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This post relates to large plastic sheds devised with wide-ranging access along their length in addition to a layout intended to more organise storage into sections notwithstanding their immunity from weather depreciation, replacing traditional maintenance displeasures with a washable surface that’s expeditious to carry out.

Large Plastic ShedsThe four storage facilities making up this selection expand from 10 feet in length up to 15 feet. Regarding our UK location, planning regulations concerning erecting garden sheds are pretty fair & rather free compared with some states in America however I would still check the dimensions of the 15 footer with the authorities wherever your location is in order to acquire confirmation first prior to decision making.

Although the largest style lights our candle in delivering adequate proportions for storage services, the length would dominate our garden width due to the mid-townhouse situation we’re in. I’m sure planning laws & some neighbours may frown if this were constructed in our yard, therefore choosing the size requires thoughtful consideration.

An Architectural Advantage

Lifetime’s cutting edge design portrays trendsetting architecture exhibiting an ‘easy on the eyes’ neutral complexion radiating desert-sand shade. Squared-effect widows expressing their delicate arched top present either side of the centralised twin doors; resembling a lookalike mini-house design, a stroll across the garden.

In the mainstream, the most singled-out & favoured roof design equates to an apex, fulfilling the desired rapidity of rainfall drainage. Lifetime roofs are angled high and outstretch beyond the walls, not only does this prevent internal seepage & puddles arising, the advantage becomes apparent inside with a surplus of centred headroom height.

The downfall of incorporating doors on the length as these Lifetimes display concerns the lowest point of entry with regards to headroom. Overcoming this objective relates to an additional apex add-on covering the doors entrance to effectuate a lofty entrance. This does however complicate assembly a tad and curtail the benefits of a true apex structure.

The merits beholden to Lifetime’s length-ways entry design aids to effectively organise storage into large separated sections. For instance, 8 feet in depth enables storing household tools and necessities at the back of the shed in-front of the walkway in, the left-hand side could designate a clean area for patio furniture leaving the right-hand side for accommodating mucky gardening equipment and the lawnmower, it’s rather a well thought out design compared with conventional width entrances.

15 x 8 ft Single Entry

Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 15 x 8 ft

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Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 15 x 8 ft Shed

Evade the Upkeep Hassles

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) constitutes Lifetime’s composition, besides being 100% reusable in terms of environmentally friendliness non of the ingredients making up this unique resin amalgamation have a harmful environmental impact therefore no damaging toxins are released into the ground.

Lifetime Facade CompositionFurthermore polyethylene has long-term immunity from decomposition no matter what climatic conditions it suffers. Unlike the rot-demise wood succumbs to when rainwater eventually penetrates the surface, polyethylene remains impermeable and resists any morphological decline.

This type of resin isn’t designed for painting therefore eliminates decorating duties whereas peace of mind relating to future colour fade concerns assailed upon through sunburn exposure have been vanquished by stabilising the resin with a UV guard of protection, a toughening compound that additionally prevents cracking.

No fear of dents and chips appearing upon suffering knocks due to Lifetime’s chunky designed composition where two reinforced sheets combine together to make-up the facade’s structure.

Polyethylene delivers a defence mechanism providing 4-season weather-resistance despite driving rain, lumps of snowfall, red hot sun or clammy conditions.

The requisite to retaining Lifetime’s immaculateness entails a hose down with a shower connector fitted, others operate a mild pressure-wash. 10 minutes and you’re done. What ended up as maintenance frustrations for our concerns has now transpired into a pleasurable cleaning role.

Lifetime facades are molded to showcase an adornment of horizontal panelling embracing textured grain, resembling a wooden style. Dependant on the garden location, dirt may become lodged within these crevices and require removing with warm water and a supple brush. White vinegar or detergent aids the removal process inclusive of elbow grease.

10 x 8 ft Single Entry

Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 10 x 8 ft

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Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Shed

Robust Roof Structures

Bolstering support to stabilise an 8 feet roof-span is pivotal for this dimensional stretch, Lifetime deliver the solution.

Steel A-frame Trusses Reinforce Roof SupportThree steel joists extend across the breadth of the 10 ft length facility reinforcing the apex structure, the 15 footer accommodates five. Powder-coated to withstand rust, each truss secures to the infrastructural framework to which the rooftop sheets are fastened to.

A multi-skinned lining of manufactured polyethylene constitutes the roofing, molded into a semblance of rooftop tiling shaded slate-grey, resembling a conventional roof.

The roof structures are formed into apex constructions comprising additional apex add-ons over the entrances to increase walk-in height.

In contrast to a traditional felted roof common to wooden garden sheds, a polyethylene make-up is not susceptible to rapid disintegration issues nor any replacements, a disparity to the breakdown of decomposing roofing felt not forgetting the frequent frustrations reinstating a new one.

Large and small skylights accompany the windows to illumine daylight to the interior however unlike glass, their transparent polycarbonate manufacture doesn’t shatter and averts accidents.

Resolving the predicament of a clammy environment causing condensation dilemmas, integrated air-vents are stationed either side of the apex points to effectuate a steady stream of outside freshness to constantly disperse the internal surroundings.

15 x 8 ft Dual Entry

Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 15 x 8 ft Dual Entry

View Lifetime 15 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed Prices

Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 15 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed

Comprising a Built-In Floor

Connecting to the boundary edge of the floor, the wall panels snap into position delivering encasement from outside. This enclosure seals base gaps providing a blockage to rainwater, leaves & pests gaining entry, a feature we find super efficient in maintaining debris-free surroundings.

Lifetime's Heavy-Duty Built-In FloorThe flooring regards a muscular thickset polyethylene manufacture buttressed with supplementary strengthening to confront tractor stresses furthermore it’s anti-slip textured surface delivers the grip whilst formulated to withstand stains derived from solvent leaks, purposely designed for a quick wipe-up.

In order to increase the lifespan whilst under duress of hefty endurance pressures the prerequisite prior to construction regards laying a levelled substructure of asphalt, concrete, paving or wood to accomplish solidity below and to enable firm anchorage.

The resin floor panels accommodating the base expanse interlink with each other through a straightforward procedure however it’s vitally important to ensure the flooring is turned the right way round relating to the two sets of door-entry sheds. This is a common mistake that ends up with frustrations during the installation of the doors. A heart sinking feeling when you discover it’s the wrong way round and you’re towards the end of constructing, only to start dismantling.

10 x 8 ft Dual Entry

Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry

View Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed Prices

Large Plastic Sheds - Lifetime 10 x 8 ft Dual Entry Shed

Broad Access with Duplicate Potential

Extensive access is catered for regarding one or two sets of double door entry systems. Rolling-in or driving-in a tractor mower is aided by the broadness of the doors which open all the way back along with the shallow aslant threshold gradient purposely engineered for wheeling in.

Sturdy Lockable doorsThe same weatherproof creation constituting the facade makeup manufactures the doors albeit tinted in a brown shade yet once more deliver freedom from decay not forgetting the untroublesome duty to clean.

Locking both doors simultaneously is conducted through a padlock fastener, man-grip handles operate the doors opening via their push-button top, door length hinge-pins function the doors swing whilst internal through-bolt latches deliver a wind-saver, keeping the left door closed.

Opting for two sets of twin door access is presently Lifetime’s benchmark, a feature seldom seen elsewhere on a plastic manufacture however both the 10 and 15 ft models are popular purchases and a favoured choice for those wishing to separate storage with independent access. Construction-wise, they do generate more assembly headaches than the facilities comprising a single pair of doors. Like most things in life, some struggle where others accomplish assembly without a hitch.

Determine a Straightforward Assembly

We found the primary focus preceding assembly is to lay an under-structure of solid foundations as stated in the floor section up-above however priority concerns regard ensuring the base is completely level to accomplish a perpendicular construction to avert a lopsided shed. If you’re fractionally out of alignment, the doors function will not be true and lining up the panels will probably present issues.

An additional necessity is to raise the foundations beyond the level of a floodplain.

Get this first step right and you’re trucking towards a perfect long-term construction. Assembly regards applying the sequence of steps demonstrated in the instructions. The larger the shed, the more time construction takes, most of us are DIY novices at the end of the day where shed building’s concerned.

Lifetime 10 x 8 ft

Positive & Negative Issues


  • Attractive architectural styles
  • Displaying neutral sandy tones
  • Weatherproof composition
  • Polyethylene is not susceptible to the rot setting in
  • Stability derived from a sturdy body shell
  • Reinforced with steel infrastructure
  • A-frame steel joists bolster roof support
  • Choice of 1 or 2 sets of double doors
  • Tall doors with arches deliver increased entrance height
  • Shed security accomplished using a padlock
  • 10 feet or 15 feet lengths to choose from
  • Designed to enhance the organisation of storage
  • Oceans of daylight illuminate through skylights
  • Attractive squared-effect arched windows
  • Toughened, anti-slip, stain-free floor
  • Interlocking wall-to-floor delivers a barrier from outside
  • Freshness is generated through air-vents
  • Shelving accessories & peg strips are included
  • Adult-designed headroom height
  • 10 years Lifetime warranty peace-of-mind
  • A cinch to wash & maintain


  • Major importance relates to levelled foundations
  • Solid groundings are vital for the floor’s longevity and anchorage
  • Additional add-on apex complicates roof assembly a tad
  • The dual entry versions suffer a few assembly headaches

Competition’s Looming

My-Shed, born out of Oakland’s collection of garden sheds delivers an appearance of unique rustic charm, designed for utility or summerhouse accommodation.

Uplifting the resin boundaries to a different level through DUOTECH™ engineering delivers a fully customise-able composition with options to jigsaw, drill into the facade for the installation of shelves and the ability to hang tools.

Furthermore, the resin talc manufacture caters for applying a coat of paint to accentuate the shed in your chosen colour shade, enabling a brightening-up statement to be made to complement your home-yard.

My-Shed centralises a pair of twin doors across the 11 feet length whilst the depth spans 7 ½ feet.

My-Shed by DUOTECH™

Inspect the DUOTECH™ My-Shed

Customise in Your Colour Choice

Final Considerations

Lifetime deliver weather-resistance, durability and grand architectures accommodating windows either side of the twin doors positioned centrally across their lengths.

Available in 10 and 15 ft lengths with both models offering dual entry services, they aid to better organise storage into sections as opposed to doors presented across the width, a superb design feature for storing mucky gardening gear with clean patio furniture.

Assembly frustrations have occurred on the dual entry systems, especially with regards to placing the floor the wrong way round, this has knocked the odd star off reviews. Let’s hope Lifetime deliver clearer instructions regarding this issue.

SimonThanks for your interest regarding Lifetime’s large plastic sheds.

Please share your spacious storage solutions below.

I appreciate your time,


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  1. Matt's Mom

    I love the large shed. My concern would be some of the cons you listed. Making sure that the ground is solid, and here is Florida, that can be an issue for sure. Also, I love the dual entry, but it would be just me putting it together, and I worry about getting it right 🙂 I clicked on the duotech my-shed, and I really like that one. One thing that I like is that I can paint it to customize it and match the color of my home. It still seems plenty big to store all of my outside garden tools in, along with the mower. I like the fact that it comes with a plastic base shed foundation that I can even pour concrete into. Great shed!

    • Simon

      Hi Matt’s Mom,

      The spacious storage and service accommodation presented with this single entry 15 footer along with Lifetime’s classic looks and stylish design certainly sparked my attention too however unfortunately for our slim back-garden these lengthy dimension are too big and therefore not suited to planners nor neighbours in our view. 

      To be honest, no matter what style of shed is chosen, be it wood, metal or plastic – sold level foundations are a necessity to accomplish longevity for demanding services, the correct stance and anchorage.

      Placing the flooring the right way round has been a big issue for a few regarding the construction of the dual entry sheds. It took one builder overnight studying the plans to realise the problem why the doors were not fitting correctly. He decided to write a thorough review due to many others facing the same issues because once he dismantled and constructed the right way round everything fit into place like a glove.

      Yeah, don’t the Duotech sheds look fab. Being fully customise-able enables delivering a splash of paint to enhance the accents of home-yard surroundings or make a personal statement in your colour shade however I like the rustic charm it currently exhibits, everyone is different but the beauty is: it caters for change.

      11 x 7.5 feet deliver fair size dimensions to accommodate a whole plethora of outside gear however once again the recommendations are to construct the advised foundations as mentioned here to correctly ground the shed. No foundations or bases are provided, the material used is down to choice and has to be prepared prior to constructing.

      Levelled foundations can be constructed from wood, concrete, asphalt or paving. Just make sure they are prepared above a floodplain.

      Thanks again for stopping by. Hope this help and good luck choosing,


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