressures regarding storing weighty equipment and driving in on a sit-on-mower

A skylight strip embedded within the roof and attractive Victorian style windows allow Oaklands to bask in daylight whilst strapping double doors generate excellent access, fitted with quality metal hardware including a stainless steel locking system and padlock clasp provide security.

Oakland 7.5 x 11 ft Prices

Keter Oakland 7511 Shed

Factor 8 x 11 ft Shed

Factor sheds are a well established range of quality low maintenance storage solutions designed by Keter, manufactured into a thick resin lined sturdy construction whilst purposely designed to be competitively priced they obviously lack in respect of quality finishing touches yet have acclaimed to the dizzy heights regarding a Global Bestselling range with reviews to match.

Keter Factor 8x11 ft

Keter Factor 8×11 ft Shed

This shed is the largest within the Factor range having 8 ft x 11 ft dimensions. The next step down consisting of an identical width is the highly respected 8ft x 8ft Factor Shed.

The resin facade wraps around steel reinforcements, securing with screws whilst molded into a thickset surround displaying an attractive wood panelling effect with details of wood grain texture running through the light beige surface.

Up in the internal rafters a steel truss system provides additional support to the roof metal framework whilst the apex structure delivers immediate rainwater drainage without any places for puddles to develop and due to the generous overlap with the walls creating eaves, leaks internally are prevented where the roof adjoins the walls.

Factors polypropylene resin mix provides a waterproof wrapping resisting weather attack whilst resulting in an easy to clean surface. Factors resist rust, rot and decay. A simple light spray-hose down is all that’s required to maintain their pristine appearance.

Factor 8 x 11ft Shed Review

Included in the Factor range, an integrated floor maintains a spotless interior, further strengthening applied to their resin bed subsists the pressures of driving in heavy equipment and storing weighty items whilst the double padlockable doors allow for excellent storage access.

Inside, a generous height enables an adult to walk around without any claustrophobic atmosphere nor bent over feeling whilst a skylight strip incorporated within the roof and window in the wall enter daylight. Air vents situated front and rear generate fresh air circulation.

Factors are a good solid no frills shed generating huge sales and wondrous reviews worldwide for their competitive prices.

Factor 8 x 11ft Shed Prices

Keter Factor 8x11 ft

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Shed

This Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed is another hugely popular model sold across America represented with feedback adoring the features. Instead of double doors presented across the width they are situated centre of the length however there is another identical shed consisting of 2 sets of double doors if twin access is primary concern.

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Shed

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Shed

Like the 8×10 ft Lifetime shed reviewed above, polyethylene resin is the make-up, manufactured into a dual walled skin and molded to represent horizontal wood panelling in a desert sand shade whilst secured with screws around their steel infrastructure.

The roof is manufactured into a double walled polyethylene resin lining, secured around a metal framework whilst further reinforcements shoring up support are 3 A-Frame steel beams stretching out across the internal width.

Apex in design delivers an efficient roof drainage system, generously overlapping the walls preventing leakage at the top of the facade resulting in a waterproof shed.

Lifetimes 10 x 8ft construction regards a manufacture resistant to rust, rot and decay, reinforced stability through the twin lined resin sheets secured around sturdy steel supports however the super stylish design consists of a surface that’s effortless to wash to maintain its spotless appearance.

Lifetime 10 x 8ft Shed Prices:

Daylight basks the interior through 2 large and 4 small skylights embedded within the roof, 2 windows presented either side of the double doors plus an additional window that can be installed at the back or either side, this window opens half way. Air-vents are situated on both sides of the width creating a fresh air current.

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed

The floor is toughened to cope with heavy duty storage stresses whilst manufactured into an anti-slip surface resistant to oil and solvent spillages, adjoining the walls providing enclosure to the outside environment.

Included with this model are 2 straight shelves, 2 corner shelves and a pegboard strip including hooks for hanging gardening tools.

The double doors incorporate a high arch design providing wonderful access whilst reinforced with textured steel around their dual walled polyethylene resin lining provides a sturdy entrance with increased security advantages.

Full length galvanised steel hinge pins and large grippable handles operating the metal latch system provide entry and closure whilst a padlock clasp provides the security to lock both doors simultaneously. Deadbolts situated on the internal left door allow that door to be kept closed if wishes are to just open one door.

Lifetime 10 x 8ft Dual Entry Shed Prices:

Pros and Cons of these 8 x 10 ft Resin Sheds


  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy to pressure-hose down
  • Waterproof with a sturdy construction
  • Resistant to rot, rust and weather decay
  • Internal steelwork powder-coated to prevent rust
  • UV stabilized to resist bleaching and splitting in the sun
  • Straightforward 2 person assembly
  • Windows and skylight enter daylight
  • Generous internal height
  • Bags of storage accommodation space
  • Built-in floor maintains a clean environment
  • Air-vents keep inside fresh
  • Floors are designed to cope with heavy duty pressures
  • Lockable double door access
  • Superb feedback through reviews


  • Imperative the shed sits on solid level foundations
  • Anchor the shed down into the foundations

Shed Ranges displays low maintenance garden sheds represented within their ranges.

Shed Sizes provides a visual walkthrough of the same sheds presented in size order.

The shed images on both pages lead to their in-depth review.

8 x 10 Resin Storage Shed

8 x 10 Resin Storage Shed

Which Low maintenance resin shed would you choose? 


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Thanks for visiting and reading about these quality 8 x 10 ft resin sheds.

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  1. Patricia

    Wow I didn’t realize there were so many shreds to choose from but the idea of no-rusting resin is interesting. This is a very complete review that I will bookmark when I am in the shred buying mode – hopefully soon, as I wish to move to a bigger place soon. Thanks for your attention to detail.

    • Simon

      Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for calling in and leaving your message.

      Garden sheds are going through a modern transformation with some stylish models entering onto the market this last few years.

      The beauty resin beholds as opposed to wood and metal is the advantage of complete resistance to weather decay. No rust, rot or deterioration when subject the the weather elements, similar situation to what our dustbins went through yesteryear from the rusting metal to a resin design.

      We decided to move down the resin route after years of hassles with sorting rotting wood out on our last shed, Every year we were subject to re-staining duties and servicing rotten panels, replacing new wood. Then every 3-4 years we were re-roofing after decaying problems with roofing felt as this can only stand so much weather attack before deterioration sets in.

      Resin fits the bill for us, all that’s required is a quick hose down when the grime appears. A few minutes later the condition’s replenished and it looks new again, suits me down to the ground.

      Thanks again Patricia, I’m adding new content weekly so when you’re ready to choose a garden shed, pop inside and see if any reviews suit your style.


  2. MattyB

    This plastic shed looks like a tiny home of some kind! Its awesome and thanks for sharing it. I need to buy one for my property so that I can create a man-cave just for myself to sit in read, or play video games or watch TV. Do you think this plastic shed that you are writing about would do the job for me? Have you yourself used this particular shed or have any direct experience with it? Just curious, overall I love it and I want one. MB

    • Simon

      Hi Matty,

      Thanks for dropping by and reading about these 8×10 ft resin sheds.

      Yeah, there’s some very stylish quality plastic sheds entering onto the market at present due to the weather-resistant properties resin beholds.

      A man-cave sounds like the real deal to me, we use ours for the garden but having a den with all your gaming equipment allows you to disappear from indoors and have a load of fun.

      All these resin sheds are suited for either outdoor stuff, gardening equipment of a mancave space like you suggest. The Oakland and Fusion range allow you to drill through the walls if your idea is to install electrics, otherwise there maybe another option to get the wires through with the Suncast, Factor and Lifetime sheds.

      There’s a new model of Oakland coming out shortly called the My-Shed, based on the Oakland design. I have seen the video but it’s not for sale as yet. Keter promote the My-Shed just like you suggest, either as an office, mancave or she-shed so they’re definitely on your wavelength here. I’ll be writing a review when available.

      We purchased our resin Factor 6×6 ft shed a few years back when these new models weren’t available and although Lifetime and Suncast are very well established in the USA, we couldn’t find them for sale in the UK so we opted for our 6×6 ft size as this fit in the space we had.

      The reason it’s turned into my passion is the effortless wash down it takes to rejuvenate assembly day’s condition, a few minutes later it looks brand new again. If this was a wooden shed we’d have been involved in summer maintenance jobs by now and I wished to escape from those hassles. So glad we did.

      Thanks again Matty and good luck choosing,


  3. Kenny

    I have two metal sheds at my house, they are both rusting away… I hope a resin storage shed would be better. Do you agree?
    The ones you have shown are so much better looking than the ones I have too. I will definitely be back to your site when I tear down the metal ones!

    • Simon

      Hi Kenny,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading about this selection of resin sheds around the 8×10 ft size.

      Metal sheds, like plastic sheds have come along in leaps and bounds this last few years.Most of the new style of metal sheds are rust resistant nowadays, it all depends on one’s choice which will suit their circumstances.

      For our decision we decided to move away from wood simply due to the yearly upkeep work like replacing rotting wooden panels, re-roofing and restaining projects.

      We looked at the metal variety and compared with resin sheds and opted for resin for these reasons:

      Metal sheds seldom have a built-in floor requiring you to fit your own wooden one which could eventually lead to rotting issues like our last wooden floor succumbed to.

      We prefer a double door access to which most resin sheds provide whereas metal sheds are usually fit with a sliding door.

      I like the air-vents resin sheds provide, a fresh internal air current circulates the interior creating a fresh ambience and preserving storage whereas metal sheds are prone to sweating inside.

      Personally we prefer the look of the new-age plastic sheds as opposed to the metal variety, there’s some very stylish new entrants hitting the market at present without having a tendency to suffer dents like metal does.

      Then there’s security, this is where metal sheds win in my view over plastic however many of the new entrants of resin doors are manufactured around a steel infrastructure so they are stepping towards the security advantages metal sheds provide but not as secure yet.

      These were only our reasons, many do prefer metal however they are both just as easy to keep their pristine appearance with an effortless wash down.

      Thanks again Kenny. Good luck with your ddecision,


  4. jeffrey16201

    Thank You

    You have shared a resin storage shed for everyone, with so many to choose from possibly you might confused people which one is the best one for them to buy for their home?

    Does these sheds come with the option to buy into having them installed, many people might not wish to install them themselves

    • Simon

      Hi Jeffrey,

      Thanks for stopping by and reading about these 8ft x 10ft low maintenance storage sheds.

      Competition is becoming quite fierce where resin sheds are concerned as many simply don’t wish for future hassles associated with upkeep work, resin provides the alternative.

      Some models are well established like Lifetime and Factor yet there’s some very attractive new entrants like the Fusion and Oakland sheds which are replacing the plastic look with pure style.

      The choice really depends on how their appearance will complement your surroundings and budget, hence this varied choice fits the bill on many counts.

      In the USA, most of the sheds I review here, if available, have the option of assembly however in the UK i have only come across one company so far who assemble Lifetime sheds. I always point visitors towards assembly in the prices section to provide the choice.

      Thanks again Jeffrey, Good luck with your decision,


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